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Real talk thread. Everyone's got problems they need to talk

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Real talk thread. Everyone's got problems they need to talk about. What's been eating you up, /b/?
I started a business 50/50 with a partner and I sacrificed everything, never paid myself, lived off of savings,

paid my partner a lot because he had family to support

he pretty much decides to take over the whole company and kick me out without even paying me for my shares

Also threatened not to pay my receipts (I was literally buying everything the business needed with my own account) if I didn't leave the company

so I left, never sued because he is poor, suing poor people sucks because even if you win, you lose

its been almost a year, and I still rage almost everyday

I am receiving payments every month

I came pretty close to killing this guy
Me and my girlfriend are doing long distance and we're looking for an apartment together.
oh but the payments are shit and they are way late, at this point I am underpaid at least $8,000 (this is not including the price of the shares) which is apparently an interest free loan to this faggot

are you fucking kidding me? sue that stupid bitch dude, he ain't poor if he's got your goddamn money!
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>trusting anyone
>not expecting teh jew to come knocking for living on his land this entire time without paying him
I have graduated from uni, and I have to grow up now :( Can't I just spend the summer staying up until 6 am without "the future" floating somewhere in the back of my mind?
The fact that I may have OCD. I'm just not sure what to do. I am not sure who to talk to. My parents probably won't take it seriously and I am too embarrassed to talk about it with anyone.
I consider myself ugly and antisocial and have never had a girlfriend. Got close a few times but always ended up fucking it up. I'm 18 and just genrerally need a HUGE improvement in any semblance of flirting or seduction.
>tfw 1/16th aboriginal

I don't mind being mixed, but I wish it were something like Brazillian or Italian.

Apparently I'm technically aryan (1/8th non aryan heritage cutoff point or something), but damn I'd love to be fully white.
involve your parents in some aspect of your OCD somehow.

They might not give a shit about anything, but they will start caring when you're constantly reminding them they fucked once upon a time
Love my boyfriend a lot, been with him for literally 1/4 of my life. When I'm physically with him everything's fuckin great, but when I'm not I think about other guys a lot.
Halp, im in love with my daughters friends and I dont know what to do, my daughter is 11 years old, but her friend is a year older and Im just so attracted to her
>tfw gay, in the closet in very homophobic town.

wat do
no he spent it all, the main value is the shares, but its not a liquid asset, so its not like he "has my money" unless he sold the company

but here is the thing, since I left he has probably taken on more loans and this business is probably worthless on paper by now

I did know the man for 4 or 5 years, pretty close, but yest I did learn some lessons

also he is a Mormon and he teaches adult Sunday school, and I am not religious

and I have developed a deep hatred for Mormons, especially the ones with tons of history, I don't hate the ones that converted,

they are just gullible
tfw only family, no friends
kind of self conscious of psoriasis
awkward past
I posted this in another thread prior but I guess this fits here too.

>be me, student pursuing graduate level degree
>have highly successful businesses started since high school, money, cars, properties, etc.
>not bad looking, not a leech like elliot, had a prom date
>for most of my life had very few true friends who didn't want just money
>for the past few years home life has been unstable, parents throwing crazy wild accusations
>i don't like going to stay at parents home when not at school because of late night shouting
>threatening divorce regularly, only reason they don't do it is to try to keep me and my siblings from going crazy
>so at least theres a god merciful enough to let me have a girlfriend right? at least one faithful companion that i can turn to...
>ha of course not, never had one, ever. never went on any dates, never watched a movie with friends, never held hands with a girl, never kissed
>recently meet girl, and we get along great, and help each other out on coursework, and we become great friends
>she later starts dating guy she met before i was even around that area
this is my last post, but I actually still could sue, I have like 2 more years to decide under California law.

the problem with suing is that, its expensive, and you can't bleed a stone, this guy is just a real fuckup... Its unlikely suing him would be productive but I do think about it a lot, it still might happen
I have OCD, and I'm not embarrassed. I'm mainly obsessed with patterns, when I was a kid, I always walked down stairs in groups of four (if there were seven steps in a flight of stairs, I'd have to step on the last step twice) and I always check multiple times if I've got a calculation correct, but it's not too bad.

If by homophobic you mean people would actually hunt down gay people, then move.
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goodnight feel.jpg
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>all symptoms of depression
>haven't done much about it
Haven't finished high school yet. Here in a week, I plan on leaving the state for a more open minded place.
Ruin his life
are you a female person?
>yes, it matters

how old are you? what are your prospects on getting to a better town?
>If I were gay I would definitely head to gay-neutral or better

don't even post a new thread when someone comes knocking at your door for some corporate taxes, land taxes, etc.
I'd say pursue whatever you want (IE date men; who gives a fuck) but don't be overly flashy about it. Don't advertise it, but don't be afraid to do what you want. Unless you move that is.
public masturbation/general pervert and associated guilt/emotional consequences mixed with drug addiction
don't know the first thing about romance or flirting. I'm not hideous, but definitely not attractive. My face is kinda weird looking and too thin, but I know of about 3 girls who have been attracted to me in the past. How do I gain adeptness in flirting and general confident socializing? (standard /b/ problems, I'm sure)
>Known current girlfriend for over a year
>Been dating long distance for 4 months
>Want to move out there
>want to merry her
>Super religious family dissaproves

What do /b/?
>be me
>pretty beta
>greasy long hair
>gay christian name "Neddy"
>weird birthmark near ass
>school is not my forte
>grades ok
>social life is shit
>never had a friend over
>always felt lonely somehow
>shit home life
>parents super religious
>hometown is pretty much the same way
>parents hate my interests
>music I listen to is "of the devil"
>I'm the black sheep
>one night have a huge argument with dad
>really pissed at me for no reason
>having dinner
>accidentally swear as I'm mumbling lyrics to a song I liked
>parents and bro look at me
>mother starts to cry
>dad bursts out from the table
>whips out his belt
>fucking beats the shit into my ass
>sends me to bed with no food
>late at night
>hungry as shit
>decide to occupy my mind with omegle
>start doing it
>f 14
>I joke for a bit
>she doesn't leave
>really nice to see this
>I talk a little more normally
>we chat
>end up being really similar
you mean because I am on the company registry? I will make sure my name is off.. it is off one government record already
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My problem? I'm damn lonely.
I'm not fat or something, I'm not unhygienic... Seriously, I am pretty /fa/ and have a handsome face.

But I just don't know anyone in real life... No girls,no bros.
I don't work or go to school, so I'm pretty much at home everyday, doing nothing but having feels and hating myself for my loneliness and my mistakes I did in the past.

All I want is a group of true bros and a qt short hair gf...
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I know the image is overused, but really, story of my fucking life.

I'm 26.
Unrequited forever.
girl i liked asked another guy to prom, really thought she liked me
obsessed with my little sister
waste days away on 4chan and vidya
barely gonna graduate but good test scores
probably will have to do military to get some money to get in trade school, poor as fuck, i'm fit, but it'll be hard
i don't feel good, i just try to avoid people as much as possible and i feel like everyone is looking down on me or laughing at me all the time
i'm pretty ok with girls, but i just fuck it up somehow everytime and i got fucked over a lot, so i don't really try anymore, don't feel like asking anyone to prom
faggot failure uncle is very annoying living with us wasting all his money on cigs and alchohol and clubs

you know that "get outside your comfort zone" shit you hear a lot? It's shit
>go about your business doing things you like, library, roller rink, lazer tag - whatever you kids do these days - some grill will come along and since you are in comfortable surroundings just being yourself she will reject you immediately. But then some years later you will meet a cool chick and have like tons of babies and a one-eyed dog that eats other dog's shit when you walk him so be mindful of that
i was honestly hoping you were going to burst out into kickapoo
how old are you?

do you have any interests/hobbies?

It seems like if you were just physically around girls you would be a good catch

I mean if you asked 10 girls out, at least 4 would say yes, because you are successful, maybe 8
want to get high so badly, but i've worked really hard to get clean.. i know that i'll die if i go out again.

>end up being really similar
>actually like the same things
>she wants my number
>first time this has happened
>don't know my own number
>creep over to my landline
>pick it up and press # for own number
>number is read in loudest speaker phone voice ever
>oh holy shit
>dad comes straight through my door
>storms in
>slams laptop shut
>tears my room apart
>yells at me for how late it is
>starts shouting about how disappointing I am
>singing in my head, not paying attention
>he sees
>stares at me
>runs towards my laptop with a look of pure rage
>decides he's gonna sell all my stuff on eBay
>have to watch as he does this
>he leaves my room
>crying my eyes out
>life is over
>stare at laptop
>something catches my eye
>fame and fortune for sale
>costs one whole life
>crying stops
>whip out guitar
>readies the mic
>I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
>I'd even cut my hair and change my name
>mfw I change my name to Jack Black and write a succesful song about this one day
Me >hi (didnt say name cuz forgot) you look good today

Her >what?-oh, thanks:)

>you look good today
>you look good

>she did a decent job at hiding the creep/cringe from me at least
My date totally blew me off tonight. She said it was because she was having a "lazy day" and did not feel like going out or doing anything for that matter. It seems like a load of bullshit to me and now im fucking depressed. Don't know how to handle the situation and i need some advice.
I have to work with her on friday if that helps

I am with you, and the only advice I have is that you already know. i don't want a drink, i want all of them, pass out, wake up, repeat, eventually die
>one is too many blah blah insert your DOC for drink
Never talk to her again
>swimmer body type
>5'11 160 pounds
>never had a gf
>never had a job
>never been in "love"
>never had a drivers license
>never had a car
>haven't had friends for a few years
>Have social anxiety
>IQ 130+
>green eye master race

Only girls I've had sex with were my sisters friends. Most of them think i'm cute an attractive ect but i'm so lonely inside. I just sit in my room an internet daily. I'm highschool dropout with no GED. No family to help me get a job.

I wanna get out into the world and make a few good friends, get a girlfriend, have a job ect but I lack confidence to feel conferrable in social situations. Living with my mom/sisters is degrading me every year that goes by.

To bad there isn't a govenment program for socially awkward people to meet up. Its hard getting back into the world after living the NEET life for so long. Sad part is also I never have got any government support like SSI. Been mostly poor the whole time.
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I tried to be funny but basically
>do what you like to do and girls that you have at least one thing in common will be around, and you will be comfortable - you'll learn how to flirt and so on
>never date people you work with
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My cousin is dropping by my house with his gf this week.

He dorms at college and i have to commute.

Although I make money and have all this time on my hands, I feel like I have failed by comparison. He came from a broken household, but he got perfect grades in HS, has many friends, is loved by the ladies, and has total confidence in himself.

It makes me feel like I had wasted my time. That I have done so many things wrong. That I must be weak if I cannot do the things he does.

For too long I've felt alone. I have no close friends anymore, no gf, and only my work and all this time on my hands that I don't know how to handle.
>not attractive
>no social skills
>aspie as fuck when it comes to girla
>lack of motivation
>no idea on what to do with my life
>2 jobs but barely making it with payments
>always a little depressed
>premature ejaculation
>out of shape
>have a fucked up family

Those are some few things fucking with e in my life. I have more,but it would take a while to list them all. Playing life on hard mode fucking sucks ass.
I'd just try to alpha it up

face the problem head on.

If you and her get to talking at work just jokingly ask her "So what really happen the other night? You're not interested in me anymore?" "Dang i'm that ugly"

Throw something like that out to see how she replys. Can't make a girl like you. Shes either interested or not.
>be me
>fuck up this greentext

I wasnt going to kill myself, but now i probably will
Fuck bros, you're right. Stupid bitch aint worth my time.
just overheard the girl I've had a huge crush on for a year talk to her friend about how she just had casual sex with this hot guy. I'm still in the middle school crush phase, and she's in the sex phase. I've always considered us more or less at the same social level. About to graduate high school and never so much as flirted with a girl.
After partying last week I came home drunk and got into an argument with my grill. I shouldn't have done it, but I hit her. I was in the wrong and I hurt her like a selfish asshole. I woke up the next day with a terrible hangover and for some odd reason she walked in with breakfast and asked me if I wanted some Ibuprofen. I asked her "What happened to your eye?". She said she tripped and fell and whacked her head last night and she is acting like nothing even happened. Even though I punched her.

What do, /b/? I was wrong to do what I did, but she is acting like I didn't do it. I don't want to walk up to her and say "I'm sorry I gave you a busted lip and black eye", but she thinks she has me convinced I didn't hit her. This shit is eating me up.
Same, occasionally feel that all life is futile and see no point in living, always lack motivation to do much. Sleep it off when it gets really bad.
I can't motivate myself to do what I know is necessary to succeed. I choose immediate desires over long-term benefits 100 percent of the time, and no matter what approach I choose I can't seem to find a way to correct it. I feel like Anne Hiro is the best approach at this point, but I don't want to die just yet.
get this once a week.

Usually fall asleep crying :''(
>govenment program for socially awkward people to meet up
>new cringe material 2014
Fell in love with this girl on a study abroad trip. She was in a long distance relationship with this guy she's been with since high school and was her first time cheating on him. Didn't expect the relationship to continue when we got home but I also didn't expect to have all these feels. Now she has moved back across the state and lives with him. It just sucks because I care about her enough to not mess with her relationship but I want to be with her so bad that I think about her constantly and want nothing more than to tell her to leave him.
there's a program for everything else
nigga you fucked your sisters friends... you shouldnt be complaining
there are no apartments on this side of town for my price range. they're fucking overpriced anyway. but everything else is in the ghetto or out of bus range. I'm thinking about just crashing on someone's couch and buy a car. in July is when I'll be able to get my dream place downtown when it opens up.
My game with chicks is lacking. Seriously I feel like a social autist when i hang out with my friends who are great with chicks. I'm not even that bad of a guy and am pretty smart. Looks like it is something I need to work on

Yeah: my business (both the business itself and its area of specialty), traveling, and trying new hobbies. But I'm not sure inviting a girl to work at my business is a good idea, and the second/third require money.

My life success with girls has been 0. My friend went with me to a couple HS dances and that was the most interaction I've ever had with a girl.
You /b/astards probably stopped reading after I said grill expecting I was going to pull some troll shit. It's serious guys. I need some help here.
I was stalking this really cute girl on facebook, not commenting or real world stalking; she lives on another continent. She used to post awesome slutty pics, and I would drop by once a week to get my fap on, but her account got hacked.
>for the last 3 months somebody has only been posting pics of some ugly baby
Share about it, anon.
You sound like a bitch. Man the fuck up and stand up for yourself
Mostly just meaningless sex. I'm still a failure in the real world.

Was either drunk/high sex or when they got mad at their boyfriends. I'd try texting them few days/week they play it off like a mistake.

i got fucking used for sex
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All I want to do is make the world a better place, but it feels like everything is against me.

I'm starting to doubt if I want to make this world better when all the world does is make me miserable.
I almost commented but err, ok, here goes
1 bottle that shit up deep inside and don't tell anyone
2 only think about it to remind yourself to never do it again
3 get a grip on your anger issue before 5-O does
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>almost 21
>graduated HS, no college
>dead-end job, no opportunities where I live
>barely any social life, can count number of friends on one hand
>barely talk to said friends anymore
>still socially adequate, no spaghetti at least
>fairly decent-looking or so I've been told
>yet never had gf
>living with brother splitting rent/costs
>share car
>work, come home, stay in room all day till sleep, wake up, repeat
>life passing me by
>seems like I can't get out of this cycle
>constant depression
>considering packing up and moving literally anywhere to start new
>never do because too risky/outside comfort zone

Just dunno what to do anymore. I still haven't accepted this shit life as my fate yet, but it seems too outlandish and foreign to pursuit my real goals instead of working my prime years away as a company drone.
Shit nigger thats tough, at least you have someone who cares and loves you enough to stay with you after fucking up that bad. I wish i had that.
My advice is to get over it and pretend like you don't know what happened and just dont let it happen again, treat her right etc.
it's not your responsibility to make the world a better place, and you can never change nearly a fraction of it. Why not focus on your self and your own happiness, and the happiness of those you care about?
I think >>548556689
was talking about 4chan in general.

may or may have not caught onto this.

you shh, you aren't virgin anymore. why are you on this site
Super lonely pedophile
Increasing use of mxe leaves me in a confused daze just of the time.
Shit degree, rejected from grad school.
Laptop broke two weeks ago
Bowl broke today
Self harming again
Are you me /bro
Sex is still sex man...
Here's a quick rundown.

>meet girl in class
>I like her she likes me
>semester ends, don't talk for a few weeks. busy with work
>text her the other day
>she doesn't respond very quickly, but seems interested, her usual happy self, says we should hang out
>yeah totally


>still haven't talked for a few days
>see-sawing around with hitting her up but don't know what to do that's worthwhile
>browsing the web in the evening
>go to craigslist personals for shits and giggles
>posted yesterday, some girl explains she's looking for a relationship
>the way she describes herself, this has to be the same girl, there is no fucking way this is not the same person
>count like 12 things I know about her included in the CL post
>she's really putting herself out there
>ticking clock element intensifies

What do /b/? I've got distant relatives I have to receive in the evening, and I work all day the next three days after that. Do I just call her up for some lunch tomorrow? I usually make an evening of things, it seems unceremonious to just meet up for an hour or two then have her fuck off when my other obligations come around, especially if I'm looking for a relationship and want to get to know her better. But I don't want to wait til Monday because ticking clock.

Would a simple lunch/afternoon of hanging out be sufficient or is it babby-tier waste of time? Should I wait or not?
>be me, 17
>find girl, 7/10 body, 9/10 personality
>talk for a few months (bad idea)
>make the mistake of caring
>go to coffee w/ her occasionally
>admit my feelings one day
>tfw brutal rejection
>tfw no gf
This happened about three months back, she still talks to me, but I ignore her most of the time.
anon, >>548558142
is right. A lot of the people in this world that are poor generally don't give a shit about the conditions they're in or lack the motivation to get out of them, regardless of whether it is their own fault or they were raised underpriviledged.

Sorry, but worry about your own happiness. That doesn't mean you can't help other people, especially if your happiness stems off of that sort of thing. I'm just saying don't fret over the ones that you couldn't help, for whatever reasons. Life is life, dude.
well were both on 4chan, so i guess
are you ready to die? that's the question i've been asking myself for the last 3 days..
I think you're beautiful, anon.
I miss war. I miss the brotherhood, I miss having a purpose, I miss fighting the enemy. I never feel at ease with civilians, all the stupid bullshit over popstars, movies, I just can't relate.

If it's her it's hilarious story for your grandkids
>and also the plot of the song "Escape" (The Pina Colada song)

also, should I be assertive and ask her to go to a certain place, or should I just say "hang out" and let her fill in the blank? maybe she wants something else besides just lunch, I wouldn't know because I'm a tremendous autist
Love someone who is confusing. They still care about someone they broke up a year ago but at the same time hate them. They know i care about them and want to help them get over them but they just dont seem to always acknowledge it. Cant tell if they just dont care about me or are scared to care again after such a bad breakup. What can i say what can i do to resolve this
>Dad died in November
>found out there is no cure for a neurological disorder I have
>Crush tells me I am an asshole for no reason.
>Stepdad verbally abuses me constantly.
>looking for a job
>Shitty year.

Enough of my sob story. What else /b/?
Why did you leave?

Oh, and try http://www.zombiehunters.org/forum/
yea, kind of a zombie-surrounded community, but I've lurked there and a lot of them are war vets, and they have non-zombie related community shit going on all the time. Mabye you can fit in somewhere
Just pick a new enemy and murder them instead. Beat Cho's high score. If you like murder so much, just follow your dreams.
hit me right in the feels bro
Just the cards one [me] has been dealt
sorry about your dad and your prognosis.

fuck your crush and stepdad.
Be assertive, if she doesn't want to go to that certain place she'll say "Can we go ___ instead?"

Saying lets "hang out" is so broad and I've honestly said that so many times and have been told that as well and I know it doesn't mean shit

Good luck /b/ro hopefully you ask and she says yes
my family is going to shit

I dont have a gf, or friends.

i doubt if i will make it to university this year, NEET for 2 years, worked at a shop as a helper for 2 years.
I'm sorry to say this, but she's probably not worth your time. You should find someone else
Nice trips

I have learned to not be phased by their bullshit. Its only when my stepdad decides to pull the shit about how he knows more than me.
I finally got a job after high school (which I had to do an extra semester in), I wasted 200 on a gpu that's bottle necked by my CPU, AND my s4 is shitting out on me so i need to buy a new phone.

I need to get my license and 1000 dollars for a car. But I might buy an xbox one first. What do I do?

thanks /b/ro
Thanks, man. I don't even know what the fuck went through me. I would never do it sober, I think the only reason I'd hit her is if I had to. Like if she went psycho bitch and came at me with a knife or some shit.

I will never fuck up like that again, but I feel like a complete and total asshole. It's making it worse that I haven't apollogized. And you'll get someone one day, trust me. You might not think so, but us magnificent bastards here on /b/ aren't all failures. Some of us are fucked up in the head, but we aren't failures. Good luck to you, find yourself some waifu material booty.
Accept my internet hugs.
you know the answer already
Priorities nigga
Get your priorities straight first. License and car first, then xbox as a reward for getting shit done. Put needs ahead of wants.

did you flirt with her anon? did you touch her arm, back, wink at her and compliment her? Did you make it plain from the get go you wanted to be more than friends that only talked?

if no to any of these, do that next time.

also, underage b&
File: image.jpg (896KB, 2304x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
896KB, 2304x1536px
Me and girl haven't talked in a month, just messaged her a few hours ago.

Probably doesn't want to talk, I don't blame her, I came off as an insensitive asshole.

But I can still hope, right?

Anyway I know their and people out there with way worse problems, mine don't really matter.
Your Welcome /b/ro

I accept the hug. /b/ro
Faggots with their trivial problems like tfw no gf. Love is now meaningless in this age just fuck hookers! fuck thats what I did and now i can at least pull chicks but a lot of girls once you realise how their minds work are shit dont get pulled in by them just pump and dump. and no matter what feelings you have for them leave! it is not worth it do not try to be friends with her do not be overly nice and do not devlop feelings just fuck.
damn look at my trip, Quick 2 Ass

it is a sign from joot
so this girl fucked me over romance-wise in Junior year and I have made a huge effort not to speak to her again since. Now we're graduating; should I attempt to mend our relationship?
I left because I did not want to be around a peace time Corps
I am not in the murdering innocents business. If we had a real enemy to fight I'd be back in a heartbeat.
I have most likely sleep apnea
>fat as fatass
>heavy smoker
>wake up feeling hungover every morning
>really feel like needing 3-4 hours naps at noon

I guess I'm gonna die before I turn 50

YES! you can. once things become steady. work hard and you'll get to that point
I don't want to be on disability, I'd rather just off myself than we a noncontributing consumer
Thanks for responding it means a lot to me I assumed nobody would respond. You've helped solidify my thoughts and kept me on the right track.
gr8 b8 m8 8/8
I have OCD and getting help was the best thing I ever did
I'm not sure where you got the idea that a hooker would bear a child for you, and then help you raise it, nor do I quite understand why you'd think you would want to live with a hooker and raise your kid with one.
Any advice would just be delightful
don't. you may not think you're contributing, but you are as long as there are people in your life who care about you. Even if there somehow aren't, as long as you care about yourself.

>be 19
>in Uni
>only a few friends
>literally browse the internet all day
>no idea what I will do in my life
>don't really want wo work but want to have my place in the world

I am lost and bored, I don't want anything. All I want is to keep this standard where I have my comfort zone with almost no effort.

German guy btw.
File: fv0XpqR.gif (411KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
411KB, 500x275px
Over the past year, I made some very close friends. They all mean a lot to me, especially the one girl who became friends with me. She is very special to me, not like a girlfriend or anything but just as a friend. She was there for me when I was going kill myself back in the winter and I was there for her when she was too scared to sleep alone.

She recently got into a complicated relationship with this scumbag guy who currently has a girlfriend. She says that she loves him, but I am scared that he is just using her (he has had several other flings while with his current gf). I have told her my thoughts on him and she just doesn't listen.

I am scared for her and I do not know what to do. Maybe I am just being overprotective of her, but she has had some rocky relationships in the past where she has been pushed around. I am not sure what to about her, /b/
Hey thanks for responding it means a lot to me, you've solidified my thoughts and kept me on the right track.
Not to sound like a know-it-all webMD fag but I really do think I've got some kinda cancer. I've had this lump (it's not my adam's apple gawd dammit) on the side of my neck for almost a year now and I've been to the docs three times and each time they keep saying it's nothing. BUT I've told them as of last time that I've been feeling woozy and some other symptoms related to it and all I got was "oh it's just allergies."

I've been getting head aches (not bad ones mind you) and lately my sinuses have been flaring up (not quite like I have a cold but like it's burning) and now my throat feels weird in the same manner.

Like I said I'm pretty sure it's some kinda SOMETHING bad but no one will listen to me and I'm afraid I'm sitting here dying...
I dont know if im strong enough for the journey im about to take, physically im strong 6 foot 5 very broad shoulders and mentally im strong it just seems so daunting. Theres so many temptations and my family isnt giving me motivation saying i should slow down what do /b/rothers?
wait.... what when did I even mention bearing children.
Just graduated high school and family expects me to go to college (they saved enough for me not to need cripplying student loans) but id rather join the military (navy) and do something (i felt like i was going nowhere during highschool and i dont want another 4 years of that feel).
also script kiddie
dude... go to ta different doctor or something
Well uh... that's a major reason why people fall in love, get into relationships, get married, etc.

>Love is now meaningless in this age just fuck hookers!
If you're suggesting that we replace that process with hookers, how would it accomplish that goal?
She's sending some strong signals you dingus. Ask her on a date in a few days. Kind of make it sound like you have nothing better to do. Call her up and be like "Hey, annonette, I'm feeling a bit bored tonight, you want to head over to OverpricedShittySeafood and get something to eat?" make is some place kind of of formal, so she has to dress up a bit. That makes it so you can compliment her on her dress or something. If she turns you down, try it in two weeks. Just don't try anything too sexual, as she said she was molested. I'm not calling her a liar, but I find it odd that she would tell you about being molested. It's an extremely sensitive subject. Either she REALLY trusts you which is REALLY good, or she might be a little dishonest and is manipulative ho trying to use a guilt-trip against you. I doubt it though, good luck bro. Don't take it too fast unless she is giving signals that she wants to take it faster, Hope you to fuckers find something more in eachother.
>Senior year of HS
>exchange yearbooks with girl I like and consider a friend
>write a long, meaningful note in hers
>she gives mine back
>"you are a shithead."
that's all she wrote.

I've been to two different doctors. I'll try again but I'm seriously afraid that it's past the point of cure...
Thanks bro's. You are right that I am being too selfless. However, I feel like the world needs more people like me, moreover be made up of only selfless people. But that is a foolish ideal. It seems that there will always be selfish and poor people.
lel, sorry to hear but that is hilarious
File: 1393785704710.png (320KB, 492x381px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320KB, 492x381px
>Gov't program for socially awkward people

It's called the military. Join it faggot.
what he said
I don't know if I should break up with my boyfriend or not. He was acting angry at me a lot and saying it was because I was upset when I wasn't, saying things to make me feel small often, saying things like "I don't want to do this anymore" and not explaining what he meant by that... Then I told him that maybe we should break up because I'm not going to change, especially if I don't even understand what I'm doing wrong. I also told him I don't see a future for us anymore... Anyway we didn't actually break up, just talked about it and now he isn't doing any of those things and is being nice again. I don't what is the right thing to do, break up with him still or stay?
and if your IQ really is 130+ then you should be able to get an easy non-combat job
I have chewed tobacco on and off for 2 years. Don't know why just addicted doesn't even give me a buzz anymore. I want to stop have stopped but I'm prone to severe anxiety and stress attacks and it helps me relax
You are correct with that one, but I’m talking about getting your dick wet. But if I ever think about raising children one day id probably be a single parent.
sounds like you know the answer :/
>Tfw gf
>I love her with all my heart. But can't trust her.
File: image.jpg (122KB, 900x1421px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 900x1421px
She stated literally 2 days after I met her how much she trusted me and I was like "wai?? I'm just me" she then went on to say how much she hated her step brother and i ask why she I shit you not said "I'm going to tell you something I've never told any of my friends before, are you sure you're ready? [insert molestation story here]." We've been talking for a few weeks so much that i haven't slept more than 2 hours a night, I do like her very much but I've still got stuff to do. Her real father left her and her mother bloodies her nose and maybe a black eye regularly and I really want to get her out of that
it annoys me when people complain about problems with their gf, meanwhile I'm over here just trying to find one in the first place
You are right, I guess I'm just stalling.
>Homeschooled for most of my life
>Going to highschool now
>Failing miserably
>Regretting all that time I wasted not learning while being homeschooled
>Being French Canadian, but never learned French
>Being talked down to by normalfags
>Haven't cleaned my room in over year
>Lack of motivation to clean it up
>Spend every weekend listening to music on youtube and jerking off
>Not having any skill anything at all
>Knowing I've already wasted so much of my life
>I'm going to die one day and never live again
>Having to deal with an autistic brother

Feels bad man
I knew that feel. But once you get one a whole new realm of feels emerge..
I can't get over all the stupid shit I did in high school and it has haunted me ever since I graduated 2 years ago. nothing entirely noteworthy just so much spaghetti and it effects my self image and self esteam to this day. I still hang out with a lot of people I was close with in high school that witnessed the spaghetti and they like me all the same but I just can't move past it.

also sometimes when I'm around people I feel like I lose my personality almost entirely
go to /fit man. Start working out maybe that'll change your perspective. Google zyzz.
>My fuck buddy now has a bf
>My cousin tried to fuck me (actually grabbed my dick)
>My ex is saying she wants to get back with me (she has a bf atm)
>I have no friends
>Broke as fuck
>No direction in life
>Depressed for 8 years

That's all that's been on my mind really.
for anyone feeling bored and depressed, try taking up an instrument. As simple as it sounds, it's something fun and enthusing that you can immediately work at and put unlimited hours of practice into if you want. Music is a great channel for emotions.
>neuro issue
>Can stellar play bass and baritone
>Night has worsened.
not really.
Yeah... That's a big nope.
marriedfag master race here. met two women who would make better wives than my current one.
pls explain
people keep saying that but i still don't get how having a gf can be any worse than not.

I'm not very musical. But that girl I like likes music.


Then that has nothing to do with love. In fact that was easier in past ages.

Personally I can't do it. If I'm not attached I can't interact sexually with someone. But if you can, then i guess all the power to you.
File: 1328677863015.png (4KB, 408x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 408x286px
>Everyone's got problems they need to talk about.

I don't know if this counts as a problem but I'm having a bit of difficulty defeating the dragon on DaS2. i've got a nice mage build going and usually manage to get him to about half health, but he always manages to fly into the air and scorch my character before i can escape the range of his dragon breath attack. I've been at this for what feels like 45 minutes?

other than that,
>a ton of shit.
>meet a cute girl freshman year of college
>hit it off immediately
>2 years later i want to break up, but can't bring myself to do it

her mother died and really scared her. her last boyfriend was a dick weed. we will graduate in one year, and after that we cannot sustain a life together. she will be a teacher, and i'm going off to do god knows what. I can't be tied in a relationship...

but i can't leave her. we are so happy when we're together, but i need my own life again. i don't have any other friends besides her, and when i leave i will be alone again. i know it's terrible to keep it going and waste her time.

she has anxiety problems and cries almost every time i leave her apartment. she knows it is coming, but i know she is scared of being alone too. she tells me that she cries because of how her mom passed away slowly, and she never knew if that would be her last chance to say goodbye.

i can't leave her because i feel that i need to be there with her, but i can't stay with her because we need to get on with our own lives apart.

>everyday force a smile and act like everything is okay for her
File: image.jpg (612KB, 1680x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612KB, 1680x1050px
I just don't know how to go about it (homeschool fag) I'm so socially awkward that I hate being around people
I did want to bitch about gf problems. But now I am more comforted in reading that other people arent doing so well also.
Stick it in her pooper. It's the only way.
i just got a dui the other night. i am now going to loose my job, almost lost my wife, and am now having to sell all of my things just to pay my bills and eat.
when this is all said and done, it is going to cost me over 10k and i only have 14k in savings, with no license, even for a month, i loose my job. basically i fucked myself so bad it is going to take years to sort it all out.
Fuck, talk about dependence issues.

Make some friends that aren't her. If she isn't doing the same, make sure she is. Graduation breakup will be WAY EASIER if you both have a proper support structure. Maybe you will realize it isn't a life-ending event.
>almost lost my wife
First, thank your lucky starts that you aren't single.

Then crash at her place and take the bus to work until you get your shit sorted.
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