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Who'd like to see her naked? I'll post the pic when

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Who'd like to see her naked?
I'll post the pic when someone tells me an interesting story.
hmmm bump for stories
what kind of story?
This one time, OP was not a complete fag.
JK!!! He was.
Feels. Comedy.
Your choice
I got a story, give me a sec to find it on my pc op

The other day I was painting the fence at my parents house and accidentally spilled some on the ground. I cleaned up what I could but there was obviously still some on the grass, not really a big deal as the lawn needed to be mowed anyway.
The thing is, it was kinda close to the gate so every once in a while I would go over and check to see if it was dry enough to walk across without tracking paint across the porch... It then occurred to me that I was watching paint dry as I watched the grass grow.
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Ill be back
today i woke up, smoked some weed, went to school, came back and is now waiting to FAP!
Once upon a time OP is a pretty cool guy. - DLB
Fucking yuck.

I'll tell you a story to keep her clothes, nigger.
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Here you go guys, fap away!
Also, I have proof its the same girl.
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i dont have stories but i'll dump porn hentai, anything you want...
not just for the nudes, but because im bored and because of the nudes.
(1/2) I wrote this and decided not to post the thread, was about a year ago or so. Hope you like it:

>Be me 4 years ago, 17 at the time
>Parents are military fags
>Long distance relationship with girlflriend because of faggot cockblock parents
>Solid 9/10 qt, short red hair, nice body.
>Neighbors accross the street ask if I can watch their two cats till they get back from holidays
>Pay for plane for GF to visit during the holidays
>Meet GF at airport
>Its been a year since I had seen her
>Drive her back to my parents house
>I had been scheming for the past 2 months prior on how I could get us alone so we could fuck
>I remember the neighbors cats needs to be fed
>"Hey mom! Me and Anonette are going to go feed the cats really fast!"
>Mom dosnt suspect a thing, if she did she didnt care.
>Me and her go over, holding hands
>Its cold, her cute round cheeks are blushing
>Small talk on the way over
>Unlock the house
>Leave her to feed the cats in the owners master bedroom's bathroom
>Walk out of bathroom to discover GF sitting on bed, slowly taking of her clothes and giving me that look
>You know, THAT look.
>Sex commences
>A whole year of no sex builds up into the most hot, heavy, amazing teen sex you could imagine
>I hadnt fapped in two weeks to build up pleasure
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>Me walking home last night
>See arab guy at trainstation
>Was wondering what he was doing there since there where no trains departing or arriving after 2:00
>Arabs walks up to me
>He draws a stanley knife and demands money.
>Give him money
>Decides to shank me anyway,
>Survived but with 23 stiches and a limp.
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How about a taste other than her face? I'll tell you the story of how I joined the Army.
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>About 6 minutes in, I pull out and cum all over her stomach
>I roll over her, tired as fuck
>"Go get something to clean me off with please?" She said, giving me that cute innocent girl face
>Even though im dog dead tired, I get up and do as she commands.
>Um, not sure where they keep the paper towels.
>Wtf? These people dont have toilet paper either.
>Check the bathroom, see a hand towel above their sink.
>Obviously used for washing faces and shit
>Grab that, proccede to clear cum off of GF's stomach
>Put towel back.

This continues for the whole next week, and everytime I put the hand towel back. Im not a heavy cummer, so the towel wasnt that noticable with cum.

>GF leaves, holidays end.
>Cat owners come home.
>Go over and collect money.
>"Thank you for watching our cats, Anon!" they say as they pay me $50
>MFW I take the money

To this day I wonder if they ever discovered that I had been wipping my cum onto their hand towel, and if they didnt how many times they wipped their face unknowingly all in my cum.


I got paid to have sex with my girlfriend and wipe my cum onto my neighbors hand towel which they probably wiped onto their face.
Once upon a time, OP was a faggot
The end.
I've posted it, but keep the stories coming.
I only had that one nude of her, but I can post some random nudes.
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go on op...
you seem like a good guy... post the proof
faggot dick smoker detected!
go back to the posting and rating cock threads you queer fag
I had a frog, I named him peter. The end.
I pooped today. It was nice.
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You see the pictures in her mirror, thats her childhood friend. This is a pic of them together.
(They were slightly younger.)
Am I still a faggot after delivering... with proof?
Im guessing I still am.
Want me to post some more random nudes?
Thought so.
Well more nudes. (Random)
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Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 16

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