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Obviously it's gonna happen. How would you book the buildup?

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Obviously it's gonna happen. How would you book the buildup?

include Big 4 PPV matches for both
Lesnar brutally rapes Reigns with his monster cock. Reigns is never seen again.
Brock squashes Balor, barely beats Strowman, squashes Rollins, beats Joe

Roman beats Wyatt, Joe, Miz and Strowman
Here's how I would do it.

I would have Lesnar drop the title tomorrow night.

Then I would have Roman turn heel.

Then I would start building towards Roman vs. Finn instead because who the fuck cares about a rematch of a match nobody wanted three years ago.

>"But it was good!"
Because Brock carried Roman and the cash-in happened. Neither of those circumstances would be duplicated today.
Roman kicks out of 15 suplexes. Hits one spear. One, two, three.
I can't masturbate to that. I would still watch it though.
Who would you have eventually bury Lesnar? They gave up Haitch's shovel, Taketty's career, and most of their credibility building up Roman. Who else could believable do it?
This is obviously what's going to happen and it's silly to think otherwise, screen cap this post
After the mach Lesnar cuts promo insulting the smarks and then raises roman's hand

I would pick either Finn or Roman and have them beat him as soon as possible, then let him fuck off into the woods forever. This whole "shows up once every four months" thing is nonsense.
Based Ellsworth chokeslams Reigns from the titantron onto bare metal.

Beats Lesnar clean... could probably put on a better match than Reigns
they need to build up streaks for both of them. build up how they both beat taker at mania and how they win at big events. also, brock cant keep squashing guys. brock needs actual matches with guys like roman does and win them. rumble needs brock to win it and gift roman the championship opportunity on raw cause he wants to fight him and hes arrogant cause he stole the rumble from roman
What would be the point in having him wrestle regularly only to bury midcarders? If he beat Taketty clean at mania and destroy Big Match John, he'd just do an '03 Goldberg and get more boring with each squash.

I would have both entering the ring with big entrances, fireworks and all...

and then have a big plane crushing nose first in the ring.
Honestly I hope Roman breaks his neck and dies. Not even meming or shitposting. I hate the cunt this much. He ruined a product that I have watched since being a child. The fucking cunt keeps getting away with it too
Roman and Brock vs the entire RAW roster
I mean blaming the actor for the plot is retarded, but mostly this is just sad.
Extreme Rules
Balor wins the 6 pack challenge
Great Balls of Fire
Balor loses to Brock as Jacket Balor
Bray Wyatt wins Roman
Bray loses but Braun returns and destroy Brock

After this we will have the build up of the monster Braun and Bray as his manager
Survivor series
Braun wins Brock after a sister abigail from Bray
Braun retains against Seth and Joe

Royal Rumble
Roman defeats Braun for the Universal title
Braun turns on Bray and destroys him

Roman(c) vs Brock - Universal title
Bray vs Braun
Dean vs Triple H
Seth vs Joe vs Goldust vs Apollo Crews vs Kalisto vs Jeff(c)- Intercontinental title
Hello smark.
>Lesnar doesn't appear on TV at all until Wrestlemania.
>Reigns wins the Royal Rumble.
>finn the dumpy dwarf balor
Your post died right there
Tbh this is like Golden State vs Cleveland for the title
Nope. They're gonna have Finn as the Demon Kang at Mania. Probably against Bday since they're both magical beings or some shit. Braun won't be associated with someone as weak as Bray. Hell he wasn't anywhere near the Wyatts during the whole Orton fiasco.

But considering Vinny Mac green lot the stupid mania projections and the House of Horrors, I can see him giving the okay to some bullshit between the KANG and Bray
Well Lesnar's contract expires after WM 34 so do the whole CM Punk "Will he leave with the title?" storyline, then have the McMahons interfere to make sure Reigns wins and turns him heel in the process.
That's exactly what's going to happen, hence I'm not watching.

Ultra-predictable crap? No thanks.I'll just shitpost here and make fun of their rating.
He's probably gonna defend at every other Raw PPV. At the very least Great Balls of Shit Name and the Big 4.
Well that's exciting. Brock burying every upper carder until he sucks off Roman at Mania.

So unpredictable. Totally want to buy that and give Vince 9.99 a month and buy a Roman's t-shirt.

He's facing so many odds.
But if Brock squashes all your favorites, you'll cheer Roman for beating him, anon.

You will cheer him as the Biggest Dog whose Yard It Is.
this stupid match wont happen
yeah that worked so well in the Royal Rumble when Big Show & Kane squashed everybody

this is wrestling, the actor is 75% of the plot
Nah but see, this time it's gonna work.

Since then, he's beaten
>Daniel Bryan
>Dean Ambrose
>AJ Styles
>The Undertaker
>Finn Balor
He beat all of those guys, don't you get it, you have to cheer for him now.
Lesnar appears only for fight in these PPV:
> Great Balls of Fire: vs Bálor
> SummerSlam: vs Bálor II
> SurvivorSeries: vs Strowman
> Royal Rumble: vs Rollins

Roman, while all this is happening, has personal feuds againts guys like Strowman, Wyatt or Joe. At Royal Rumble, he wins the rumble match and starts his feud with Lesnar. All the rivalry is around two axis: Both men defeated Taker, and the main event at WrestleMania 31 which finished with the cash of the MiTB briefcase by Rollins. Rollins could be the "third wheel" of the feud until one month before WrestleMania 34.
Sounds good but the whole booking is predictable as fuck
Firts WM i won't watch to be qutie honest
Totally predictable. Terrible but probably accurate
Brock beats Finn at Summerslam.
Finn turns, The bullet Club is formed.
They fuck shit up.
Shield reforms to deal with them.
Brock fights Seth, Joe and Wyatt for the rest of the year.
Royal Rumble- Strowman v Brock. Brock wins
Fastlane-Roman v Strowman. Roman wins
Wrestlemania- Roman v Brock.
Assuming Brock has 4 matches leading up to Wrestlemania...

>Brock beats Balor at GBoF after Bray Wyatt interferes by distracting Balor as he goes for the Coup de Grave, the commentators push that "It's a miracle that Balor survived that long against Brock, let alone that he got an offense in, I guess we'll never know what would have happened had Bray not interfered" in order to somewhat protect Balor, Balor then goes on to feud with Bray (who has captured the Intercontinental Title or something from Ambrose)
>Reigns is pegged to be Lesnar's Summerslam opponent, but he is kayfabe injured by a returning Strowman the Raw before the event, crucially, the Summerslam match goes ahead, but Reigns is billed as "injured" and Brock crushes him in 1 minute 20 seconds or so, Reigns is then off TV until around Survivor Series
>Brock is off TV between Summerslam and a few weeks before Survivor Series, Reigns and Brock are entered in to the 12 man Raw vs SDL match, SDL manages to beat down the Raw team so only Reigns and Brock are still involved, Reigns gets a bit of offense on, say, Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal, but is eventually beaten down by a rush of finishers, at which point he is pinned after Brock refuses to tag in. Brock manages to single handedly beat down and pin 5 of the 6 SDL members, leaving only an outlier in the match (maybe Shane MacMahon? Or some other "what the fuck is he even DOING in this match" wrestler, maybe Zayn), Brock does his usual Suplex City shit, and calls for the F5 when Reigns rushes back in and hits Brock with a Spear, leading to the outlier pinning Brock for the win

>Brock again off-TV until the Rumble, Heyman pulls some shit like "For the second consecutive Survivor Series, Brock was caught off guard and had his ribs broken, revenge will be sweet, etc", Roman announces he's entering the Rumble, at the Rumble Brock defends his title against Strowman, who is doing surprisingly well, but eventually Brock gets the upper hand, until Roman rushes the ring and attempts to Spear Brock who does the whole Goldberg jump thing over it, and Roman again hurts his shoulder on the ring pole, which at this point has become a "recurring problem for Reigns this last year", and is used to sell Reigns when he fails, Reigns fails to win the Rumble as a result, eliminated early, Brock assaults him on the way back to the locker room. An SDL wrestler wins the Rumble, and that's that out of the way
>Heyman goes super-heel mode with Brock the next day on Raw, bringing back remnants of the Punk/Cena MitB match, claiming that "Like Wrestlemania XX, Brock is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania 34, and this time, he's taking a title with him", Reigns is hand picked by Kurt Angle to "Bring the title back to WWE", telling him to "Prove you're the big dog" or some cheesy WWE shit
>Wrestlemania roles around, Brock puts up a shortish competitive match with Reigns, full of finisher spam and has remnants of the Goldberg match from WM33, Brock eventually lays down for Reigns. Mass booing ensues.

Since this is Brock's last year (rumoured to not be renewing his contract next year) I think it's crucial that he puts over more people than Reigns, at least in some fashion.

>lesnar vs Braun strowman
>bray wyatt vs roman reigns

After lesnar beats fin clean at great balls, roman stepped up to be the next guy in line directly calling lesnar out. However, braun, to no one's surprise wasn't injured that badly and took out reigns again. Roman was set to retaliate against braun but bray wyatt breaks it up several times and says roman has more enemies than he realizes. Lesnar over braun in a close contest, roman over wyatt

>survivor series match
Lesnar sits this one out because the ppv before he goes over Seth rollins who was put into a match with the beast after a number one contenders triple threat with him finn and roman. Seth pins finn there. Roman fin, seth, and ambrose take on raw's heels and the heels barely edge out a victory due to the authorities shenanigans

>Royal Rumble: Braun Vs Roman for a shot at brocks belt at wrestlemania, bray wyatt and dean ambrose and lesnar for the belt in a triple threat

Bray's been revealed to be working for the authority is and being rewarded with a title shot against lesnar, but ambrose is having none of this and harasses both wrestlers and using his sway with kurt finds a way into the match. Lesnar pins bray. Braun Vs roman is straight foward enough, roman edges out braun.
Brock vs Balor
Brock squashes, wins, and continues the carnage after the match. Gallows and Anderson come out and team up with Finn and form his lil fruity club. They all take the belt so it shows up at RAW and forces a rematch.

Brock vs Balor II
Balor wins with help from the Club.

Roman ends his program with Bray so he demands a title shot "tonight" since Brock aint around to claim his rematch. Club comes out and stomps a hole in him. Seth makes the save.
Seth/Reigns vs Club Main Event
Club loses, Braun returns and leaves Seth/Reigns laid out.

>Next RAW
Ambrose weasels his way into a program with Balor for the title. Clash continues between the Club and former shield members.
Kurt Angle requests they unite to settle this, and offers to join them.

>Survivor Series
Traditional survivor series match
Shield, Kurt Angle vs Braun, Balor, the Club
Shield wins

Shield argue about who gets to fight for the title at next PPV.
Series of matches until it's Roman

>Royal Rumble
Reigns vs Balor
He wins
Brock wins Royal Rumble when he comes out at 30 and german suplexs Rollins out of the ring.

Brock vs Reigns (c)
Eh, I dunno. Turning Finn heel when he's legitimately 1 of maybe 3 faces on Raw that are over feels like something Vince Russo would do, just to spite fans
If you don't create a big heel for Reigns to work off of, it's fucking more of Bray, Joe, and Braun. That sounds awful. When you give a face the belt, everyone turns heel, and vice versa. That's how it works.
I'd like to see chickenshit Seth again 2bh. Face Seth is fucking shit, and he could get a good match out of Reigns.
>Traditional survivor series match
>Shield, Kurt Angle vs Braun, Balor, the Club
>Shield wins
You're a man down for each team. 5th members?
This is so sad but it will probably happen.
Have a worked failed drug test or something, and make it seem actually possible for Reigns to lose. Maybe relegate him to the midcard a bit and keep him off TV a lot. Roman also gets to fight Brock at Great Balls of Fire, but when it seems like he's going to lose: someone interferes in the match. This is the person who fights Brock at Summerslam. The main take away is that Brock was squashing Roman, and looked more like he was playing with him than fighting.

Then I would build up someone no one really cares for, and give him an obnoxiously large push. Have him win the rumble, and Smarks will inevitably complain. Then have him fight Roman for the Mania match, similar to the Bryan vs Roman thing. Then give that guy who was given an insane push a match vs some indie darling, and have him lose. This will keep the Smarks content enough for the main event.

Also have Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles or Seth Rollins in a ladders match. Bring back Batista and let him do a retirement run with Triple H. And have Goldberg win another match, so that it's an option to bring him back if the product gets stale.

What will happen
>Seth gets squashed at GBoF
>Roman hardly does anything noteworthy since it's mid-year
>Balor gets Squashed at GBoF
>Strowman loses to Brock at HiaC
>Reigns beats Goldberg, just because Brock did
>Roman wins the Rumble, beats Brock, and then drops the title a week later
>everything thinks Roman's push has ended
>he doesn't do anything noteworthy
>come next Mania he gets super-pushed again

>Extreme Rules
Jeff Hardy takes a sick bump from the cage and is kayfabe injured.

Miz wins the IC

Seth is about to win but then Dana Brooke comes out in a super slutty outfit. Seth gets distracted and start sending dick pics to her but Bray stands up and win with a surprise rollup.

>buildup to GBoF
Heyman tries to intimidate Bray who responds cutting promos against Heyman´s "illusion of power" It's hinted that Bray likes Lesnar but despises Heyman

Balor feuds with the club because they think he isn't cool anymore like when they were in Japan.

Matt is stressed because Jeff is still injured, and tries to find a partner for Great Balls of Fire or he will have to vacate the belts. Nobody wants to do it because they will have to vacate the belt after Jeff returns.

>Great Balls of Fire
Roman is the surprise partner of Matt, because the Big Dog is super nice. Huge boos from smarks because WWE botched the reveal leaving hints that the secret partner could be Christian, or an NXT guy. They lose in the end, leaving Matt more fucked up

Balor goes over Anderson and they shook hands at the end of the match, forming the Balor Club.

At this point Bray has formed a new family consisting mainly on hot divas, the match is about him desesperately tring to hit one Sister Abigail while Brock fights defensively and keeps his watch on the divas trying to interfere. At the end of the match Sable(that was in the crowd) jumps the barrier and distracts Lesnar and the referee so Bray can hit Lesnar with a low blow and a Sister Abigail. Then Bray goes out the ring with an stupid grin and gets counted out. Then he comes back and Lesnar and Sable bows down to him, while Heyman is seething, Bray takes a mic and say something like "Sorry Paul, but this is the end. I won, you lost" Then Lesnas F5s Heyman.

>buildup to SummerSlam

Heyman is the new manager of the Balor Club. He demands a title match for SummerSlam for his new client Balor. Bray is ok with this. The Balor club got squashed by Lesnar during the whole buildup.

Bray adds some jobbers to his family. Seth joins too because he wants to have sex with the Wyatt girls. Bray speaks directly to Hardys and tries to lure them into his family.

Braun comes back to finish Big Dog.

Matt Hardy feuds with Miz who accuses him of being the Jannetty of his team.

Roman goes over Braun with great effort.

Matt Hardy wins by DQ because Maryse. After the match Wyatt family without Lesnar beat the shit out of him and injured Jeff who was at the ringside. Roman comes out to save them and repels the Wyatts.

Balor fights on his Demon Kang gimmick, but in the end he gets squashed.

>buildup to No Mercy

Matt says he will break his own vow and will borrow the strenght of higher powers. Video packages of the Hardys at the lake of reincarnation. They plunge into the lake and come back RESTORED, but BROKEN. Then he challenges Miz for the belt again in a no DQ match. Miz gets a new bodyguard, Joey Samoey.

Braun starts feuding with Balor.

Bray puts a new rule, after the pathetic try of Balor, anyone who wants to challenge the beast will have to fight him first. Angle gets pissed about this and says he will kick Bray's ass and then will retrieve the belt from Lesnar. They set up a match for No Mercy. If Bray wins, he can get away with his new rule. If Angle wins, Lesnar will be forced to defend his belt at least once a month.

>No Mercy
Braun goes over Balor. Heyman betrays Balor and declares Braun his new client.

Broken Matt wins with Brother Nero and the Large Canine watching his back.

Bray goes over Angle.

>buildup to HiaC

Roman feuds the Miz and Samoa Joe.

Bray does a tournament to find his new opponent. Brother Nero wins, and Bray has to fight Jeff inside the cell

>buildup to SS

Broken Matt says he had a HUGE PREMONITION, he will take Roman to a new level replacing that OBSOLETE vest, and will make a Roman the biggest champion EVAH

Seth reveals that him joining the family was an act, and challenges Bray at SS. Braun(w/ Heyman) demands a shot too, so they'll fight at a triple threat.

>Survivor Series

Team Raw, commanded by Broken Matt beats Team Smackdown, Roman pins Nakamura.

After a curbstomp, the members of the family at the ringside look confused, but Bray regains conscience and everyone come back to they worshipper status. Bray wins after Lesnar comes out and murders Rollins and Braun. After the match they take Heyman with them.

>buildup to CoC

Broken Matt talks to Big Dog at backstage, telling him that he knows how to beat Bray's mind control.

Roman challenges Bray to a last man standing match at CoC.

>Clash of Champions

Heyman and the Hardys interfere and help Roman to beat up the Wyatts. After Bray is knocked out, all the members of the family regain their awareness and leave Bray alone in the ring.

>buildup to RR

Bray comes out to talk shit about the Broken Hardys but Lesnar interrupts and kills him. Heyman reunites with Lesnar and says his client is mentally tired after all of this shit and only will come back at Wrestlemania.

Broken Matt starts a feud with Bray.

Roman says he was helped at CoC, so he will defend his #1 contender spot from Brother Nero at Royal Rumble

>Royal Rumble

Roman wins and Jeff lifts his arm after the match

>buildup to Fastlane

Goldberg comes back and says that maybe he has another spear and another jackhammer on him. He feels he's not finished with Lesnar yet, so he challenges Reings to a match, #1 contender spot vs career


Reigns gets up after Goldberg spear and beats him with an stronger spear while says "I love you"


Roman beats Lesnar with one(1) spear and gets mixed reactions
I think Brock should definitely put more people over strong, but there's no way they won't keep him strong as fuck after for Roman
There have been 4 on 4 matches.
Traditional Survivor series match means elimination style.
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>Reigns gets up after Goldberg spear and beats him with an stronger spear while says "I love you"
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Thread images: 2

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