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Incest thread Last one 404'd in the middle of some anon

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread

Last one 404'd in the middle of some anon typing out a "Dress Up" story. Get in here.
Reporting in. Awaiting that guy to post moar, because I've been copy-pasting all the stories where something actually happens for archiving.
Oh lord anymore OP?
I'd like you to upload them somewhere if you don't mind. I really miss 4chanX and a little part of me dies every time I refresh a page to see it's 404'd.
where are you, 3Dcrjd8g
>be 16, derpy virgin
>aunt and uncle move into town from back east
>meet my cousin for first time, she's 13 and smoking hot
>do want
>she hasn't made any friends yet so she starts hanging out with me
>we get closer, sexual tension increases, boners are constant
>one night we're playing vidya games, i get bored and lay my head on her lap
>she's wearing shorts, dat perfect 13yo skin
>start biting her on the leg to see what she'll do
>she just says 'stahp. you're gonna get me killed, Anon'
>do it again and she ignores me
>challenge accepted
>start nibbling on her inner thigh making om nom noises, she squeals and pushes me away
>try again and we do some half assed wrestling, i tickle her so hard that she farts
>time out is declared while air clears
>wait until she is absorbed in the game and sneak my head onto her lap again
>can almost see up the leg of her shorts
>go in further until she suddenly twists and traps my head between her thighs
>my face is millimeters away from her crotch
>she smells like hot skin and baby powder
>all of my boners
>slowly bite the front of her shorts over her pussy, she acts like she doesn't notice
>cousin keeps playing the game as i chew on her crotch like a rabid terrier
>notice her legs drifting wider apart
>oh god, this is it
>am reaching to unbutton her shorts when aunt comes in w/o knocking
>shit bricks and sit up, try to act casual
>aunt says whatever she'd come in to say, must have seen something because she leaves the door open and hangs around being nosy
>realize i've been cockblocked and nothing else happens that day
I likes the incest.
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This is what? Mless?
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Post more Kasia.
I was thinking I might archive every wincest I bump into this month since it's the start of May, then upload a single PDF at the end of the month. I intend only to keep the stories where something happens, small or big.

I'll miss out on any threads that happen while I'm asleep or at work or whatever, but obviously that's going to happen regardless of when how I do this. Would you know of any 4chan archivers that keep all threads for at least a few days and not just the ones that get voted in while active?
id from the previous thread you moron
no, Onee-sanon's ID in the last thread
anything else happened after this?
I'll post what I have. It's not oc since I did post it before but nobody seem to have screencaped it. It's quite a long read though

>be 19 bi-curious girl
>be the oldest of all the kids in the family. Pretty big family btw
>other cousins always come to me seeking advice and telling me their problems, I’m tired of that shit
>younger cousin (let’s call her Liz), who is 17, is the most talkative one, she keeps telling me her problems with friends, other members of the family…
>she has some issues, every time we talk she says she’s in love with a different cousin each time
>doesn’t care if said cousin is a boy or a girl, she also claims to be bisexual
>last time she got very angry at me because she told me she liked some random guy and I told her she was being immature and childish
>anyway, after 3 months of silence, she phones me one day to chat
>says she’s been dating a guy and he banged another girl
>she seems sad so I decide to meet her at her house to talk about it
>she cries like a baby, I comfort her, usual stuff
>a week later or so, on skype with a friend of mine
>receive an email from Liz
>saying things like ‘you’re always there for me when I need it’, ‘I should have seen it before’, ‘you’re the coolest girl I know’
>long things short: she likes me
>I’m so fed up of her I don’t even write her back, I decide I have a better way to deal with this
>next day, drive to her place again, ask her parents I wanna talk to her, meet her in her bedroom
>’hey, that’s a surprise, you should have called me before coming here’
>tell her I don’t believe she likes girls, call her immature (again) and childish (yet again)
>she doesn’t seem as mad as the last time ’you can think whatever you want about me, but I do like girls’
>do what I recall as the stupidest thing I’ve ever done: lean and kiss her. Actually my first kiss with a girl
>’did you like that?’
>as a response, takes me by the nape and kisses me again
Who actually can enjoy this shit?


>not really kissing, more like trying to rape my mouth
>push her and ask her wtf is she doing
>’you asked if I liked it and I did’
>tries to kiss me again, this time I dodge, but I’m rather curious
>leans once again and this time I don’t move and let her kiss me
>she goes slowly now and it’s quite nice, her lips are thick and smooth and she sure knows how to kiss
>feel her tongue against my teeth so I slightly open my mouth and move my tongue until I touch hers
>this is so weird it’s actually arousing
>she moves her head, keeps kissing my chin, cheeks and neck
>I close my eyes as she kisses my neck and makes circles with her tongue
>applies more pressure with her tongue while still making circles, gently bites my neck
>think I moaned at some point because she shushed me
>her bites are becoming more and more strong
>moving her mouth down my neck to the collarbone, sets my shirt aside and kisses my shoulder
>I have still my eyes closed, trying not to think she’s my cousin
>suddenly her mother asks from downstairs if I’m having dinner with them
>gasp, open my eyes and tell her I am
>says she’s going to buy some pizzas because they’re leaving to let us speak about our things
>Liz answers ‘ok mom, thanks’ and stands up to turn the pc on
>looks at me and smiles, I think I blushed because I’m fucking ashamed
>whispers ‘it’s your first time with a girl, isn’t it?
>’will you let me be in charge then?’
>’I don’t know. I don’t know if we should do this, thinking about it makes me sick’
>’yeah, me too. But feels good, doesn’t it? Just don’t think about it and let yourself go’
>picks a movie and starts playing it on the pc

>sits by my side and we wait until her parents leave
>finally her mom comes into Liz’s bedroom and says they’ll be back in 20 minutes
>just as soon as the front door closes, Liz starts kissing my cheeks again and starts going down to my shoulder
>now I’m very uncomfortable but she doesn’t notice and licks my chest with the tip of the tongue
>moves up and kisses me again while she places a hand on my belly
>close my eyes again and pretend she’s not my relative
>she sticks her tongue inside my mouth again and slowly moves her hand trying to reach my tits
>when I try to stop her she whispers ‘remember, just let yourself go’
>whatever, I’m in, let her do whatever she wants
>takes off my shirt and starts caressing my belly and chest, hasn’t touched my boobs yet
>her tongue is just pressing against mine, moving slowly from side to side
>front door opens again and aunt goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, says ‘bye’ and leaves
>Liz just stops to say ‘goodbye’ to her mother
>she’s quicker and more active than before
>gently pushes me and makes me lie on her bed
>gets on top and kisses my chest
>pulls down bra straps and uncovers my boobs
>keeps kissing my shoulders, neck, chest, breasts, she’s everywhere
>bites her lips and squeezes my right breast
>don’t know what to do so I just place my hands on her hips
>’you want to feel them?’
>doesn’t let me answer, takes blouse off
>undoes her bra and exposes her boobs
>they’re bigger than mine, takes my wrist and places my hand on her tits
>touch them, feel them and squeeze them. It’s an awkward sensation but it’s great
>touch each other’s breasts for what feels like hours while we kiss

>’do you want to go further?’ she asks
>’well, I don’t see why not’
>stands up, undoes my shoelaces and takes my shoes off. Then she grabs my left trouser leg and pulls, removing my jeans
>tries to look adorable while she takes off her slippers and sweatpants
>wears some horrible black panties, mine are not better
>let her do everything, spreads my legs and lies on the bed making sure her crotch is touching mine
>I have one of her legs near my shoulder and the other one is stretched next to my ribs
>takes her time, probably finding a suitable and comfortable position
>sighs and starts moving her hips
>it’s like our pussies are kissing through the panties. I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s just how it looks like
>feels like when a guy goes down on me but like, more gentle
>the pink of my panties is becoming darker on some areas, not sure if because her fluids or mine
>she’s doing all her job, she moves her hips applying the right pressure. I’m just trying to make sure that I raise my hips a bit so that she can move better
>she starts caressing my right leg over the socks, so I do the same to her
>her skin is very smooth, it’s clear she’s shaved her legs recently
>keeps rubbing her crotch against mine until it starts feeling a bit painful because of the friction, then she stops and lies next to me
>almost the whole front area of my panties has a darker pink tone, it’s all moist. I try to keep them aside, it’s uncomfortable and it’s all sticky
>’If you let me get some rest we can keep doing it’
>tell her it’s ok, she waits for a minute or two and then gets on all fours over me
>’we’re almost naked. Do you want to stop here or should I go on?’
>just because I’m fucking uncomfortable with these panties, I say ‘at least could you take them off?’
>groans and quickly pulls my panties down to my ankles and keep them there
>keeps staring at my pubes. It’s nothing special, it isn’t even shaved

>realizes I’m feeling uneasy and says ‘oops, sorry, there’ and then sets her own panties aside, uncovering her pussy as well
>I was a bit nervous because mine is not shaved, but hers is hairy as well, so I relax a bit
>keeps looking at my crotch biting her lips, still think hers is nothing special but I can’t look away
>I move my hand to touch my labia; turns out the fluids on the panties were mine
>’can I kiss you there’ points at pussy
>’uhhm…I want to try but….well, ok’
>slowly pushes my thighs to spread my legs and kisses my groin
>then moves to my belly, kisses it and licks my belly button
>moves back again and kisses my thigh, crotch again, my hip…
>she’s always near my pussy but doesn’t touch it
>she’s making me nervous
>keeps moving around, kissing and licking random parts of my hips and crotch
>take her head with both hands and place her mouth over my pussy. Say something like ‘fucking start already’
>laughs and immediately starts licking my labia while I caress her hair
>some guys have given me oral sex, but this is very different
>sucks my labia, then makes pressure with her tongue against it, she moves it up and down and casually reaches my clit, making me shiver
>when she feels I’m ready, she opens her mouth and places it over my clit, pressing with her upper teeth against my pubes and moving her tongue up and down
>the pressure of her teeth against my pubes actually lifts what you’d call the ‘clit prepuce’ and the friction against my clit feels far better
>from time to time she moves her tongue towards the entrance of my pussy and sticks it inside, makes me quiver
>moves away and looks at me with her chin and mouth all wet and asks ‘do you want to try it?’
>nod because that’s what I wanted to try the most
>turns around, places her knees on the sides of my head and leans. Moves her hands under my legs and grabs my ass, spreading my pussy as she keeps licking
Hrmm... on second thoughts I'll just keep all the stories because some people are no doubt going to want those stories anyway. But I think I'll upload it to Google Docs instead under an alias to make it easier. Anyway, back to compiling.

>her hairy pussy is on my face, I raise my neck a bit and give it a lick
>it tastes salty and the texture is like honey, but it’s not gross
>move my tongue from her clit to the her hole, I think I’m doing quite well
>but she’s obviously made this before, she controls every movement
>the only thing that pulls me back is the smell of her ass, but what the hell, it smells like mine so she must be smelling the same and isn’t complaining one bit
>she now moves her tongue more frantically, not sure if because I’m licking her pussy but it’s driving me crazy
>realize I’m enjoying the view of her pussy over my face, so everything is cool for now
>keep doing the same thing for what feels like ages, we don’t stop, we don’t rest and we’re enjoying everything so far
>I’m going to try and finger her, use middle finger to collect as much fluids and saliva as I can and move it to the entrance
>moves her right hand and spreads her ass cheek, letting me know it’s ok
>slowly move finger inside. It’s not very difficult since it’s wet as a fountain
>feel the wrinkled parts of her pussy and press slowly here and there
>well, so far her pussy is exactly as mine so no problems here
>stops for a moment and arches her back as I move my finger deeper and deeper
>the inside is now smoother, so I’m approaching a particular zone that makes me almost insta climax when I touch it myself
>identify that zone and start pressing against it, harder every time
>lets a muffled moan out
>it’s taking her a bit longer than expected so I just start moving my finger in and out. Every time I reach that point I talked about earlier, I press against it
>her legs start trembling and tells me to stop
>carefully pull my finger out and rub it against her ass and legs to clean it
>leans again and rubs my clit.
I'm back, couldn't find the thread for a while.

This happened around a week later

>things have changed rather quickly
>not awkward anymore, like some sort of silent agreement was made between us
>We're pretty much ok with anything, as long as parents are not home
>If she wanted to fuck, she would ask me to make her lemonade
>Sometimes tells me what to do but she lets me try pretty much any fantasy I desire

>in room watching total drama island because 13 y/0
>"Heather would make a nice milf lel"
>"anon can you make me some lemonade?"
>Get in kitchen, make lemonade
>She's swimming
>Pour lemonade in glass, go to pool
>She sees me, starts swimming towards me
>comes out of pool
>sips lemonade
>gives me a long, real up close hug, making sure my penis is rubbing against her thigh and face is in boobs.
>I say "you're the best sis ever"
>she smiles
>"can you help me dry up anon?"
>I start from the bottom, want to keep the top last since it's the best part
>Towel around thighs
>another sip of lemonade
>Ass (pass the towel multiple times in that area because it's ass and I'm a horny 13 y/o)
>get to boobs
>drying them slowly
>nipples are hard
>see her take a sip
>rub clit while she's taking sip
>closes her eyes, presses lips and raises her elbows
>"oh god anon"
>"I need you to help me with something else.."
Ok... continue posting. What else happened?

>while she rests on her left arm, she places her right one over her ass, uses her index and ring fingers to spread her cheeks and starts fingering herself with her middle finger
>gives it a few pushes and tells me to ‘just look’
>bend my knees because I feel that will be more comfortable for her and just lean back and enjoy the show
>she moves her middle finger in and out, but far quicker than I did
>help her spreading her butt cheeks
>when my clit starts tickling I tell her to stop but keeps fingering over my face
>whenever I have the chance, I stick my tongue out and give it a few licks
>finally stops and turns around, lying and resting her head on my shoulder
>I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been so wet in my life
>’you want to finish it now?’
>’I don’t know, do you know more tricks?’
>’well, you could do me a favor…could you masturbate for me?’
>think about it for a few seconds because one of my ex-bfs liked to watch me as I masturbated and felt awkward
>’ok, I’ll do it’
>sits on the edge of the bed and I sit against the headboard
>I spread my legs and when I’m about to start she tells me to wait and removes my socks
>’now you’re totally naked’ and smiles
What happened before this?]

so sonfoos
Will post other story for screen capping and context

>be 13
>have 17y/o sister
>7.5/10 ass but has some nice double D's
>Parents never let her wear stuff that "shows too" much because she would like a whore according to them
>She get friends to buy her clothes and wears them at school, then changes at school bathroom
>summer comes
>parents gone, they work shit ton of hours, wont come back until late night
>we have a pool, she spends hours in it swimming and trying to get a tan

>grabs a cushion and hugs it while she sits with her legs crossed
>try not to think about it and start spreading my labia, getting closer to my pussy
>slid one finger inside with ease and relax
>close my eyes as I search for my ‘pleasure point’
>when I find it I moan and start pressing
>slid a second finger inside just because I can
>open my eyes for a second and watch my cousin fingering herself as she watches, the cushion is on the floor
>let myself go and look her in the eyes as she looks at me
>several minutes later, she stretches her legs and trembles while she opens her mouth and lets a long moan out. Then quickly rubs her clit while squeezing her breast and cums
>keep fingering a few moments after she climaxes and then stop
>she opens the closet, throws a pair of panties at me and goes to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper
>we both get clean, I cover my ass with her clean panties and put on my bra, then cuddle and kiss from time to time until we decide to have dinner
>have dinner, drive back to my place
>weeks later
>family reunion at some place that has a swimming pool surrounded by wooden cabins
>we’re celebrating one of my uncle’s bday
>have a nice day, eating, drinking, playing around in the swimming pool
>nighttime comes, some older cousins head to bed
>some ppl are going to their cabins too, adults ask us to gather another person to share cabin because we’re too many people
>of course Liz takes me by the arm and says something like ‘we’re 2 already’
>they assign us to a small cabin near the entrance of the woods and we use some minutes to unpack things
One day
>She gets in pool
>I watch from windows, fap to glorious wet tits
>"Anon, can you get me some lemonade?"
>Get lemonade
>See her feet as I step outside into the pool
>She's at now laying in her chair trying to get a tan again
>"here you go sis-"
>I find myself baffled as I get close to her
>She has no top
>"aww thanks you're so sweet," she says with an honest smile.

>"Y-y-you're welcome"
>awkwardly go back to room
>A million questions in my mind
>"Why would she do that?"
>"Could she be a who-"
>So confused
>Start fantasizing, try to stop because I think it's bad
>Can't stop because such good fap material
>She does the same thing the next day, and the next day
>Shit escalates quickly
>starts giving me long hugs while she's topless as a "thank you"
>I start to not wear shirts when she's in pool so I could feel her tits better
>Fap furiously after everytime

>about 1 am, we finally go to bed
>cannot sleep, it’s very hot here
>hear Liz moving and notice she’s walking to my bed, lies behind me and hugs me
>we cuddle for an hour or so while she touches my hair and neck
>undoes my bra and scratches my back, feels good
>slowly moves hand and places it over my breast
>starts squeezing, I’m not in the mood but whatever
>presses her body against mine
>starts moving her hips as if she was fucking me from behind and pinches my nipple
>moves away for a bit and returns, I can feel the skin of her breasts against my back
>okay, I’m a bit aroused now
>completely remove my bra to make it easier for her
>grabs my hip and keeps humping
>can feel her crotch knocking against my ass while she slides her hand inside my panties squeezes and spreads my ass cheeks
>rubs my butt for some time, touches my labia from time to time and moves to my ass again, I can feel my own juices on my ass cheeks
>tells me to stay in that position, help her to take my panties off and then removes her own panties
>spreads my cheeks again and starts rubbing her crotch against my ass, can actually feel her skin against my butt
>she moves well, actually looks like some guy is teasing me from behind
>asks me to move and lie face down
>spreads my legs, I think I know what she’s going to do, ask her if she’s sure about it
>stops and looks at me ’why? Wouldn’t you like it?’
>tell her last time I had a bath was this morning and…you know
>says ‘oh’, smiles and scratches my back and sides as she lies behind me, with her face close to my legs
>tells me to close my eyes and try to stay quiet because someone could hear us
>It's been two weeks
>yells from pool to make her a lemonade again with a sexy tone
>feel the rush again
>get in kitchen
>she's coming into kitchen
> Wearing a single towel
>shit's so small, can barely cover her massive boobs
>"ooooooh anon it's tooooooooo hoooooot outside"
>"o-of course it is"
>Walk awkwardly to fridge, she goes to the living room
>sits in sofa and turns on T.V.
>try to pour lemonade in glass
>can't stop thinking about sister
>Spill some lemonade onto kitchen counter
>"What's wrong anon?" she says while walking to counter
>Tell her what happened
>"aww don't worry anon, use this"
>takes off towel in front of me

>grab towel
>mind is blank
>Look at counter and remember
>She's still looking at me with a smile
>slowly wipe counter, hand shaking
>"look likes you need help, anon"
>Grabs my hand and helps me finish wiping counter
>"we did it anon!"
>She hugs me from behind

>shit escalates even more
> from nudity to sex
>same summer
>playing wii, drinking a shitload of water because blazing heat
>walk to bathroon, hear shower's on
>Hesitate about getting in but really have to go
>step in
>"anon is that you?"
>"come in and help me with something?"
>"in the...in the shower?"
>She turns off shower
>I'm losing my fucking mind
>a million thoughts again
>just jump in shower
>say "what'chaaaa neeeeed sis?" with awkward smile
>"can you help me shower? My back hurts and it's hard for me to reach now"
>can't think straight, use shitty excuse about badly having to pee
>"you can pee in here anon!"
>oh fuck
>say yes out of reflex
>fuck it, just pee
>flap out 13 y/o dick
>suddenly find out I'm hard as fuck
>stare at boner
>panic inside mind
>10 seconds pass
>"problems ano-?"
>peeks at boner
>small chuckle
>embarrassed as fuck
>"aww anon, looks like you'll need to get rid off that before you can pee, but don't worry, I'll help you out."

>feel her lips on my legs, slowly moving towards my ass
>scares me when I feel a bite on my left cheek
>laughs, gently slaps me and spreads my cheeks
>laughs again and whispers ‘wow, you’re wet’
>moves her face closer and closer. Her breath makes my skin feel cold so yeah, I guess I’m wet
>her first lick catches me off guard, feel her tongue rasping against my labia
>I’m a bit worried at the beginning about how my pussy might smell, but she keeps licking so I guess it’s not that awful
>close my eyes and concentrate on the feel
>the initial rasping disappears as my juice spreads and mixes with her saliva
>takes my hips and raises my ass, I have to kneel
>she starts caressing my calves while licking my clit from behind
>seems that at some I start moaning because she slaps my ass and shushes me
>tends to stick her tongue inside my pussy from time to time and just move it up and down
>notice she’s more aggressive now. Don’t know how to describe it, she takes more risks, she’s more active, I don’t know
>quickly moving her tong over my clit while she grabs my left ankle as if she thinks I’m going to escape
>leans and puts two fingers from her right hand inside my mouth. They’re wet and tastes salty, I guess that’s hers.
>puts the two fingers inside me and immediately starts banging my pussy with them
>she just stops grabbing my ankle when she needs to grab my side to move the fingers quicker
>meanwhile I’m trying to not make any sound, she fingers me way better than I do
>the position is getting a bit uncomfortable but I manage to press my fingers against my clit
>all I can hear is the sound of her fingers moistening inside me while she moves them in and out
>suddenly feel her breath on my back again but this time she’s not going for my pussy
>keeps her fingers inside me and gives my asshole a little lick, like she’s tasting it
>I think she’s only going to try it but then she starts licking it hardcore, shit looks like porn
>grabs dick
>same size as her hands (will always remember this)
>starts stroking slowly
>grab the walls
>whisper "oh my god" repeatedly
>Semen dripping out of penis
>"just let it out anon"
>I cum, take huge breaths
>felt better than any fap I ever had
>Sudden urge to pee
>begin peein
>"see anon? I told you."
>feeling reliefed
>try to step out
>"you're not gonna help me shower?"
>Grab sponge
>tells me to use just my hands
>Start putting soap in back
>rub soap only in her back. Try not to touch ass or tits, still hesitating if we're there yet (even after blowjob, you know how shitty it is to be 13).
>"you're so good at this anoon, can you help me with my more private areas?"
>think for five seconds
>starts rubbing boobs
>she moans and gets close to me
>Can feel ass
>Dick comes back to life like jesus

>have an amazing idea
>put some soap in dick
>put dick between ass cheeks
>?rub rub, rub your whore, rub your dick around?
>Soap starts building up in her ass
>pleasure is multiplied by 9001
>Having the time of my life
>She puts me against the shower wall
>performs basic twerking on my dick
>feel it coming
>Just let the moment take me
>Take a deep breath and let that shit go all over her ass

>tell her to stop
>asks if I don’t like it
>tell her I’m not into that, looks annoyed
>’turn around then, let me see your breasts’
>my legs are killing me anyway so I lie on my back
>puts two fingers inside me again and feasts on my tits while she rubs her crotch
>ten minutes later or so I’m almost finished
>bend my right knee and start stretching my foot (I always do that when I climax) to prepare myself
>scares me for the second time in the night when she caresses my sole
>tickles, I guess I’m not going to cum yet
>asks me if I’m ok
>’yes, don’t worry’
>moves her hand from my breasts, goes down, caresses my leg and grabs my foot again
>starting to think she has something with feet, but I’ve never been with someone with a foot fetish, I don’t know what to do
>whatever, try to relax again, feel her fingers moving inside and enjoy
>some time later I’m about to cum again
>she’s furiously fucking my pussy with her fingers, doesn’t hurt one bit
>she’s been holding my foot in the air the whole time and placing her finger between my toes, just looks like she’s holding hands, but with my foot
>tell her I’m about to finish again
>immediately, as if something had triggered inside her head, she takes my instep and presses her face against my sole
>sure as hell the scene must be awkward if someone saw it from the outside
>this time it doesn’t tickle
>keeps panting with her face against my foot while she moves her fingers even quicker
>close my eyes and feel her tongue rubbing against my sole and her mouth closing around my toes, sucking them
>be in mom
>she's never taken something this big before
>she's screaming in ecstasy
>each time I move, she moans in response
>can see her eyes roll into the back of her head
>can feel her legs twitch in anticipation
>I know she is close
>deadbeat dad is anxiously crying in the other room
>emasculate him further by pacing myself and taking my time
>mom is breathless now, begging me to finish
>she's drooling and tears are in her eyes
>she lets out a moan of pleasure as I pull from within her and finish
>her eyes are suddenly wide and filled with love
>i'm born
>Will post other story for screen capping and context
Well you can stop that shit now.

After shitting himself, Mason glanced over to Margaret and grinned slyly whilst looking deep into her eyes. Margaret was taken aback by the foul stench emanating from Mason's trousers and could barely keep from gagging.

In one fluid motion, Mason dropped his pants, grasped his soiled undergarments in his hands, and turned them upside down and shoved them into Margaret's head. Margaret, now bearing Mason's shitty underwear upon her crown as if she were the Queen of Feces, felt the uncontrollable urge to fuck Mason's brains out. She tore asunder her thin leggings, exposing her engorged, vermillion cunt. Mason dove deep into the musky muff and tasted her sweet nectar. It reminded him of his younger sister's: ripe and tart with an aftertaste that made the tip of his penis twitch with delight. Shaft in hand, Mason entered Margaret with a lust so primal that an animalistic baying was forced from her gullet. Her cleft the lamb, his seed the slaughter—Mason needn't contain himself longer. He expelled his semen into the deepest recesses of her gushing vagina, accompanying each pulsating pump with a raging growl. This was sex of the highest form. This was beasty fuck.
please tell me there's more

>it’s fucking weird but pleasure grows up and the insides of my pussy start beating around Liz’s fingers
>my right leg trembles and my foot moves unwittingly against her face
>thinks I’m doing that to on purpose, grabs foot and moans
>finally releases my foot, it’s all messy
>rub it against the sheets to clean it
>stay there, breathing for a while
>she joins me and leans against my chest
>starts telling me about her several fetishes
>I share some of them but others are weird as shit (such as the foot one, never seen that in a woman)
>shyly asks if she can play with my feet sometime
>’uhmm…yeah, I guess if you like it…’
>looks happy as shit
>both sleep naked on the same bed, wake up to someone knocking on the door next morning
>almost get caught, have to get dressed as quickly as possible
>rest of the day passes by normally, we all return to our homes in the afternoon
>just exchange a few messages with her the next couple of weeks
>tells me she enjoyed what we did the last time
>ask her about her fetish
>says she likes women’s feet but she has never experienced with them because any girl let her
>decide to tease her the next day
>take good care of my feet, polish my nails with some random black color
>take pic and send her
>instant response: ‘omg, are those yours?’
top kek

And that's it for now, sorry for the long story and hope you enjoyed it
>So happy
>very pleased
>much satisfaction
>"don't you want a shower anon? I'd love to return the favor to you, and you got soap in you anyway."
>she rubbs soap
>all covered in soap
>each rub is glorious
>just came but still feel like I could do this forever
>get up close from behind
>starts cleaning dick
>her tits are slippery from the soap in my back
>I'm hard again
>turn head
>she gets up close and reaches for a kiss
>first kiss ever
>just some smooching first
>tongue kissing
>"bite my ears anon"
>bite gently
>loudest moan ever
>"now kiss my neck"
>I obey
>"anon I think you're ready," she says between a series of pants
File: 1351864074258.jpg (32KB, 453x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 453x500px
>Dick comes back to life like jesus

You are awesome anon. It's also quite amusing watching how many anons keep popping in and out
keeeeeeeeeep goooooooooooooooing
yes here 545010927
>turns me around
>grabs my hands and puts them in her waist

>Bends over
>I know what to do now
>It's warm and soft
>I go as far as I can, nothing else in the world matters
>always stop midthrust, just to feel her ass.
>Know I'm not going to last long but I know she enjoys it
>I'm about to cum, she knows
>"wanna finish in my tits anon?
>I nod slowly
>gets on her knees
>put my dick in her enormous tits
>30 seconds later and I cum
>sucks what left in my penis
>get out of shower and we dress
>"thanks for the help anon!"
>Go back to wii and play SSBB
>Beat japanese bitch by spamming thunder shock
>Best day ever
I see a bunch of you on the Google Doc. Which means I've done something right with the sharing permissions.

Welp, now that this file is becoming pretty long, I think I'll just make a new file each time I catch a new thread. It'll be a lot easier to navigate that way.
I'll be nice.


Do you have more?
Hmm... yes, I've been thinking I might transcribe that to a text format. I've already done the Amy wincest a few days ago, just need to upload it. Pity Cam hasn't updated the Amy story. :(

Stop asking and go here.


I'm already there but it I thought he said he had another story to post
know anything on how it ended?
He'll post when he gets around to it. Between this thread and the previous I don't think he's a very fast typer. Or maybe he's just trying to figure out how to write it out.
Fair enough I was just curious if there was anything else and unfortunately I missed the previous thread so I was unaware of that fact.
Yes you did, the format is very user friendly as well. I just wish Batshit Insane Half-Sister would come back, because I'm fucking depraved. Now, just remember to put a link to the new google doc at the bottom of the old one.

If I know anything about how it ended? Sure, I got a bf, who of course doesn't know about this and she moved to study abroad. Before that we still had sex sometimes but she turned more and more possesive with me making it impossible to stand for me. Also, we got involved in a couple of threesomes but I personally didn't like it, don't know if because of the other girl or my cousin.
I'm thinking I'll just link the folder. I'm currently uploading the epic wincests. I might extract longer stories eventually and place them separately if they become long enough.

I also changed the filenames a bit, some anons may have noticed this. I'm hoping Google doesn't have any built-in filters to remove these sorts of things. (Does anyone know if Google has ever removed questionable content from Docs?)

whats the amy incest and where can i find it

'Family Stuff' lol nice folder name
Check the folder I just linked. Actually, give it a minute, I should've included a title in the PDF before converting and all. I'm gonna delete and re-up in just a moment.
Man, that's hot.
I asked because it would often be awkward as hell during family meetings.
So, you ended up a bi or was it "just a phase"?
>holds my hand tight and takes me to her room
>looks for something under her bed
>Brings a small box out
>opens it
>a couple of thongs and bras
>"what looks better anon?"
>she tries each one an asks me for my opinion
>takes out bra that's basically a string that with two small cloths to cover nipples
>"that one"
>ok help me put it on
>get behind her
>grab bra and position it
>pushes my body close to hers as I pull the bra
>raging boner
>I'm delighting myself by humping her
>I pull the bra as I thrust, squishing tits with every hump
>"well somebody's feeling jolly today"
>I'm fucking rock hard
>find some yoga pants on floor and make her put them on
>make her blow me
>the mirror's behind her, can see her ass I she sucks my dick
>begins gaggin
>feeling like never
>ask her to turn around
>"mmm sure"
>delicious yoga pant ass
>pull them down just enough for vag to show
>Puts her hands on mirror, doing it doggystyle like the 13 y/o I am
>been 30 seconds
>About to cum
>look up and see her tits pressing against the mirror
>Ready to blast off like the Apollo
>grab front side of her thighs and thrust as fast as I can
>"oh fuck anon that some good shit!"
>Mission control we have a take off

I still don't know, I do like girls but I'm not sure if I like them enough to consider myself a bi. If I had to make a percentage I'd say I'm 70% into guys and 30% into girls.
Bear in mind the only real contact I've had with the same sex has been my own cousin and two strangers (both involved in threesomes as I said, one of them was my cousin's friend and I met the other one online). Maybe I'd have sex with a girl again but I would not go out with one, there's a lot of shit involved in same sex couples as I've found out
never stop
You know, bi ain't always 50-50.
>there's a lot of shit involved in same sex couples
Yea, I guess.
Hope it doesn't bothers you, but I came to your story.
I have a story about me and my twin.
> we have always been real close, been told we were born in eachothers arms.
> used to sleep together when real little, but we got curious and got cought. made to sleep apart after that.
>would sneak to sisters room in the middle of the night. Decided we love eachother and want to be together forever.
> years go by, mom dies giving birth to our little brother. our dad gets super uptight. we dont want him to find out.
> more years pass, sister gets married, but I get her pregnant. Fortunately dumbass husband doesnt realize hes not the father.
> have 2 more kids with my sister while she is married.
> Her husband dies in a hunting accident, my sun takes over the kingdom.
> have to fight the starks and 3 other self proclaimed kings.
>winter is coming.

yeah, I know it isn't always 50-50

And no, I don't mind, this is /b/, it's almost expected
damn the jenny story has gotten long as fuck since I have seen it last
Why is this in the google docs? Someone got fooled or what?

Good. Cheers.
this thread won't die this time
I don´t think so.

Think they tried to be funny.
is the jenny story only PDF now?
but you posted the story
We fucked many times so lots to share. ask me some questions (no I don't have nudes) to help me jog my memory
I decided to just leave it in, even though I know it's an obvious troll story. There's enough content in the rest of the document, and it makes for an okay change of pace if your'e reading top to bottom.

I converted it from the original Google Doc to a PDF, but the author's reddit is here:

From your previous thread:
> asks me to help her dress up (including undergarments)
>asks me to help her put tanning oil
>Asks me to help her shower
fucking boring as fucking shit-story
did you almost get caught?
File: 3reich.webm (2MB, 1280x720px)
2MB, 1280x720px
Really? Is that what you think?

Or is that what they want you to think..

>fuckling jews
Three days later... Like Jesus.
this thread won't die on me now
No, it will
So another anon seems to have noticed that I've created a new file. I'm currently transcribing an old thread I'd archived.
Tanning oil it shall be then

>blazing hot day
>home alone till late night
>In living room, watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire
>"Damn I would love to fuck Kida"
>Sister walks in
>has a yellow bikini on
>"hey anon can you help me put on some tanning oil?
>"sure can sis"
>we go outside by pool
>She lays on the beach chair
>Grab the oil
>start spreading in like butter in a ridiculously sexy toast
>Slow and sure
>"mmmm" she moans
>Shit feels so soft, contrasting my dick, which is hard a fucking rock by now
>Leave boobs for last
>on the arms now
>Go down to hands
>Putting oil between hands
>"wow you're good anon, you're getting every spot"
>"But you're forgetting one little thing"
>Grabs my hand
>makes me touch one of her double Ds
Waiting on your next installment.

Everyone else, I just transcribed another thread I'd saved back in January. (Filename is 2014-01-28)

>Putting oil all over her tits
>her boobs shine and wobble as I oil them
>fuck my dicks so had now
>She looks at my mini boner
>Have a weird combination of embarrassment and lust
>Takes my shorts down, dick flaps out
>Grabs my dick
>"you've been so nice, I should return the favor"
>I slide my hand down to her vagina and start rubbing
>she starts moaning
>sucks hard
>She suddenly stops
>moves her mouth until it's only covering the head o my penis
>Tongues the shit out my head
>I'm in complete elation
>finish in her mouth
>sigh with a smile
>"ok anon, now sit down, you should get a tan too!"
Found another saved thread of stories from rape victimis. Should I?

From the slow pace I don't know if you're reading the stuff I've been transcribing. If you are, it'll still be there later, so could you finish your story here first?
pics of your sister brah.

we will suffice with below the head
of course
I've posted about this before, but my little sister's first time was on our living room couch while I secretly watched from upstairs. Have not been able to look at her the same since.
sure one last thing and it should be it for today.

>She gets up and I sit in the beach chair
>Takes her bikini off
>Begins tanning me
>All over my chest
>Shit turns into a massage session
>Relaxed as fuck
>"I can tell you like it anon, want me to get your back?"
>turn around
>she oild my back
>rubs boobs on my back, getting even more oiled
>Gets to my ass
>Still have my shorts on, she puts her hands inside them to oil the inside
>She's going down my crack
>get to my balls
>Raging boner begins to form
>She feels it
>"oh, I should take care of this!"
>takes my pulls my shorts out
>I'm completely naked and is she
>Begins giving handjob while I'm laying face down
>"Anon can you turn around please?"
>turn around
>Positions herself
>"do you think you would like this anon?"
>shits feels nice
>oil helps a lot
>Want to cum so bad
>Grab her ass, put dick inside
>"I'm gonna cum!"
>"Go ahead anon!"
>fill her oreos with white stuff
>She just lays on top of me
>Both sweaty as fuck
>"nice job anon, you're getting good at this"
Currently transcribing.
Dude you fucking rock I just want to make sure you are aware of this fact.
I fingered my cousin once while she was asleep, that's about it. Was sexually obsessed with her for most of my life.
Your cousins initials are S.P.

She wasn't sleeping

It is now a fetish for her.
Love just happened.
It's my ex. I dommed her for a short time. I still want to do horribly dirty things to her. I will cuckold her cousin with him watching and then DP her together if he's not a pussy.
I've been told that for various things across several boards.

Right now the rape stories are a little difficult because I don't have the benefit of backlinking and sourcing the quotes easily. But if anyone wants they can read what I've put in so far and follow along as I insert more. Just keep in mind that some parts may move around a lot as I figure out where they're supposed to be.

Christ, I wish.
Could you give a brief description of the files in that drive and their order?

Downloaded them all for later, you're a saint, Anon.
File: 1811500.jpg (38KB, 500x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 500x599px
>my brother
>my gf's swoon over him
>tell me it's to bad he's my brother
>they just laugh if I ask, did you fuck him?
>I start to get angry
>I start to get jealous
>one night I can't take it
>sneak into his room
>stand there looking at him
>see his cock is tenting his pj's
>reach down and slide it through the flap
>my panties are soaking now
>slowly sit on bed
>reach out
>lightly grasp it
>start stroking it while I rub my pussy
>do it for a few minutes
>feel his precum dripping over my hand
>lean over
>about to suck his cock
>then it happens
>a whisper from behind me
>susan, wh-what are you doing
>get over here
>she grabs me, drags me to my room
>she berates me
>calls me a whore, a slut
>leaving she says this isn't over
>I lay on my bed
>I think what I've done
>I'm ashamed
>I try to go to sleep
>10 minutes later I hear my mom scream
>that fuckin bitch.
I have an ex that was molested while she was sleeping by her cousin once when he had to stay at her house and they were forced to sleep in the same bed. She was like 14 and he was 16 or something. Now she feels really fucking great when she wakes up to someone playing with her, it's an ultra turn on for her. And she was the best little slut slave I've had, all she wanted was to please no matter what, her pleasure was from pleasing and no amount of pain would stop her. Nice little cuban bitch, I need to call her.
Are you joking?
>feel his precum dripping over my hand

Stopped reading here. This is NOT how precum works. People who make up these stories always overdo the precum angle. It's like they've never played with their cock before.
I sincerely wish this was the case with my cousin. I've been wanting to fuck her all my life ever since we had a brief period of experimentation when we were like 5 or 6.
If you're in any way attractive (just not obese) I would say go for it and see what happens. Girls are very shallow and won't have a problem with any taboo if they think they can get away with it.
I'm actually considered to be quite attractive. I can usually get pretty much any girl I want, but my cousin is so straight edge. She's exactly the type who would see it as a big deal and 'fucked up' etc.
File: 79074.jpg (107KB, 900x571px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 900x571px
>It's like they've never played with their cock before.
I'm a girl with limited access to cock, well that's not true anymore, thanks to mom.
Try anyway, be subtle, tell her you have feelings for her and you just can't shake them, can't help it, don't know what to do, I want you. etc. etc.

Ok, first I'd appreciate it if you posted a timestamped pic of your tits, and then explained why you can't just fuck him now or later today or tomorrow?
>tell her you have feelings for her and you just can't shake them, can't help it, don't know what to do, I want you. etc. etc.
Because the creepy, desperate technique ever worked on any woman, ever.
No particular order to them. If you want you can bookmark the whole Google Docs folder, I've decided I'll add more whenever I see another thread like this.

The (Victims) document I'm currently working on. One of the girls in the thread ended up getting the spotlight in the thread, and she generated a lot of discussion, so it's important that I get all of it down. There's a lot of interwoven conversation. I'll have to finish her particular story later on, and I'll probably end up using the IDs in the thread in a Reddit-style display and pulling it out as a separate document. It's just that complex.
I'll do that. Much appreciated, Anon. Cheers.
Maybe, maybe you just have to have some kind of telepathy for it to work, who knows. Maybe you're not thinking of the right way when I say it. You act suave and smooth as fuck, the kind of voice and mannerisms that make a girls jaw drop and leave her speechless for no apparent reason, but it does it. I don't know what else to tell you.
I just realised that the (Victim) document had no viewers for some reason. Turns out the Template document I created is actually set to Private, so when I copied it I also copied the permissions.

Anyway, it's all fixed now. Go read it if you like.
Bro what the FUCK? You can just leave a nigga hanging like that.
File: - - - - 0000 1 9.jpg (168KB, 1071x1504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
- - - - 0000 1 9.jpg
168KB, 1071x1504px
as I said here >>545026880
thanks to mom I get it all the time, but so does she so we have to share.

post your dick, with timestamp.
Even if there weren't a site wide rule stating tits or gtfo, I asked first and will comply after my demands are met. Also where are you from?
>be 14 on vacation with the family
>sharing a room with the sis, 3 years younger than me
>we're pretty close, seen each other naked a bunch of times, nothing weird about it
>sis just took a shower and is now watching tv on the bed, having a towel loosely wrapped around her
>get on the bed with her, ask her if he wants me to give her a massage
>she responds 'whatever anon', keeps watching tv
>massage her back and legs for some times then start massaging her ass and tits as well
>no reaction from my sis
>start slowly rubbing her clit asking if shes into it
>'sure anon'
>rub her clit for like 10 minutes, suddenly yells 'stop I gotta take a piss'
>annoyed as fuck since I wanted to make her cum
>accompany her to the toilet and watch her cunt closely as she takes a piss
>gets back on the bed watching tv
>horny as fuck so I decide its time for a fap
>tell her to bend over so I can see her pussy
>she does as told an keeps staring at the tv
>getting on my back with my eyes facing her vag starting to fap
>sis doesnt seem to care a bit
>cum after 5 mins, wipe my cum with my towel and watch tv with her

did lots of kinky shit with my sis before that and keep doing stuff with her, we both enjoy it since we're both sluts
File: 14.jpg (103KB, 744x553px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103KB, 744x553px
don't you know, women don't have to follow "the rules"
long island, ny.
I'm not down with that feminist bullshit, I have rules. While I'm thoroughly enjoying your pics (whether or not they're you) you live a little far away. I'm in northern florida.
Welp, finished transcribing from the rape victim stories thread I had. Now I've got that one girl with the load of conversations left. Thing is, that one girl and her responses will take ten times the effort to figure out the details of how to present it. I might just do a "straight dump" with hyperlinks to appropriate paragraphs.

And here's the link yet again. Enjoy your stories of wincest, first times and rape.
Fuck you, bitch, Where do you think you are?

Post tits or fuck off.
Part 1 out of 2

>be 16
>be on vacation in my motherland for 2 weeks
>staying at my aunt and her families house
>she has 3 children, 2 boys and a girl
>they dont have vacation so they all still have to go to work/school
>when there we go to the beach with my own family and when they come back from school and work we go together to the mall and all kinds of other stuff
>one day in the vacation im feeling sick, can to go to the beach
>have to stay home
>my hot 16 year old female cousin skips school that day because she has a test and didnt study
>shes in the living room lying on the ground with nothing but a shirt and her underwear
>im in the living room laying on the couch pretending to be asleep
>can see her ass and am stroking my dick a little >decide to grab my phone and make a few pictures as a souveneir
>make a few pictures
>my phone drops from my hand
>she hears my phone falling and turns around
>she looks at the pictures i made of her
>think she is going to be pissed and telling my family
>she says (she wasnt speaking english so the translation may sound a little weird)
>"ahaha, you naught boy, you were pretending to be asleep and taking pictures of me? hahah so you think im hot?"
>"well, yeah, please dont tell anyone about it, they are going to think im digusting"
>"i wont, only if i can see your dick"
>i show my erect dick
Part 2 out of 2

>"ahaha, were you jacking off to me? thats really weird, should i help finish it by dancing a little sexy?"
>"really? okay, sure"
>she stars to dance like a stripper. slowly removing her clothing, showing her nice tits and and ass
>she dances sexy infront of me, shows her pussy and asshole while im jerking off to her
>she then comes closer to me and eventually starts gliding her ass up and down my dick, stroking it kinda with her anus
>"do you like that?"
>"ah, yes, please go on, im about to finish"
>she continues doing that
>i then cum the most i have ever cummed in my life (it was days since i was at home and last jacked off)
>i cum all over he ass and back
>she says "oh, that feels really warm, hahaha"
>she asks me to grab a towel and clean most of it off
>she then takes a shower

I have another one with her if anyone is interested, it's kind of boring and short though.
>I have another one with her if anyone is interested, it's kind of boring and short though.
This is /b/. You damn well better believe we're interested. Post it already, I don't have all night.
any way you can make these downloadable anon?
File: 189_1000.jpg (60KB, 599x788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60KB, 599x788px
I'm not a feminist but the rule is discriminatory being that it only applies to women, why would I acknowledge and abide by such a rule.
oh my, your argument it flawless, give me a minute.
>>i cum all over he ass and back
>>she says "oh, that feels really warm, hahaha"

confirmed fucking virgin.... sperm feels COLD idiot. fucking virgin.
to give us raging boners?

otherwise just another neckbeard that just shows how much of a desperate fantasy he harbours
which is a huge bonerkill
They're downloadable.
>Click on file.
>Click on blue button in bottom right corner labelled "Open"
>File > Download as > (your choice)
Why would something body termperature feel col?

And everyone on /b/ has masterbated. Pretty sure we all know what cum is like.

You're a fucking idiot or a troll
thanks, I was trying the download one next to the open button which was only available for the pdf version and not the google docs files.
now I have more reading for if I have no interwebs to fap with
shit OP that was a fucking nice read do you guys still fuck?
This was the next day.

>she tells her parents she needs just 1 extra day at home to study
>i hear her say that and im thinking i can get some more fun
>tell them that im still feeling sick and that im feeling a better since yesterday so i dont have to go to the doctor
>parents leave to go to the beach, her family leaves for work and school
>theyre gone
>she comes up to me
>tells me that she knows why i stayed at home today
>tells me that that was a one time thing because she wanted to lose her virginity to someone she could trust not to tell anyone
>am pissed
>decide to just go watch tv
>watching tv
>im bored as fuck
>shes there on the ground studying again
>am getting turned on from what happened the day before
>decide ill just jack off, she already knows im a pervert so why not
>she notices me and goes to the other room to study
>grab my phone and jack off to the pics i made
>jerk of a little
>she comes to the room
>shes mee jacking off
>"i cant study knowing that you are jacking off to me, and since you came on me i have been wondering what it tastes like"
>"can i swallow your cum?"
>"sure, but you have to jack me off for it"
>she grabs my dick and starts jacking me off
>she jacks me off for like 1 minute and then tells me that its tiring and if i can do it for her
>tell her that ill cum quicker if she blows me
>she doesnt want to do it at first but i talk her into it anyway
>she puts my dick in her mouth
>she blows me for a few minutes
>tell her im about to finish
>tell her to open her mouth so i can cum in her
>she opens her mouth
>i try to shoot the cum in her mouth
>i "miss" a little so some of it comes on her face
>she swallows
>she says it tastes weird but actually good
>swipe cum off her face in her mouth with my dick and just jam my dick in her mouth one more time
>she gags but then laughs and says "hahah, you really love me dont you?"
>"yes, hahah"
>she takes a shower again

Last thing I did with her.
File: 7362351.png (804KB, 665x925px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
804KB, 665x925px
well it will remain a mystery, my brother just got home from the li half marathon and I want to take him before he showers off all the sweat.
Drop an email or skype for me, and continue to post pics. I like your collection.
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