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Brother Red reporting in. I'm ready to post part 10 of

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Brother Red reporting in.

I'm ready to post part 10 of Zoe's Story. It sounds like some people here still remember Zoe and me. This one is 24 parts, like the last couple of ones. This last part was actually kind of written over the course of the last few months, so it may appear to change a little in style at points.

I'll need help bumping the thread. I tried posting this yesterday, but it got no bumps, and apparently my posts didn't bump it at all. So let's make this a general wincest thread. Captions, screencaps, stories, etc.
Zoe’s Story: Part 10
The Twilight Zoen


>Wednesday came and went uneventfully.
>Well, except for Zoe blowing me after school again
>That's probably worth mentioning.
>Zoe was in her normal place
>Standing in view of the front door
>Looking cute as always
>She smiles as soon as i open the door
>She starts to tie up her hair
> don't know why she bothers anymore
>She's become very good at swallowing it all
>Still, there is something about that action that I find so endearing
>Above and beyond the automatic boner it gives me
>Because of how conditioned I've become.
>The thought that I could be part of a really bizarre science fair project on Pavlov by Zoe goes through my head
>It wouldn't be the first homework I've helped her with


>Zoe sucks me off while she alternately rubs herself and humps my leg.
>She seems hornier than normal
>And quicker to get more aroused after that.
>I don't know if it's a period thing, a pill thing
>Or something else
>She still won't let me touch her there, though.
>She finishes me off, not spilling a drop.
>Then she disappears into the bathroom
>She spends about half an hour in the shower
>I'm starting to get jealous of the shower nozzle, but I hope she will return to real sex once her period is over
Any luck?

Nope. Nothing is bumping this thread. Not your posts or mine.
Then I think there's only two options:

1) somehow it's set that when you start a thread with Zoe's Story (or maybe Brother Red), it never bumps

or 2) Your IP is set so that any thread you post never bumps.
just continue?
Damn autosage.

I think Janitor-kun made wincest a trigger, maybe make a new thread without that part?


>Mom comes home and makes a quick dinner
>Then Zoe and I have time for some mass effect 2 after dinner
>We're both really digging it
>We don't want it to end too soon
>So we're rationing time
>Plus Zoe likes to do lots of exploring while we're on missions
>And checking with various NPCs all across the galaxy
>The gaming session always ends the same way though
>With shepherd checking in with Kelly one last time
>Then going up to shepherd's room before saving one more time


>Thursday Zoe greets me at door again after school
>This time she's wearing yoga pants
>She doesn't tie up her hair
>”Take my hand, Anon,” she says.
>Then she leads me to the couch
>Sits me down in the middle of it
>Straddles me as I sit there
>Holy shit, I’m getting a lap dance from my sister!
>Yeah, I've actually fucked her.
>I've had her naked body right against mine.
>But somehow having her sitting astride me
>Looking both cute and sexy in her slightly too tight t-shirt
>and even tighter yoga pants
Nah, other wincest thread's bumping just fine. It's either a rarer triggerword/phrase, or IP.
No, the other wincest threads are fine. If this one 404s again just post in the other one.
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Red (28).jpg
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>It's not a conventional lap dance, like I had seen in movies
>This was lighter on the teasing and more casual elements
>And heavy on Zoe just grinding her pussy against my cock
>Even through her clothes and mine it felt wonderful
>It also seemed to be driving Zoe wild too
>She didn't want to have sex with me because of her period
>And we did have that rule about no after school sex
>So this was apparently her way of getting us both off until we could do the real thing
>It was working pretty well.
>It got even better when she stopped to unzip my pants and pull my cock out.
>Then it was my naked cock that she was rubbing her pussy against.
>Even with her yoga pants and some panties or something on under that,
>I could feel the outline of her pussy against me.
>Sometimes she even pushes herself down against the head of my cock
>and I feel it pushing in, just a little, even through what she is wearing.


>By now I’m leaking precum.
>The head of my cock leaves little wet spots
>wherever on her yoga pants she happens to rub it.
>Zoe doesn’t seem to care.
>Neither do I, although I hope that shit washes out.
>Thankfully, Zoe does the wash.
>She grabs my cock with one hand now
>and starts rubbing the head against her clitoris.
>There’s a big stain being left on her yoga pants now.
>I realize that it’s not all from me.
>It’s changing the feel of the fabric against me.
>Zoe grabs onto my shoulder with her free hand
>steadying herself as she masturbates herself on me.
>I feel fingernails digging in a little.
>Zoe’s been letting them grow out for the first time ever.
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Red (30).jpg
226KB, 1024x1538px
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 3

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