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>be me >think my friends are jaded neckbeards >come

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>be me
>think my friends are jaded neckbeards
>come to /asp/
>don't feel bad about the autists i watch wrestling with anymore

i don't know if i should thank all of you for making me feel better or refuse to come back out of fear that this is contagious

pic not related.
>no irl friends that like wrestling
>no internet ""Friends"" that like wrestling
>parents don't even watch wrestling
>extended family doesn't watch wrestling
>everyone I know doesn't watch wrestling
who else like this
>I think people post on 4Chan like they talk in real life
OP here, that must really suck. i grew up with 3 brothers and we were all into it, as were most of my friends growing up.
OP again, not even, the previously mentioned autistic friends wing out any time brock lesnar sells offense, and one guy legit believes he could beat up samoa joe, despite his utter lack of any combat sports background. they are cringy enough irl to make a comparison.
That sucks nuts bruh. Me and my brother like to get wasted and pretend we're there live.

>have sex
>begging you
>seek help
>get worked
>take a shower
>hit the weights
>get a clue
so why would this place make you feel better?

95% of this board is just shitposting, if you want to find people who have serious discussion and take it serious like your friends go to /leddit/ or /wew/
Occasionally you will find a golden nugget here.
I swear to god it cant be more than a group of maybe like, 5 dedicated shitposters that really bring this shithole down to the ninth circle of shitposting.
No it's 99% of the posters
Fuck off to woo. No discussion goes on there. Just reacharounds from other neckbeards
>a golden nugget
Life values. What are yours?
Many years ago in the beginning of my journey of self improvement I came along what I would call a golden nugget. A golden nugget is a piece of information in a book that I would retain and apply to my life. With every book I read or listen to if I just get one golden nugget the book was well worth my time. Even if you just read one book a year and got one golden nugget a year just think how that could positively affect your life if applied.
So this golden nugget I speak of came from a great Tony Robbins book called Unlimited Power. He spoke about something called Life Values. Essentially it is making a list or vision board of why we live our lives. Why do we wake up each and everyday and do what we do? Well if we have our life values in order we do the things we do to enhance our lives for ourselves and those around us. Many people have no clue why they do what they do and in that mindset you greatly increase your chances for making bad decisions or doing things that may not always be in your best interest. I write this to challenge you to sit down and write out your top 5 Life Values and than look at what you are doing and how you can improve the things in your life to line up accordingly with your 5 Life Values. They should rank with 1 being your absolute number 1 reason for living and go from there. So for example my number 1 Life Value is health because I cannot live the life I want to live without my health. The following list is my top 5 Life Values and why I do what I do in my life and I will briefly explain it to help you further understand.
1. Health2. Happiness 3. Love 4. Money 5. Power
So as I explained above I can’t live the life I want to live without good health. Following health is happiness. What is the point of living an unhappy life? What we do should make us happy, the people around us should make us happy and the places we choose to go should make us happy. I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t wake up to be miserable! Coming in at number 3 for me is Love. Love of oneself, family and friends. Love is the greatest most powerful form of energy in the universe, I believe, and for me you can have all the wealth and possessions in the world, but if you lack health, happiness and love what is the point? Number 4 for me is money because I truly believe we are meant to have whatever we want in life if we are willing to work for it and believe in it. The world we live in is built around money and it allows us to do and have the things we want. It helps us in emergencies and can help give our families better security. Number 5 for me is Power and when I say power it is power for good. To be able to influence people and the world you need a sense of power to spread your message and help add value to people’s lives. For me and what I am doing with my life money and power play an important role thus their positioning in my Life Values. I hope this has helped you and I look forward to hearing your Life Values, so go out and buy a vision board and write down your Life Values and start getting closer to your goals! #FeedMeMore
this. it's all "manlet this" "muh ratings that" "insert marty janetty meme about an ex-shield member"
>implying 5 isn't 99% of posters
Dont forget that every other thread is
>Was he/she/it a draw?
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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