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>Buries Punk for quitting over shitty booking and general

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>Buries Punk for quitting over shitty booking and general lack of respect from creative
>Quits over shitty booking and lack of respect

you CANNOT make this shit up
The people we hate most are the ones most like ourselves
-Ghandi from Clone High
Big Guy gets too much hate because of a few very high-profile criticisms/botches.
I think the Punk shoot really fucked him over in the eyes of smarks. Kinda the same as how Punk shitting on Miz Main Eventing WM tarred his image with the same fan-base.
It's not cool how Punk buries fellow performers, desu. I'm not saying they're great, but they're not shit.
>I think the Punk shoot really fucked him over in the eyes of smarks

I'm sorry but there was nothing "cool" about a lame Goldberg remake
cryback btfo
I'm not saying there was, and I didn't really ever see him as anything more than that until his bullyback shtick.
Just saying he got a really disproportionate amount of hate after all that shit was said.
While true, I think it depends on the person saying it and who they're saying it about

Like Jim Cornette and Vince Russo. A lot of people probably hate Russo because of Cornette, and while I think I've seen every Cornette shoot there is, I still really like Russo both as a writer and as a human being.
i feel bad about ryback. but not at all for rycucks who just ate their own shit
Of course. And Punk did, and probably still does hold a lot of sway with the particular demographic that shit on Ryback.
He's really not as bad as people say, I think, and he portrays a Heel really well. He could've been a fairly big star if they invested in him at the right moments, if the buys on that one HiAC PPV he headlined are indicative of anything.
Yeah, it was Punk's disdain for Miz that tainted him.

Certainly nothing to do with Miz being completely terrible.
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kill you're self my man
He's not terrible, though. That's simply hyperbole.
Titus is a terrible wrestler. Braun is a terrible wrestler. Eva Marie is a terrible wrestler.
Miz isn't a GOOD wrestler, but he's leagues ahead of buffoons such as them, if purely by the virtue that he has mastered the fine art of "walking in a straight line".

Phil, you had a match lined up with haitch for mania and were probably going to be right back in the main event picture. You also held the belt for over 400 days. Why in the fuck did you complain about your booking?

Also why did you leave Maria for a prepubescent poo in loo boy?

Also kys ya manlet nerd
Le phil boogeyman

You emo brats are OBSESSED with Ryback, jealous of the REAL man.

Hi Phil! Shouldn't you be pretending to train for a UFC fight that's never going to happen?
>Doesn't stop using HGH
>Entitled brat
>Can't read
>Pathetic quitter
>Most boring guy in any room at any time
>Hissy fit enthusiast
>Roid Man
>Test dodger
>HGH Belly
>Dangerous Worker
>Slaps his head to beat the demons out, just like Benoit
>All his matches are sloppy and riddled with botches
>Tumblr feminist
>His belly is ready to pop at any second
>Likes traps
>Doesn't like women
>Zero coordination
>Prefers Roids to Breakfast
>HGH drips out of his mouth on every promo
>RVD Ripoff
>Never drew a penny
>Tragic non-steroid diet
>Potty mouth
>Brittle meat
>Failed to take the advice from the great CM Punk
>Hasn't taken a shower
>Hasn't hit the hospital for a checkup
>Hasn't got a clue
>My Chemical Hormone fan
>Wrote...he can't. Illiterate
>Desperate to be edgy. Fails miserably
>Drones on about being big, no one cares
>Thinks ripping off Goldberg is cool, it is not
>Mr. I steal moves
>HGH stolen from Arnold
>Adored by beta morons
>Jobs more than Ziggler
>Cried about Punk
>Cried about his little pecker
>Cried about Titus blacking him
>Cried about Vince
>Cried about his HGH dosage not being enough
>Cried about the doctors
>Cried about his salary
>Is the only person who sees talent in his jobbing
>Performs worst move set
>Booked as a monster and now losing to illegal immigrants on the daily
>Most laughable failure in WWE history
Hi Phil. How's your training going?
How's life living paycheck to paycheck?
Slater is a bigger man than Rycuck.

Hi Ryback. Hows that preshow going?
>its all punks fault
Miz is based, Ryback has and always will be shit
This meme is painfully unfunny
I didn't mean to say it was Punk's fault. I just happened to make the pretty clear correlation that both guys get slated a lot more than they deserve by smarks, and they're probably the two primary guys that Punk outright shit on.
Hey phil whens your fight?
Hey Mom, I posted it again!
I thought you hated your mom phil
I had say he fucked Roman more.

He was the one that told us about getting Roman look strong.

Thats why im fucking yours.
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Except Punk never got shitty booking, maybe in his own eyes but that's because he's a pretentious cunt
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