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>Be me, 14, 8th grade >Sit next to solid 8.5/10 in english

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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>Be me, 14, 8th grade
>Sit next to solid 8.5/10 in english
>Her name's Emily
>Don't think much of her, she's popular, i'm not, schools retarded
>Zoom forwards toward the end of the year
>Teacher puts me in front of her
>She looks at the chart on the board to find her seat
>She looks at me, seeing i'm in front of her
>We knew eachother in 6th and 7th, didn't talk much
>Once seated, I check the time, had to look behind her
>We lock eye contact and she grins
>Had a solid 3 seconds before I said "Hey"
>She says hi back, higher pitched then when she talks to her friends
>I turn back around, not even checking the clock
>I thought of me and her everyday from then on\
>Next Day
>Have P.E. before english
>Freshen up with some boss ass man spray
>Walk into room, see her
>She immediately turns around and make eye contact
>I look at her, trying not to freak the fuck out
>I take my seat, normal day
>Bell Rings, pack things up slowly
>See Emily already packed, but casually standing next to her desk
>I grab my backpack and walk out
>She quickly follows me
>Try to walk casual, thinking what it looks like from her angle
>She catches up next to me
>"Hey Anon" same high pitched voice as before
>She has a binder in her hands, hugging it.
>Oh, uh, Hey Emily..."
>We exchanged usual conversations starter shit
>"So, Anon, Do you stay after school?"
>"Yeah Why What's up?"
>"Could you help me on the english homework? I need some help."
>"Yeah, No Problem. Library?"
>"I was thinking out in the back, See you then?"
>She brings her book up to her chest
>"Yeah. Right after school see you then."

Yes ofc cont
phew PHEW
dont even care that thisll end shitty its the ride that matters
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What The Fuck.jpg
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I want to continue
>Wondering if OP may not be a faggot
>I think about everything: What to do/say/act
>Don't pay attention in class
>6th Period
>Doing the assignment
>Bell Rings
>I grab my things a run into the gym spraying on that man spray
>I run out to the back
>Emily's not there
>Go to front, see her with a group of friends
>I walk over casually
>"Oh hey Anon! There you are!"
>She smiles and says that she didn't think I showed up
>She says bye to everybody
>We go to the back together
>The group is "Ooo"-ing the whole time
>She laughes and brushes her hair back with her hand
>We reach the back
>Absolutely Nobody There
>We sit down on this concrete platform on the shade
>"So what exactly did you need help on?"
>She reaches in her backpack
>"Just this"
>She pulls out an assignment from today
>I give her the lecture and shit
>Start thinking that were alone and she's really hot
>I cover it to my best ability
>Behind her the majority of the time
>I reach over pointing at problems in the assignment
>She strains
>"My back is killing me anon"
>She streches with her hands in the air
>I look at her cleavage from above
>Without even thinking 100% Quote:
>"Do you want me to massage your back Emily?"

cont (sorry /b/ros i'm typing this as we speak)
Yes cont
You cant just make a thread and then ask to continue

always fucking continue
always pre-write you little shit
>I was right about to apologize and then:
>"Sure anon, just be gentle"
>"Alright" I sigh in relief
>I start rubbing her back and shoulders
>She let out a sigh of relief
>"That's nice anon"
>I get really hard
>Thank god I'm behind her
>She gets up after strectching
>"Wanna walk the mile with me anon?"
>"Sure Emily"
>We both back are things and head to the mile-hill forest.
>We start talking about life and shit
>Pretty feelsy for both of us
>Have similiar stories
>"You're always so quite in class anon."
>"I just don't feel the need to talk Emily."
>We reach the top of the hill
>We go on a side path
>"Have you ever kissed someone Anon?"
>"I haven't. Have You?"
>I was suprised, her being popular and all
>She stops walking, I follow
>She turns to me and leans in
>I lean in too, we kiss
>It was amazing for the first time
>She had red light lipstick and I could taste mints
>We made out for about 5-7 minutes
>We end up dating
>Months Pass....

cont (sorry for keeping you waiting /b/ros)
wow just blasts through a few months in a single sentence from strangers to couple
gg op beautiful story telling prowess
Do you really have to ask? Cont pls
>We start getting sexual
>Everyone knows we're dating
>Her Parents go on a weekend anniversery
>I ask if I can come over
>"Yes Anon, they're gone"
>I'm a few blocks away
>Tell parents going to friends house
>Take Bike over to her street
>I knock
>She answers, wearing a Skirt, Lace leggings, and a Casual Shirt
>"Hey Anon" She grins
>I can't stop looking at her cleavage
>"Hey Emily, How's it going?"
>"Pretty good come on in."
>I sit on the couch
>She sits next to me, cuddling up
>"I think we can start taking it further anon."
>I'm shocked, she wants to get sexual.
>"What do you mean?" I ask sarcasticaly
>"Well, I think we can at least take a shower together..."
>We look at eachother and without a word, start walking toward the shower

duuuuuuudeeee continue
>We go in the bathroom, lock the door
>Start getting undressed
>I'm down to my underwear, she's in her bra and panties
>"You go first" she says lauging, she blushes
>I pull down my underwear, I shaved before I came over
>"Wow" she stared at it for about a minute
>"You're turn Emily" I grin
>She has some nice cleavage for a 14 year old.
>She takes off her bra
>I stop
>"Woah" I open my eyes wider
>She laughs and blushes
>"I love you Emily"
>"I love you too anon"
>She takes off her panties
>I stare for a good minute, looks tight
>We go in the shower, lots of space
>She gets on her knees and looks up at me
>Without a word she starts sucking my dick
>It feels so good and so weird at the same time
>I pull her hair back
>She goes out and start rubbing it
>I sigh
>"Does it feel good anon"
>"It feels amazing Emily."

u know what to do.
Muthorfekcing cont
>She licks the tip
>I feel amazing
>About to cum buckets
>I shove it all in her mouth and go back and forth
>I cum so much
>She swallowed
>She wipes some off her face and licks it off
>We stop the shower, and get dressed
>Couple hours pass by
>She wants more
>She's still in her skirt and lace leggings
>Bring her to the bedroom
>Look for condoms around
>Find a tub of them
>All sizes
>Get extra small
>Put it on
>Lift her skirt up while she's lying on the bed
>"Ready Emily?"
>"Yes Anon"
>She's really into it
>I shove it back and forth
>She gasps and I keep going
>I grab her tits and start licking them
>"Oh fuck yeah anon" She moans
>I go as fast as I can and shove it hard
>She moans with every thrust
>She puts her feet on my shoulders
>She's lying on the bed
>I go fast and quick
>"Yeah Anon you want to cum all over me huh?" She moans
>She cums
>I stop and put her on her knees
>Tit fuck her
>She licks the tip fast and rubs her saliva all over it
>I cum all over her pretty face
>"You like swallowing Emily?"
>"It doesn't taste that bad" She laughs
>I make out with her and we lie on the bed for the rest of the night
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Are you emily posting about me Jon?
Cause that would be crazy...........
waiting for reply.......
I'm still with her. I'm a Freshman now. You /b/ros just read the story of how we met, and our first sex. Wish I had more, but I don't want to lie and say we did other shit. I'll catch you /b/ros later.
thats it?
>inb4 underage b&
moar or at least post pics of her
at least it didn't end with some shit like
>went outside
>rode off on jetski
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This is when she was in 8th.
You found a tub of condoms, all different sizes? So she's a massive whore all while never kissing anyone but you, right?
We were in her parents room and looked through drawers and shit.
very nice, you're a lucky man op
Is she Mexican?
what a gay ass story
She's Puerto Rican/Filipino.
wat. literally. wat. very underage b&.
So either her parents are swingers or her dad is ditto the pokemon.
You should've tried anal
I have no fucking clue why they were there, but can't complain.

no such thing as an extra small condom. they call it something else so you don't feel bad. why would parents need all sizes? conscientious swingers?
We actually did during the summer between 8th/9th. This was when her parents went to a baby shower. She's not really into it. Nor am I, but we just wanted to try it.
fuck me i thought that read "this is when she was 18
Share the story?
Are you 15 now?
Yep. 15 My birthday was in March.
Wish I could, it's getting late /b/ro. I could try tomorrow though.
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 4

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