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I just realized that Modern NXT, despite its numerous flaws,

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I just realized that Modern NXT, despite its numerous flaws, has one of the best tag divisions in the world. We've known this for the better part of 2016/2017.

But what I just realized, is that they haven't written any new personalities for their teams, they've simply fixed the problems with the last batch of teams.

Vaudevillains are supposed to be fans of old-school wrasslin', when men were men. But none of that came across because they were goofy fuckers dressed like turn of the century carnies. Nobody really connects with them, because nobody gets that their gimmicks have a meaning beyond a visual joke.

The revival have the exact same gimmick, old school throwbacks, except people get it. They look like territory era bruisers, and nobody doubts them. "No flips just fists". They are what the Vaudevillains should have been.

Aa = #diy and ascension = AoP/sanity in a similar vein.

Ryan Ward goes to Smackdown and suddenly their tag division falls apart and becomes overly gimmicky. Fashion Police are a prime example.
This post is too long you fucking nerd.
wtf i hate ryan ward now
Except the vaudevillians and Ascension were good in NXT. Who's to say all the current NXT teams won't flop in the main roster also?

Also, fashion police is one of the best parts of smackdown. If anything, we need MORE overly gimmicky shit, because everyone's gimmick now is underdog, big, or "just regular guy who's happy to be here"
How are Diy like American Alpha. White meat babyface is half the rosters' a gimmick.
Revival vs. Diy was the best tag feud of the year, and didn't rely on anything gimmicky. They had clear gimmicks that defined them (Insecure also-rans, determined to live up to their idols, acting like gatekeepers of true wrasslin. Lovable underdogs whose greatest strength is each others unwavering moral support) but never became cartoon characters.

Ascension and Vaudevillains looked good because they were against the Lucha Dragons, Blake and Murphy and returning 50-year olds. They were always memes.
Fashion Police are the best tag team in the company you stupid faggot
They're a meme.
It's a shame TM61 have to be an enormous blight on the division.

Also, the fashion police angle pulled Breezango out of total obscurity. It was a potentially career saving decision.

I agree with this. Even Revival fans don't want to see Revival on the main roster. And I agree about the gimmicks too. Late 80s in the perfect balance of gimmicks and seriousness. I love seeing Bret Hart share a corner with Jim Duggan.
They'll soon have the best women's division in the world too desu
>Ember Moon
>Kairi Hojo
>Io Shirai
>Nikki Cross
Breezango was beating teams like the Usos, now they're jobbing to Nikki Bella after a month off tv. What are you on about
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u missed peypey
The revival have no character

AoP are fat bastards who can't go and have a stupid finisher
How do you go about life being so wrong?
I can't think of any time Breezango received a real push. If they beat the Usos, I'm almost positive there would have been some fuckery involved in the finish and that Usos were still given more screentime the next week.
They literally won clean on a ppv pre-show before the brand split.
Vaudevillains are exactly what they were meant to be. There is no deeper meaning on the gimmick.
Ask anybody what their gimmick is.

Protip: They aren't strongmen or time travellers.
nice joke anon
Wow it's fucking nothing
Its a fucking win over an established team. Its a fucking C sure but surely even you can see that its better than the bottom of the barrell shit they did last night.
I am serious
I think they get significantly more screentime now and are generally in a better place than before. Sometimes a loss can do more for your career than a win.

Example: The Rock vs Erick Rowan. It's tempting to think that Rowan can never recover from a loss that bad, but you'd be wrong. The fact is, more eyeballs would have watched The Rock's wrestlemania segment than any other moment in all of wrestling in 2016. Consequently, there are more children and adults out there who know about "the sheep mask wrestler" than there are who know about The Shield. Sure Nikki went over, but they had more visibility than they did when getting a win on a virtually non-canon pre-show.
They were featured weekly in their feuds with Golden Truth and the Usos. Now they show up exclusively in squashes.
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We'll just agree to disagree on this matter.
They have less charisma than Crews and TJP combined. And they're supposed to be "the most dominant heels in the division"? How can they be so shit at it when they work nearby Young, Roode and Cien is beyond me.
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