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How good was this year for your favorite (and least favorite)

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Did they have a good 2016? Or it was tough being fan of them?
My boy Omega had a god tier year, I'm so proud of him.

If we are talking just WWE, Corbin was alright. Some amazing moments and some awful ones.
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2016 was rough but 2017 will be the year for /ourguy/
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>continued his GOAT tier feud with Dragon Lee
>continued to be GOAT in CMLL in general
>came back with plenty of hype in NJPW
>killing it on what are essentially recorded house shows
>recruited into NJPW's best stable
>is going to take the belt off KUSHIDA in the best match of WK next week

All's going well
Interesting one, don't watch CMLL but his NJPW return got me hyped as fuck. Is he good in the ring? Any matches you'd recommend?
You dont belong here
Neither do you
Hey Mummy I posted the hat people again! Can I get milkies tonight?
Imagine unironically being a wewtist on /asp/
Im a /wwe/ babby and it is shit here for me, why are you even here? How many riveting dicussions about your obscure chink wrestler have you had this month here? Not even memeing now, why dont you just go where you belong?
>Stop talking about wrestling on a wrestling board just because I don't like it
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good morning bretcuck
> /wwe/
> a wrestling board
Hey lad remember that time you tried to make a wewtist thread and it got 5 unique IPs and 20 posts then died lol
Oh yeah thats every single time

Fuck off back to wew and take your obscure outlaw performance monkey with you

Based Bret putting over Hogan and keeping him strong. So selfless

Or any match with Dragon Lee really, also never had a bad match at PWG.
There is truly magic in the air in your video anon
Pls post more
I pity the poor soul that only watches world wrestling """"""entertainment"""""

how can you not want to kill yourself watching mcmahon bullshit every week
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> I pity the poor soul that only watches world wrestling """"""entertainment"""""
I am just glad i dont see or hear soulless gooks.
keep on eating that wwe bullshit babbys
AJ had one of the all time best first years IMO, so I'm happy. Joey Samoey and Asuka did well also.

I don't know that I have a least favourite wrestler but I do dislike Botcha Banks. She had a pretty JUST year towards the end which was nice
I'm so glad he got out of Ring of Honor. That place is toxic. I hope Jay White comes out okay.
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This was my first year watching wrestling, Summerslam was the first show I actually watched.
Since then I've been an avid Smackdown fan, and the Ziggler/Miz feud was the first real feud I watched, and their battle over the IC title was what made me really love this show.
I'm happy with the work the Miz has done this year, and a shoutout to Ziggler for everything he's done this year too. The IC title wouldn't be what it is without both of them.
>ROH is toxic

Only somebody too dumb to know how young boy excursions work could post this.
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Mixed. She got 3 title reigns and has some good matches with Charlotte, and is the most over babyface in the womens division.

But on the negative side the reigns were all really short, her matches were nowhere near the quality she put on in 2015 and some were quite botchy, her promos were generally pretty bad and she is not a natural face.

Hoping for a heel turn and feuds with Bayley and either Asuka or Mickie James in 2017!
Not much for my boy Kane in 2016, it seems he interacted with the Wyatts mostly

Del Rio fucked up again lmao
I really liked KO when I first started watching again back in December of last year but he's been absolute shit since the brand split and he just seems to be getting fatter. They've done nothing with him that made me like him in the first place and AJ has completely outshined him as a champion. I think finn's injury fucked over owens more than it fucked over finn.
But thats not to say finn getting injured is totally to blame, his shitty title reign couldve been prevented with at least half decent booking + writing
Wew here we go. First the favorites

Started well, he's been on auto-pilot since around May, hasn't even been fun to watch since April
Are boy got off to a shaky start but he's having the run of his life right now
>Zack Ryder
Peaked very briefly at WM, since then he's been entertaining but in no programs at all, and now he's out for injury
>Jeff Hardy
Wew. Can't believe Matt managed to outdo Jeff for the first time in I think 12 years. Jeff is now the hanger on and nowhere near as entertaining
>Curt Hawkins
2016 killed him, he needs repackaged, he used to be somewhat entertaining and I was looking forward to what he'd be like on another WWE run but goddamn he's got fuck all to work with out there

Now the least favorites

He's the current US champ and has done fuck all with it, he's had a "good" year but is bad for the business
Spent a lot of it injured, wish he was let go after he got his credit card sized dick out, seems to have had an okay year at best
I agree with your comment on Finn.

I can almost see how it was going to turn out

>Roman fucks off to feud with Rusev for the US title for 5 months
>KO slowly becomes Finn's rival
>Culminates at Survivor Series when KO wins the belt due to Jericho interference
>Finn wins it back at the Rumble when The Club takes out Jericho
>Rematch at WM in a triple threat with the Rumble winner

In other words, it'd be near the same but we wouldn't have to put up with Rollins/Reigns shitting up the main event scene
>Curt Hawkins is one of your faves

literally fucking why
I liked his independent work, was really excited for his return, but he was given a jobbers role akin to his first WWE run
You mean such as his botchfest in PWG against returning AJ "IWGP Heavyweight Champion" Styles?
Hawkins gets too many undeserved chances imho.
Didn't see it
I just wish KO had kept the prizefighter gimmick and not this chicken shit heel bullshit he is now
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 10

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