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I have a tale I’d like to relate, if you’re keen. It’s

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I have a tale I’d like to relate, if you’re keen. It’s wincest, and comes in two parts (parts, not posts)

please don't
unless it's OC, then go ahead by all means
I should say so. I just finished typing it up

It's not greentext either. I could never get on with that
Proceed sir.

8 Years ago, my mum and her sister were very close, so they often spent time around each other’s houses, meaning I spent a lot of time with my cousin, who was 2 years older than me, but she was a bit of a tomboy so I didn’t mind, plus she had more Lego than me so we’d generally spend our play dates making spaceships and cars. Every now and again she’d slip into girly territory and start up some roleplay about shopping, but it didn’t last. She was fun, but as we were so young, I never really paid a lot of attention to her appearance, but looking at old pictures, she was very pretty, which she hid well by insisting on having short hair and generally wearing boyish clothes.
One day they came over to ours, but this time she was wearing a dress. I was 8, so she must have been about 10 or so. Once again we were shepherded upstairs to my room while the grown-ups gossiped and got tipsy on wine, and our playtime commenced as usual.
I didn’t have as much Lego as her, so the potential for full expansive imagination play was limited, but as we sat cross-legged across the small pile of bricks from each other, I glanced up and realised I could see straight up the thin skirt of her dress, and her white cotton knickers were in full view. I didn’t say anything, well, I was 8, I wasn’t really interested in that sort of thing, but I couldn’t help but continue to stare.
“What’s wrong?” She asked, snapping me out of it. I just shook my head.
“Nothing, just daydreaming” she gave a little smile and we went back to assembling our little models.
“Why have you got a dress on?”
“Mum says we’re going somewhere later so she wanted me to look pretty. Do you like it?”
I just gave a shrug and mumbled something like ‘it’s ok’, I think she was hoping for a nicer compliment, but we still sat there in silence. It’s wasn’t until she leaned over to my side of the pile that things started to stir. First thing I noticed was how nice her hair smelt, it was probably just shampoo but it was all flowery, and… nice. As she bobbed back and forth over the heap of bricks I also notice the front of her dress had fallen from her chest, showing the bare skin underneath, this was when I spotted her nipple. I knew what breasts were, and what they looked like (Mum wasn’t shy in the mornings), but I‘d never associated breasts with females in general, just adults, so when I saw this small, swollen mound protruding from her chest it caught me unawares, and I definitely felt something move.
I started at it for as long as I could see it, until she’d found what she was looking for and sat back down. This time the sight of her knickers took on a whole new meaning, especially as the motion of her sitting down again had made the hem of the skirt ride up, and now rather than filtered light through her dress, natural sunlight from the window was illuminating the material, causing a thin vertical shadow to show itself to me. I couldn’t sit here like this.
“Um… Suzie?”
“I can see your…” She looks up.
“What?” I can’t speak, so I just point without looking. She looks down but doesn’t cover herself. “What?”
“I can see your knickers.” I’m probably bright red by now.
“That’s alright. They’re clean.” She starts laughing and I join in, but all the time they’re still on display. “You shouldn’t be looking.”
“I can’t help it if they’re right there”
“Fine, I’ll take them off then!” and she stands up.
“NO! That’s not what I meant!” But too late, she reaches up under the sides of her skirt and whips her knickers off, stepping out of them and tossing them aside. For half a second she just stands there and I just stare at her, when she quickly raises her skirt, displaying herself to me. I’m mesmerised by it, smooth, neat, hairless, and completely forbidden. I’m dumbstruck as she continues to stand there, before she finally drops the skirt and sits down again. Cross-legged but making a point to cover herself this time.
“Don’t tell my mum, please?” I just shake my head quickly. No way would I betray the imparting of such a sacred treat. I manage to calm down and we continue to play with the damned Lego, but often catching each other’s eye and exchanging smiles. Finally the Lego is cleared away. She dashes downstairs to see her mum, but comes back up again straight away.
“We’re not going yet, they’ve opened another bottle.” This was de rigeur back then, us often left to our own devices, so we look around for something else to do, but my Operation doesn’t have any batteries and I never understood Monopoly, even though my parents got me a set for Christmas. We’re drawing a blank and are in real danger of getting bored.
“We could watch telly.”
“Nah, it’s Sunday. Telly’s boring on Sundays.” She turns to face me and I notice for the first time she’s got really nice eyes.
“I haven’t got anything else.”
“We could play mummys and daddys”
“How do you play that?”
“Easy, we just act like we’re grown-ups.” Must be a girls thing, so we start role-playing our parts, and it’s fun, in a twee kind of way, until I’m supposed to be leaving for work, so she puts my school tie around my neck, leans forward and puts her lips against mine.
Kissing your mum is one thing, but this was different. Softer, for the first part, and the associated hand-holding made it all the nicer. She didn’t seem to be breaking the kiss either, until I moved slightly and she broke away, smiling shyly.
“Um.. have a nice day at work honey” I get the hint and step outside the bedroom door. I’m outside for a couple of moments before I start to feel a bit awkward.
“What do I do now?” I whisper at the door. No answer, so I open it slowly and step back inside. I’m more than a little surprised to see she’s in my bed, with the covers pulled up all the way, so I can only see her face.
“Why are you in my bed?”
“Because that’s what grown ups do, they sleep in the same bed. You’ve had a long day at work so you can have an early night!” She’s beaming at me, so I take off the tie and move to get under the covers with her. “Wait! You can’t sleep with your clothes on!” I’m instantly terrified, and it must show. She whispers;
“You can keep your pants on.” I’m also glad mine were clean on as well this morning, so I sit on the bed and strip down to my underwear, sliding in beside her. It’s only a single bed but we’re only small, so there’s room for us both with a gap inbetween.
We’re laying there in silence, turning our heads to face each other every so often until she reaches over and holds my hand.
“Goodnight honey” and she leans over to kiss me again, It’s quicker, and more in-keeping with the roleplay. Again, awkwardness abounds until she suddenly takes a deep breath, lifts my hand and places it on her body. I’m not sure where she’s put it, but it’s warm, smooth and there appears to be a line in her flesh under one of my finge… oh.
Continue the story, please.
I shall

I turn to her to ask her what she’s doing, but she shushes me quietly and smiles, applying pressure to my hand. I feel a hand snaking its way towards me under the covers and finds its way onto my abdomen, before slipping under the elastic of my underwear and landing clumsily on my tiny under-developed twig and berries. An amazing sensation sweeps over me, and I can feel something getting considerably harder under her fingers. She feels it too as she lets out a little gasp and moves her fingers to let it breathe.
“Can I see it?” I’m really not sure, but she reassures me she won’t tell anyone, so I close my eyes and nod. The covers are whipped back and I’m very aware of how very warm the room has become. Nothing seems to be happening, apart from her lifting herself off the bed so she can look at my thing. The continued stillness makes me open my eyes and I see for the first time she’s naked, having removed her dress and hidden it in the bed beside her. My hand isn’t on her vulva anymore, but I’m still on her inner thigh as she stares at my penis, fascinated by it. Her hand moves up and she starts gently stroking it until it’s as erect as it can get. There’s no chance of ejaculation, so the fascination must start to wane.
“Do you want to look at mine?” I nod quickly. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking at, or what any possible enjoyment could be gained by looking at a girl’s thing, but something primordial inside kicks in and tells me this is exactly what I want to look at right now.
She moves over and lies on her back, with me beside her, up on one arm. I cast an eye over her nipples, showing the first signs of her oncoming puberty, but quickly move to her mound. There’s the tiniest dimple at the top of her slit, and for the longest time, I just stare.
i hate you OP
No you don't

“You can touch it.” I’m only too happy to oblige, and start to stroke the skin. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I notice her breathing is getting deeper, and she seems to breathe in quickly whenever I go near the dimple, so I concentrate there. In all honestly, it looks boring. Just skin with a slot, like a money box, but as I stroke more, she starts to part her legs, and I see it goes deeper, and there’s more shadow than I was expecting further down. My fingers trace the line all the way down and I’m actually alarmed at how warm it is, but she seems to be really enjoying it so I continue to rub my fingers along the line.
I realise can’t really see further down, so I start craning my neck when she lifts the leg closest to me, swinging it over my head and putting it on the bed behind my back. I sit up on my knees and look straight at her, sitting between her open legs. Now I can fully see what she wants to show me. Pink, moist, clean, fascinating. There’s an extra little tube of skin at top middle, which covers two little ridges of flesh, which come out of the tube and separate around the dark hole in her body that I find so intriguing. Later I’d realise these were her clit hood and labia, but sex ed was a long way off. I look at her face, she’s blushing, but smiling. One hand behind her head and the other across her ribs. She gives me a small nod, it takes me a few second before I realise she wants me to touch her again.
I’m starting to feel a little faint, probably due to all the blood leaving my brain and heading to my painfully erect penis, my little helmet fully unsheathed and gasping for air. I reach forward with both hands and stroke the sides of her vulva, causing her to shudder. My fingers trace the inside of her warm lips until a finger dips inside that hole at the bottom.
. I run a fingertip along the bottom edge and start to slide it in. I only get so far before I can’t go any further, her hymen holding me back.
Something instinctive stirs in the back of my mind. Suzie has a small, dark hole, and I have something that looks like it could fit in there snugly. I start to shift forward, lifting her knees. She looks confused but doesn’t protest as I get within a few centimeters. I take aim and gentle put the tip of my little fella inside. Obviously I have no idea what full sex is, and I only get it inside as far as my finger did earlier, and we sit there, just looking at each other.
“Did you just put it in me?”
“Only a bit. I think it’s supposed to go in there. I can take it out..”
“No, that’s ok, it’s nice.” She moves a hand down and starts slowly rubbing her lips, the side of her finger making contact with my shaft and it feels awesome. I feel like we could sit here forever, until;

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I jump so high I fall off the side of the bed, landing on a sharp piece of Lego we must have missed. Suzie lets out a small squeal and clutches the bedsheets to herself. Her mother has just entered the room and it staring at us. I’m desperately trying to cover myself, while frantically scouring the room to locate my precious underwear.
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guy incognito.gif
863KB, 320x240px
Oh well. I was really looking forward to part 2. Hoping it's a more adult occurrence. Is OP dead?
“Get your bloody clothes on!” Suzie extricates her dress from the bed and puts it over her head, standing up and covering herself. Only now do I notice she didn’t take her socks off. My mother bursts into the room, a little unsteady due to the wine.
“Whassup? What’s the problem?”
“Your Son was fucking my daughter!” My mum stares at her sister for half a second with bleary eyes, then bursts out laughing. Suzie’s mum doesn’#t seem to be getting the joke.
“Fucking? He’s 8! It’s about 2 inches long! They were just messing about.”
“Just messing about? He had his penis, Inside my 10 year old daughter’s vagina! That’s almost rape!”
“Rape? Don’t be fucking stupid! Your daughter’s the guilty one here,. She’s older than him…”

And thus ensued a very loud, colourful, and wine-addled slanging match, which included terms like ‘rapist’ and ‘whore’, neither of which I really understood at the time, but I reckoned they were bad. As the shouting continued, Suzie sidled up to me, unnoticed, and held my hand.
“I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”
“I’m not.” I turn to her and she’s close to tears.
“I can’t find my knickers.”
The shouting continues as we look under the bed and the lost item is found. Suzie holds them in her fist as her mother strides across the room and grabs her hand, shooting me a dirty look as she yanks my cousin away from me. My mum has already gone downstairs so I’m about to be left alone when Suzie breaks from her mother, rushes to me, gives me a quick kiss and pushes her knickers into my hand before whispering ‘bye’ and disappearing out the door.
A few minutes and more raised voices later, the front door is closed with a bang. I managed to get my tshirt and my underwear back on, but that was it, so when my mum comes back in the room I must look like a vision of misery as I burst into tears. She comes over and consoles me, telling me soothing half-truths about ‘she didn’t mean it’, and ‘it’ll all be forgotten in a week’. But it wasn’t. Not for another 6 years.

2 years ago:

My parents were always cool about the incident, putting it down to what it was, a couple of kids being curious about their bodies and play acting to find out more. My dad was a bit proud, I think, in a weird way. Sadly, it seemed Suzie’s mum wasn’t the forgiving type, and she never got in contact again for at least 6 years, when she phoned out of the blue. Mum took the call and the animation of her actions and gestures told me there were a few stages of reconciliation conquered, and when she put the phone down she was beaming.
Most things forgiven, we were all invited over for dinner. It would seem she realised we were just kids playing around, but she’s stricken with pride, so isn’t the type to readily admit she was wrong. All plans are changed and we start getting ready to go out. I immediately jump in the shower and scrub myself down, giddy in anticipation at seeing Suzie again. I’d tried to contact her via Facebook on a couple of occasions, but I only got one message back; ‘I’d better not, mum checks my friends. I miss you.’

And that was it.
We arrive at the house and there are tearful hugs as the sisters finally reunite. The dads shake hands with a look of exasperation and they all step inside, leaving Suzie on the doorstep to greet me.
Milk does the body good, I guess. She looks stunning, in another dress, very long hair held up in a headband, and what looks like at least c-cup. She bounces down the couple of steps and throws herself at me.
“I missed you so much!” I manage to regain my balance and hold her to me, her breasts pressing obviously against my chest.
“I missed you too” She gets off me and smiles broadly, giving me a quick kiss, then giggling as some of her lipstick has rubbed off. She wipes it off with her thumb then beckons me inside, explaining that’s she’d more or less nagged her mother into submission about burying the hatchet with my mum. She knew she’d gone too far, but as we’d guessed, she was too proud to admit she was at fault.
Around the dinner table, I’m apologised to as well. I accept it, but tell her I don’t really remember the incident, what with me being so young. I take a glance over at Suzie and she looks genuinely hurt. I try to reassure her non-verbally but she stops looking in my direction.

Dinner finishes, and the wine starts to flow again. I’m a bit bored, so her mother suggests Suzie finds something for the two of us to do. I’m getting definite cold-shoulder vibes, but she walks away, and I follow. Their house it quite large, and they have a rec room of sorts, with a dartboard, video games and a pool table. She sits down in a soft chair and deliberately picks up a copy of Top Gear magazine, looking without reading.
>>541804604“Anything wrong?”
“That doesn’t sound like a real ‘no’.” She looks up with a sad expression.
“Do you really not remember?” I simply smile, put a hand in my pocket and pull out a small bundle of white material. Her eyes widen like saucers as she stands up, taking her old knickers from me.
“I remember everything.” She laughs and puts her lips on mine again, but this time it’s a proper kiss, with arms and tongues. I’ve never actually kissed a girl like this before, so I let her lead, and it’s amazing. Biologically, it’s repulsive, when you think about it; knocking teeth, intertwining organs and fluid exchange, but it feels so awesome, our hands reach all over, before I find her backside, giving her buttocks a small squeeze, which generates a small laugh. We break away and compose ourselves, finally sitting down and having a good old catch up. We’re both still single, both still virgins, and amazingly similar when it comes to interests and hobbies. Seems she got over the Lego, and now she’s mental over K’nex, which takes a lot more brain power to create something that’s functional. She informs me she’s working on something in her room, and asks would I like to see it.
“Yes, really.”
“Are you sure your mum will be happy with us being alone in your room again?”
“I hope so, anyway, I’ve got a lock on the door these days.” I try to contain my excitement (even though another part isn’t that good at hiding), so we go back out to ask. Her mother is suspicious at first, but after reassurances of dignity and maturity, we head up to her room.
The door is barely closed before we’re kissing again, my hands in her hair and her hands on my arse. Finally, when our lips start to get sore we come up for air, still holding onto each other.
“So, where’s this k’nex thing then?” so she shows me. I’ve seen it before, sort off. It’s the ‘Big Ball Factory’, but it’s been cannibalised and extended and had bits added and taken away. It takes up a quarter of the room, from floor to ceiling, she flicks a switch and a plastic chain starts rattling around somewhere inside the structure and these little plastic red and yellow balls start making their way from the top to the bottom via various routes, the most impressive path being a loop-the-loop followed by a two-foot leap into a basket that’s only just bigger than the ball itself.
“Took me three days to get that bit right.”
“That’s amazing!” She tells me she wants to be an architect, and mucking around with this stuff is apparently recognised as baing a good starting point. We stand side by side, just watching the complicated mechanism working for several minutes. She takes a deep breath.
“Do you still think about it?”
“All the time.”
“Good memories?”
“Absolutely. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” She gasps. “Oh! No! I mean then! Not now! Not that I wouldn’t do it now… I mean..” Her expression melts and she laughs at my awkwardness, stepping in front of me, and in one movement, her dress is over her head and on the floor beside her. Her figure is breathtaking, with her developed hips and her well-defined boobs filling out her blue underwear beautifully. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, so stand there like a melon until she reaches behind her back and before I know it, her bra is off and her perfectly-shaped breasts are mere inches from my face.
So you're 16?
Now, yes

“They’re new!”
“Hardly, I started getting them when I was 11.” She reaches forward and untucks my shirt, pulling it over my head as I raise my arms before tossing that aside as well. She steps forward and her nipples come into contact with my skin, before more kissing commences and we start attempting to occupy the same space in time, all the while the click-clack of the machine continues behind us.
Without saying a word, she backs off and lays on the bed, removing her panties as she does.
“Wanna play mummys and daddys?” She lays back on her duvet, her lags slightly parted and I once again see that wonderful treasure I was once allowed to touch, only this time it’s very different. A small but dark tree of pubic hair covers her pubis, her lips are puffier than I remember, either from puberty of her obviously aroused state. She beckons me between her legs like before, but this time the exploring won’t be so innocent.
I immediately start stroking her inner thighs, getting close but not actually touching her pussy. I can feel her anticipation and frustration building, which she makes all the more obvious by spreading her legs further, displaying her maturity to me. It looks pretty much the same as I remember, only older, and more hirsute. I lay on my chest with my face about a foot away so I can give it a proper inspection. I’ve seen, and fapped to, enough online porn in my short life, but seeing one in person is something else.
Taking my cues from 6 years ago, I raise a hand and start stroking her lips, it’s actually hot to touch, deep, dark and inviting. Before long I find a finger poised at the entrance to her vagina and I enter, this time not held back by any virginal barrier and I penetrate her as far as I can go with only the minimal of resistence. Her back arches as I do, and the wave of arousal that sweeps over me is almost palpable, but I feel I have a duty to Suzie to give her what she wants first. One finger quickly becomes two, and I resist the cramp in my knuckles as I thrust them in and out of her as he hands scrabble at her breasts, kneading them furiously and pinching the nipples in a way that simply has to be painful, but I’m not hearing any complaints.
My fingers suddenly start to feel incredibly wet as she begins to shudder. I slow my tempo and taking a deep breath, move up and clamp my lips over her swollen clitoris. She almost swears as I start to work it with my tongue. I’d seen it in porn vids enough times so thought I’d have a go. Shje seemed to enjoy it as it wasn’t long before she started to buck, her hands grabbing the side of my head as a massive, violent vibration seemed to course through her body, before she collapsed down again. I slowly extract my drenched fingers and sit up, the look of contentment on her face is amazing. We stay in that position for a whilebefore she sits up herself.
“My Turn.”
“For what?” But she gets off the bed and pushes me back into the position she was just in. I don’t mind, it’s still warm from her body and very comfortable. I get a nice look at her perfect bum as she produces a white sheet from somewhere and lays it over me. I want to ask something but she shushes me before diving under the sheet from the bottom end.
i have a bad feeling about this
16. Well, shit.
My first sensation is my trousers and boxer shorts being removed. I’m glad to say, puberty treated me kindly as well, and I’m blessed with a modestly sized piece of equipment. It sounds like Suzie is also happy with it as there’s a sharp intake of breath as my boxers are cast aside.
My next sensation is soft fingers wrapping around my shaft, gently stroking up and down. It’s clumsy, but then again, I’m no expert. The helmet suddenly starts to feel amazing warm, but there’s no sensation of contact. Looking down it seems her head is directly over it, but she’s just breathing warmly over it as she continues to massage me. My balls start to twitch, and I can feel something start to happen, made more intense by the sudden feeling of a ring of contact around the girth just below the crown. This is too much and I get a slight stinging sensation as my body prepares to act against my will.
The first spurt happens when (I can only assume) I’m still inside her mouth, but the feeling of enclosure ceases as I feel myself come again and again. I’ve fapped before, but this was something else entirely. Eventually, I stop feeling my penis contract. I usually catch it in some tissue, or an old sock, but I have no idea where this deposit has ended up. My question is answered when the cover is thrown back and Suzie sits up, her lips and cheeks are plastered in thick dollops of white come, which now starts to drip off her face onto her breasts. She’s grinning stupidly and I can’t help but laugh, which she joins in with. She threatens to kiss me with her face covered, but I manage to fend her off gamely.
Finally, she gets cleaned off and we get dressed again, I take the opportunity to be chivalrous and help her on with her bra, giving her a few pecks on her neck as I fasten the damned complicated fastening, which she seems to enjoy. Clothes are found and donned, and the k’nex machine is shut off. We go back downstairs and no-one seems to bat an eyelid, not even her mother.

That was 2 years ago. We still meet up as much as possible, and we still have naked fun together, but we don’t think we’re going to have full sex. We’ve come close a few times, but she’s not on the pill and I’d be too embarrassed to buy condoms, so we’re happy just getting each other off, and as the Architect says, ‘We’ve become very good at it’.
What? No dinosaur?
Nope, No dinosaur. no Spaghetti, No Bel-Air.
Waste of fucking time.
is that her?

sadly, no
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Damn. You got me

Still, I hope you enjoyed it anyway

update nao
I want to believe
So cute story! I didn't fap but I really really liked the atmosphere.
Yeah, sorry.

No more updates, but there may be a non-Tasha's brother update in about 2 weeks

good for you

Sweet, thank you!
Thanks, Pete. Great story. It helped fill the gap there's been since you and others stopped writing their own stories.
someone suggested I should write something the other day for that very reason. There is a grain of truth in the tale though, at least I think there is. Youthful misadventures can be fuzzy. Wasn't a cousin though, just a family friend.
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64KB, 500x453px

That may have been me. Please keep writing stuff like this. There's an enormous void for quality wincest stories here. Even if they're only partially true, since the truer ones don't seem to be coming any more.
>mfw there will never be anything quite like the experiences of new updates for Tasha's brother again.
Why no more updates?
Promise to Amanda. It had to happen

If anything else sparks, you'll be the first to know

bed beckons. Night alll
Pity. Although you left lot of hints. I want to go over the files again and scan for some, just for the lulz of it. No doxxer though, so don't worry. Would love to buy one of your books though, loved your style and have been around since almost the beginning, though I did until now only read up to a few weeks after disneyland.
Props to you anyway, you seem like a great guy and I think a lot about your way of doing things lately (started to skim over the files again). In any case I wish you a great life, will you keep lurking?
Great story, bro!
Do you have a website dedicated to writing this shit cause I loved it.
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Thread images: 4

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