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Incest Stories Thread Share your incest stories daughters,sisters,cousins,brothers,

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest Stories Thread
Share your incest stories daughters,sisters,cousins,brothers,dads,moms
Whatever floats your boat
>Also please green-text
>Post pics if related
>female cousin gets drunk
>tackles me and tears off my pants
>starts blowing me
>then she realizes what she's doing and stops
>later tries to claim i raped her
>have to talk with the police
>they decide i'm telling the truth after I show them the bruises I got from her knocking me over
>whole family turns on her
>she starts drinking more
>see he walking around town drunk at 4 am, alone
>pull her into an alley and rape her
>she knows its me
>tells everyone
>no one believes her
>thinking about doing it again
Had a sexual relationship with my younger brother for a while. He's into crossdressing, and he's a huge faggot. We were both kids and he had a sick day, but I got to go home early when I had two free classes, I don't think he expected me to be home and I caught him crossdressing with my older sisters clothes. I blackmailed him into sucking my dick, I felt like shit after and apologized and begged for his forgiveness but we did it again the next day, this time he asked for it. We did it for a few months after that but eventually stopped when we almost got caught. Never talked about it since then, it's like it never happened.

Pretty sure my sisters second child is my own, her husband was away on business and I was in town for a few days visiting. We started drinking wine together and we ended up getting drunk and fucking. We did it twice again a few weeks apart but stopped when he got back. Nine months later she had a kid. I confronted her about it, but she told me not to tell anyone and says it doesn't matter. Every now and again we send each other flirty messages, nothing too serious if anyone were to pick up her phone, especially since we've always been close anyway. I'm going to meet her in a month when her husband goes away, and I've been lifting for the past year to try and impress her.

I'm fucked.
Post sister
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Fuck no.
We're a fairly rich family and have been in the spotlight a few times, so no doubt people would notice who she is in time.

As in Lanister? Heh.
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>Be 12
>Watching tv on mom's room
>she change clothes
>big, firm tits
>spend years gathering courage to seduce her
>menopause hits her hard
>mfw i missed my chance
No the fuck they didn't.

Get the hell out of here.
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No no-one said spiderman thread
I'll share with y'all. My father has numerous children's with different women. I've got an older bro and sis and a little sis by a whopping 10 months on dads side. I rarely spoke to this part of family untill I started going to Wes coast to see them for summers. 2nd summer going there at age 16, she was 15. Family goes camping, dad and older sis take shrooms And trip for hours. Me and little sis drink lots of margarita and smoke weed. Whole family shares giant tent that night. Dad and big sis trips are over and they passed out. I'm laying next to little sister start rubbing our feet together one thing leads to another. I'm fingered her furiously that night. We proceed to hookup next couple weeks. She gives me giant hickie. Ohsshit.com fMily knows. Dad gave us quick talk cuz he's a pussy and nobody speaks about it again ever. Older sis convinced her to not blow me anymore. We only gave eachother oral the whole time. Older bro thought It was cool. He's announced his jealousy several times
>told mother I was gonna sleep at a friend's house
>change my mind i'll just sleep at home
>walks back to my house
>opens up door
>''mm fuck me''
>wtf is this
>mom is in the living room watching porn on tv
>completely naked on the couch with a dildo
>awkward as fuck, she's yelling that i wasnt supposed to be home
>I go to my bedroom and starts masturbating
Don't let this thread die
i was 10 at the time, my sisters were 12 and 15
>In a cabin with my two sisters, bunk beds and adults asleep in another room
>middle of the night 15 wakes me up and gets in my bed
>starts kissing me and i get hard instantly, not much of a cock but still
>she strips and takes off my pants and sits on the D
>i come in like 10 seconds
>she makes me lick her until she comes multiple times and in the end she blows me until i come again
>she falls asleep in my bed eventually, i just lie there awake all night with a hardon looking at her big juicy tits.
10 years old and can make her cum multiple times...yep
Please don't let that be the end of the story anon.

Lie your ass of if need be, but please continue.
These stories are all shit.
Had no idea what i was doing, but she was guiding me and we went on for hours... so yeah its possible.
lol. you ate your cum.

>fapping intensifies
Not today. Let these fags be.
You need to learn to greentext.
Non prepared story done on my lunch break. Sry.
Yeah, cause you cum buckets as a 10yo
>As in Lanister?
No. Lannister.
back when I was 7, I had this 15yold aunt, I believe it was back then when Baywatch was the shit, up until this point, I never knew that it is possible to kiss a girl in the lips, I always thought that you kiss people in their hands, so when I watched a guy kiss the main lead in the lips, I immediately went to my aunt's house, I grabbed Her face and just made out with Her, we never spoke of that moment ever since, and she is weirdly playful and or touchy with me up until now, she would hug me in a way your aunt would never hug you and keeps on asking subtle questions trying to make me admit that me and my girlfriend is having sex etc, I would literally fuck her though, seriously given the chance
Just post incest captions faggots.
worse then a spiderman thread
One time my uncle touched my butthole.
>alone with my niece
>she's 5 or 6 I'm 19
>she's sitting on my lap
>kiss her
>she likes it and we have fun with some kissing
>have her take her pants off
>inch her cute little panties down
>eat her out on the couch
>she loves it
>take my dick out
>have her suck it
>cum in her mouth
>she swallows like a champ
>cuddle naked with her until she falls asleep
That was terrible and choppy I need to get better at making up stories.
>making up
Dude, fuck off, you fucked your sister
Out of fucking nowhere
Fuck off Spidey, we don't want your shit
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>Be 22yo, 7/10 cousin is 19yo
>broke up w/ gf, start hanging out at her house every night getting drunk
>sit up late laughing and me drinking
>after about a week of this, I made a move late one night
>she's laying on her bed, I crawl in between her legs and put my face real close to hers
>she didn't resist... horyshit.png
>pull down her yoga pants and grind a bit
>sit up... she sits up and unzips my pants, whips out my cock and starts sucking it
>can't believe this is happening - put my hand on the back of her head and start face-fucking her
>put her on edge of bed and fuck her doggy-style while standing up
>here her older sister (my other hot cousin) come in after a party and go to her room
>not a single fuck was given that night, kept going and finished
>a week later we were inawoods laying on the hood of my car with our backs on my windshield
>she leans over and sucks me off, fuck her doggie again
>never mention it again, act as if nothing ever happened
pic related
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bitches please
Alright I'll post mine.
My cousin used to live with me. She was 14-15 at the time, me being 12 or 13. We were sitting on the couch and I decided to tickle the shit out of her to mess with her, end up laying on her. My head on her tit. "Your head is on my tit" she says. I'm a betafag and don't say shit but she doesn't move me so I was like fuck it. My hand slowly reaches up and grabs her. I ask if I can see them. She pulls her shirt up and I suck on her nipples for a bit before I say "Let's go back to my room"
>mfw i missed my chance

missed what? impregnating her?
women have sex even after monpause.....
go4it tiger
yeah... no, menopause was not kind to her
File: 1400608624373.jpg (142KB, 623x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We go back to my room and I'm still a betafag so she takes her shirt off and starts kissing me. I finally man the fuck up and take her pants off, and my shirt off and get between her legs and eat her out. Small tits but still perky af, nice innie pussy that tastes like heaven. Little moans are let out every now and then.
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>be 12yro male about to go to sleep (my male cousin also 12yro is sleeping over in my bed)
>female cousin is 10
>she climbs in bed with both of us and we have 'small' talk for a bit
>start slowly pulling down her pants as she's facing away from me
>she doesn't react
>masturbate my penis til it gets hard
>slowly insert penis into her warm asshole and start quietly pumping while she keeps talking to my cousin
>as I'm about to cum I pull out and cum on my hand
>walk away and wash off
>come back to bed, she flips over and my cousin does the same
>this happens a few times over the course of a couple days
>we're all grown up, we don't talk about it, except me and my male cousin when we wanna have a laugh
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149KB, 720x494px
File: ourlove.jpg (54KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>At a family bbq/get together
>Younger niece is there
>She was actually 18 years old
>She shows up to the party in a slim dress
>She doesn't have big boobs but an ass to die for
>Needless to say; I'm a ass-man
>The party goes on, all the kids at tje party get to have their fun and then they head of to sleep
>In comes the alcohol
>A couple of hours later with great laughs and some more to eat we end up alone
>The family is very suspicious about me regarding female relatives due to past happenings
>Ask her if she wants to see my place
>She gets very exited about this
>We decide to wait a minute before we sneak of
>She tells me that she noticed me literary staring at her ass and checking out her body all night
>She starts to tease me with bending over right in my face, and sitting really close to me
>Can't take it anymore and tells her we are leaving the party right now
>In that split second I can hear my brother (her father) and his wife coming closer
>Grabs her by the wrist and we leave
>Finally got to my place
>I live a good 15 minutes away
>We fool around a bit when I ask her if she wants to see my new sheets or some lame crap like that
>She responds by giving me a seductive look
>She turns the doorknob
>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Everybody walk the dinosaur
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>past happenings

She gets me off her, takes my pants off and sucks me off. I cum and she swallows like a champ. She leaves my room and we never speak of it again.
Well, obviously.
But it was only funny the first year.
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File: ZPGFo.jpg (31KB, 500x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i'll note that down, thanks
Acctually, it is a real story. If it really is in tre dashing, I can write it down.
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i think my ousin wants sum fuk but im not sure
how do i check?
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pro tips, pick related
>holiday in LA
>I'm 12 and my sister is 16
>sister asks me to help her unpack her suitcase
>i help and put her clothes away in the closet
>she says she wants to reward me with something
>leads me to the bathroom
>sits on the floor and asks me to sit with her
>she takes off her shirt and then bra
>shows me her tits, tells me to feel them
>i start touching them
>she pushes my head forward and starts getting me to lick her nipples
>i start licking them and sucking on them
>she asks if I want to see anything else
>i look down to her pussy
>she takes off her shorts and shows me her shaven tight pussy
>starts rubbing it infront of me and moving towards me
>i start licking her pussy and then she tells me to take off my trousers and boxers
>she starts sucking me off, goes on for another 10 minutes
>parents come home
>once we go home back to england, this stuff continues until she moves out
Ask said cousin: ay, yo cuz, want sum fuk?
> be me 13 years old
> 2 nephews one is 10 the other 6 or 7
> They run in the room i'm watching tv in
> Little dicks out no pants
> Why are you doing that nephew?
> Why not?
> Take off pants run around house playing hide and go seek
> Get bored
> feel manly slightly longer 13 yr old dick
> Sick idea
> Get 6-7 yr old in bed room alone
> Try giving him boner by rubbing
> Not trying to molest but i want to be fucked analy to see what its like
> Never do anything of the sort again
> See nephews
> Never speak of that incident
>me 16
>cousin 15
>this is penis
>penis is harder than hardest metal
>penis wow!
>toch it plox
>feel gud
>penis makes lactation
>on the facial
>both anhero
maybe get some drinks in her first?
I came.
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Laughed so hard.
Ok, whatever, here's another one.
>out somewhere with my niece
>"Uncle's my boyfriend"
>haha kids are so silly with what they say
>get home
>we undress each other
>we kiss a lot
>lick and nibble her little nipples and she giggles
>rub my dick on her cunny
>don't even try to put it in, she's way too small
>eat her out
>cum on her chest
>wipe the cum off her
Preferably. Just be who you are, unless you're an douchebag. Nobody likes douchebags.
10/10 Award winner
sounds gud if i have some win will post it
>My elder sister an I always been good "friends"
>One evening - I must've been around the age of 7 - she told me I should rub my dick and tell her what it feels like
>I do like she says and I open my pants and start rubbing my dick
>she askes me about how it does feel
>I say great
>She askes me if I want to do something what feels even much better
>She gently starts licking my dick, puts it into her mouth squeezes it, rubbs it
>Suddenly I cant hold it any longer
>MMMMMgoing to cum for the first time in my life
>Cumming and cumming spagetitties everywhere
>I fall down on the ground, soooo goood
>at once my mom opens the door
>we all get on the floor
>dancing the dinosaur
I hope you can get sum! Good luck bro!
Oh look, my post is still relevant.
thanks always been pretty close and has always seemed like she likes me
Other guy's story was better, sorry man.
>can't even dinosaur properly
you cousin got sloppy seconds
Then you shouldn't hesitate, just do it! The worst thing you can get is rejection (depending on other things, that is) but if she has given you any signals I think you should go for it. Think with your brain and not your dick, don't hesitate but don't be to "on".
Well that's the advices I can give you, seeing that I don't know more of the situation. As I said: good luck bro!
dont know if count but I guess its worth the shot

>Be gf's sister
>was in a long relationship, around 10 yrs
>got dumped by bf cuz of commitment issues
>didnt know she was pregnant
>fast forward a couple of month
>having a date with gf in mall
>we bump to her sister, looking at baby stuffs
>we now call her "Q"
>cant stop noticing Q staring at me
>I grew a beard that time I just thought she couldnt recognize me
>an hour later, im now home, gf text me
>says her sister cant stop talking about me
>saying stuff like "She wishes Her baby looks like me" and said I was looking so attractive
>gf just brushes of and saying its the pregnancy hormone thing or whatever
>fast forward a couple of week later
>gf's mom's birthday
>everyone passed out except Q
>I lift gf to her bedroom, Q follows
>she watches me put her sister to bed
>She shuts the door, sat down on the couch and just stares at me while grinning
>Q starts to say "You really look good with a beard, I love it when a man could truly sport one"
>then said "Sit down for a moment anon"
>at this point, im really really turned on by Her, and my boner were piercing my pants
>she says "I can see mini-anon from here"
>I say "sorry" then covers a pillow on my crotch
>q says "but I wasnt complaining" while biting her lips
>she then proceeds to remove the pillow using Her feet
>I say "stop this you're too drunk"
>"but I never drank Anon, Im 3 months pregnant remember?"
>my boner really erected more than I could possibly imagine
>she starts stroking my pole
>I left a really small moan
>out of nowhere she grabs my hand and guides me to her big pregnant breasts
>man were they soft!
>I proceed to remove her shirt, Her bra was too small to contain this forbidden beast
>remove Her tiny bra, see therse 2 really big and brown pregnant aerolas, somehow Im turned on by this
>she grabs my dick, and pulls her skirt down
>she goes on top on me and just rdes me like a pogo stick
>she turns around, now reverse cowgirl
>The worst thing you can get is rejection
Actually, he could also get completely ostracized and shunned by the rest of his family for the rest of his life for being a creepy fucker who wants to fuck his relatives and have inbred babies.
File: 8924237.jpg (238KB, 550x417px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238KB, 550x417px
Has anyone tried Catfishing their mom?
>implying there is anything wrong with cousins
Successfully? Yes.
implying im not just going to keep pushing it slowly further and further until i can tell she wants it or doesnt want it
shes already been pretty toutchy and flirty with me
>Pulling things out of context
Read my whole post.
>shes not facing gf
>she starts to go faster and faster
>out of nowhere asks me to say if I love it
>say yes
>Q shouts "Hear that sis?"
>"You hear that?" *moans* "are you watching us?"
>Im literally becoming spaghetti but it feels so good
>she grinds faster and faster
>Q shouts "go ahead!" "cum! Cum!"
>I came buckets inside of her
>proceed to awkwardly cuddle with gf
>as I watch Her across the room play with herself
>I could never take the thought of a pregnant woman's breast touching her pregnant tummy as she plays with herself
>up to this day, none of this was ever spoken, I feel so guilty
Source of the pic?

Well lets hear how that went then.
File: 1391499972471.jpg (8KB, 238x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 238x195px
Was alpha as fuck and hot until england. God damn it no wonder she fucked you, she was probably like 3/10
File: 1403119517400.gif (829KB, 660x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
829KB, 660x495px
Walp this is goin in the folder
does it end?
File: 46524788.jpg (26KB, 500x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 500x368px
File: fuckspidey.jpg (141KB, 819x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 819x500px
for anyone wondering what it says
you and your male cousin joke about fucking his sister in her arse wtf
what are you, eight? There are good looking people in every country you God damn retard, you are just too beta to get a glimpse of the good ones.
File: 449c27f0390c2.jpg (50KB, 604x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 13, at Memorial Day Party at Aunt and Uncle’s house. Bored as FUCK with adults getting loaded and talking about inane shit! Decide to go see what is on T.V. and head into house and down into Basement T.V./Rec Room. About to flip on lights when I hear moan from guest bedroom next to T.V. room… stalk closer to door. Hear “yes baby lick me” MFW I realize it is my cousin Megan who is 2 years older than me. Cock trying to iron bar it’s way out as I listen intently. Hear, “Good boy Scoobs!” HOLY SHIT MFW I realize that the one licking her box is Scooby their dog! Moans and intensity increase to her climax. In my most alpha move ever I decide to not run and fap but to stand ground and confront her when she comes out. After several minutes door slowly opens and she is face to face with me. She almost jumps out of her skin and before she can say a word I say , “You and Scooby having fun in there?” She looks like she is gonna puke or cry and barely whispers, “what are you going to do?” I tell her I am not going to tell on her… if she lets me watch her do it again.
File: 449c28818cd72.jpg (87KB, 604x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 604x900px
> Moment of truth… she hangs her head and turns around and ushers Scooby back into room as I follow! She lays down on bead with her legs hanging off and Scooby immediately runs between legs. MFW I realize she has no panties on! I flip up her skirt and watch him going to town on her meaty pussy. She starts moaning, I srop pants and move closer to her so I can feel her tits. Not much but very perky, I move my cock closer to her head and turn her head towards it. She flicks out tongue and begins licking my cock head. Sensory overload for never-been-kissed virgin, and I start unloading on all over her face and hair. This appears to set her off as she cums. In hind-sight I totally wish I had tried for more but post cum I started worrying someone else might find us. I tell her I won’t say a word and I get pants up and get the fuck out. Couple hours later I am looking for her again hoping to maybe get laid… Nope… Nowhere to be found. I ask her dad and he says she wasn’t feeling well and went to lay down in her room. I check and find door locked and decide not to push my luck.
Pic Related – Her
File: twist 7.jpg (40KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
twist 7.jpg
40KB, 800x600px
>MFW a few weeks later my Dad gets job on the other coast and we are moving in 4 weeks. This incident leads to my love of K9/Women porn. Have searched it out ever since. Never see her again… UNTIL! 10 years later surfing B (few months ago). MFW See her face, at first not completely sure, but thread is a facebook whore info thread and not only does she look exactly the same (like still stick thin) it has info which proves it is Megan. I find all her stuff on Pinkmeth before it was taken-down and have fapped nearly continuously to it. Can’t believe this has happened. No I don’t really have any further proof… but I figure it is a fucked up story so /b should love it.
Pic – stuff I found.
>be about 12 years old my sis is 2 years younger
>we are home alone a lot and seeing each other naked is not a big thing
> my sis was always a slut and since I'm a horny fuck we do all sorts of kinky things on a regular basis
> this one time we did a roleplay where she pretended to be a prostitute
> it was pretty much like she did everything I told her
>mfw I didnt tell her to suck my dick
>mfw I didnt fuck her ass
>instead I told her to get all naked, stripped as well and sat down in her lap
>I moved my ass a bit and since I didnt wipe too good smeared shit all over her pussy
>sis yells 'ew anon thats gross'
>runs off to the bathroom and our little roleplay is over
>we did so much more fucked up stuff
> a week ago I fingered her ass and pussy on a public beach with my dad sleeping next to us
>never did more than fingerbanging tho
>shes hot as fuck and got a real loose asshole

still regret I didnt exploit her more when I was younger
you are lannister then LOOL
File: sm5.jpg (36KB, 469x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 469x359px
Thanks b0ss
File: 1403372312238.jpg (60KB, 546x728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 546x728px

>Live free
>Be me, 16yrs
>Female cousin 14
>Both sleeping over at our grandma's house in the same room
>Wake up with serious boner, cousin across the room sleeping
>Don't know what do
>Notice she is only wearing a thong, her blanket isn't covering her ass or back
>Curious me sneaks across the room to explore her further
>Pull down her panties, exposing a perfect, bald cameltoe
>Put my finger inside, pleasuring her a little while I'm jerking myself
>She moves, about to wake up
>I jump back into my bed and cover myself under the blanket, facing her
>She turns on her nightlight, says nothing
>Squint open my eyes, only to see her smiling and taking a picture of me with her iPhone
>Wtf was that
>Turns off her light and goes back to sleep
>I now notice that my raging hard on was exposed outside the blanket
>Shit, she has a pic of my dick
>Take her phone in an attempt to delete it
>Fuck, can't crack password
>Sleepless rest of night
moar of dis
>Next morning, she stares at me all day, seductively
>Seriously nervous when we're going to bed in the evening
>Sit on bedside, doing shit on my phone, only wearing boxers
>She walks inside, for some reason I quickly put away my phone
>Give her awkward smile 'hello'
>She smiles back as she prepares her bed
>We go to sleep in seperate beds, though I still can't sleep
>Her nightlight is still on, she's fiddling with her phone
>Suddenly I recieve a message on my phone
>My back turned towards her, I check the message
>Ohfuck, it's a pic of me in my bed with an exposed dick, captioned "turn around"
>I put away my phone, and turn slowly
>See her sitting completely naked on her bedside, her legs widespread
>"You like what you see, Anon?"
>Have no words, can only stare at her in admiration
>Can't control it, my boner rises rapidly
>She notices
>"Oh my god, Anon. Are you turned on right now?"
>Glance at my crotch, boner is clearly visible through my boxers
>"uuh.. no. that would be weird. you're.. you're my cousin, femanon"
>"It's ok. I'm turned on too"
>She starts rubbing her nipples and clit
>Tells me to take off my boxers
>I take them off, can't control myself
>She jumps at me and throws me on my back
>She is positioned in my lap, my dick touching her stomach
>She is holding my hands straight
>"Just lay there, and let me pleasure you like you did to me last night"
>Do nothing, just stay there watching her grind down my body
>Her head is between my legs, one hand placed softly on my cock
>She licks it from the root to the head and wraps her lips around it and goes deeper
>I'm actually getting a blowjob from my incredibly attractive cousin
>Her head bobs up and down, working her hands to pleasure me further
>She really knows her stuff
>I feel that I am close to climaxing so I get up and lift her shoulders up
>"Can I fuck you?" I say
>She nods quickly in excitement and gets up on her feet
Come on!
>She turns her back to me and gets on all fours on her own bed
>"You can cum in my pussy if you want. I'm on the pill"
>I don't hesitate to stick it right in her
>I tease her with the tip just inside
>She moans "just fuck me already"
>I place my hands on her firm and juicy butt cheeks and thrust deeper inside her
>She throws her head in a pillow and nearly screams with excitement
>I have never been harder
>I pull almost all the way out, and thrust my cock all the way in hard
>She sounds like a porn movie as I'm fucking her doggy style
>I pick up the pace, her pussy wraps tighter around my dick with every thrust
>I'm about to cum
>I flip her on her back and pull her closer to me
>She wraps her legs around my waist and smiles
>I rub my cock on her juicy wet pussy lips
>I slide it in as deep as I can
>Fuck her until I cum
>She cums too
>I collapse onto her with my dick still inside her
>She laughs
>We're both very sweaty and tired
>Fall asleep like this and stay like this until we wake up in the morning
>Been almost 4 years now, fucked her twice since then, once outdoors in the woods. Shit was cash
I'm meeting her again in a couple of weeks, she's open for anal experimentation. Wish me luck /b/ros!
rekt, keep doing it, she called it upon her self
I've spied on both of my sisters and my brother, and have jacked off while doing it.

They all have beautiful genitals.
make her filthy asshole gape anon
Knowing your little brother has a bigger dick than you is both saddening and arousing.
more or ends there?
We send dirty snapchats to eachother a couple times a week, but the one I received yesterday.. oh damn. She has bleached her butthole
how'd she do it? the DIY way with toothpaste?
also: you better post the screencap
>be 16
>helping mom rearrange her room
>move dresser
>draw falls out
>I'll get it mom
>she freaks
>don't, I'll get it
>look down at pile
>porn dvd's
>she's on her knees scooping them up
>I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry
>I get hard
>she sees I'm hard
>front doors slams
>sis yells she's home
>I rush to bathroom to squeeze one out
>as I walk back past moms room I hear a faint buzzing
>and muffled moans
>dinner was awkward that night
>calls brother faggot.
>forces brother to suck his dick.

you sir are the faggot.
File: 1399157355138.png (360KB, 1577x753px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360KB, 1577x753px
>talks about photo
>doesn't post it

Don't be that guy, anon
love that fucking series of movies... but first was definitely the beat
>Found out my parents safe passcode when I was 13
>Sneak into their room when they're out
>Go in their safe
>Big 10 inch dildo in there
>Jerk off while playing with it
Don't know, she didn't tell me.
I'm also super retarded, because I didn't screenshot the damn thing. I'll request another one, hold on.
>>552772060get one of those apps that saves snaps, so you dont arouse suspicion
Will do.
>on couch with niece playing xbox
>shes 6 or 7
>its late, she fell asleep on top of me watching me play
>cute pink pajamas
>slide my hand in her pjs
>cute little mound, barely noticable
>spread her lips with forefinger and ring finger
>insert middle finger to first nuckle
>really fucking tight, like i seriously thought i ripped the hymen
>put her to bed
>jerk off

>everyone's naked
>mom is showing clear interest in my friend
>leave the sauna
>take turns in the outdoor shower
>mom grabs her phone and starts taking pictures of my friend
>mother's friend suggests that she should be in the picture
>mom agrees and get up next to him in the shower
>at first they are just standing next to eachother
>friend is soft, he says that it would be a better picture if he was hard
>mom goes down on her knees and starts stroking his cock while mother's friend is taking the pictures

can continue if anyone wanna hear it
Please tell me you have sauce on the picture.
but of fucking course...
Also, any pics of moms body? Or mild pic close to?
*milf, not mild

go on...
yeah, it was great, but I was always a honey wilder fan myself.
go on please
You reminded me of another story
>wake up on Sunday
>niece cuddled up next to me
>we get dressed to go to church
>I tell her to lift her dress so I can see her panties
>jerk off into her panties
>she walks around all day with my cum in her panties
File: retard_keyboard.gif (54KB, 384x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 384x291px
How do you post greentext again?
>CTRL+W then itll do it for you
That would be hot if true
Please Moar!
No seriously, stop being such a fucking nigger.
And what is this series from?
plz moar
a lot of these are true. you have to realise that a lot of the people on here are in late 20's, the generation before us was generation x. a bunch of sluts having kids at 14 years old. so yeah, a lot of us had nieces and nephews that lived with their grandparents
File: ccce.jpg (636KB, 560x1460px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636KB, 560x1460px

>mother's says to mom that you've always wondered how it would be like to be a pornstar
>friend says that they should do a video just for fun
>they agree that they should do it in the house
>the girls goes in to moms bedroom to get dressed
>she puts on a short dress and some high heels
>mother's friend is handling the camera, im just watching while drinking beer
>starts of with some blowjobs and moves on to him licking her pussy
>they're fucking doggy, my friend is asking if mom wants it in her ass
>still wearing her skirt and heels bent over to the bed while hes fucking her
>cameragirl is just telling them how to fuck
>my friend is about to cum
>this is the moneyshot in porn
>he cums on her butt

it takes time writing this, anyone want me to continue?
File: a2NbLpd_700b_v1.jpg (98KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 700x700px
Pretty sure if you family had a goat, you would have fucked it too
> t-hue t-hue
> doesn't even greentext
yes continue, it seems like you're foreign so the delay is okay
keep going
I call bullshit. Prove it.
Thank you for liking story I'm writing. Have another
>me and my niece take a day at the beach
>I pretend she's really my gf
>lots of hand holding and kissing
>but not kissing that could be seen as weird, just quick pecks
>not like at home
>she doesn't even wear a swimsuit because she's just a little kid
>she just wears a sundress and puts it back on when she's done with the water
>suddenly realize we've been at the beach all day and now it's night time
>nobody else around
>fuck her thighs in the ocean
File: griiliin.jpg (8KB, 239x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 239x211px
ok im sorry. its just simply typing in the left bracket (>) in the beginning of your sentence and the website will make the text green after you post you reply

>im a grill btw
File: 1403324773378.jpg (6KB, 125x92px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 125x92px
no dirt road... dissapoint

story about my other neice
>shes about 11-12
>sneak into the living room where her and other niece were sleeping
>shes sleeping on her back
>keep trying to put hand down her pjs, but she sleeps light as fuck
>shes starting to get hair, kinda put off
>eventually get my fingers down to her pussy and spread her lips to insert a finger. shes not really that tight, but deffinitely a virgin, obviously
>I put my finger in almost all the way before she starts to wake up again
>quickly run into the other room
>come out again and she had rolled over onto her side, figure theres no way ill get her on her back again, so i just go to sleep
Didn't work?
Fuck yeah, keep going and fucking awesome delivery on pic. you are a king
File: yieeah nigguh.jpg (5KB, 224x186px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yieeah nigguh.jpg
5KB, 224x186px
Thanks dawg.
File: 14.jpg (89KB, 400x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 400x334px
want me to dumb the legend of tasha?
File: image.jpg (186KB, 1152x864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 1152x864px
>be around 6 years old
>cousin is same age as me
>bestest of friends
>one day tells me to go inside closet with him
>says "let me show you what my friend taught me."
>takes my shorts off, don't even care
>takes his dick out and puts it in between my ass cheeks and just rubs it that way
>hear my mom coming
>pull shorts up he zips his pants
>mom asks what we were doing
>"playing pirates"

I have more stories of us if anyone's interested and some with my brother
I. Love. You.
File: 1374245351928.jpg (835KB, 2481x1754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
835KB, 2481x1754px
File: 1374245429306.jpg (1MB, 2481x1754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2481x1754px

Oh god yes.
Damn it

>friend cums on her butt but says that he want to keep going in 10 minutes
>wait for 20 minutes, we grab a beer
>they start talking about that they probably could make money from these kinds of movies
>friend is ready to go again
>this time they're taking the filming serious
>they're nude while she's giving him a blowjob
>he's talking really dirty to her about her being a slut
>they start fucking really hard, but this time it's alot more serious
>he makes her cum multiple times
>he tells her that he's going to give her a creampie
>and so he does
>the cameragirl is filming her pussy dripping while mom is breathing heavy
>they start to calm down, and starts talking about how great that was
>talk for a few hours
>we go to bed, he's sleeping in moms bed, me and mother's friend is sleeping seperately

Damn, I hope that's not the end, don't you get any action? How could you let that situation pass?

post more pictures, preferably some of the nude ones
Lurking, moar
Anyone remember that incest story from yesterday with this guy washing his mother's back?
Archive bro has the full story in his archive.
Its archive'd on 4archive. I'll have to get on my pc to find it.
Yeah, that shit is like 30 pages... don't kill the image limit.
File: 1403017996814.jpg (177KB, 1503x1047px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177KB, 1503x1047px
File: 1374245505918.jpg (2MB, 2481x1754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2481x1754px
gimme a sec theres a shit town of this
………….……………………. „-/*"\„,„,
…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ :\_ / o '"*'"¯/' BARK BARK
……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : : ¸„,-~"
**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :- THIS IS THE BARKING DOG WIENER
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ PUT THIS ON THE PROFILE OF 5 OTHER PEOPLE
:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ OR HE WILL HAUNT YOU
:.:.:; :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/
Don't bother, 42 pages. Dude's are saying it's archived, gonna read this again. Greatest wincest of all time
the pdf is 300 pages...
File: 521.jpg (141KB, 297x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 297x391px
I do not have those
im just gonna make a mediafire upload anyone wants the shit get it from there

Also requesting this if anyone knows about it.
how can i find this archive
try asking your mom for some, doubt she would have a problem with it after hearing your story, also is it done?

But what happened to the film? Did the friend's mom try to hide/keep it?
that particular story, yes got quite a few though
http://www.fileshut (.) biz/download/5MmNWZcZ/tasha-%5C's-brother-an-anon-%5C'-s-adventures-with-the-fairer-sex..pdf.html
>My dad is an alpha as fuck shithead, who slightly bullied me as child because he thought I was gay
>I came out at 15 and made no attempt to hide it after that, dad went ballistic and threw me out of the house and focused all his super effective parenting efforts on my younger brother
>younger bro is sweet and obviously gay to but dad will not see and little bro is too scared to admit it to him
>tell little bro I know he's gay and he confirms that he thinks he is but is kinda scared of fucking another guy, I tell him to take his time and find someone near his own age who he can trust to be his first
>couple of weeks later little bro comes over to where I'm living and asks if I will be his "first" as he still hasn't found anyone he trusts
>I tell him "eww no" and that he shouldn't be in such a rush
>little bro won't take no for an answer and begs on his knees literally
>evil fills me and I take out cock and feed it to him
>he sucks straight away with hesitation and gives a damn fine BJ for a newbie
>I took him to the bed room and got him to dress up in panties and stocking I just "happen" to have laying around... he is super fucking hot looking and my boner is at over 9000!!
>much 69-ness happens and loads are blown into mouths
>my boner won't stop raging every time I look at him in panties and stockings
>I lube him up to the max and insert butt plug I just "happen" to have laying around the place and he insta boners
>after letting him "stretch" for a while I insert penor in little bro and bare back him till my mayo factory explodes in his ass
>he came while I was fucking him but I was to caught up in my own joygasm to notice.

Result is alpha dad has to gay as fuck boys, who gay ass fuck each other on the down low a couple of times a week : )
the day after we just talked about how hot it was and that they should do that again sometime. they said that they should delete the film from from the phone just in case, but im pretty sure she saved it on her computer.
this dosent work for me

shares more stories, hopefully ones with you and your mom having sexual contact

Yeah continue please
Just search for wash, it's in this thread
File: 41.jpg (2MB, 2448x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2448x1836px
dawg that was terrible
>knows her stuff
File: 42.jpg (2MB, 2448x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2448x1836px
File: 1402917782444.jpg (104KB, 1151x861px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 1151x861px
File: 1403011760767.jpg (173KB, 1531x983px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173KB, 1531x983px
>be 15
>baby sitting 10yo 2nd cousin
>this isnt new. She was like a little sister to me we always play around.
>Have this game where i bounce her on my knees usually innocent
> we were wrestling around on the floor. I start lifting her shirt to tickle her.
>Get horny unexpectedly never looked at her like this before
>lift her shirt up more and more until i see her nipples.
>Trying to hold back but cant restrain myself any more
>I smile and i start licking her tummy and her nipples
>She laughes and laughes until she starts breathing heavy

to be continued
File: 51.jpg (72KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 720x1280px

>go on vacation
>mom is reading fifty shades of grey, on the airplane
>she's constantly biting her lip
>guys next to her is taking candid pictures of her when she's reading that book and looking horny
>she goes to the bathroom with her purse quite a bit
>a few days later im looking for something in her bag
>finds pic related amongst a few other things
more please, ever get with your mom?
File: Set 001.jpg (1MB, 2448x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 001.jpg
1MB, 2448x1836px

Nice, keep going with whatever.
shit im leaking precum writing this
>In between her legs hovered over her on the floor
>She starts to play fight back like usual
>i get more rough with her start rolling her around in various places and grinding up on her
>She starts being snooty saying she's gonna beat my butt
>I say not before i beat yours
>She says I bet you wont
>I Pick her up sit on the couch and drop her pants and panties
>shes play screaming and laughing i start spanking her. Not hard but enough to leave a red mark
>I think she starts noticing im hard because she vaguely starts touching my dick through my pants with her hand
>I laugh and let her off of me not thinking much of it
>She's still pretending to be angry and jumps butt naked on my lap
>She starts beating on my chest and face
>But keeps grinding on my dick whens he moves
>Im getting really turned on by this and I start grinding back
>I can see her noticeably change again like she did when i started licking her nipples
>She starts calming down and breathing heavy and starts hitting me less and starts grinding on my dick more
>Start the bouncy game
>except its not a game anymore
>She leans her head into my chest and i start bounching my hips dry humping her.
>Starts breathing heavy
>can feel heat and wetness on my pants
>Get rougher put my hands around her naked waste and make her grind
>Doing it all by herself now
>I lick her nipples again
>remove cock from loose fitting pants
File: Set 002.jpg (1MB, 2448x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Set 002.jpg
1MB, 2448x1836px
File: broken-f5-button.jpg (114KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114KB, 1024x768px
File: 6236.jpg (42KB, 473x840px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 473x840px

>at the hotel
>tanning next to the pool
>mom is laying on her stomach reading fifty shades of grey
>see something poke through her bikini
>realize its the buttplug
>she tells me she forgot something in the hotelroom
>she walks back there
>15 minutes later i have to go to the bathroom so I go back to the hotelroom
>walk in through the balcony door
>hear some mellow moans from the bathroom
>I wait for her to get out so i can go.
>she opens the door while still wearing her bikini
>she holds the red dildo in her hand
>she wonders how the hell I came in without a key
>told her that the balcony door was open
>she says ''oh.. i apologize for this'' and points at the dildo
>say that it's ok

anyone saving this btw?
hopefully someone is saving it, continue pleas
>pants are around my ankles
>Her cunt is grinding on my hard dick
>Feels fucking amazing
>Completely lubed up by her juices
>I pull her ass more towards my stomach and position my dick
>i playfully tickle her butt and ask if shes ok
>She breathes heavy laughs says yes
>my hearts beating I know im gonna get in real shit about this
>I start putting my dick inside her wet slit
>Cant fit all the way only get the head in
>Im about to cum
>Keep penetrating until almost there I pull out and nutt all overher back
>She flips out and I have to explain what it is
>I tell her to get in the bath

>Calls me in to help get it off her back
>see her wet and naked
>get hard again
>Teach her how to give me a blow job

I still talk to her but that was the only day it happened i felt really guilty about it but i honestly had something forcing me to do it. Like animal instinct or something. I never told her not to tell her mom but I never got in trouble.

Im going to finish fapping now im hard as fuck
File: 1402937913363.jpg (54KB, 771x629px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 771x629px

I wouldn't feel guilty about it if I were you, 15 is pretty young.
File: niggers.jpg (14KB, 250x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 250x187px

The thing is her mom has always been sort of like i cant think of the word. She sleeps with a lot of people and very sexually orientated. I wouldnt be surprised if she knows. I also wouldnt be surprised if shaina wasnt a virgin when i fucked her. She didnt bleed.. I didnt put it in far but she didnt act like it was new to her at all.

Im usually much more in control of myself I felt guilty because she was very young. I havent ever done another girl that young and dont want to now. But the experience still turns me on to this day.
File: images (14).jpg (7KB, 191x264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (14).jpg
7KB, 191x264px

free live on!
I like to record my sister nude in the shower, thats it though.
File: 1402840152652 (2)a.jpg (149KB, 1692x888px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1402840152652 (2)a.jpg
149KB, 1692x888px
If you got into a 10yo that easy she was well used.
ANCIENT copypasta.

>I just wonder why she's masturbating right there
>she tells me that ''sure you have never masturbated''
>I start arguing saying it's not really the same thing
>a bit tense situation
>later that evening she goes to the bathroom and pulls out the dildo and tell me Is that okey for you mister
>I say yeah whatever you horny bitch
>''yeah im horny so fucking what''
>she goes into the bathroom and starts making noises just to piss me off
>''yeaah im cumming''
>she gets out of the bathroom and throws her dildo on the bed and ask me if I wanna go eat
File: 1403051645857.gif (541KB, 500x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
541KB, 500x357px
I always wondered if her mom and her moms bf would do shit with her. Shit just realized i used her name.. Oh well. I mean it was really only the tip and she was fucking drenched. She grew up to be exactly like her mom. Where im from though its a very small town and not much else to do other than fuck and smoke w/e drug is around.
File: 20.jpg (102KB, 1020x1098px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 1020x1098px
who is the girl on the right?!?!
Jasmin you idiot
so hawt any more stories? Also how much can your bro fit up his ass?
Anon pls hurry
File: 1403011342868a.jpg (139KB, 1280x1057px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 1280x1057px
care to elaborate?
No, that same question is asked every single time that pic is posted, as far as I remember the girl hasn't done anything noteworthy and is an all round disappointment
Anyone straight up approached their mom about this?
thanks dude
>on aunts couch
>everyone's asleep
>I can't sleep
>12 y/o cousin comes out
>she sneaks over to me
>she whispers my name
>I don't respond
>she yakked all day
>she gives me a little push
>I do nothing
>I feel her hand rest on my cock
>she squeezes my cock
>I should stop her
>she strokes my cock through my shorts
>this is wrong, I have to do something
>to late
>my cock jumps into action
>she slides my shorts to the side
>pulls my cock out
>continues stroking me
>she leans in and licks my cock
>it feels great
>she's licking, stroking me
>when she starts making yummy sounds I'm ready to blow
>then she does it
>she tries to suck my cock
>mmm, think good girl
>oh god, no No NO!
>she's chewing on my cock
>m-my cock, i-it's confused, wtf
>can't take it anymore
>roll over, go to sleep
>stupid bitch
File: spiderman.jpg (9KB, 274x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 274x184px
im only continuing if I get responses so..

>eat dinner
>we go to the shopping streets
>find a sextoy store, she tells me she need to look what's inside
>I finally agree to follow into the store
>she gets a vibrator and some crotchless panties
>some guys are laughing at us when they see she bought toys with her son
>go to a bar to chill and get a beer
>mom goes to the bar to get 2 beers while I wait
>the guy behind her is lifting up her skirt slighty but she does not realize it
>he grabs her butt with his right hand
>mom turns around and tell him he's not allowed to do that or something
>she looks at him and grabs his crotch
>they start making out for about 5 seconds
People are reading, just keep going you cock mongering ultra faggot
go on...
go on
I didn't say stop OP
I'm retarded, too busy getting the fap ready

>blowing the opportunity by getting mad at her



>she's about to bang some stranger

This is taking a weird turn...
More, i have raging boner right now.
>be 19 same college as my sister
>scholarship from our HS basically makes it free
>chillin with her and her b/f, they're 22
>drinkin' some kind of sweet as hell rum
>fucks ya up quick
>sis starts to fiddle around with her b/f
>he says stop that, M, w8 til later
>didn't break wide-open mutual eye contact w/ me
>its ok, E, he doesn't care, right?
>oh fk. that look, that insanely fucking sexy look
>right at me
>sis has caught me perving before
>used that look
>stole panties b4
>stole a condom from her purse, fapped into it
>she found it somehow wtf
>licked her little finger vibrator
>i washed it beforehand for some reason
>pretty sure she doesn't know about that tho
>her b/f looks nervous or embarrassed or something, glugs down some rum
>can very visibly see his penis creating an ever larger bulge through his gym shorts
>complete, yet non-awkward silence
>M switching between looking at both of us
>both of us looking at only her
>but my eyes occasionally glance at straying to her roaming hand when she isnt looking at me

continuing if bumped.
wrong you don't cum at all as a 10 year old


It must be summer
>can't tell if serious or retarded


I mean, I wanna hear the rest if you get involed
I came
Don't believe I'm actually writing this, you guys are the only one who's gonna know about this except for the people involved.

>Be 9
>chillin with my older step brother who was 13 at the time
>Don't remember how it happened, but we started fucking eachother in the ass
>i knew what porn was cause he had shown it to me before
>I just thought it was fun, never got any pleasure out of it
>He came every time, but not in my ass, he didn't shoot cum yet, just a tiny ammount of blank fluid
>he has a little half sister, my step sister
>she is 7
>We decide it's a great idea to get her into this
>we get her into this
>we walk to the forest
don't care, still came

>they exchange numbers
>we drink up our beers
>order a few drinks while talking with some random people
>decide to go inside to the dancefloor to see what's up
>that guy that got her number moves up to her and she starts grinding on him
>Im just dancing with some random people
>it's getting late so we're about to head back to the hotel
>walk all the back back to the hotelroom
>this guy starts talking about he's living on the other city of town
>mom invites him to stay the night in our room
>I go to bed while they're having some drinks on the balcony
>im barely awake when i see my mom get her purse
>her panties slips of and she put on her crotchless ones and she gets back out on the balcony
I did some research and unfortunately its shooped and there isnt a video
File: 1392138404427.gif (725KB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hope you got lost in the woods
>she wants to do it
>older step brother starts, of course
>I think he came, Idk, I barely had a boner
>I fuck her too, she had a wet pussy
>I never came, but she enjoyed it a lot
>She also used to dry hump some of our furniture from time to time
>saying it "felt good"
>probably orgasming sometimes when she fucked the couch
>We used to go to this forest by my school and fuck like this

>mfw I think about this
>mfw I haven't spoken to either of them since I was 10
>mfw I got fucked in the ass 11 years ago

hopefully this ends with you spying on them or even better, the guy has to leave for some reason and she gets on you
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are you eric cartman?
keep going
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1403562797573 (1)a.jpg
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Another story with the same people

>being in my room
>still 9
>he was always the boss, he always decided what we were gonna do
>often we just played hide and seek
>we were shooting lego heads with a rubber band
> that was my fucking lego heads, I needed those heads for my lego people
>it was fun at the time tho
>we started fucking around again, literally
>he started fingering and licking her pussy
>I had to stand guard at the door
>she came, I think
>she was 8 years old now
>her birthday is in feburary
>this was in spring time
>I tried to finger her too
>we started fucking again
>he came and she came
>I just thought it was fun
MOAR show us the video
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Got me, you motherfucker!
>Be 17, cousin 16
>She's over our house
>Sitting on couch watching Jumanji
>She lets out a sigh acting like she was tired
>She stretches her legs out and lays down across the couch, and rests her head right on my dick
>Wearing loose plaid pajamas with no underwear
>I'm sort of reclined on the couch so my dick is up on my chest and she's just laying her head sideways on top of my jimmy
>She had to notice it because became harder than petrified coal within a matter of seconds
>So we're watching the movie and she keeps laughing at parts and keeps turning her head at me essentially rubbing my cock
>At one point she says something like "hold on, I can feel your stomach beating... that's so weird!" all while she has her eyes wide open looking at me
>Eventually it gets to the point where I think just the shear motion of my cock throbbing under her face pushed me over the edge.
>All of a sudden it was like spaghetti fell out of my pockets - I pushed her head out of the way and fell to the floor just jizzing in my pants
>She was just laughed and was like "are you ok? whats going on?"
>Laid on my stomach until my boner went away

I don't really know why I reacted like that, it was awesome
File: 1392383241335.jpg (47KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lol wtf
dont leave me hangin

>I woke up by sounds
>they're in the bathroom
>try to peep in
>only see a male butt and her leg up on the toilet
>I go back to bed and lays there for 10 minutes
>they get out, im pretending to be asleep
>they're both naked sneaking past the room to the balcony
>they hang up a sheet so people from the outside cannot watch into the balcony
>they start fuckin with the balcony door closed but I can still see the upper half of them
>i get hard and starts masturbating in my bed
>I cum almost immediately
>a few minutes later he cums as well
>they go into the shower again and starts showering
>I fall asleep
>woke up and they both were laying passed out on the bed naked
dont say this was the end
Going to live with aunt in a week, anyone with good stuff to do to take advantage of her?
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>mfw you gave me a shoutout without realizing it
fuck you man, got me.
more pls
Please greentext a story of you having sexual relations with her
started well, continued boring and unrealistic.
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