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Well, let's have another try at posting Zoe's Story Part 8. I'm

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Zoe's Story.jpg
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Well, let's have another try at posting Zoe's Story Part 8. I'm not entirely sure what happened with the threads earlier this week, but hopefully this time I will have more luck. There will be an updated Pastebin linked at the end, which may be a permanent one that is kept current.

Please bump with wincest stories and captions, cute girls, spiderman, etc. Or even just to let me know you're in the thread.

Pastebin for the story so far: eLAe1ZfE
Zoe’s Story: Part 8
The Neverending Zoey


>I didn’t say anything else to Zoe.
>I just cuddled with her, laying on top of her, but not putting too much weight on her.
>Of course, I was thinking a lot.
>And maybe freaking out a little, once I started to think about how many times I’d cum inside her so far.
>But Zoe seemed to get the idea now.
>If we got through this part without her getting pregnant
>then hopefully she would be able to get birth control pills.
>Everything would be fine then.
>Other than the risk of Mom, or Zoe’s friends, or someone else finding out about us.
>Not for the first time, I considered trying to put an end to this.
>It would be best for Zoe and me, and for our futures.
>Even if it was what neither of us wanted.
>I didn’t know how Zoe would react to me telling her no more sex.
>I suspect that her reaction would break her heart, and mine as well.
>It could actually lead to people finding out about us, rather than protect our secret.
>And could we really go back to “just” being brother and sister at this point?
>Despite my misgivings, Zoe was obviously focusing on our future.
>She clearly saw us being together for years.
>Perhaps even forever.
>Happily ever after.
>She wanted my baby, but was willing to wait years, until it could be done less suspiciously.
>A part of me was starting to think that her plan could even work.

>After a few minutes more of quiet cuddling, I finally had to break the silence.
>”Mom might be home soon.”
>Zoe sighs, and her arms squeeze me a little tighter.
>”I know. But thanks for this time, after we make love.”
>Then her arms release me, gently and reluctantly.
>Even more gently and hesitatingly I let go of my little sister, and move off of her.
>Zoe gets off of the bed, stretching a little bit once she’s standing up.
>I look at the bed.
>There’s a little Zoe-shaped damp spot on her bedspread.
>Zoe follows my gaze, and giggles.
>She pulls the cover off of the bed, and reverses it.
>You can’t see the spot anymore, and it still looks like a normal bedspread.
>”I’ll wash it tomorrow,” she says.
>Laundry, unlike cooking, was something Mom let Zoe take a more active role in.
>”Someone still needs to clean up after lunch,” Zoe says thoughtfully.
>”Someone,” she continues,” like you. Because it’s my turn to take a shower first.”
>She picks up her dress and starts to scamper past me, before I can argue with her.
>Instead, I impulsively grab her.
>She giggles, and tries to get away.
>At least, until I kiss her.
>Then she’s all melty and jailbaity in my arms.
>Both of us are really catching on to this whole kissing thing.
>Even if it still feels weirder than actually having sex.
>It was meant to be a quick kiss goodbye.
>It was rapidly threatening to lead to something more.

>Zoe was actually the voice of reason now.
>”Mom…” she says simply, pulling her mouth away from mine.
>But not too far away.
>She looks up at me now, growing passion in her eyes, despite her actions.
>”You’re right,” I tell her, and kiss her again, this time on the forehead.
>My talk to Zoe earlier had clearly gotten through to her.
>Ironically, the restraint I had fostered in her made me want her even more.
>She starts to walk past me again.
>This time I just give her a little slap on the bottom as she goes past.
>She jumps, and then turns at me with her normal mock indignation when I spank her.
>But I always got the impression she kind of liked it.
>And now that we were lovers, I think it kind of turned her on.
>And spanking her little ass had always kind of excited me as well.
>But then she sticks out her tongue at me, turns, and heads out of her room.
>She does pause at the doorway, and gives her ass a little wiggle at me, before she is gone.
>I sigh, and wrap the crappy condom in a wad of Kleenexes.
>I put on my clothes.
>I pick up the condoms and the Vaseline from Zoe’s bedstand.
>Leaving them there, for mom to see, would be extremely unfortunate.
>I go back to my room, and toss the Kleenex and broken condom in my garbage.
>Taking out the garbage is my chore, so I should be okay there.
>I put the condoms back into a drawer in my nightstand, along with the Vaseline.
>It belongs in the bathroom, but Zoe is in there.
>I don’t dare push my luck by going in there while she’s showering.
>It’s not much I’m afraid that Mom will choose that time to return.
>It’s more that I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave.
>Instead, I go back downstairs.
>I put away the leftover chicken, wontons, and fried race.
>The sweet and sour sauce goes onto the bottom shelf, where Zoe will find it easily if she needs it.
>Then I wash the dishes and let them dry in the sink.
IDs make this story a lot easier to follow and eliminates trolls pretending to be OP, but it appears that OPs have to claim their IDs once again.

Anyways on with the story, OP

Yeah, I seem to remember that they had changed things with IDs in the past so that OP didn't have to claim their ID. Then they did away with IDs. I'm glad to see they're back though, for the reasons you mentioned.


>I head back upstairs.
>True to form, Zoe is still in the shower.
>I go back to my room, and get on my computer while I kill time.
>For some strange reason, I’ve been spending less time browsing the internet and stuff lately.
>I’ve got emails to read, and social media to catch up on.
>Also not surprisingly, porn holds less of an interest for me recently.
>I still check it out real quick, because I’m only human.
>But seriously, for only a few minutes.
>Then I hear the bathroom door open, and Zoe comes bounding out.
>She sticks her head in the door.
>I close my browser quickly, because I don’t want to her to think I’m a perv.
>”Your turn!” She tells me brightly.
>Then she turns quickly and heads back to her room, leaving behind soapy, girly smells.
>I get up and head into the bathroom.
>As usual after Zoe has used the shower, it’s hot and steamy.
>Kind of like sex with my sister at its best.
>I take off my clothes, relieve myself in the toilet to clean the machinery, then hop in the shower.
>I just need a few minutes in there, to rinse away some of the more incriminating smells.
>The smells of sex upon me, mingled with the smells of my little sister.
>I also wash the remaining incriminating evidence from my cock.
>Although only Zoe and myself should have access to that.
>But you never know.
>Things have been a little crazy lately.
Helloooo Brother Red!

Hello! I tried to get word out that I would be posting at about this time, although I had to reschedule once. I don't know if some people are here because of the notice I tried to give, or just stumbled upon this. Either way, I hope people enjoy.


>I step out of the shower and dry myself off.
>The towel is still damp from my earlier shower, but still usable.
>A smiley face shows up in the fogged-up mirror now.
>Not quite eye level for me, since Zoe couldn’t reach that high.
>It makes me smile, because of the way Zoe kept thinking of little things like that.
>I smile again as I return to my room, and Zoe is there, sitting on my bed.
>”Mom still isn’t home,” she says.
>She looks towards the computer.
>”Maybe we could play Mass Effect 2 some more?”
>That actually sounded like fun.
>Gaming with Zoe had for many years been a source of fun for me.
>Above and beyond the fun of her sitting in my lap.
>It had started as this nosy little girl butting into my computer time.
>She’d sit on my lap, blocking my view and generally getting me killed.
>Zoe had been responsible for more corpse runs in WoW than Leeroy Jenkins.
>But as time went on, she got better at pushing the keys when I needed her to.
>I suddenly found that I was a better player when she was helping me than without her.
>We turned into a pretty good team.
>And when I got tired of WoW, our collaboration extended to other games.
>And honestly, by spending this much time with Zoe, I was becoming a better brother.
>At least… until the whole incest thing.
>Screwing my sister wouldn’t exactly win me a brother of the year award.
>Even though both Zoe and I really enjoyed it.
>And it hadn’t seemed to mess Zoe up too bad yet.
>Although I didn’t kid myself that I wasn’t taking serious risks with my sister’s mental health.
>But I think it would mess her up even worse now to try to stop things.
And this post here brings us up to what I had posted previously, I think. The stuff after this post should be the "missing" parts.


>I sit down at the computer, offering up my lap for Zoe.
>She smiles, bouncing off of the bed and coming over to me.
>She sits down in my lap with a minimum of unnecessary squirming.
>I’m looking forward to playing with her, in a non-sexual way.
>She seems anxious to return to the game as well.
>We’d both enjoyed ME1 immensely, and had gotten into what little we had seen of ME2.
>Zoe settles into my lap, her fingers already readying at the keyboard, even though the game is still loading.
>We play Mass Effect 2 for the next few hours, until Mom gets home.

>Mom is actually later than we expected.
>At some point, I think both Zoe and I realize we could have had a lot more sex.
>Nothing is actually said, though.
>And we actually do have a great time playing the game.
>Finally, after we’d lost track of the time, Mom gets back.
>We hear the door slam, and then Mom calls up at us.
>Zoe pauses the game, jumps out of my lap, and runs downstairs to greet Mom.
>A little more slowly, I follow behind her.
>Mom is already hugging Zoe.
>As usual, Mom apologizes for having to work on a Saturday.
>She always feels bad when work interferes with her being a Mom.
>But both Zoe and I know that she works so hard because of us.
>Mom’s sacrificed a lot for Zoe and me.
>She definitely loves the both of us.
>Which of course makes me feel even guiltier about nailing her daughter.
it's nice to see you again, I was told by a friend that you'd be on now. I'll be caping this thread and posting it in the album as usual

Awesome, and I appreciate the hard work. Now if only we could get part 7 capped, we'd be complete. I think that one still hasn't been capped.


>Despite obviously looking tired after a long day at the office, Mom says she’s going to make dinner.
>Both Zoe and I help Mom.
>I steer Mom into letting Zoe help more than normal.
>Zoe had expressed her desire to me earlier to learn to cook.
>Mom goes with it, and Zoe seems happy to be helping out more, and learning more.
>I think Zoe is still thinking way ahead, and towards being some kind of housewife for me.
>I think of a slightly older Zoe, welcoming me home from work with a martini.
>Yeah, I’ve watched too much television.
>But I think Zoe would actually do it if I asked her to, or even if she thought I’d like it.
>I don’t think there is anything that Zoe wouldn’t do for me at this point.

>Dinner is finished in record time, since it’s three of us working on it.
>It’s a nice family dinner.
>Standard small-talk and that kind of thing.
>Mom questions us about what we did today.
>Zoe does most of the responding.
>She innocently tells Mom about the non-sexual parts.
>She just as innocently makes up lies about what we did during the rest of the time.
>Mom seems more than satisfied with her responses.
>Then Mom promises that tomorrow will be a family day.
>Zoe looks happy about that.
>I am too, I guess, although that probably means no sex with Zoe.
File: redhead.jpg (37KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yup, let's hope that someone lurking has the caps
maybe a screen cap of the pastebin if no one else has it that will have to do
I might be able to do that and "fake" it in photoshop so that it looks good enough
no need to fake it just caps of the pastebins will do fine
File: red.jpg (64KB, 500x749px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you want to make it easy for me, yeah
yes i got here just at the right time! im always lurking in these threads so ill just say hi im joe

I did save the thread itself, because I like to capture the responses and stuff. I'm just not any good at the cutting and pasting and getting it all organized part.


>After dinner, we tell Mom we will do the dishes as usual.
>Mom gets up from the table, then goes over to the couch and sinks into it.
>She pulls up one of her tv shows on the DVR to watch.
>There’s a certain amount of overlap in our tastes in television.
>There are shows that we will watch together as a family.
>Either because we all like them, or we will at least all watch them.
>And Mom liked to encourage us spending time together as a family.
>Mom’s interests in some genres had rubbed off on us.
>But this isn’t one that either Zoe or I are interested in, so Mom watches it on her own.
>Zoe and I get to work on the dishes.
>This had always been a chore in the past, but now even this mundane task was fun with Zoe.
>I realize that I’m seriously falling in romantic love with my little sister.
>Combined with my purely brotherly love for her, I’m deeply invested in Zoe right now.
>Zoe has made it clear at every turn that she feels the same way.
>Which makes me love her even more.
>Zoe’s the first girl to really be in love with me.
>I’d been with a girl or two before, but just flings.
>And Zoe was far cuter than any of the other girls.
>Honestly, normally someone like Zoe would be out of my league.
>Guys like me don’t end up with girls like Zoe.
>Especially with the age difference.
>She’d probably never give me a second glance if we weren’t related.
>Ironically, the very thing that was supposed to keep us apart was what brought us together.
c'mon Red

Hi Joe, it's nice to see you

>We finish the dishes, not hurrying through them.
>We don’t say much while we work, and what we say is innocent enough.
>It’s hard not to sometimes glance at each other and smile stupidly though.
>At least it’s me that’s smiling stupidly.
>Zoe just kind of gives me doe-eyed smiles.
>And sometimes our fingers touch longer than is purely necessary when handing a dish over.
>But it’s not anything Mom would notice.
>Especially from the living room, while watching one of her shows.
>Zoe and I put away the last of the silverware, then clean the sink.
>Then Zoe tells Mom that she and I are going up to play games again.
>I’m not sure exactly what Zoe means by games, but I figure it’s a win for me.
>Although we’d made a rule about sex when Mom was there.
>Mom sleepily tells us that that’s fine.
>Zoe and I go upstairs.
>I’m prepared to tell Zoe that we shouldn’t do anything naughty while Mom is there.
>But Zoe is just interested right now in playing more Mass Effect 2.
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really?! well can you zip it and put it up somewhere so I can cap from that?
its archived get the caps from this
You truly are my nigga, Nix
I'll make sure to take over later btw, if it's needed

Working on it as we speak.


>Zoe and I power through more of the game.
>We have our missteps, and Zoe urges me to reload from a saved game a couple of times.
>She’s just as interested in the relationships going on as she is in the gameplay.
>It’s different this time though, because we’re playing male Shepherd.
>I realize that Zoe is trying to maneuver Shepherd towards Kelly.
>Kelly has red hair, just like Zoe.
>Oh, I think I get it now.
>Zoe even begins reading Kelly’s dialog aloud, barely audible over the words coming over the speakers.
>She has me stop to talk to Kelly after pretty much every other action.
>She seems disappointed whenever there isn’t some kind of progression.
>It’s kind of sexy, actually.
>Kelly is hot, although in my mind she can’t compare to Zoe.
>Mom comes upstairs before we can see how far Shepherd gets with Kelly.
>She looks tired, and I suspect she’s nodded off while on the couch at some point.
>I look at the clock, and realize that Zoe and I have been playing for hours.
>Mom tells Zoe it’s time for bed.
>Zoe protests, even though she knows it’s late, too.
>Mom isn’t having any of this, although she’s not too stern about it.
>Zoe gets off of my lap.
>She turns, and hugs me, then kisses me on the cheek.
>”Thanks for playing with me, Anon,” she says.
>Then she and Mom head to Zoe’s bedroom.
File: 6243.jpg (133KB, 400x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 400x535px
bumpin for extreme interest

>I double-check to make sure the game is saved, then exit out of it.
>I’m really enjoying the game, and especially playing it with Zoe.
>I actually owe everything with Zoe to the original game.
>It’s what resulted in Zoe and I having sex for the first time.
>I think it would have happened regardless, but it could have taken much longer.
>I also realize I need to start looking for new games for Zoe and me to play after this.

>Mom comes in a few minutes later.
>Zoe is apparently tucked in, and all that motherly stuff.
>”Don’t stay up too late, Anon,” Mom tells me.
>”It’s family day tomorrow, starting with breakfast.”
>I tell her I won’t stay up too late.
>She kisses me on the cheek, then heads to her own room.
>I decide to putz around on computer for a bit.
>I realize that I don’t really have a good reason to stay up any longer.
>It never stopped me in the past.
>Tonight though, I decide to just go to bed at a decent time.
This is going a lot better than last time
File: (2MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, px

Definitely. And here's the link to the zip I made of part 7. Let me know once you've got it, and I will delete it.

I forgot, are these recent events or did this happen years ago?
Redheads and wincest, heck yeah
Aaaaaaaand done.
Thanks Red, I'll try to make a cap tomorrow

Around two years ago, give or take.


Great! I know a lot of people prefer the screencaps to the pastebins. Pastebin just doesn't have the right feel to it.


>Wake up to the smell of bacon, and a handjob.
>Sit up partially and look around.
>I don’t see the bacon, but Zoe is there rubbing my cock.
>”Mom said to get you up for breakfast,” she says, smiling.
>”And it looks like you’re up, so…” she lets go of my cock.
>Smiling sweetly, she turns and leaves the room, heading downstairs.
>I’m not even mad.
>I am really horny, though.
>But it’s hard to be mad at Zoe, and even her sexual teasing was kind of cute.
>Tuck my painful boner back into my pants, trying to figure out how to hide it.
>Even better, trying to figure out how to take a much-needed piss with that thing.
>Try to think unsexy thoughts as I limp to the bathroom.
>Zoe had left a pair of panties lying on the bathroom floor, foiling my efforts.
>I’m pretty sure she did that on purpose.
>Ignore them as best I can, stick my dick under cold tap water.
>It might be faster to jack off quickly to take care of this boner.
>But that seems like a waste of an orgasm, and of cum.
>And it also somehow feels like being dishonest to Zoe.
>Instead, I count down back from twenty while trying to blank my mind.
>Finally succeed in losing enough boner so I can piss properly, which helps immensely.
>Wash my hands, then follow the smell of bacon downstairs.
>Zoe’s sitting at the table, looking longingly at a plate full of food in front of her.
>There’s bacon, scrambled eggs, and Crunchberries cereal for Zoe.
>Bacon, bacon, eggs sunny-side up, and toast for me.
>Mom generally won’t let us eat until everyone is seated at the table.
>Zoe may have been rethinking her teasing handjob now.
>Take my time walking to the table.
>Zoe looks at me pleadingly.
>I sit down, and Zoe begins stuffing her cute little face.

>As we eat, Mom tells us that we’re going shopping today.
>She got a bonus at work, so she’s spending some of it on us.
>I’m usually not big on shopping, and malls are kind of dated now.
>Still, a day out with Zoe and Mom won’t be that bad.
>We finish our food.
>Mom tells me to shower and get ready.
>She and Zoe will do the dishes, as they’re both cleaned up and ready to go.
>I head back upstairs, shower, and get dressed.
>I head downstairs, where Mom and Zoe are waiting.
>We pile into the minivan, and head to the mall.
>As could be expected these days, it’s not that crowded.
>And as with previous shopping trips, it turns into watching Zoe try on lots of clothes.
>I don’t mind as much this time.
>There’s the usual cute dresses for Zoe.
>She also tries on some more revealing stuff, of which there is apparently a lot of in her size.
>Mom is less happy with that, but Mom has trouble saying no to Zoe, too.
>She talks her down into just one or two of the racier stuff, for special occasions.
>Zoe is acting like she’s putting on a fashion show for the two of us.
>Although I know it’s mostly for me.
>That doesn’t stop some other guys from noticing.
>Zoe has attracted a couple of discrete admirers.
>Struggle to keep annoyance to brother level, and not beyond.
>Stare daggers at them one by one until they get uneasy and leave.
>I’m older than them, anyway.
>Then Zoe goes out to fetch more stuff to try on.
>Comes back with some bras and panties.
>Mom frowns and takes one or two sets and sets them aside, saying they’re too adult for Zoe.
>Then she gives me a $20 bill and sends me to get some smoothies while Zoe tries the rest on.
Don't I know it, it feels just that tiny bit more real to read the actual posts
was gonna pass out. spotted this threat and jumped in, no sleep for me then... nice to have u bk red. good work, and bk to lurking

Thanks for staying up. I hope you're not disappointed.


>I’m disappointed that I’m not allowed into the changing room with them.
>But I’m consoled by the fact that I’ll likely get to see most of this stuff at some point.
>I know that most of Zoe’s modeling has been for my benefit anyway.
>And I also know the reason for her looking for slightly more grown-up clothing.
>That consoles me, and warms me up inside as I head to the food court.
>Then the smoothie consoles me, and cools me down inside as I head back.
>No sign of Mom and Zoe yet.
>I figure they’re still inside, with Zoe trying on more underwear.
>This quickly leads to thoughts of Mom and Zoe making out in the changing room.
>Then thoughts of me joining them.
>Then I decide it’s best to hold my smoothie between my legs until my boner dies.
>Just in time, Mom and Zoe return.
>They’ve already checked out, and are carrying multiple bags between the two of them.
>It looks like Zoe probably got most of what she wanted.
>Zoe starts handing me some of her bags to carry.
>Mom won’t let me carry one of the bags, but hands me some of her own bags.
>I offer them their smoothies in return.
>We sit down and enjoy our smoothies.
>Then we shop for me.
>It’s much more straightforward.
>Try on one pair of jeans.
>Yep, it fits.
>Get three more in the same size.
>Find some shirts I like in my size.
>Don’t even try them on.
>Zoe picks out a shirt for me.
>Not my usual style.
>I try it on, because of Zoe.
>Doesn’t look too bad.
>Mom says it looks nice.
>Zoe says I look handsome.
>I have to buy it now.
impossible to be disappointed, loved every post
ive got uni in the morning but this is too good to miss
Another Anon, enjoying the read.

Thanks. I love hearing that people are enjoying reading these things.


>Zoe suggests another shirt, and some pants.
>Fancier than what I would wear normally, but I still try them on.
>I already know that I’m going to buy them, whether I like them or not.
>I actually look okay in them.
>I run and grab some socks and underwear before Zoe can pick something out for me there.
>I’m also conscious of not wanting to spend too much of Mom’s money.
>I’d rather see more of it spent on Zoe.
>Still, Zoe starts looking at more men’s shirts.
>Turn to my Mom.
>”Hey, Mom, what are we going to do for lunch?”
>Mom looks thoughtful.
>Zoe stops looking at shirts.
>The mention of food has successfully distracted her.
>Mom suggests Applebees, since there’s one located at the end of the mall.
>I’m okay with that, as they have decent burgers, compared to standard mall food court stuff.
>Zoe agrees too, as she likes their chicken strips.
>We drop our shopping bags off in the car, then come back in.
>I have my burger, fries, and a coke.
>Zoe has chicken strips, fries, and some sprite with grenadine and lots of cherries.
>Mom has a salad, margarita, and then a desert brownie.
>Afterward, Mom lets me drive home.
>She’s not drunk or anything.
>But with just the one car, I don’t get a chance to drive much.
>I drive home without any major incidents.
>Such as crashing the car.
>Or Mom somehow finding out Zoe and I are sexually active with each other.
File: 1349470482261.png (88KB, 295x321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 295x321px
>This all happened because of Mass Effect

>I carry the bags inside and to the laundry room, other than the one bag that Mom makes Zoe carry.
>I know its new underwear for Zoe, but Mom’s actions still seem kind of strange.
>She seemed a little ill at ease getting more grown-up clothing for Zoe.
>Zoe has always been her baby.
>But Mom also seems to acknowledge that Zoe is getting older.
>Even if she doesn’t know exactly how adult some of Zoe’s actions have been.
>Zoe starts washing the new stuff, as laundry is one of her main chores now.
>When she gets back, we start watching tv.
>We’ve got some shows saved on DVR from the entire week.
>Between shows, Zoe goes to check on clothes.
>We get caught up on tv, then Mom makes dinner.
>Two nights of home-cooked meals is kind of a rarity.
>Mom often picks something up on her way home from work.
>Zoe helps with the cooking again, while I watch tv.
>Then it’s time for a good dinner, followed by Zoe and me doing dishes again.
>Mom then announces its movie night.
>She’s picked up a movie on Blu-Ray that none of us have seen.
>It’s an animated movie, Pixar or Disney or something.
>This means it’s another family “thing” going on.
>Zoe goes upstairs to get ready.
>Comes back down wearing a pink nightgown and a princess hat.
>It’s a conical hat, like in the movies.
>We picked it up several years ago at Disneyland.
>It’s a little too small for Zoe’s head now, but she still drags it out for any animated movie, Disney or otherwise.
>Paired with a nightgown, she does look kind of princess-ish.
>We all know she’s a little old for this, but it’s become a family tradition.
>Mom makes some popcorn, and then we watch the movie.
Getting laid by videogames is alpha as fuck dude

>Zoe cuddles up against Mom, which is her normal movie-watching position.
>At least, for movies that don’t involve people having sex.
>There’s been a couple of different positions she’s tried during and after those.
>Even as tame as her current cuddling with Mom is, I wish she was cuddling with me.
>I ignore it though, and just watch the movie.
>I keep stealing glances at Zoe every now and then.
>It’s been a long day, and a long weekend, and she seems to be getting tired.
>The princess hat comes off after a bit, since it’s too small for her to wear for too long anyway.
>Then she begins yawning.
>She doesn’t quite make it to the end of the movie.
>Her eyes are closed, and her mouth is slightly open.
>As the credits start to roll, Mom gently extricates herself from Zoe.
>Mom says she’s going to take a quick bath while she has time.
>I see Mom grab some dark chocolates from the cupboard.
>She pours herself a glass of red wine.
>She starts heading for the stairs.
>She turns towards me before going up.
>”Carry your sister upstairs, Anon,” Mom tells me.
>”Put her to bed; I’ll check on her later.”
>I scoop Zoe’s limp body up in my arms.
>I carry Zoe upstairs and see Mom go into her room, shutting the door behind her.
>I look down at Zoe in my arms.
>She looks all cute and innocent when she’s sleeping, and sexy too, of course.
>”Don’t fuck your sister, Anon,” I tell myself.
>”Don’t fuck your sleeping sister again, Anon,” I repeat.
>I bring her into her room, and carefully put her into her bed.
>”Don’t fuck her, Anon,” I keep thinking.
>I start to pull the covers up over Zoe.
>Zoe opens her eyes.
>”Are we going to have sex then?”
i'm enjoying this read
I feel for you thankfully iv got tomorrow off but some of the past posts iv had to do the same.



I've got classes in the morning too, but it's still relatively early here.


>Zoe doesn’t seem sleepy at all.
>”Zoe, were you faking being asleep?”
>She looks a little guilty.
>”Maybe. A little…”
>My suspicions of her faking being asleep before so I would carry her are confirmed.
>”So, Anon, were we going to have sex?”
>Zoe looks up at me hopefully.
>I know I shouldn’t.
>”Mom was going to check on you, Zoe…”
>Zoe giggles.
>”After her bath. She took chocolate and wine, Anon.”
>She looks towards where Mom’s bathtub would be.
>”She’s probably lighting candles now, and getting one of her books.”
>She turns back to me.
>”She’ll be in there for almost an hour.”
>Yeah, based on past precedent, that’s almost certainly true.
>I still know we shouldn’t do this, so I offer stupid resistance.
>”I don’t have a condom handy, Zoe. They’re back in my room.”
>Yeah, I could go back to my room, so not a terribly good excuse.
>Maybe I wanted to offer weak excuses, for obvious reasons.
>Still, Zoe looks disheartened, like this is a huge obstacle.
>Then a surprised look comes over her face.
>She reaches down the front of her nightgown.
>Her hand comes out, holding one of the condoms I had bought.
>Her hand goes up to her cheek.
>”My goodness, Anon! How did that get in there?”
I can catch up on sleep later, i cant be in this thread later
1:13 here in the UK
2:15 austria

>Then she giggles, and shakes the condom at me.
>I wonder how I missed not seeing that through the fabric of her nightgown.
>I could make out her nipples earlier, if I looked hard enough.
>I also wondered how she could support the presence of a condom with her cleavage.
>Then she’s sitting up and fumbling with my zipper.
>”Zoe, we don’t have time.”
>”We don’t always have to take a long time making love,” Zoe says.
>She’s got my cock out of my pants.
>”We can do it fast this time, even though Mom will be a while.”
>She’s doing a good job of convincing me.
>And it’s not like I needed much persuasion.
>She tries to open the condom, but needs to use her teeth to open it.
>Then she takes it out, and starts putting it over my hard cock.
>She has even less experience with condoms than I do.
>Still she seems to manage to get it on okay.
>All pretense of resistance on my part is gone.
>We had promised not to fuck while mom was home.
>But Mom was going to be taking a bath for a while now.
>And like Zoe said, we didn’t always have to have long, leisurely screws.
>The softness of Zoe’s bed could be an issue again.
>I kneel down beside it, then carefully grab Zoe’s legs, pulling her towards me.
>She pulls up the edge of her nightgown as I do so.
>She’s still sitting, although her legs are spread apart a ways.
>As to be expected from her level of planning thus far, she wasn’t wearing panties.
normally up till 2 or 3 but thought I'd have an early night tonight kinda glad it didn't work out.
my thoughts exactly

not too late/early luckily
>”My goodness, Anon! How did that get in there?”
Your sister is one sly devil, Red

>I pull her closer to the edge of the bed.
>I let her ass sit right at the edge of the bed, her legs dangling off the edge.
>Her bed is high off of the floor, which puts it at a good height for what we’re going to do.
>I trace her slit with my fingers, and can tell she’s as excited as I am.
>”Hurry, Anon,” she tells me.
>Whether it’s because she’s worried about Mom, or because she’s horny, I don’t know.
>I pull her legs farther apart, and move up between them, still kneeling.
>Zoe drapes her arms over my shoulders, scooting closer to me.
>She’s in danger of falling off the edge of the bed.
>I move closer, saving her from the risk of falling onto her ass by grabbing onto it with one hand.
>This lets me hold her in place on the edge of the bed.
>Then I move closer, guiding my cock to her opening.
>Zoe spreads her legs even farther apart, trying to move even closer to me.
>I rub the tip of my cock up and down her, getting the end of it lubricated.
>”Hurry!” She pleads, her tone even more urgent.
>I move my hips forward, feeling her pussy open before me as I slide in.
>Zoe moans in pleasure, closing her legs slightly now to squeeze my hips.
>The bed is still as soft as ever, but she’s sitting on the very edge now.
>Plus I’ve got one hand under her ass, holding her in place.
>Now that I’m safely inside her, I grab her ass with the other hand too.
>I’m holding her in place with those two hands on her soft, firm.
>I’m also partially supporting her.
>She barely moves on the bed at all as I start fucking her.
this is gold
take over archiving

>“Remember, fast is okay tonight,” Zoe whispers to me.
>“I just need to cum, to tide me over.”
>“It may be a few days before we can do this again.”
>Yeah, finding time to fuck without tipping Mom off could be tricky.
>Especially with the no after-school sex promise.
>I fuck her faster and harder than I normally would.
>I’m thrusting into her, while also pulling her back and forth with my hands on her ass.
>She seems more than ready for it, taking my cock nicely, even with her tightness.
>She was fully aroused before we even started, and if anything, seemed to be trying not to cum too soon.
>She starts moaning now, louder than she should, even with Mom probably playing the radio in her bathroom.
>”Zoe, not so loud,” I tell her, although I don’t slow down my thrusting as I do so.
>”I know, I know,” she says, trying to contain her sounds.
>She is quieter then, but not completely silent.
>Little noises keep escaping her throat.
>Little moans, gasps, and some muttered words keep coming out.
>”Fast is okay,” she tells me again, whimpering this time. “Fast…”
>Encouraged, I fuck her harder now.
>Not enough to hurt her, at least with her current level of sexual experience.
>This would have been too much for her a few days ago.
>This needs to be quicker than we’ve done it before, though.
>Despite both of our natural urges to draw things out.
>We probably do have a lot of time before Mom gets out of her bath.
>But there’s no sense taking chances.
>And both of us seem to be enjoying this faster, more frenetic sex as a change of pace.
will do

Got here a bit late, glad you're giving it another go. Looking forward to reading the pastebin!
its archived if you want. i posted the link

Thanks. I'll be putting a new link for it up at the end.


>Zoe’s starting to get louder now.
>I don’t have the heart to shush her this time.
>Mom probably couldn’t hear anyway.
>She’s in her whirlpool tub, possibly with the jets going.
>She’s probably got her mp3 player in the dock, playing Mom music.
>Besides, we’re almost done.
>Then she grabs onto my shoulders, and leans back, held up by her hands.
>She can’t hold back from cumming anymore.
>I think she was waiting for me, but then got pushed over the edge.
>I’m not too far behind her though.
>Two more thrusts into her quivering pussy, and I also start to cum.
>I feel the relieving sensation of releasing into a condom.
>Even though there’s also a tinge of disappointment as well.
>I hope to God Zoe can get on the pill soon.
>I want to fill her pussy with my seed again.
>I know she wants me to do the same, pill or not.
>These thoughts cause me to erupt again, although far less.
>The condom seems to be holding.
>Mom hasn’t come running into the room, so apparently we weren’t too loud.
>I’m feeling much better now that I’ve cum.
>Zoe seems much more relaxed now, too.
>She pulls herself back up by her arms, closer to me.
>She kisses me softly on the lips.
>”Thanks, Anon,” she tells me.

>She looks down between us.
>”Did it work this time?” She asks.
>I pull my cock out.
>The condom looks intact.
>”Good,” Zoe says. Her smile is cheerful enough, although maybe a little forced.
>She scoots back onto the bed, and swings her legs back under the covers.
>I pull off the condom, and wrap it in Kleenexes again.
>”Will you tuck me in?” Zoe asks me, changed from lover to little sister again in just a few seconds.
>I smile, and pull the sheets up around her.
>I give her a chaste kiss on the cheek, which she returns.
>”Love you,” she says simply, smiling angelically at me.
>”Love you, too.” I reply, giving her one last kiss on the tip of her nose.
>Then, I get to my feet, but carefully, because my knees are sore.
>I crack the window in her room just a bit, to let some fresh air in.
>We weren’t at it long, so neither of us worked up a sweat, but I wanted to be careful.
>I also turned on her ceiling fan.
>Then, leaving her with some reluctance, I carefully walk out of the room, closing her door most of the way.
>I enjoyed spending the night in the same bed as her before, and missed that feeling.
>I head back to my room, throwing the wad of Kleenexes into the garbage again.
>It’s still early, so I do some homework I’d been blowing off.
>I hear the sound of water draining through the pipes.
>Mom must be done with her bath finally.
>It seems like Zoe and I could have fucked for much longer.
>But better safe than sorry, I guess.

>A few minutes later, I hear Mom in the hallway.
>She goes into Zoe’s room, and I’m a little nervous.
>For a second I’m sure she’ll know what we did.
>Instead, she walks out a minute later, instead of running.
>She knocks on my door.
>”Come in!”
>Cracks my door open a bit.
>”Goodnight,” she tells me.
>”Goodnight, Mom.”
>She pauses.
>”Thanks for humoring Zoe when we were shopping today. But those were some nice clothes she picked for you.”
>I feel myself blush a little.
>”No problem, Mom.”
>She pulls the door shut again.
>I sit back in my chair then, relieved that Zoe and I went another day without being discovered.
>We’d only been at this for a few days now, though.
>How long could we keep this a secret?
>We’d already taken some dangerous chances already.
>I knew we’d have to be more careful.
>I mentally told myself absolutely no more sex when Mom was in the house.
>I’d told myself that before though.
>If Zoe were persistent, there were a lot of promises she could get me to break.
>But for Zoe, I would have to be strong.
>Even though she was more mature in some ways than I knew,
>ultimately, she was still barely a teenager, and still my little sister.
>It was still my job to look after her, both as brother and her… boyfriend.
>Even if I was failing her as the first, I resolved to be better at the second.
>Mentally, I steeled myself for the next few days.
>It might be a few days before we had the chance for anything more than a blowjob.
>At least, if we stuck to our rules.
>But rules, like the one against fucking your sister, were made to be broken.
part 8

pastebin com/4B3Cjy42

there ya go OP
thank you for returning and delivering had given up all hope to be honest but you pleasantly surprised me
That was great! You don't feel like doing a double update?
File: 1354799474184.jpg (69KB, 634x776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 634x776px
What's it like writing this?
another awesome update



As long as people are interested in hearing the story, and I don't make any dangerous slips again in the future, I plan on continue writing.


I've got some stuff started for the next update, but only a little bit, and writing it on the fly takes way too long. When I did that with the first 2-3 parts, this lasted all night.
Understood, will you be back next weekend?
great work mate. gonna head to bed as your all done but I'll be sleeping very happy. all the best.
does this story have an ending or is it still going on?

It's both extremely exciting at points, to the point of my needing to take breaks to relieve the tension, so to speak. At the same time, this often makes me extremely homesick, if that makes sense at all.


I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback. That's what I love about posting this live.
Always interested great work! gonna hit the rack now. take care
But if you want to put in the effort, it would be appreciated /b/ro.
No need now, Red posted the saved page so I can do it the easy AND good way now.
File: 1349461613897.jpg (17KB, 250x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 250x238px
>breaks to relieve the tension, so to speak.
Btw for anyone who wants to read caps instead of pastebins


I'm going to try to get home next weekend. The old classmate I sometimes get rides with is going home, and by working last night, I think I can get next weekend off. Still, I might be able to post Sunday night again, as I'm usually back by that time.


Thanks for staying, and get some good sleep.


It's still going on. I know there's going to be an ending of sorts at some point, and Zoe knows that too, I think, but that's still off in the future.


Thanks, you too.
I'll be awaiting your return

OP you have kept me reading, and that's a thing many published authors can't do... but then again they don't tend to write about fucking their sisters
thats good to hear, but now i need sleep. till next time! - Joe

It will probably be the same time next week. If not, I'll try to let people know in the other various wincest threads that pop up, which I often lurk in.


Thanks for continuing to read. And perhaps more publshed authors should write about fucking their sisters. Incest worked for George RR Martin.
Looking forward to it. Thanks for the effort anon.
Oh boy, I can't wait

No problem, and I just capture the greatness of Red. But check in tomorrow or so and hopefully the album will be up to date

My thanks to you and all the others that stayed up very late for this. Hopefully I can get away from posting on a night before work or school for so many people, but lately Sundays have just been what's working out for this stuff.


Thanks again for the hard work. I look forward to seeing the result, and sharing it when people ask.
>>No problem, and I just capture the greatness of Red. But check in tomorrow or so and hopefully the album will be up to date

what time?
Completely archived.
It feels good to give something back to you after all your hard work of writing this awesome story for all of us anons, really, thanks.

Well I would guess no later than 11 PM CET, but probably a lot earlier, but that's a good deadline for me.

It's so cool for me to see the entire thread archived. I like being able to go back and read all the responses in the thread after the fact. Thanks, Anon.
Oh, on a slightly related note, and just because I found this so incredibly awesome when someone posted it last night, I will share this Vocaroo someone posted last night. Many of you have heard it before, I'm sure, but I'm sure others haven't.

OMGF that voice, i want that whore's mouth on my incest hardened cock
I got a present for you bro

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fuck u spiderman, always following me and shit
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