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Wincest stories thread >Be me at 17 >I had a cousin who

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest stories thread

>Be me at 17
>I had a cousin who lived with my aunt
>aunt got divorced with uncle when cousin was born, cousin always lived with aunt
>my cousin was really a 9/10, I always had a crush on her
>but I was a 7/10 and knew I had no chance with her. she was my family anyway...
>She was actually really cool and played the same games as me and watched a few mainstream-ish animes.
>we are also both the same age.
>my cousin would stay over at my house a lot, because of my aunt going on business trips
>so we would actually be alone in the house together, doing our own things normally while my parents were at work.
>one day, I was sitting in my room, playing something on my PC, when my cousin comes in
>her name is kacie, by the way
>Kacie walks into my room, in her "pajamas" which consisted of short running shorts and a tight t-shirt
>She ran track and played soccer at our high school, and her body was nearly perfect because of it.
"Hey, Anon"
>I take off my headphones and turn around in my chair to look at her
>look at her really short shorts and her legs
>she sits down on my bed and asks me about some report in school, we had the same science class in high school
>we talk about that for a while, and I tell her what she needed to know, something about the rubric
"Thanks, Anon... so, what game are you playing?"
>while saying this, she gets up and leans over my chair, looking at the monitor.
>her hand rested on my shoulder
>"uhhh... uhh... it's just some old game, (insert game name here)"
"That's cool, it looks fun! I should check it out sometime."
"alright, well... see you later I guess, anon."
>she turns around and leaves, shutting the door behind her.
>later that night, fap to her legs/ass.
>walk out of the bathroom, to go and get a glass of water
>walk back to room, and play games for another few hours before going to sleep
>it's normal like this for the next week or so
>The first day of the next week is my parent's wedding anniversary, and they are going to florida for 2 nights to celebrate
>my cousin will be there with me and go home after, parents trust us to be alone
>next day, wake up, make some coffee and go to PC
>browse the internet for a while, drinking coffee. sort of my morning ritual
>kacie walks into my room
"Hey, anon, I rented this movie. do you want to watch it with me later?"
>"Sure, it looks cool."
"alright, cool, i'll tell you when i'm about to play it"
>"Sounds good."
>I stay on PC for another few hours
>Kacie comes back into my room, she has been wearing pajamas all day.
"You ready to watch that movie?"
"alright, come on."
>so I follow her into the living room, and she hits 'play' on the DVD player
>I sit down on the couch, and she sits down, really close to me.
>Movie starts and we watch it for a while, it's a horror movie.
>about 30 minutes in, a really tense part comes in
>kacie sort of gets freaked out, and leans into me
>wtf, she never gets scared of this kind of stuff
>scary part happens, she sort of squeals and burys her face into my shoulder
>I jokingly wrap my arm around her
>"haha, I didn't know you got scared so easily."
>She looks back up to the screen, totally fine with my arm around her.
>she snuggles up to me, and we sit like that for the rest of the movie.
>movie lasts about an hour or so, never even imagined being able to cuddle with kacie
>the movie finally ends and the credits roll.
>she sits up and I move my arm back
"anon, can I ask you something?"
"are you a virgin?"
>She looks me in the eyes
>we sit there staring at each other for a minute.
"so am I..."
>we stare at each other some more.
>She finally lunges forward and starts kissing me on the mouth
>I was suprised but I started kissing back
>we were sitting there making out aggresively
>She pushed me back first onto the couch, still kissing me
>kacie slowly moved her hand down to my pants, and unzipped them
>I spread my legs open a little wider and pressed her face to mine, kissing as hard as I could
>she unbuttoned my pants, and I moved my hips up into the air a little so she could slide them off
>my erect dick sprung out, it was visibly throbbing
>she stopped kissing me to sit up, and looked at my cock
"mmm, Anon... you're big."
>she got off the couch, smiled, and slipped off her shirt.
>her bra, shorts, and panties all came off and were piled onto the floor.
>she smiled, and got down on her knees, facing my cock
>she looked me in the eyes and put her cock into her hand, moving her hand up and down slowly
>Kacie carefully massaged my cock... rubbing both of her hands all over the tip and shaft
>holy fuck it felt so good.
>she looked at me and smiled again.
>pulling her hair back over her shoulder, she bent down, face to my cock
>she put her lips around my tip, and kissed it.
>she slowly kissed all over my dick, licking my balls and licking up and down my shaft
>kacie opened wide and shoved my cock into her mouth, sucking up and down while stroking my shaft
>she stopped for a second and spit out my precum, rubbing it all over my dick
>she put my dick back into her mouth and started to suck it faster, up and down all the way
>after a few minutes of this, I wasn't going to last much longer
>"Kacie... i'm going to cum..."
"ohhh... well you still need enough to fuck me."
>she stopped sucking and took my cock out of her mouth, with a string of precum mixed with spit hanging from her lips.
"come on, anon, fuck me."
>I got up off of the couch, and she bent over onto it, with her hands on the seat of the couch.
>she raised her ass up to me and I spread her cheeks.
>her pussy was slightly red on the outside, and it was literally dripping. she was so wet.
>I teasingly put my tip between her lips and rubbed it around her pussy
"mmm... anon... fuck me..."
>I took my dick out of her pussy and put my shaft between her lips, teasing her again
>I rubbed up and down her lips, getting my dick wet
>I took my dick out again, and waited a few seconds
"anon... come on... what are you waiting for???"
>as soon as she turned her head around and said that, I shoved my dick into her pussy as hard as I could.
>kacie moaned in suprise as I pulled my dick in and out fully, thrusting as hard as I could
>she moaned with every full thrust, accompied by the sound of my legs smacking into her ass
>I stopped this routine and begain going in and out halfway, thrusting as hard as I could
>her moans got faster, and faster and I kept pounding her harder
>Kacie let out a long, loud cry and turned her head around to look at me
"anon, i'm gonna cum!"
>I stopped thrusting and slowly, slowly pulled out of kacie's pussy.
>I pulled my dick completely out just to shove it back in, as hard as I could
>I went back to my rapid thrusting, pounding her harder, and harder.
>She moaned and moaned, until her moans finally climaxed
>I felt her pussy contract on my dick, as she sighed with relief
>I pulled out, and collapsed onto the couch, out of breath.
"Now it's your turn, anon."
>kacie got up and bent over with her hands on her knees
>she positioned her asshole over my dick, and pushed it onto my dick
>she pushed as hard as she could, and shoved my entire dick up her ass
>Kacie started to bounce up and down on my dick, with her ass slapping on my lap
>it felt so fucking good... I couldnt hold it in
>"I'm cumming!!"
>She then slid all the way down on my dick, and I came as hard as I ever have before
>she pressed her ass hard on my lap as I came.
>kacie got up and took my dick out. cum dripped off of my dick and down her ass
>she sat in my lap sideways and cuddled up to me again
"I love you."
>"I love you, too."
>Later that night, we took a shower together and fell asleep naked in my bed, cuddled up.
Any more OP?
That was a good start to the thread. Good job

>next day, wake up, make some coffee and go to PC
>browse the internet for a while, drinking coffee. sort of my morning ritual
Gets me every time.
Lurking hard
File: BJ.jpg (84KB, 334x500px)
84KB, 334x500px
>she looked me in the eyes and put her cock into her hand, moving her hand up and down slowly
>put her cock into her hand
>her cock
>divorced with
1. He divorced her
2. He divorced with her
3. He divorced from her

You can say "He is divorced from her". In this case either party could have initiated the divorce. But in example number 1 it is the man who has initiated the divorce.
Lol fake but good. 6/10
I call bs. you were about to cum from the bj and then you last long enough to make her cum? also she was a virgin why didn't it hurt her?

also I think I fucked my cousin once but imi not really sure
Is that your sister in OP pic?
>>i think i fucked my cousin once
how do you think you had sex? did you start and then not finish?

Make your stories a bit more believable. Good stuff until claiming a virgin took 5 inches up her ass NP without an enema.

Shitty dick is not hot.

>fuck like porn stars first time
A few here.
You somehow lost a 5 from that link.

>cumming in her ass
>not cumming inside her vulva with a force of thousands suns for the sole propose of inbreed childrens
> her cock
Great job fucking a dude
Classic OP
Probably early age. I think I sucked a friend's dick when I was kid but I don't know if that was a dream. I also think I rubbed my butt against another kid's butt (his idea) but i'm not sure if that happened either.
Not only that she didn't have an enema but she probably would have been in pain since she didn't stretch out her asshole little by little prior to buttsex
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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