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Hey, /b/ >About a week ago, make a wincest thread that was

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Hey, /b/
>About a week ago, make a wincest thread that was mostly just me venting about drama that happened with my sister
>Get whiny so I call her and text her repeatedly for the first time in a few days
>She decides to stop ignoring me
>We talk on the phone for a few minutes
>Decide I'm going to fly up to her city and see her as soon as possible
>Promise a few /b/ros I'll update them on what happened
>Make this thread
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first, a recap
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one more left
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My body is ready
What happened when you flied over to your sister?
First off, I just sent her a text and said I was there
A cab took me to a hotel I'd booked, and because it was about 4 am, I just went to sleep until noon
It was fucking freezing, though. I don't understand how the northern /b/rothers stand it
I started leaving the shower running hot to heat the bathroom as I dressed myself. Ridiculous
did the issue between you and her bf got resolved? did she plan on leaving him for you?
The issue is sort of resolved. Sort of. The answer is "mostly no"
elaborate? greentext? so are you flying back now or something?
I flew back hours ago.
Right now, I'm at Friend's house, because I don't want to be alone and because we're holding a party tomorrow

That's literally the worst part of the story. The very last thing I want to get to is the dramatic, teary climax. If I talk about that first, it'll be the only thing I talk about
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Fucking shit where are all the people at? bump with a random pic
what the hell

Either still reading, or waiting to see if this gets gud with greensext
fuck OP
I came here to fap and now im gonna get feels. I read your original thread from start to finish and the feels were so strong. Let me have those feels with you, i need this
Just greentext everything since your arrival up to now I guess? even the little details related between you and your sis
I don't need this. I almost regret meeting her. ahahahaha

Okay, I'm gonna start from when she came to pick me up
bumping again
Are you still on good terms with her tho? Also, don't try to be seduced again by her bro (ya never know?) in the future
I'll bump this shit frontpage
When I'm recapping a conversation

>Be noon
>It's like 39 degrees out
>Testicles fell off the moment I stepped out of bed
>Probably would have been better off if that were literal, and not a little lie to emphasize how fucking cold it was

>She's been outside, ready to pick me up for about five minutes
>I've been inside, brushing my teeth over, and over, and over again
>Also, gagging
>I'm not nervous about seeing her, but I'm nervous about the talk

>Walk outside
>I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, and a jacket over a hoodie
>Not sure if I'm shaking because cold or scared
>Get in her car
>Don't look at her
n-nice car, femanon
>"Don't be awkward as soon as we get together, dude. Don't make this hard"
Sorry. Ah. What are we doing?
>We go to buy clothes, and get food

slow start, I know, but gimmie a chance
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bump with random pic again
>I've only seen snow once before
>I was 10
>It was on a mountain with my brother
>My family forgot me on the mountain, and drove away without me
>I used to romanticize snow, but that memory in combination with what's happened recently has ruined snow for me

>Femanon and I go to a ridiculous, hipster coffee shop
>All of the employees are tatt'd, and have gauges
>I think all of them were gay
>I don't mind gays
>This was just so fucking hipster
>They all know her
>She walks in and it's like Queen Hipster has arrived
>Three people try to take our order, and everyone else stands there talking
>Femanon orders some coffee drink using words I can't even remember
...do they have hot chocolate?
>"Yeah. I need a mid hot cocoa with light peppermint"
>Get handed my drink
>They wrote "Femanon's little brother" on the cup
why not just use her name OP? i mean i remember it but i wont fuck it up for you OP i need this thread.
>It was on a mountain with my brother
you have a brother op?
How did you avoid telling us about your brother in the last thread?
>Femanon lives in a huge city, but she's got all these little spots of her own
>Femanon takes me to one of the stores that sells her clothing line
>People freak the fuck out
>Once again, Queen has arrived
>She introduces me and everyone tells me how great it is that I'm related to her
>They yap about how they've almost sold out of her clothes
>She shows me some shirts she made
>$90 for a small tshirt
Holy fuck. You get $90 for this?
>"Actually the store only pays me $50. But that's the cost of handmade clothing. It's not a wonder people prefer clothes from sweatshops"
>All of the employees start swaying with depression
>They stop and talk for a half hour about the horrors of sweat shops
>I've never seen an American look so miserable over the state of the Chinese

this might seem irrelevant, but I want to emphasize how well liked my sister is
>They wrote "Femanon's little brother" on the cup
Did she put them up to this
My brother is 36, and lives in another state with his wife and kids

Neither my brother nor my parents are aware I'm even talking to >>530185071 Lexi
No. You don't understand what this was like for me
People were effectually congratulating me on being related to her. As far as they were concerned, my worth was directly related to how much blood I shared with her. It's like I wasn't my own person
People WORSHIP her
moar pls
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u got unlimited cash from your dad & your sister

you practically have a sister who is a celeb in the state + you fucked her (more than once as well)

even though she's being cold to you now that she snapped back to real life, you're always going to know that she wants you and your D, and the way she acts to you is only because she's trying to suppress her feels for you

u won at fucking life

even if it goes downhill from here, u won
Actually, I'm going to emphasize something else, here

>I live at home right now
>My parents didn't question why I was gone for a week
>The most I heard was "Hey. I haven't seen you."
>They don't know Friend's name, although she's my best friend and I'm with her all of the time. and have been for a year
>I've only seen my brother once a year since I was a little boy, and only for a week at a time
>My parents forgot my on a mountain, and my brother was with them when it happened
>My family is not close
>A big part of wanting to know Lexi came from wanting to have some sense of a normal family
>Fucked that up a bit
I know I won, but, at what cost?

Unlimited cash from my dad--what? Where did you get that from? I pay $250 to live here, and I only eat what I buy (from a minifridge in my room). My parents don't support me any more than they feel obligated to, and they would stop letting me board up for cheap if I ever showed any sign of being lazy
It seems harsh to say this but it would be really better of with you not ending up with your sis because of all the stuff that happened when you were a child. It's not just a healthy relationship (and not just because of incest)
OP, is Lexi actually in love with her BF or is she with him for stability? Also, is your sister a hipster? If she is and in the last thread you said you guys had a lot in common then, does that mean you are a hipster too?

think this way. she was still gonna have to leave even if you kept as friends, and you weren't gonna be as close as you were with her. that's what you wanted right from the start wasn't it, to be close to her. you could've been forgotten after she left and came back, but now she's going to be thinking about you even when she comes back, you opened up more chance for yourself to be close to her by having sex with her imo, it's a double win for you
you said your dad was a wealthy businessman

why the fuck aren't they supporting you
>Finally arrive at her house
>It's cement on the sides
>Red brick up front, emphasized by blue paint around the windows and on the door
>Has a little black iron fence, and a small front yard, and a small backyard
>It's near an overpass
>The walls around the overpass are covered in street art
>I'd show you a picture, but I know one of you fucks would figure out where she lives from it

>Walk inside
>Nearly everything is old styled
>Bookshelves and books where ever she can neatly fit them
>Couch is blue with white trim
>Wallpaper is blue, with white boarding
>TV is a massive 60 inch wall mounted over a 200 gallon salt water fish tank with a glass top
>She's using the fish tank as a place to hold her cable box, and her consoles, and about 20 more books
I found, unfortunately, she does love him
I'm not a hipster. I appreciate a lot of things like organic food, and reading, and old stuff, and equality, and even photography, but I haven't found a way to make that crap into my lifestyle. I don't have tattoos, and I'll never want a beard, and that's like, required for hipster men

Because my dad didn't become a wealthy businessman by having his dad coddle him, they say
Not like it matters. I landed a good job, and my room is 20x20. I've got lots of space, and I live cheaply
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2MB, px
what the fuck
my condolences OP. I'm sorry for the loss of what could have been an amazing story of incest love. I will mourn what could have been and hope you can find a girl as awesome as your sister sounds if that's possible.
Needed somewhere to upload something, come at me bro.
Is it weird all I can think about now is "stephipster"?

Anyway, she seems quite cool with random encounters, so if anything you have a place to crash occasionally and build up from there.
>Her kitchen has roosters in it
>And vegan cookbooks
>And there are motivational sentences made out of magnets
>And the table is made out of green paint, intentionally chipped to look aged
>And the wooden seats have cushions on them
>And the floor is tile
>There's a backyard leading outside, onto pavement, and to a well sized shed with a picnic table in front of it
Can't handle the feels. Sorry OP, I hope however it ends that you'll be happy (sounds unlikely), but nevertheless, you have my blessings. However, not a huge fan of feels, feels make me feel all sad 'n shit. Great story though. I'm just gonna play pokemon and pretend I hadn't read anything feelsy.
wtf is this shit
>There's a bathroom on the right side of the hallway, and a staircase on the left
>Staircase has a door in it, leading to the basement
>I didn't go in the basement, so I don't know what's in it
>She said she works down there when it's warm outside
>Upstairs, there's a small bedroom to the left, followed by a bathroom, and a small office to the back left, and the entire right side is the master and the master bath
get to the point op
Lonely anon goes to find her stepsister, they spaghetti into hardcore sex. She seems to take it in stride, he not as much.
>Every room is unique in personality
>You feel happy walking through the house

>She walks back into the kitchen after showing me around
>She immediately starts eating some healthy nutty bar
>She's staring at everything but me
>I'm standing awkwardly in the doorway
Trying, but it's hard for me to figure out how to explain this all. I'm not a writer
>Femanon says her boyfriend is coming to meet me
>I go pale and say "Oh"
I hope he likes me, although I don't know why
>"He'll like you"
Calling threesome.
File: 134221321550re.png (22KB, 234x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 234x200px
>Some time later, he shows up
>I've seen him in pictures, but I wasn't expecting this
>Nothing can prepare you for meeting your sister's boyfriend, when you've been humping her
>He comes in a dress shirt, and suit pants
>He took the latter half of his day off to meet me
>He has a beard
>He's about 5'11
>He's got a huge smile
>You can tell how nice he is the second you meet him
>He reaches out his hand for a handshake, but then pulls me in for a hug
>"I'm gonna show you around today, Anon. It's great to finally meet you. Lexi is crazy about you. I'm glad our family can be complete"
>mfw "our family"
>mfw he implies he's apart of it
>mfw these two are really close
I said in the first thread that I never fucked him. lol

Y-you too...
>He takes me to an organic produce store he voluntarily markets for
>Guess what
>Every fucking person there nuts and creams when my sister and her boyfriend walk in
>People fawning over me
>Oh how handsome you are Anon nice to meet you Anon you live in a different state Anon you have to visit more Anon I didn't know Lexi had a brother Anon how great how wonderful I want to have my first lesbian experience with Lexi
>He buys me pomegranate seeds
>I've had them before, but never this good
>He raves about how good fresh food is
>He takes me to bookstores
>We're bonding hella
>I don't think I even talked to Lexi for an hour
>He's holding her hand the whole time
>Every time he takes me someplace, he mentions something he did there with Lexi
>Takes me to a spot where they had their "first kiss in THIS city"
>Later shows me where they had their first kiss after moving to the city
>Lexi smiles widely while he tells these stories
THese feels OP,... I want to cry for you. Im sorry OP... My god these mother fucking feels are too hard...
Sounds like going from indifferent into hipster land was a bit of a cultural shock, dude.
you motherfucker

I had a guess on who you were last time I read this thread but now I do.

I won't tell anyone your name op but if you come see your sister again I'll say hi to you too if you stop in

I hope you know who I am now ;P
>I've seen her smile like that before
>At me
>At five, we head to Lexi's
>I'm tired, and cold
>He tells me to sit on the couch, and hands me Lexi's TV remote
>He explains how to use all of the features and volume controls
>He asks me about foods I like
>He goes into the kitchen, and makes Lexi sit with me while he cooks dinner
>It was vegetarian nachos and salsa
>They're not vegetarians, but the meat would take a while to cook
>This guy is incapable of not being kind, and hospitable
>Lexi says "So? Thoughts?"
He's great. Actually, he's perfect. I'm glad you have him
>She smiles a little, but then she frowns, leans away from me, and stops talking until dinner is ready
give me another hint. you could be one of like 150 people

you have no idea
i haven't talked about her friends yet
typical chick bullshit.
can't just be straight up about what they're thinking
god dammit the rage is setting in for you, OP
>Over dinner, this nigga will not stop talking about what an angel Lexi is
>I'm not the type to get angry at someone for something that isn't his fault
>I've never been jealous when someone liked my girlfriend
>When a girlfriend cheated on me, I hated her, and felt nothing toward the guy it was with
>Sitting across from him, listening to him talk about how glad he is to have her
>Listening to him talk about all the reasons why I shouldn't take Lexi from him
>Fuck me
>I want to be mad, or hurt, but this bastard is so perfect
>He loves Lexi like nothing else
>All he is, is bearded good incarnate
>When they start talking about how much they hate corporations and minimum wage, I see Lexi liven up like I never have before
>She's passionate about caring for other people
>He's passionate about caring for other people
>One time, I threw beached fish back into the ocean
>Fuck me
I can tell you
>I'm glad Anon likes him
>I can't have both of them
>I'm going to hurt one of them
>I have to resolve this soon

maybe it's because she's my sister, but I have no trouble understanding her
>They ask me what I think about minimum wage
I... Uh. I mean, I know people can't live off of it. I had to in high school, and it sucked. I know that in Australia, it's $14.50, but I don't know about their cost of living or anything
>Feel so ignorant
>I don't even know one way or the other
>Her boyfriend smiles and goes on and on about taxes and the economy and says things I don't understand
>Just nod, smile, and eat these fucking incredible nachos that this piece of shit made in less than 30 minutes

>After dinner, we play Battleship
>One of the ones from the 90s
>It was hysterical, and fun
>Use a sneaky tactic (put all of the ships next to each other)
>Lexi realizes what I've done after her boyfriend starts cracking up
>She tackles me
>We all start wrestling, and throwing crap at each other
>one of the best times of my life
>inb4 bf is a /b/tard
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All I can think about as I'm reading this is how much I want to work for a clothing line in some snowy area just for a sweet, sweet chance of finding out who this girl is and when I do I will point at her and I'll say "HEY!"

>And then she'll look at me
>And I'll look at her right in her fucking face
>I will point at her, and my hand will be a raging boner of righteous accusation.

But that will never happen as I have no initiative to make my dreams come true. Alls I have is this dream as I sit here and giggle like a gigantic faggot at the things that will never take place in my life, and the face she'll make when she realizes she's been found out.

>pic related, how I imagine her face looking at the pivotal point in my not-future

Carry on OP, you're a stronger man than I in all regards.
>We go to bed around midnight
forgot to mention this but we picked up my stuff from the hotel because they both thought it was ridiculous that I'd be paying out my ass to stay in stranger's sex stained sheets when I could stay in theirs
>I'm lying in bed on my tablet for about an hour
>Get up to go to the bathroom
>Walk by their bedroom door
>I can hear the thumping of the bed against the wood, second story floor
>Rage and sit on be
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you're like so mean
how could you do that to us

no but please be lazy forever because if she finds out she will kill me

alternatively just pay attention to fashion shows
is this NYC?
tl;dr pls
from what I've read you are beta as fuck m8
How much longer OP? Really want to go to sleep
I meant /b/

>Be next morning
>Sister is knocking on my door
>Anon breakfast is ready
>I got like 6 hours of sleep
Come in here, Lexi
I smell bad, because I found a way to sweat all night. Can I shower quickly before I go down there and sit in front of your boyfriend?
>The look she gave me
>She looked like I'd just told her she'd miscarried the baby she'd been dreaming of for years
>"Sure. Use mine. There's a wicker cabinet holding the clean towels"
>of course there's a wicker cabinet holding the clean towels
>Cry in the shower
>Manly tears
>Feel my heart falling into my asshole and it's only the first day
>Finish, get dresses, brush hair
>Go downstairs
>Fucking pancakes with a bunch of different fruit
>Sugar free organic syrup
>A glass of grapefruit juice and a glass of water in front of each plate
>These people are too wholesome
Last time the thread was four hours
You can go to bed. I'm only an hour and a half through
No. She's more in the center

Ah no worries man, as much as I love to fantasize about being a massive asshole to others, it will never happen. Not just because lazy, but because good nature.

I will continue giggling at my fantasy while having overwhelming feels. Maybe even have a happy cry, as weird as that always feels.

there are only two choices:
>kill him and restore your pride
>give up and be a loser forever, regretting neverr taking what was yours to begin with
But.. The story..

I can't not know how it ends..
Just move on op. As long as you and your sis don't have any bad blood between you and you had the sibling relationship you wanted since you were a kid; you still won.

captcha: Family formesjo

Bonus: you can use her fashion goddess stature to hopefully hook up with some hot chicks.
beta as fuck but I still boned my sister

>We go out to a sewing place my sister likes to work at
>She has to bring a few garments to some place
>Her boyfriend has to leave to go to work
>Lexi introduces me to everyone
>You already know the drill
>People fawn over me
>She goes into a room in the back, and sets me on a chair
>"Can you sit quietly? And would you be willing to hold some fabric for me?"
I'll be your table, yeah.
>She smiles at me, just a little
>Then a fucking switch goes off in the bitch's head
>She doesn't speak for three and a half hours
>She sews shirts and pants and long skirts
>She's created a pile of clothing faster than I can begin to understand how sewing works

>She takes me to the store she's selling them to
>They hand her a check for $750
>She worked for less than four hours, and got $750
>With the cost of materials and renting the space, it's more like $400, but still
>No wonder she's 28 with her own house in a big city
Do I have you on Skype?

Happy cry. I didn't happy cry
I've cried like a little cuss a few times, though
i already did

I'm skipping around now

>Lexi introduces me to her hipster friends
>Five of her best friends, who love her and probably wish they could perform oral sex on her anus
>They bring over home made cheese
>Vegan crackers
>Bathtub eggnog
>Home made, baked french fries
Not unless your a russian girl that had me download it to talk to her for a day, then i uninstalled it cause I didn't use it lol
>They ask me questions forever
>Where are you from
>What are your interests
>What do you do for a living
>Do you like to read often
>What are your friends like
op I have a fetish for dead grandparents how was she? Was she hot? What state? Was her husband hot? And when did she die so I can picture her without maggots

please don't be a fag op
Just wondering. I added guys from the last thread on Skype

I was just gonna copy/paste to you later. Sorry dude
my sister isn't a grandma
Hold on, I'll make a shit email real quick and if you'd copy + paste/email it to me I'd owe you 2.3 oral sexes
I know that I read the posts from last week, grandma sounds sexy as fick
>Sister has some jazz station running on the TV
>I'm eating the shit out of this homemade cheese, but the crackers are as hard as Triscuits so fuck that
>Cider is good, getting me buzzed
>When the sun starts setting, one of the girls says "I'm tired of talking!"
>fucking finally
>I've had to stutter through so many social justice conversations that I've never had outside of /b/
>She pulls out Apples to Apples
>They decide to play a drinking game
>If you laugh, you drink
>These girls are hysterical
>We're all drinking
She was traditionally pretty
I can't tell you what state
When he was young? Strapping. Now he drools a lot
She died over the summer, at 85
Copy + paste rest here please

[email protected]
all right

>About 9 PM
>Flirting with one of the girls
>Everyone is having fun and falling all over the place
>I lay my head in her lap and make her rub my hair while we all make stupid conversation
>She looks down at me and says "You're seriously hot"
>Roll over and say "Your cunt smells delicious"
>I'm never that vulgar sober
File: 1378856895434.jpg (16KB, 597x519px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 597x519px
Jesus Christ this place sounds like fucking heaven. Thinking Washington state or, the city that Scott pilgrim vs the world took place. That Canadian place. That guy ops sister is with seems legit awesome. Fuck! So jelly. Perfect ass city. closest place to hipster I.went was a cool coffee shop in Minneapolis...

> mfw I want to go to Minneapolis again...

Came here for the wincest, stayed for dream city and hipster family.
>Everyone is too busy being happy as fuck to notice
>Still drinking
>This girl is pouring something fruity into my mouth so I can keep lying there

>Black outs start
Social Justice Warriors who aren't batshit, emotionally unstable Tumblr kids actually create a nice society
But, this city is BIG
You go down the wrong street, and you're in a ghetto

sisters and brothers!
>come to on all fours
>look up
>People are laughing at me
>It must have been funny that I fell

>Black out again
>Come back into reality and realize I'm looking for Lexi
>Say her name
>"I'm right here"
>Keep saying her name, and she keeps saying "Right here, Anon"

>Black out
>Suddenly I'm leaning over the toilet
>I'm peeing
>Proud of myself because I'm making it on the bowl

>Black out
>Suddenly there's a girl under me
>Can't remember getting to this
>Fingering her
>This is nice smelling cunt girl
>Shits sloppy and I can tell
>Pretty sure I'm drooling on her
>Arm isn't working well, so I'm using my feet to push myself up and down so I can get my fingers to slide in and out of her

>Black out for a second
>Lexi is saying "Anon, stop"
stop what why
>"When you're sober, are you going to be okay knowing you fingered this girl you don't know?
yeah she's so pretty
>"Get up"
>She helps me up the stairs, into the bathroom, and then into her room

>Black out
>Wake up with her head in my chest, and my arm around her
File: cheers.jpg (6KB, 358x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 358x392px
Sounds like Minneapolis too... Think I'm gonna move there now.... Keep describing the hipsters and the shops and shit. It's like sexually heart warming. With the win thrown in for an A++ story.

Nicely executed.
Damn. Sounds like you had a good ass time.
cockblocked by your sister huh?
>Wake up in the morning
>Still drunk
>World is spinning
>There's a glass of water next to the bed
>Chug it
>Get up to relieve my alcohol piss
>Throw up once, just a little, and in the toilet
>Walk out of her room
>People are looking trashed and saying goodbye
>See the girl I fingered
>Blush and wave
>Walk back into her room
>Finish showering, walk out to go across the hall to get my clothes
>Hear crying
>Look downstairs
>Lexi is cleaning up a lot of the mess, and crying
>I stood on the landing, and it felt like time stopped
>I just stood there
>Eventually, after standing there, I choose to walk into the guest room and get dressed, instead of walking down to her
As if I actually wanted to finger her hot friend
Btw op... I was not here for previous thread, can you put up the first part to the story, the screenie. Says you posted b2, b3, b4, b5 up top.
b1 is the entire thing in one image, and it's too big to share on /b/
Man reading this is tearing me apart, nobody should have to go through this kind of shit.
Yet here you are, telling this story and I have no reason to not believe it until I see the end.
This can either be the longest, most elaborate Walking of the Dinosaur, or the longest, most heartbreakingly sexy story /b/ has ever seen.
I am not going to spend two Fridays on walking the dinosaur
Ah ok. Am on mobile so shit is all pixilated. Gotta save it. Thanks!
I don't know what to say now. I think I'm going to go back to a previous day
Anon just gave me incentive to write about fingering her friend
go through to the end

don't stop now, OP
Me and you are two very different people, then.
or that
cont from getting dressed after seeing her crying the morning after party. Just suggesting.
no info about what happened after she cleaned up and you got changed?
I also need sleep. However this ends, I hope you can find chances to return to hipster land for extra doses.

Good luck with the sister, be it humping or otherwise. If you can, just bomb your pics or a pastebin for a week. Maybe I'll get a lucky pick up and people can keep gushing about nice hipsters.
File: 1381725975771.jpg (5KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 413x395px
Kek. Would laugh so hard if a troll was that grand.
this pls, shit's getting intredasting
Id be on full rustle briefly before having a positively hardy gigglefit over it.
Those are my favorite kinds of laughter.
>beta as fuck but I still boned my sister
The man has a point.
>Put on sweat pants and a hoodie
>Still cold
>Walk out of the spare room slowly
>Listen for crying
>All I hear is cleaning
>Walk downstairs
>She's just cleaning dishes now
>Offer to help
>"I don't need anything. Just relax. Are you hungry?"
No, my stomach is upset
>"Do you remember what you did last night?"
>oh fuck me here we go
Not really
>"They liked you so much."
>"All of my friends liked you so much. They liked Boyfriend, too, but he's just... A host. They think he's sweet, and charming, but he never plays around with them like you did"
Yeah. He seems like he'd never impose or anything
>"I'm not saying he does anything wrong. I'm just saying they liked you a lot."
I like your friends, too. They're nice. I've never met people who were so nice
>"I wish you could be around them more"
Me, too
>Okay, if she isn't gonna bring it up, I am
File: maxoverrustle.gif (85KB, 350x258px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 350x258px
>We're all drinking
Oh boy.
Here we go.
And at the end, the sister ask "do you have tree fitty?"
:o . Interested to see how you responded.
Why were you crying earlier?
>She sighs
>She doesn't answer
Could you tell me?
>"I don't think I want to talk about this with you"
Bullshit. You're strong and independent. Whatever. Can you just talk to me? Can you, I don't know, stop shutting me out when your emotions make you uncomfortable? Was it something I did?
>She started shaking her head while I was speaking
>When I finish talking, she bites in inside of her lip, and glares ahead
>She puts the bowl down
>She puts her hands on the counter lip
>She turns just her head at me
>This is woman body language for nigga u fucked
This is going to be good.
I can already feel it.
File: ruineverything1.jpg (12KB, 262x193px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12KB, 262x193px
I let that here
come on anon continue, no sleep
File: d2b.jpg (13KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 262x192px
File: intensifies.gif (799KB, 200x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
799KB, 200x189px
File: 1389580528391.jpg (11KB, 240x245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 240x245px
Shit's about to get real
File: 36dfzn.jpg (70KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 500x500px
Incest or spiderman?
>I took a manly, preemptive step back
>"I know this isn't fair of me, but at least I'm not giving Boyfriend handjobs on your fucking couch. You get drunk, and the first thing you wanna do is have sex with someone. Couldn't you have controlled it while you were in front of me?"
I was wasted, Lexi. I wasn't even conscious of what I was doing for most of it
>It's like I didn't even speak
>She's getting louder
>"Is that why this started? Did you just realize you wanted to fuck when you'd been drinking? I mean, I mean, did it have anything to do with me, or did your dick just... You're just so fucking irritating!"
Nigga you feel me, staying up for this top tier thread. 3am and shit.

Help me
File: fuck-you-oragutan.jpg (11KB, 500x354px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 500x354px
Spider man.
Where can i find more stories like this?
File: hitl2323r.jpg (33KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 400x300px
Pussy 9:00 AM, I've a fucking toothache but I can't take my drug, because it will me black out.
Fuck that shit
I'm surprised she didn't blame you for the wincest. It is after all after you've downed several shots and kissed her, that this shit started
Well, yeah, it did have everything to do with you. I thought you were pretty before I started drinking
>"Right. Right. I bet you did. But were you interested in me before that?"
>She made this twisted, repulsed face and then said
>"I'm having this argument with my brother."
>She steps toward me

and then my friend wakes up hold on
she doesn't start stabbing me or anything so this isn't a giant cliffhanger
File: bullshit.jpg (49KB, 500x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 500x379px
I <3 U op
that's what she was doing
Really what type? Just split it in half or something. Is it a narco?
Enjoy them, they are extremely rare.
File: fag232got.jpg (14KB, 269x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 269x187px
fk off with ur spiderman ur not derailing this thread
File: 24.png (69KB, 201x207px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 201x207px
File: image.jpg (50KB, 544x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 544x400px
File: dream2.png (179KB, 500x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179KB, 500x274px
I use some shit who have opium in here. It make me good sleep but... It make u sleep weird.
>"I think you're just a horny little kid. If we hadn't been drinking, you wouldn't have done anything. You're just having trouble separating sex and love"
roomie with flip a shit out something to see you're on /b/?

Also, story really does just keep getting better.
File: fapping.jpg (9KB, 281x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 281x200px
I know why...
I don't want friend to accidentally see the content
tbh she kind of knows what's been going on, but not in detail
File: opisfa.jpg (25KB, 483x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 483x346px
Tell her to fuck off.
File: couldbetrue.png (260KB, 510x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260KB, 510x383px
I believe we can do it!
please anon... I really want to sleep
Just you getting high. Warped dreams from the opium high. Don't get sleep paralysis haha only time I had sleep para was when I took vicodin after surgery. Scary as fuck.
I told her I was fine and just couldn't sleep. Then she got back into bed and I kept sitting at the desk
File: image.jpg (41KB, 484x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 484x357px
Not that fag, but I've never seen that pic. Made me chuckle.
File: 8804dqsdqsdqdq-.jpg (54KB, 782x513px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 782x513px
But not weed dream or salvia shit. It's like you don't really sleep. You wake up like you really wake up for a long dream "is it reallity?"
I've morphine more than once, in hospital. Hallucinating, creeping and walking like the dinosaure (litteraly)
File: 15.png (14KB, 427x410px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 427x410px
>ouch my feelings
Why the fuck are you being such a bitch? You being jealous of your friend doesn't mean you get to talk to me like that. I got shit faced, and I sloppily fingered a nice girl who was giving me attention. You're going off fucking another dude and telling him you love him. You don't get to have both of us. You have to pick one
Nice. Kinda weird if she just prods into your personal shit though.
File: thanks2U.jpg (10KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 200x200px
>"I know I have to pick one. How do I do that? It's not like I'm just picking between you and him. I'm picking between my entire life, and you. If it was just you and him, it would be different"

Think back to what I said about people loving her everywhere she went
Making a ton of money off of only a couple of hours of work
This city is her's
Her life is made
She has a nice house, lots of friends, and a normal relationship
Awwwww, bro. Making her pick. Kinda wish I read the a screenies before this. Seems like a bad move saying that to her. :'(
File: images.jpg (8KB, 262x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 262x192px
She's my best friend. She doesn't "prod", I tell her. Haha. And knowing some of what's going on, it makes sense that she'd wonder how I am at 3 in the morning
I just didn't want her to walk over to me and see something
Weird man. Don't get addicted to those pills lol. They seem pretty fucking strong.
What are we gonna do? Am I gonna move in and just love her in secret and when her boyfriend isn't there?
You have to leave, man.
At least for now.
Ah ok then.
I did leave. She lives in a different state. I got on my scheduled flight home and went back to my friend's house
You did well, OP. You're not a fag after all
How long ago was this. That kinda sucks... Alot
Wait its over? Aww man.
File: sddqdzz.jpg (8KB, 257x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 257x196px
I will try note to take, but I need help!
To be fair, I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't told work I'd be back on Monday, and told my friend I'd be home for a party on Saturday

If I had more time, I probably would have stayed and let my emotions rule me
File: 154.jpg (49KB, 560x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 560x400px
There's a lot more to it
The way it went makes it seem like I went up there and we were awkward and acted like friends and then I left
More over, I didn't walk out at that moment

How long ago did I fly home? Like 12 hours ago
File: heavy breathing.jpg (21KB, 373x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
heavy breathing.jpg
21KB, 373x344px
B-but what happened then?
You did what every real man would have done. I like to think that I would do the same, because it is a fucked up scenario.

How did she took it?
OP pls
Let me guess she lives in New York city
We knew I had to be at the airport at a certain time
She cried before the taxi got there, and she cried when the cab got there, and she had me in a death grip when I tried to walk to it
Holy fuck! Just that little of time ago. 0.0 would try and give some advice if this happened a few months ago, but I'm gonna side line this.
I already said: she lives in a center state

On the plane? I got a headache and I listened to sad music on my 3rd gen iTouch
Some bro picked me up and dropped me at home, I took a shower to get plane off of me, put on clean clothes, and called my friend
we laid in bed and talked, had sex (which was a first!) and then she went to sleep
then i got on /b/
I can't even imagine what you both felt.

Well, that's nice.
What now, though?
Damn. All these feels. So friend knows about the win?
How old are you op? I wish I didn't miss the first part of this phenomenon.
I blocked that bit of emotion out. I focused on my objectives: get in the cab; get through security; don't miss my plane; go home

I don't know. Don't tell Lexi I had sex with this girl, first of all
So... I mean, if I feel like I need to keep that from her, that says something about the place we're in
Like I said, we weren't as friendly and touch-me-not as this has made it seem
greentext from confrontation up to now?
53 I turn 54 Feb 8th

Sis is 32
u mean 24
I told her I was feeling "confused" because Lexi is a great person, and we hadn't grown up as brother and sister
I told her we got drunk and hooked up the last time Lexi was down, and I went up there to sort out feelings
I told her I felt like I was heartbroken, although I knew the relationship couldn't have worked out
I told her it had to be a secret, she said she knew that already

It's all in the first few posts
Sister is 28. She's nearly exactly 8 years older than me. Our birthdays are a week apart
File: the last hunt~01.jpg (58KB, 800x1003px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the last hunt~01.jpg
58KB, 800x1003px
Man seems like this thread is on the decline, but I don't want it to end.... D':
With "what now?", I was talking about what are you going to do now that she won't be in your life, as I thought you weren't going to see her again.

Do you actually plan on seeing her?
OP this is incredible.
So does that mean everything's squared away? What happens next?
Do I? She has to come see our grandpa at some point. Haha.
I don't know if I'll get the courage to ask her if I can see her again, though

I mean, I want to. The couple days we got to play pretend at her house made me feel better than I've ever felt
I hope she thinks of me in her bed, and in her life, and sees a place for me

I left one of my softest hoodies there, intentionally

I don't think it'll turn out the way I want it to
It's just too complicated.
Either way, good luck man.
You fucking idiot.
File: 1390272372035.png (215KB, 467x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215KB, 467x700px
Fucking damnit, I don't want this story to end.

Write a fucking novel about it with fake names, I don't care. I just want a happy ending god damnit, is that too much to ask for?!
It is. There's no definite, because both of us care about each other
But, I don't want to fuck up her life, and she doesn't want to fuck up her life
She's my best friend. If I started dating Lexi, she'd support me all the way through it. There's a reason I felt like I could tell her

Idunno, man. I'm the one whose been torn up by it. I think I want a happy ending with a nice home and an a black iron fence more than anyone
hey OP can you please post the missing screencap pls?
Would you date your best friend? And I don't mean as bullshit relationship; I am talking about something real.

Can you get over the one you love?
Okay. So. The second day, after we were done dropping off the clothes, we went back to her house

Her boyfriend had brought us some food while she was working, so we weren't hungry, but she made hot tea and we cuddled and watched Airplane! and Blazing Saddles

there isn't a missing screencap
b1 is all four of those together

I mean, she's hot as all fuck, but she's the same race as my sister. I can't look at her and not see similarities to Lexi. And she's really not my type in her interests
Do you think you can get over Lexi?
If you ever seen either, you know they're hysterical

>We start the movies just sitting side by side
>Within a half hour, Lexi is snuggled up to me, with an arm around my stomach and her head under my chin
>We're cracking up together, and every time we laugh, she finds away to sit more of herself on me
>By the end of Airplane!, she's got her legs all on me, and everything
>When she puts on Blazing Saddles, she just sits herself back down straight on my lap
In time, if I have to
I think some part of me will always think she's special, though
Ah, the ol inch worm game women play. Shit is always so noticeable.
>I've got my arms wrapped around her torso
>My hands are linked together in her lap
>She's leaning back against me
>It feels like I'm untouchable
>Everything is perfect
>Waking up early for work doesn't suck
>Cold air is refreshing
>Customers aren't retarded
>My left leg isn't going numb
>Nothing bad is bad when she's sitting on me
It's so fucking cute

It's okay. It's not like when she left last time
She's still texting me
>Not even when she's sitting on me
>Rather, everything is great when we're together
>When it's just us, and we're relaxed, and the world exists outside of us
>When I'm not fucking on /b/ at 4 am
I fucking hate that game, this one time when I was fucking this fat chick in the ass those worms were crawling on my dick when I pulled out, nasty but harmless?
File: 1390211235796.jpg (42KB, 704x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 704x400px
>You two spend a whole year apart from each other
>She gradually starts to shut down emotionally as the months go by, not being able to make a decision
>You're also falling into depression and into a mess
>Grandpa dies
>You both meet for the first time again in a whole year at a funeral, just like that time a long time ago.
>You cry together over his death after everyone has left
>She has to leave to drive home
>You just stand there, watching her leave at first
>You speak up
Have you made your choice yet?
>The words echo in your head and she stops dead in her tracks
>She whispers something to herself and sighs before turning to you
>"I don't know, Anon. I've been feeling so empy without you, but I don't know if I can leave everything behind..."
>She turns away from you and walks away
>You watch her go
>After a couple of minutes it dawns on you
>You. Can't. Let. Her. Go.
>You rush after her
>Catch up to her by the parking lot, it's empty but a few cars, you and her.
>She stops, her keys are locked in the car door
>It's raining
>You feel something pushing you from behind, moving you towards her step by step
>It's the wind, but it feels like something else entirely
>"Yes, Anon?"
"What is it, Anon? I really have to go."
I love you.
>The rain is pouring down hard now. She's simply staring at you with her wide auburn eyes
>Her hair is wet and her gaze is heavy set on you
>She leaves her car keyes in the door as she turns towards you and starts walking
>"Anon, I think I love you too!"
>She rush up to you and you embrace her
>You kiss

There I got my ending. Good luck with yours.
>Put my face against her back right in between her shoulder blades
>Hold her stomach in my hands
>Rub her sides with my thumbs
>Feel her stomach muscles contracting while she laughs
>My head gets bumped around by her shoulder blades
>Smell her skin, and her perfume
>Her hair is brushing through mine
>Hear some joke from the movie
>We're laughing together
>Everything is perfect
She does love me, too
But lord we are not that much of a Lifetime Movie
shut up and lick her cunt, fag
>Implying just about everything else you wrote about her and you isn't cliché as fuck from lifetime movies.
>Center state
>be Chicago?
>Dat feel when I might know people in the story.
>The movie ends
>We walk upstairs
>The TV and the DVD player will turn themselves off
>Take turns going to the bathroom, and brushing our teeth
>Joking around throughout all of it
>She lays down in bed
>I climb on top of her
>She looks at me like she's going to jump my bones and bruise my pelvis
>Instead, she lets me lead
>Kiss her
>Run my hands through her hair
>Lean over her
>Run my right hand over her face
>Run my thumb across her lips
>Run my forefinger from her forehead, to her temple, to her ear, to her neck
>Whisper "sit up"
>Pull off her shirt
>Unhook her bra
>Run my fingers from the back of her neck, to her shoulders, down her shoulder blades
>Watch her goosebumps rise all over her chest
>Run my fingers down the sides of her tits
>Around the area of her nipples
File: 12.png (147KB, 350x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 350x333px
@OP: This was an excellent thread man, and I think you deserve a good life.

Hopefully you will be happy with what you get.

Don't know why, but I lost my shit.
Chicago isn't a state, anon!
we haven't yelled at each other in the rain
we didn't even go out in snowfall because I was freezing my ass off
OP could i trouble you to update me through an email? I'm on /b/ a lot but school just started back up for me so I might miss the thread if you decide to make another. Please update me, the feels are too stronk and I must know the end to your awesome story. Please email me at [email protected]
Detroit also isn't a state
But I've heard that place is America's toilet
File: 1390663507281.png (454KB, 1280x718px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454KB, 1280x718px
Not yet.
Oh, man. It was the greatest thing. She's the only one whose made me feel that way. Sex with her is like taking acid, but not going physically numb and being unaware of the liquid diarrhea you have in your colon
Time slips away, and colors are better, and the texture of everything is stronger, and smells are better
I'm aware but it is in a center state. It seemed reasonable. Regardless, many feels to you /b/rother. I got work in the morning so I'm out but this may be the story of the year, also I hope this ends up being the most elaborate troll post of all time
So how are you going to go about saving the details and follow up in this thread? Just screencap and block it together? You should paste bin the whole story or whatever it's called. Thread of the year so far.
It's not a troll post
My life can't be that unbelievable
I don't know how to use pastebin
I have the story in my head, because it happened to me. I don't need to preserve it
I probably won't make another one, even if Lexi and I get together
The only people who are going to know are the /b/oys on Skype, and the people who gave me their emails
Congrats OP. Your life is a dating sim game.
i ve been reading this thread on and off for 3-3.5 hours now, its 11AM where I live, plx keep me posted via e-mail if it's not too big of a bother for you man, i really need to sleep

[email protected]

Maybe a Japanese one. But Lexi would have to be younger than me
Send this to me man
[email protected]
I'm downloading a program to save threads now
Wheres the part in between these two?
File: x3jHh.jpg (37KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 1920x1200px
kk understandable for all that. just made an email. set me up on the email roster hehe. this story is so great. Looking forward to how.this pans out.

[email protected]
oh fuck me. hold on
File: longstoryb6.jpg (749KB, 1284x3388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
749KB, 1284x3388px
that's what I meant before by the missing screencap
File: dscn_429042.jpg (200KB, 720x960px)
200KB, 720x960px
File: Untitled-1.jpg (15KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 720x1280px
Was serious bout this OP.

Been a wild ride these past three and a half hours.

Time to sleep now. good luck!
don't forget me as well OP dawg

leaving for reals now, looking forward to hear more & hope everything goes your way

keep it real
I was already feeling kinda down, but thanks to OP, now I just want to crawl into bed and cry myself retarded.
10/10 threads, would read and fap to again.
Man I couldn't even fap. Was too involved in story lmao.
File: sad.gif (566KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566KB, 320x240px
such a sad and complicated story.
I'm confused

is OP and everyone in his story living in central america? NOT the USA?
Hey OP, Can you turn this into something a little more readable (book style)? I'd love to read more about it, but I get so lost trying to jump from comment to comment. If you do, email me.
[email protected]
Send it to me please
[email protected]
working for the story and feeling it through the reactions to comments in the thread is part of the experience
wait, is the thread over?
better not be
File: (1MB, px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, px
File: giphy.gif (943KB, 400x301px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
943KB, 400x301px
File: apenisaurus.jpg (47KB, 385x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 385x349px
op please come back i have brought a rare and elusive creature for your amusement
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