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Anyone ever actually have a real, legit incest experience? If

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone ever actually have a real, legit incest experience? If so, share! Pics also if you dare
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Fuck off fag
I have sex with myself on a regular basis
I'll take that as a no? No one's had the balls to try and succeed?
what about you
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My story
>family reunion when i was 15
>weird cousin who I don't dislike but barely know, big dude loner, players everquest all day but kinda cute and plays in a band
>take the hose and spray it all over his jacket
>laugh..."what ya gonna doooo neeeerd?" I whined it
>tackles me...hose everywhere
>soaks my shirt, makes it see through, we roll down the hill
>we land at the bottom his face in my wet boobs and his knee in my crotch
>i'm soaked and I am barely attracted to this guy
>I look up and feel something against my stomach growing
>I'm flush, he's flush

...hear mom yelling from the top of the hill

had she not i'm not sure what would have occurred
i know what i wouldve done
No sister, but totally would screw my cousin. Just interested if this stuff every actually happens, or if just fantasy. Would love to hear some real stories if there ARE any
funny thing was he ended up marrying basically my doppelganger

Do first cousins count?
i did, fucked my twin female cousins when they were like 15, I was 13, very awesome experience. It may sound really hard to beleive but it happened, story is to long though, will tell if someone wants to read.
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Easing You In.jpg
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New caption
tell but don't add pointless detail like half the fantasy stories on here
Do tell. Also, where are you and they from?
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first girl i ever fingered was my step sister
we're waiting
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Would put cock in that mouth. Unf unf bewm!
i fucked a girl who i later found out was a 2nd cousin or some shit.

so we met up to talk about it and ended up fucking again.
>be 16
>have 16 year old step sister, lived in house with us
>somehow talking about sex one night, she lost it when she was like 14, i was still a virgin
>we used to "have sex" when we were kids, we put the things in the right places, but it didn't really good like sex
>she texts me to come down to her bedroom
>i do
>it's dark, we lay down on floor
>she takes my hand
>undoes her pants
>puts my hand on pussy and tells me what to do
>i do it for a few minutes while she moans
>say "do you have anything?" (thinking like toys or whatever)
>she says "a condom?"
>I say "uhh yeah"
>she says no
>I go back upstairs
>blood on my fingers
>scrub vigorously
>jack off
>go to bed watching TV
Lol, nice!
How legit?
>Be 12
>16 yr old step sister was living with her bio mom. Moved in with my family after huge fight.
>She basically lives in the living room.
>Gigantic titties, cheer leader. 9/10
>We hang out all the time.
>Watch movies - she's in her pajamas, no bra.
>Go swimming - wears a bikini
>All of my want
>Parents out of town, she throws a huge high school party. I'm 14 and she's 17 at this point.
>First time drunk
>Her friends start a game of strip poker.
>I have zero ability to deal with drunkeness and go along with it
>Eventually see her and all of her hot cheerleader friends tits
>Nothing happens because I'm 14

I've got more though!
do it
I had sex with my half-sister.
i came in my little brothers ass once
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pls do

>I'm the oldest cousin on my mom's side
>End up watching cousins a lot when we all go to grandmother's
>Ages at time of story: Me-14-15ish, next oldest female cousin-13, sister-11, fem cousin's brother-7
>All of them look up to me because of age. I'm constantly playing video games with youngest cousin teaching him all of my tricks.
>One day, out of nowhere, oldest cousin looks pretty good.
>Subtle makeup, still crazy skinny, but the start of a feminine shape.
>Think nothing of it, tons of people think their cousins are hot.
>Her respect grows into a pseudo-crush thing.
>She starts wanting to hang out even though the other cousins aren't around
>Cool, whatever. She's definitely not as bitchy as 15 year girls in my class.
>Laughs come easily, really starting to enjoy hanging out
>Dick keeps noticing how hot she is. Stop it, dick, stop it.
>Big sleep over at grandma's house. Kind of a regular thing.
>Wouldn't be a big deal, except for all these weird feelings recently
>Normal family stuff, bed time, blah blah
>all of us used to pile into gigantic king size bed in guest room
>Probably too old for that now but no one says anything
>Didn't wanna sleep next to little cousin because he's a boy
>Didn't wanna sleep next to sister
>Guess that means I'm on the edge and oldest cousin is next to me
>Heart is fucking racing
>Maximum boner
>We end up awkwardly spooning
>She totally feels my dick but doesn't move away
stories with penetration plox
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>Absolutely zero fucking logic in my mind at this point
>My dick is touching a girl's ass
>Restrain with every ounce of willpower
>She makes one subtle movement
>I'm wearing gym shorts, she's wearing thin pajama bottoms
>I feel everything. It's like lightning in my dick.
>I remember leaking so much precum in my shorts and thinking I came
>Didn't care at the time. Maximum horny.
>Begging, in my mind, that she stays close enough to keep touching.
>She moves back in to her original position.
>Dick head now officially in between her butt cheeks, every so subtly.
>No way it was an accident
>Still terrified to move. Never had a girl naked, so all my knowledge of female anatomy is from porn
>Honestly more worried that I would poke her butt hole than I was worried that she was my cousin
>After another 15 minutes of being completely motionless, she gyrates upward one more time
>Silky gym shorts + 13yr old ass feel so amazing
>starting to breathe so loud, didn't even notice

pic related, face and body look like cousin
only boring brother sister shit

No mother and son storys?
Usually there's more of them than this. The entire mother/son thing seems to go hand in hand with the weeaboo/neckbeard thing.
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>She gyrates back into the original position
>My entire dickhead and then some is now pressing into the fabric, wedged between her ass cheeks
>Leaking so much pre
>She probably feels it
>Mind is gone now, pure beast instincts
>I slowly, slowly reach my hand up and place it gently on her hips
>barely any pressure, I wanted to be able to bail out instantly if she didn't want my hand there
>She puts her hand on mine, rubs it twice
>minor relief but now I don't know what to do, I didn't have a plan and currently have zero experience
>Press hip forward just a millimeter or so
>dickhead is soaked and shorts are slippery on the inside
>literally greatest sensation in my life up until this point

random porn pics

>are first cousins related hurr

Of course they count you fag.
how open are like cousins?
is it normal to talk about sexual things ect with eachother?
pretty sure my cousin wants sum fuk
File: 149318.jpg (39KB, 350x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hurry up, moar
please tell me you fucked her
is there more
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>Her hand rub was confirmation that this was a go
>Hands trembling, I started slowly running up her body
>taking time, want to enjoy this
>pass her hip bones (she was skinny) and they were pointy
>grab the curve of her waist
>feels good man
>her shirt had ridden up already, from her moving around
>put my hand on her flat stomach
>Starting to get overwhelmed
>With my hand just resting on her flat tummy, I pulled my hips back, just an inch, and pressed in again
>She tightened up, he whole body, her butt cheeks clenched my cockhead
>If this feels this good, how good must sex be?
>she starts moving her hand down, I'm convinced she's gonna move my hand off her
>I shouldn't have thrusted like that
>stupid stupid stupid
>her hand passes mine and keeps going down
>she slips her hand past her pajama bottom waistband
>It's dark and we're under covers, but I assume she starts flicking her bean
>everything went better than expected

>mfw i know a girl who saw her brothers doing it
I get it now.

The incest stories are for tweens.

When I was like 14 I wanted to touch my sisters boobs while she was asleep, but decided no, thats weird and i'll regret that one day.

THANK god my hormones weren't totally fucked out of wack like you guys.

I hope that your either a tween with these fucked up, temporary sexual desires


just into the "fantasy" of it.

For the love of god if you actually want to fuck a relative.... your life if not already, is going to be really hard.

Good luck!
>just into the "fantasy" of it.

Thats 99% of us. There is a fucked up minority, but they do post the best stories
Le epic spiderman incest derailment memes :^)
had sex with my sister before puberty in her room, she was 11, i was 9 or something
we'd just put our 2 things together and it would feel cool, but nothing more
also had these "doctor games" with male friends and younger brother (although only with him when friends were around)

>never talk about it
Nice troll attempt. But actually, a lot of sexual desires are set in the early teen years. That's why most men go insanely bonkers over large breasts. This is something they picked up on when they first hit puberty, and never grew out of.
yeah boy
>sister is 12-13
>mom worked nights
>playing truth or dare
>eventually titties and dick are out
>she rubs her pussy on the big wooden knob of the chair I'm sitting on
>goes on for quite a while
>every night licking her pussy, getting head, dry humping, licking her nips
>try a couple of times to pit it in but can't
>be 17
>playing around, finally get it in
>she gasps
>slowly fuck my sister
>feel the most intense orgasm coming
>pull out and blow load on her ass cheeks n sheets
>only time we had sex
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723KB, 1500x1030px
Most kek i have the other side of these bitches!
dont you fucking stop mr belair dinosaur
Ooh, nice. Thanks for the pic.
>>552595052 anon you better be typing holy shit
please go on
File: 1298345493416.png (123KB, 750x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 9
>cousin is 13
>she's hit puberty and gotten tits
>her my sis n I sleeping in same bed
>spooning cousin
>she grabs my hand
>makes me rub her boobs
>rub her vag
>never said anything the next day or ever
the only real incest i had is kissing and touching my sister boobs when she was asleep
File: image.jpg (55KB, 460x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me in this thread.
and kissing sister when we were both awak and she wanted it
more ffs
File: 1301191289194.jpg (34KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My memories of everything else are fuzzy because of beast mode, I was barely even myself. I'll try to put it together.

>I start up a rhythm now, although humping wasn't something I was used to yet
>sex coordination very low
>But I feel generally safe pulling out an inch and pushing it back again
>Basically just fucking her butt cheeks, through gym shorts and pajama bottoms
>beast mode is pleased but wants more
>thrust hard out of nowhere, pure instinct
>Hit a barrier - either fabric won't stretch anymore or I just hit her butt hole
>Her hand movements speed up
>Did I do the right thing?
>start thrusting slower, hitting the barrier and her little moans are pushing me over the edge
>Don't wanna come yet, this could be so much fun
>I start moving my hand up again
>her shirt had ridden up almost all the way
>hands shaking, I lift it up a bit, keep moving up
>She was skinny and had little boobs
>Don't give a fuck
>reach her nipples, fucking hard as diamonds
>start brushing my fingers over them, letting the nipple bounce between my fingers
>She pulls her hand out of her pants, kinda quickly
>like she forgot we were in bed with two other cousins
>everything else had been subtle
>fuck, I think I pissed her off again, I went too far
>she pulls her pants down, half way down her thighs
>I pull my hips back to give her space
>Terrified to say or do anything, this just got real
>If I say something, it makes it real
>hand still on tit, I have to make a decision
Anyone know what happened with the amy and cam story that was going on around the same time as this? It just sort of stopped...
Dude if you don't keep going I'm gonna lose it

Last experience with sister

>in England travelling
>laying on an air mattress
>fingering her
>actually get her pussy to quiver and clench on my hand
>I asked her what it was and she got mad and said we can't do this, that she has a bf back home
>I never got off that night

>next sexual experience was when I was 18 and "lost my virginity" to this hot 15yr old.

>next time I met this girl at a party when I was 19
>said she was 17
>drunk as fuck
>go with her and her friend to her house
>fuck the everlasting shit out of this girl
>don't cum
>she comes to my job a week later
>I ask her how old she was again
>going into 9th grade

Holy fuck I'm s triple felon now

All sex with no condoms.
ifr this ends in everybody walk the dinosaur or spaghetti i will be pissed
Holy shit, you have to continue this. If there isnt more and you have to make your story up now, then just do it
The closest thing to incest I've ever been involved in was when me and my brother double-teamed a drunken whore during a party we had
Started reading, sounds boring.

>I decide to pull my cock out and initiate
>Extremely nervous
>she pushes her butt up against me
>I begin to penetrate her when I feel her fingers grab at my swollen nuts
>She squeezes pretty hard
>Shit hurts
>Yelp in pain and say 'but I want more?'
>She looks over her shoulder and giggles.
>'Everybody walk the dinosaur'
you better be fucking typing, this story is awesome
File: 1304508026162.jpg (144KB, 1280x854px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>One final ray of sanity pierces through my clouded judgement
>"You cannot fuck your cousin"
>I pulls my shorts down too
>"You cannot fuck your cousin."
>I pull my boxers down, my dick and balls are soaked from the pre.
>"You cannot fuck your cousin."
>Slowly start moving forward again.
>My cock head reaches her butt cheek
>I freeze, she stops diddling her bean
>Both of us breathing hard
>No movement for like 5 minutes straight
>This is probably for the best, I'm glad she stopped
>I wouldn't have been able to stop myself
>She presses her hips back
>My dick slips between her butt cheeks again
>Pure, smooth, silky soft, slippery heaven
>Oh god.
>All reason gone.
ID's are a thing.
fuck you
I'm actually you're biggest fan you need to keep goiiiinggg
I got scared for a second.
> 16, sister is 17
> She starts dating my lacrosse teammate.
> Parents gone one night. She has teammate come over for hook-up.
> He goes upstairs with her, comes back down freaked out. Says my sister's a perv, wants to be raped. He leaves.
> Go upstairs, find sister self-tied to bed and blindfolded.
> Figure WTF and get naked.
> Climb on top of her, start fingering her. She's instantly soaked and moaning.
> Dick like a rock. Ease it in. Discover she's a virgin. Push it on in. She shrieks, but moans happily.
> Start fucking her slowly until the animal takes over.
> Wind up pounding her hard and beastly.
> Blow the hugest wad of my life (up to that point). Realize I might have just impregnated my own sister.
> Climb off, go downstairs quickly and slam front door to keep up the illusion.
> She comes down later, happy as shit.
> Teammate breaks up with her for being a freak, but she doesn't care. Says she got what she wanted.

I got lucky, she wasn't pregnant.
Never told her or anyone else.
Still fap to the memory now and again.
My sister became a big slut after all this, going from guy to guy, getting tattoos, became bi. She's a classic definition of attention seeking girl with daddy issues and family issues.

>she used to play with my cock and pretend she was flying a space ship
>I'd tell her I'm low on fuel and shed start giving me head
>she's the reason I'm good at eating pussy and fingering
>tfw no sister
Of course it's for the fantasy, it's like when women read 50 shades, but probably don't want to do some of the crazy shit that's in there. Basically it's hot when others do it, but we ourselves wouldn't. Like for incest, the ramifications could be too severe to be worth it.
Fucked my step-cousin. I was 20, she was 14. She came over to our place with her family because her brothers had some competition. We stayed up late watching a movie and I busted a move, starting off by rubbing her legs, then between her legs, then just straight up unzipping her fly and rubbing on her vag. Laid her down on the floor and started eating her out. Fucked her shortly thereafter and that shit was tight. Had to keep slowing down to keep her quiet and keep myself from busting. Creamed on her stomach and we cleaned up and went to sleep shortly afterward. She was clinging to me the next day hard, and after she left she'd call me so I had to tell her to shut up lest our family get suspicious. Never got the chance to do that again, since we never ended up in the same room with no one else again. I was kind of bummed by that.
>be me 13 yo
>at cousin's house for the day. shes 15
>hanging out at the pool, splashing and shit
>dem tits. I see them jiggling every time she hits me with the pool noodle
>jumps on my shoulders to push me underwater
>tits all over my head
cont. if interest.
yeah dude let's hear it
File: gkZTpQq.png (497KB, 523x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I too used to have sex with myself on a regular basis but now that I am older I no longer find myself attractive.The magic has just gone out of the relationship.What do?
>Used to wrestle with sister, and rubbed my dick between her asscheeks until i came using the wrestling as a distraction.
>Eventually did it with her nude and me with boxers
>Then did it both nude
>Ate her pussy while jacking off
>Never spoke about it, but she lets me touch her tits still and only pushes my hands off if i squeeze too hard
File: 1301191383358.jpg (309KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309KB, 1600x1200px

>"You cannot fuck your cousin. But this doesn't count, right"
>Rationality trying to protect itself.
>I move forward. Bumped past her butt hole.
>So slippery.
>I just pushed forward until the base of my cock was against her ass
>I was in her ass like a hotdog bun
>Suddenly fully understand the wiener, hot dog, penis references
>Pull back and slide down her butt cheeks. Cock head catches on her ass hole again
>The slight bit of pressure feels so good it makes me nauseous
>Push forward slowly again
>repeat process, cockhead catches on her butt hole slightly but then slides the rest of the way up
>Continue this for just a couple minutes, I remember her freaking out about touching her butt hole
>She reaches back and points me downward
>"You can't fuck your cousin. Just don't put it in"
>She has me aimed at something
>very slow movements forward
>trying to avoid penetration
>feel her wetness, she's soaked
>dick is twitching so hard, I can feel my pulse
>keep moving forward, now I'm sandwiched in her little pussy lips
>Don't move for a while
>start rubbing her chest again while I try to keep from cumming
dude cmon i gotta get to the part where you penetrate you totally penetrate. if you don't, just make it up
File: 1399487274675.jpg (77KB, 712x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 712x473px
oh my god fuck you are the master of suspense
wat this guy said
My shit is real. If any of yours are real...why do we never talk about it? If she wasn't such a slut and skanky I'd try to do it again n keep it on the sly. But I wouldn't want her to have it be repressed n be all omg you're sick n tell my gf

How did any of you keep it going? In our teenage years it was because neither of us had bf gf.
This is so getting capped and placed in my fap jar.
Taking way too long than it has to be
10 bucks says she calls it quits because this fedora wearing faggot took too long
Holy shit hurry up!
>>552598341 type faster pls
File: alegend.jpg (14KB, 261x210px)
14KB, 261x210px
Most people don't talk about it because they both assume that the taboo is still there regardless of what they've already done, and that neither want to talk about it.
10 bucks says they both decide not to penetrate because they're in bed with their entire family and ARE family themselves. Realistically it's gotta happen a lot when incest happens, the two chicken out before it gets THAT far.
show me the money
it's not about the real; it's about the dream baby
File: 1310738288398.jpg (116KB, 640x480px)
116KB, 640x480px

True ending
>I pushed back and forth
>my penis head threatening to enter her over and over again
>fucking willpower of the gods, just keep thrusting against her lips
>My cockhead keeps bumping her clit
>she tightens up again real hard, her whole body shivers
>I know enough to know what just happened
>Finally decide to let myself go
>pull out from between her thighs, start fucking her butt cheeks again
>She clenches her butt cheeks for me
>fucking came with the force of a thousand suns going super nova at the same time
Shot all the way up her back even though we were on our sides
>clarity coming back
>gotta clean up the mess
>we pull our pants up
>Go to the bathroom together, towel off
>don't say a word
>never speak of it again at all
>just keep living life as normal
>She always smiles at me and looks linger when we're at family functions now
>She's still hot as hell but married and has a kid
>also I'm not a horny teenager now

If you guys want, you can write your own penetration story. Just be grateful this wasn't a dinosaur or bel air
Nice reading about your blast from the past
nah you still get applause. i didn't need the penetration; that was definitely worthy of my approval. Not that it means much. this isn't the oscars or whatever. good job
You are a god!!
Yeah but it wasn't just once. Shit happened for years. I've never told anyone. My ex wife or my girl now. No one knows.
Great story anon. Thoroughly enjoyed. Reminded me of fooling around with my cousins when I was younger.
still 10/10 good sir would in fact cap to your story, multiple erections were had
So much build up for a nonpenetration!
all you had to do was post a few lines about penetration and you couldnt do it
thanks for wasting my time faggot
Stepsisters isn't incest you morons.

I could tell me cousin was interested in me, i never paid much attention to her. But yet she would always want to be around me all the time.

I would just sit at the computer, in a trailer outside the cabin, talking to friends, doing what ever, and she would lay on the bed next to me just happy to be in my presence.

Eventually, got into a conversation about bf/gf stuff, asked her if she ever had sex, she said she had but not for awhile, one thing lead to another, she wanted to see my dick, showed her, told her she could touch it, and the rest you can imagine.

My cousin is cute too, little country girl probably 7-8/10.
Any motherfuckers out there? Come on, faggots, begging here.
how am i supposed to read this
I wish i had a hot older cousin that did that to me when i was younger... but alas, I'm the older cousin and all my cousins are like 13 and under. at this point, it'd be pedophilia. not to mention I don't like boys. *cries*
i wonder if my cousins ever want me to shove my big boobs in their face
when I was a kid, my cousin and I would touch each other and lick each other's genitalia. If that counts
>am 19
>sister is 16
>we are best buds
>I'm still in high school due to failing once due to being sick
>dad owns a bar
>mom doesn't live with us
>me and sis are drinking beers
>watching ufc, sisters friend was from az and her bro was fighting that night
>any way, I'm wearing just a white shirt n gym shorts
>sis is wearing booty shorts and spaghetti straps
>her friend was wearing whatever
>keep looking at sisters legs
>oh shit
>try looking at her friend
>not doing it for me
>looking at my sisters butt cleavage thru the TV reflection

kinda how i felt too
i made one spelling mistake you fuck.
my experience was the product of a fucked up brady bunch scenario.
>mom dies when im young
>dad finally gets remarried when i was 15
>step mom has daughter, 16
>we go to different schools, parents decide to keep it that way
>like 2 weeks after we all move in together the weird sexy vibes start
>like 3 hours after school before parents get home
>time and location provide opportunity
>new step sister and i start fooling around
>making out, boobs, fingering, handjobs
>no oral or sex. just hands and kissing
>we decide to stop after a few months when we were almost getting caught over xmas break
>our parents are still happily married
>we went to different colleges
>step sis and i have a great frienship but never speak of what happened
>true story. no regrets
>details are everything
>I'm drunk
>the fights over
>her friend gets up to leave and my sister gets up to
>she's drunk too
>her shorts are wedged up her ass
>I'm sitting there thinking wtf
>door closes n sis come around the corner with her fists up, like an old school boxer
>punches me in the arm
>come on ya sissy let's see what ya got
>she's bouncing like the fighters she watched
>her titties are bouncing
>I gotten lean forward to try to hide my boner
>can't do it
>she's trying to slap box with me and I gotta lean back to avoid it
>dick very visible
>she's looks down
>I take this time to chute and take her down
>she yells and we hit the floor and I have her pinned
>her cheeks are flushed
>you gonna submit me?
>I just look at her
>I'm in full mount and my dick is on her stomach
>one shirt strap has fallen
File: 1300850991642.jpg (36KB, 422x598px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 422x598px
Alternate ending
>I start pushing back and forth
>Her lube feels so much better than my pre
>Something psychological about the fact that she was so turned on by me
>I owned that pussy, even if only just for tonight
>thrusting back and forth, cock keeps threatening to enter her
>I can't fuck her, just can't
>Finally, on my back thrust, she arches her back
>I thrust forward, cock pushes into her pussy
>So slick, dick so hard, so tight
>Lose all reason
>"This pussy is mine. Even if only for tonight."
>Last coherent thought I have for the night.
>Pull back until just my head is left in
>thrust the rest of the way in this time
>Thrusting is threatening to wake other cousins
>Stop while I'm buried to the hilt
>Don't know what to do
>Start flexing everything down there, so my head is kind of expanding and contracting inside her
>It's so tight, it feels so great
>She starts squeezing as I flex
>giving the craziest sensation
>feels like fucking without threat of waking up siblings
>she is drenched, have no idea if there's blood or not
>barely care
>Finally reach my limit, I've held back for far longer than I expect
>Don't know how to tell her I'm about to come
>Too late
>I flex one more time along with my orgasm, shooting load after load of virgin cum into her pussy
>She goes off the deep end and starts cumming with me, he pussy squeezing and milking
>don't move, I probably just fucked up
>brain hasn't returned to normal yet, I'm still seeing stars
>I just pull her close to me, her back tight against my chest
>I'm still inside her to the hilt, boner not receding
>Just lay there, rubbing her tits for what felt like hours
>newfags can't into paragraphs
That's your american education alright.
File: 1306075339468.jpg (38KB, 535x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 535x401px
>Just before we start drifting off the sleep, I finally pull my deflated cock from her well worked, virgin pussy
>we walk to the bathroom together and towel off
>I ask her if she's okay and we talk through the night
>she avoided me for a while after that, understandably but she never got pregnant
>Things got better after a few holidays and family get-togethers
>now, every Christmas, we'll sneak off after family time is over and meet up at a local hotel and relive the night we both lost our virginity

I live to server motherfuckers
>Sitting in trailer out side cabin
>Browsing the internet
>Cousin comes inside of the trailer
>Asks what im doing
>Tell her im on the Internet (closest wow nerd)
>She lays on the bed next to me and starts singing along to the radio
>I sorta just zone her out and start to talk to my friends
>She eventually asks who i am talking too
>Once again i say friends (they were just guild mates at the time)
>She doesnt seem to care and keeps singing
>7 songs later i realize she has sung every song
>Tell her im impressed with how many songs she knows
>The song she was currently singing had a line about having sex in the back of a barn.
>Ask her if she ever did that (shes a farm girl)
>She said no, she has a bed for that.

>>7 songs later i realize she has sung every song
Just go man, go
>I get up quickly
>she sits up and looks at me
>legs falls partly sperate and I can see 16yr old cameltoe
>she gets up and runs into her bedroom
>I follow her
>she's sitting on the bed
>she jumps up and grabs me by the arms
>pushes me against the wall and kisses me
>her puss is pressed against my cock
>the weird thing is I didn't feel weird
>clothes come of, she has a bag from hallmark full of condoms
>she gives me one
> I'm kissing her getting on top
>I eat her pussy
>she shaves
>I come up and press the tip of my dick at her lips
>no condom
>I enter her
>I'm hugging her and fucking her
>she's not a virgin
>we both tell each other I love you repeatedly
>I come in her
>she loves it
>I'm so horny I keep going
>she gets on top
>cum is a crazy lube
>bust again after 5 minutes
>I finger her n get her off more
>she keeps telling me how much she loves me
>Ask her how long its been since the last time she has had sex
>She said it has been a long time
>For laughs i asks how big his dick was
>She just laughs and says "it was what ever, nothing special"
>She then asks if she can see my dick
>I laugh at first thinking she is kidding
>She pushes it a little bit saying "No, seriously, can i see it?"
>Laughing dies
>You serious?
>Show her my dick
>She says it looks a little bigger than what she was with last.
>I can tell by her face she loved looking at my dick
>Tell her she can touch it
>She says "You know we're cousins right?"
>"Yes, but i can tell by the way youre looking at my dick, you think other wise."
>She laughs
>I stand up next to the bed
>Tell her to touch it
>She laughs again
>laughing starts to die
>She wants to touch it i can tell by her body language
>She eventually touches it
File: 1389071349541.jpg (100KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 640x480px
File: 1389072777104.jpg (128KB, 765x998px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 765x998px
File: 1389072746109.jpg (138KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 1024x683px
>did it 4 more times that week
>we were in love
>one day I got sick
>had to go to the hospital
>my right kidney had only 20%effieciency going
>I'm peeing blood, got appendicitis, got cedif from antibiotics
>in hospital for 3 months
>I didn't graduate
> my sister came one day n kissed my on the lip n said it was over
>moved in with mom
>I stayed at dads
These are making me laugh harder than I should.
>Touching turns into a slow jacking
>Tell her that feels good
>She adjusts her hair back
>Holy shit shes gonna suck my dick
>She comes to the edge of the bed
>Licks it
>Starts sucking on the tip
>This cant be real
>No talking happened for the rest of the time
>It went from a throat fuck to her riding my dick on the bed.
>She came a couple times
>I came twice
>once on her back, the other on her face.
>She seemed happy
>cleaned up
>got dressed
>went back out to see family so the didnt get suspicious (which i found hilarious)

end, there is your details.
File: x12.jpg (9KB, 247x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 247x204px
That is sad
Thing is, all these stories are awesome, but when I look at my sisters and cousins, it's like, they aren't hot enough to want to do anything.
Bisexual fag here, slept with two of my siblings. All of this happened a long time ago so I don't exactly remember precise details.

>Be 9 years old
>Cousin stays over (male, 10 years old)
>Play video games all day
>At night we talk about girls
>Start talking about our dicks
>Ask if he wants to touch mine
>He touched mine
>I touched his
>We start jerking each other off
>He explains to me what a orgasm is
>Came hard
>Repeated this several times during sleepovers
>Same cousin, we started talking about oral sex
>I suck his dick
>He sucks mine
>Imma like "Yeah this gay stuff is P awesome"
>For months we're constantly sucking each other off
>One night we discuss anal sex
>Decide to try it
>I bend over
>He sticks it inside me
>OMG amazing feeling
>Next I fuck him
>This went on for about 4 years

Next Story:

>Be 11 years old, cousin is same age
>Female cousin stays over in my bed
>We talk about boys and girls
>I explain to her what a blowjob is
>She asks to try it
>She sucks my dick
>She shows me her vagina
>I touch it, start fingering her
>Start eating that pussy
>"Tastes funny but this is fun"
>I ask her if she knows what sex is
>She says yes
>I ask her if she wants to have sex
>She says yes
>I stick it in her
>Fuck her all night long while parents are asleep
>We never fucked again

I'm 24 now, I've slept with 90+ people (Mostly guys, gay guys have lots of sex, that isnt a high number compared to some of the guys I've met). By most peoples standards I'd seem perverted but in the gay community I guess I'm pretty tame.
>Everyone has a camera now
>incest is rampant

i haven't except for getting a tit pic from my cousin
>she has no idea it was me
>inb4 post it, don't have it anymore
Thank you for this glorious and victorious tale f your exploits, good sir.
if you grow up together the brain automatically trains itself to not be attracted to them if you were to be separated from birth then met years later genetic similarities would ensure that they would be the hottest bitches you've ever seen
File: adoptedmother.png (480KB, 1606x4110px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480KB, 1606x4110px
Unless they're legitimately ugly. There are some ugly ass bitches regardless of relation.
File: 1.png (1MB, 1028x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1028x563px
>be me 17
>sister is 18
>one of those afternoons when nobody is home
>great time to get a good jerk in
>go in sister's room and start jerking it on her bed smelling her panties
>so into it did not realize sister came home
>walked in one my going to town with her panties covering my face
>doesn't get mad just keeps watching
>i'm so into the groove that just keep going
>sister has never seen a guy cum before and wants to see what happens
>in moments i cum buckets
>sister looks at the load and even tastes my cum
>she cleans me off and we never speak of it again.

pic related
I have stories about my sister, cousin, and sister's friends if anyone wants it. This info may be futile so I'll just start anyway.
We need it
i started getting fingered by my dad when i was9.

yes im a guy

People in these threads only want greentext, paragraph stories are just a wall of fucking text.
whats with the nigger-nanner behind her
It's got bacteria eating it from when she shoved it in her vagina.
Have you ever been on /b/ before? Because you make it sound like you're the newfag since you obviously don't know that greentext is the 4chan standard. I don't even see any other text in these threads, I just scroll looking for the next greentext.

Dude, you don't even have to ask if people want to hear about this. Of course they do.
Kill yourself.
>be around 13 or 15
>sister be 12 or 13
>be at my dad's house (mom and pop have divorce years earlier, and only go to dad's house on breaks)
>anyway, have younger halfbrother from dad's new bitch
>we play hide-and-seek with this little boy live every god damn day
>tell my sister of epic hiding spot underneath my bed
>tell little brother to count and my sister and I sprint towards my room and I yank the bed and we get behind the drawers from the front and beneath the actual bed
>very cramped
>very horny
>after I hear little brother yell he's about to attempt to find us I falsely flinch and act like he could see us
>pull her closer to me with my arms
>weiner rubbing against them buns
>she's wearing yoga pants, kind of thing
>dat booty
>keep nudging her closer to me
>she doesn't seem to mind
>sneakily rise my hand above her chest to trying to cop a feel of what I am sure was a push-up bra
>no cigar
>fucking brother pulls the bed back and I flip the fuck out and have inner cries of blue balls and hopes of copping a feel of my sister's nubile breasts
>game goes on as continued

More of sister if anyone wants it. Also, cousin and sister's slumber party.
File: 1391837680585.jpg (512KB, 1600x1200px)
512KB, 1600x1200px
He's implying that he can't read something if it's not greentext. Which implies a learning disability. Which implies autism.
Greentext is always the standard, doesn't mean something not standard is gibberish or unrelated.
IDs are a thing you faggot.
>be 14
>cousin 17
>not super hot but at least 7/10
>text for a few weeks, pretty close
>start talking about experinenting when we spend week at great gmas.
>do lots of after dark kissing, licking, fingering, but somehow never fucking
>was cash
I'm sure he was just over exaggerating in order to get a point across. Not that he can't read paragraphs, but that he was annoyed that the other poster decided to post against the norm.
my brother rubbed his dick in my ass crack. 99 percent of incest is shit like this. no one actually fucks their aunt you faggots
File: Reba_side.jpg (15KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 300x300px

captcha: side reBa
Wahh, he's annoyed he has to read something slightly differently. Hence my comment on the shit american education.
Check the IDs for the whole story, they change each time. Unless 4 different people came together to write a story that didn't go tits up the poster is using something with a dynamic IP (proxy or different 3G/4G zones)
File: 1bump.jpg (101KB, 700x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 700x534px
File: Goose.jpg (13KB, 227x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 227x320px
>Just interested if this stuff every actually happens, or if just fantasy
Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?
do it
dude, keep reading.
not boring.
Happens rarely, but I'm pretty sure vanilla kissing/foreplay incest happens oftenish at least. Just that most people don't have the balls, and you need to have both people not chicken out AND be related to each other.

That you were honest about your experiences, and then gave us the alternate ending that we expected, shows that you are far too good for /b/. You are a true gentleman and a scholar.
I fuck my cousin on a semi-regular basis, family found out and shit got really weird for a while, now they don't really give a shit as they got used to it.
tits or gtfo
>be around same age as aforementioned
>sister same
>I, being the fiend I am find the best way to spy on my sister's body: sleeping
>inb4 someone asks for pics, never took any
>dad's house again
>she's asleep and her TV is on Aladdin screen
>open her door at around 2am
>check her, zonked
>creep up and start moving her covers
>she's wearing these little shorts, super skimpy and a sort-of lowcut shirt with a bra
>move the sheets to try and coax movement of legs to see a spread eagle vag slip
>keep attempting, ever-watchful of too much movement
>please god don't wake up
>forget pussy, I go for tits
>move her hair to see if she will itch it and leave arms up
>2 or 3 times trying this
>each time get a glipse of her tits, once even seeing areola
>bonermeters are off the charts at this point
>try hairmove once more
>she scrinches her eyebrows bit
>she wakes up and I sprint to her TV
>she asks me in a sleepy tone "what are you doing anon?"
>I reply "where are your movies?"
>dumb ass cover stroy I know but it works
>she assumes nothing and notions toward her suitcase
>open and find Ace Venruta
>fuck yeah
le upboat for you good le gentlesir, a tip of my fedora to you m'sir xDDDD
File: 1394265550432.jpg (49KB, 449x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 449x600px
File: 1303052338874.jpg (126KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126KB, 1024x768px
Oldfag reporting in. Started lurking back in 2004. Stuck around until /b/ corrupted my soul. I couldn't feel happiness anymore because shit was so dark around here. Went off to the Internets and realized everything that's funny starts here.

Also, /b/tards are mean but at least they're generally smart. Most internet hangouts are full of retards. I'd rather deal with the nihilism here than the SJW shit on tumblr. So now I'm back. And here's my contribution.

Long story short. Me eighteen, graduated h.s. Cousin lives next door, is ten. Even her parents already acknowledge that she is going to be gorgeous. All summer swim with her in their pool. She likes to ride on my shoulders, etc., put her arms and legs around me. Try to be good but maybe a little touching going on, on both parts. Go off to college. Fast forward 5 years, I am 23 and in grad school. She is 15 and comes to the university for an academic competition. Slips away to eat dinner with me. Stupefyingly beautiful. Take her back to my apartment. Invite to go for a swim in the pool. No swimsuit, in one of my tshirts and her panties. Re-enact playfulness of 5 years previously. Towel off back inside. You know the rest. Thought she was going to tear my dick off. Next time I saw other cute cousins they all want it. Why not.
File: stitch.png (635KB, 1564x2860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635KB, 1564x2860px
for your saving convenience
Thanks for the cont, saved
Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality
File: 1403411146977.jpg (141KB, 623x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141KB, 623x457px
or he has cookies turned off, lrn2internet
I forgot about that
File: 1254949871656.jpg (43KB, 594x491px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 594x491px
I actually do OP, but I was about 6 years old at the time, and my brother being curious was about 10 years old.

And although I responded to him "because it felt good", it's kinda boring story tbh.

As the usual saying goes, "We've never spoke of it since" either. Maybe he thinks I don't even remember it happening.

It's also something that I don't believe has impacted me in anyway in my life, I accept it was just us being young kids and curious.
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