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Can't Bail 3_ /inline/ general - Mason is a Madman Edition

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Where to buy inline skates:
http://www.amazon.com/ (type in the brand name to see if they sell them there; Valo, Rollerblade, K2, Seba,Etc.)
Australians: http://skaterhq.com.au/
http://www.moanashop.fr/6-roller (use google translate)

Beginner Guide:

Trick guide:
Use Youtube you dummy.

Now go and skate.
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Adapt Brand.jpg
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Last thread
anyone from here going to winterclash '16 eindhoven?
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I got a question. I live in the midwest and I love inline skating. But every park around Chicago is filled with emo, fake punk ass skateboarders and 6 year old scooter kids. Nobody knows or cares about inline. Are there any parts of the country where inline is still around? Like So. Cal? Not even cool, just... exists and is present.

pic not related
There are some big name inline stores here in California. Inlinewarehouse, Aggressivemall, Intuitionskate, and Rollerwarehouse are located here. AMALL and RW are located in the San Francisco/Sacramento (Central/Northern Cali) area, While IS and IW are located right at the very edge of SoCal(Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo - entering Central Cali).

So yeah, i would expect to be people to be skating around here. That said, I have yet to meet any "aggressive" skaters in all of the 21 years I lived here. (I live in the Antelope Valley which is outside the LA area)
id skate with you bro. Im in chicago suburbs and have never seen anyone else blading. But i know of about 2 or 3 that do. I stayed in SoCal for a couple months never saw any bladers either.
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Some unfortunate news. Read the description.


If you were thinking of getting a pair of SSMs, you should get them now.
I'm also a blader from Chi. Join the Chicago Blade Scene Group on Facebook
In what order should you learn techniques? I think someone said it in the last thread but I forgot to write it down.
I got some cheap skates, £45, and was wondering will I really damage them if I skate when it is wet? I know it will be a bit slippier and so more dangerous, but will I fuck up my bearings? (they are ABEC 7)
yep, get them wet for too long they will start to rust
I would recommend this order.


>standing still comfortably
>moving forwards slowly
>moving forwards and stopping by dragging back wheel
>moving forwards and stopping by pushing wheels into the floor
>moving backwards slowly by pushing off of something
>backwards slowly until you come to a stop
>learn to move backwards by slaloming your feet
>learn to stop from backwards by anti-slaloming (i mean doing it out of rhythm, you will lose speed)

Another way to stop is to move your feet sideways, in front of you, and tilt them down; similar to a sess slide, will ruin your plates/wheels.

Once you can move freely, get on a ramp; I personally started on a halfpipe and believe its a great way to learn to get to grips.


Pumping is integral. Pumping means to PUSH your feet INTO the ramp as the ramp curves. So as you roll over the middle curve of the ramp you push down and gain momentum/speed. This is integral to all ramp skating.

>stand in ramp
>skate forwards up the ramp
>let yourself roll backwards down
>dont be scared, you're only moving slowly, a fall will not hurt
>do this repeatedly, getting higher as you feel comfortable
>once you ARE comfortable, begin to pump, this might feel very alien but you must persevere, you will feel yourself getting higher up the ramp as you rock back and forth
>once you can reach the copaign (by this i mean the grind rail attached to the top of the ramp), you are needing to learn to drop in.


Three main ways of dropping in. 1) Sit drop 2)Standing Drop in 3)Jumping in

>1) sit on the edge of the copaign, legs dangling into the ramp
>lean FORWARDS with your upper body and head
>your going to push yourself off the ramp and raise your knees into your chest
>as you lean forwards your wheels will flatly connect with the ramp
>keep your feet steady
You have now done a sit drop
>2)stand on top of ramp
>one foot on copaign
>but this time leaning too far forward will smash your face into the ground
>progress slowly, if you feel uncomfortable, fall onto your ass
always fall onto cushioned parts of your body (ass, thighs) dont NOT fall on wrists/elbows and other exposed places, if you cant fall, WEAR PADS UNTIL YOU CAN
Skating is a painful sport, you will fall and you will get bruises and cuts, you cant jump off, so you MUST learn to fall properly.
>as your leaning forwards put your other foot onto the copaign and look down
>you will be at quite an angle
>you have to just roll with it
>you have now just dropped in


>3) both feet behind the copaign, sideways as if trying to stop or sess sliding
> jump upwards over the copaign and spin 90 degrees
>plant feet firmly and flatly on the ramp
>you have now just jumped in

These are very easy steps, especially if you progress from 1 to 2 to 3. I learnt these maneuvers when I was 9 years old.


Tricks all stem from different foot placements (talking grinds here)
I would recommend this order to learn the tricks in. Always start with stalls and progress to grinds. REMEMBER: the biggest part of grinding is having the speed. The speed will keep you on the rail, the faster you go, the less likely to fall. You need to break the mental hurdle and just go for it. If you fall, get back up faggot.


Once these are easy, progress to topside variations.

>top soul
>top mizu
>top porn
>top acid

Grabs to learn are going to be:

>safety grab
>lui kang
>rocket grab
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Personally, I think grabs are far easier to hurt oneself due to the skaters corrupted body position in air, you need to be able to get the height needed to make the grab AND return your feet to your landing position.

Try these grabs in foam pits if you are truly uncomfortable.

Always push your boundaries.

Good luck Anon.
Thanks man. There looks like there is loads of good information there. Only got rec skate atm but I assume I can still learn to pump and stuff on the ramps.

Will save this information and use all of it when I get around to getting some aggressive skates (although I have also seen some really nice freeskates that would be great for city skating, so many skates but so little money)
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Flip Flops.webm
3MB, 854x480px
Where can you buy cheap bearings and wheels in the UK? I am gonna skate a lot in the rain, so I assume my bearings are going get crunchy and the wheels are starting to wear as well.

Also, you don't need to replace axles and spacers do you?
I've always gone to either Pro-Line or Route One - but to be honest that was a long time ago, I would suggest the links posted in the OP.
Try loco skates. As for the axles and spacers, they don't need to be replaced. If you need new axles and spacers, then i would assume that you have been really heavily beating on the frames for a long duration of time.

If that's the case, you might as well buy a new frame. Although rain water may fuck up axles and spacers with rust.
If you got the resources, you can try some ceramic bearings, but if you are going to go for just normal metal bearings, I hear good things about using marine-grade grease on your bearings.

You might wanna get softer wheels for the rain too.

I've been wanting to invest in a "rain frame" for wet weather for the longest time.
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Dino 3.webm
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>TFW Shitty Schwinn Adjustable skates
It's better than nothing, I'm confident enough my my skating abilities to feel like getting a pricey set of Agressive skates would be worth it, i just don't have that disposable income yet.
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Hey, another question. I been practising inline everyday for like 3 months or so, and in the last couple of weeks I have been going to some non contact ice hockey. Never skated before, but picked it up pretty easily, but after the session inlines felt really weird and it took a day or so to adjust back.

I plan on ice skating once or twice a week, while still rollerblading around most days. Will the transition from one to the other get easier as I (hopefully) get better at ice skating?
The answer is more than likely yes, switching between them can only get easier. Something that might help is to think of ice skating as an entirely separate thing as to not take any habits you develop back to inline.
Not him, but from what I understand, ceramic bearings just require less maintenance and are rust-proof, right?
(I heard they offer a small speed advantage, but also that they don't offer a significant speed advantage over proper bearings)
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Yep, for the most part. Ceramics keep their smooth spin for a long longer too.
Seba make these things as well if full ceramic are to pricey as well
Thanks for the reply, I ice skated again yesterday and it seemed a little easier to transition. I think for me the big difference is that my inlines are too big and quite lose around my toes but the ice skates aren't. So when I go back to inlines it feels weird,
I generally like to go as tight as possible in both cases. Maybe ever so slightly less tight for inline since you need a bit more control.
Yeah, I need to get tighter ones. I bought my first pair over the internet and the size came up big. I think next time I need to try some on in a shop, but unfortunately the one around here is closed atm.
The heck is this from and why have I never seen it before? That was good.
Skaters from the group "CidyLife"
what are good <$200 completes?

Rollerblade Newjacks. The new K2s.
Why are boots so more expensive than buying a complete skate?

That's some retarded shit.
More complex and various designs/materials used in some boots. Niche market, pro boots more expensive because pros get small cut, etc.
i wear 9s, should i size down or up
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sup chibros
i live in kansas city
watch KCMO then come skate with us
also in Spokane WA there is a big blade scene, cool dudes some ex pros and they skate regularly. i don't have facebook but their group is ANE
idgaf about shimas brand eating it but god DAMN i have done that exact shit to myself, launching way too far and slingshotting the back of my head into the ground
thank fuck it didnt end up like his
if you buy them from an online store and they don't fit you can return them for the right size as long as you didnt go out n fuck em up
look at blade trade network on facebook
tons of good deals

in fact i have some valo erik bailey boots size 11
if anyones interested [email protected]
i swear you are trying to make us look bad with that webm
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Wrestling now has to share a forum with rollerblading.
hey /inline/, I've got really flat feet, and skating for longer than about 10 minutes causes a lot of pain in the area where my arch is supposed to be. I suspect it's a circulation problem, because sitting down and positioning my feet in a certain way causes the pain to subside in 3 or 4 minutes. Anyone have other tips or advice on how to alleviate the pain?
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Have you tried different footbeds/soles for your type feet? Try finding them at your local drugstore or sporting goods and see which ones are the best for you.
This might not get rid of the pain entirely, but a may help subdue it.

If you just started skating, then it might just be your foot muscles are not used to the stress. If that's the case, try to skate more so your feet are used to it (no intensive stuff). Or do some foot/leg balancing exercises.

If it's still a problem, then you might want to see a podiatrist just to see whats up.
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feels good tBh pham
Hey man at least we're not inside fapping to soap operas.
/r/ing that one vid of the Russian guy doing slalom
have a cute asian girl instead
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Any thoughts on Doop Urbans and Doop Fothons?
Good for transport. Doop Fothons seem to be better of the two. Doop Urbans seem to have a shittier staps and liner, but it looks more easier to get in and out of. The Urbans also rides on a larger 84mm wheel frame rather than the more comman 80 mm wheel, though 84mm is better for street. The Urbans come with a brake, Fothons do not.

I'm sure the stock wheels on the Urbans are ass, Fothons wheels are better but not great. Both have the same bearings. Urbans frame is alright, Fothons frame uses a UFS Kizer Advance frame with a 165mm mounting adapter which kinda cool, but is non standard.

I would personally would stick the the Doop Classic or Freestyle.
Thanks for the advice, but I think I'll stick to the Fothons. LED wheels are too cool to pass up and too expensive to buy separately.

Though I was (and actually still am) considering getting Freestyles as a christmas gift for a friend in dire need of new skates.
Lace me up homeslice
fruitbooters are faggots.

get the fuck off of the wrestling board you fucking queers. skaters own the fuck out of you
> not calling them "fruit booties"
I'm attempting to get into urban skating, but I'm kinda on a budget. plus, terrain isn't too tough around where I live and I'm not planning on doing anything too fancy. Are those specified urban skates necessary, or will any 80mm skates be fine?
Gayest shit I've ever seen
Okay no this was the gayest shit
>mfw mandrama getting triggered and then praising skateboarders to seem relevant.

thanks for the bump lads

so...whats your budget?
hoping for less than $100, but based on what I've seen so far it doesn't seem likely. I guess my secondary question would be: does having specified urban skates make a world of difference?
Yea, you are going to have to sent $180+ for decent urban skates.

Specified urban skates do make a difference, they are built to be durable and take abuse. They are usually much stiffer and allow for more control than rec. skates.

That being said, you can still get around with rec. skates if money still tight. Just don't thrash em to hard.

K2, Rollerblade, Roces make reputable rec skates and urban skates.
SEBA, Powerslide, DOOP, Have good Urban skates.
well, it was worth a shot. I guess I'll settle for some rec skates until I can afford urban skates. thanks for helping a noob like me out.
No see I actually like this stuff looks like it takes skill and guts

I'm this guy
read the thread, that guy is retarded
you can get good deals all over the internet
Bought some Doop Freestyles. Not that one guy btw.
Well how are they? I am that one guy btw.
Ordered online. Haven't received them yet.
I'm pretty excited because I use my skates to get around campus. Bought some 87a wheels to go with them though.
>not gay

Wew lad
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