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Hey /asp/ i have two gyms near me: a muay thai and jun fan jkd.

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Hey /asp/ i have two gyms near me: a muay thai and jun fan jkd. Is there any reason not to pick MT?
No, unless you're autistic then you might like JKD
Dragonball Z is fucking stupid. Naruto tier

>Not for lifting

Go lift you unbelievable faggot.

This is the Seinfeld Isn't Funny syndrome. Well after something iconic has ran it's course, enough godawful knockoffs will have popped up to cash grab on the back of the original Good Thing that the Good Thing is retroactively tainted by how fucking awful Naruto is.
I'm not OP, but can someone tell me what Jun Fan JKD is, and what the system consists of?
Punching air and doing kewl kiks.
I was hoping for more description than that, something like
>Wing Chun focuses on in-fighting, straight punches, and keeping kicks low and to a minimum. Wing Chun's training includes forms, partner drills like sticky hands, wooden dummy training, and live sparring depending on the school.

No, not unless the MT gym is really really bad..


I think a lot of that Dragonball fandom is just nostalgia. If you look at it today, it's not a good manga actually. Really, look at it and try to not get nostalgic:

>Hurr, doing the same three fighting movements every damn fight
>Hurr, muh ultra power level 9000
>Hurr, muh 3rd form with even more of that electric light coming out of my ass
>Hurr, muh eternal rival

So simple minded.

Naruto on the other hand had a decent start.
It was much darker than for example DB, stuff like a guy seeking revenge for his brother who slaughtered his whole fucking clan in one bloody night, stuff like someone fighting the ressurected corps of his former teacher and eventually sacrificing his own soul just for defending his evil pupil.

But then Naruto got famous and the audience became much younger and they got away from that bloody and dark attitude. It became more and more Talk-No-Jutsu and Naruto himself is an annoying little twat.

Wing Chun sounds nice in theory but their "sparring" is a joke. This is because of their 2deadly4you techniques (which are not trained with full force but would TOTALLY kill anybody within seconds) and also because of the emphasis on stuff like Chi Sao and catching the other guy's arms - which are not inherently bad skills, but not worth training the majority of your time, because you neglect other (more important) skills for that.

Also in comparison to boxing WC has a bad footwork, weak punches and it's tactics are all about running through the other guy. But what if the other guy is a grappler and I want to stay at a distance? What if I want to fight more than one guy and can't afford to get too involved with one of them? Boxing is great for that, WC not.

Basically WC has it's merits, but it has a small scope of fighting. If you know boxing and want some "funky extra skills", WC might be worth considering. But as a stand alone martial art?

Just one example: the defense against a simple Hook:

"Just clinch and throw knees":


"Just punch him faster than he can throw his Hook":


"Just ellbow his arm out of the way":


"Just jam against his arm and shoulder":


"Just use a combination of the Muay Thai block and a Karate chop":


Long story short: they have littel understanding of the actual technique and no real defense against it, so they make up arbitrary shit.
rewatching naruto from scratch knowing what happens down the line (naturally skipping filler arcs) gives you a new respect for the series.

The majority of all the series canon is very tightly woven, from [spoiler] the interruption of the chunin exams [/spoiler] to shippuden and then [spoiler] the uchiha's revelation [/spoiler]

top quality.

And its a show that really goes surprisingly well with [spoiler] a well rolled blunt [/spoiler] but don't take my word for it, try it yourselves kids!

And don't forget to skip every filler arc and special! [spoiler] besides the kakashi's mask special [/spoiler]

no [spoiler][/spoiler] on asp

*belated vague spoiler alert*

..Oh well.

>watching Naruto Manga + Anime literally for years
>Now it's ending! oh, no.. But NOW it's ending! No? But NOW..?! What the..
>Finally deciding to stop watching it after [spoiler] Ninja World war [/spoiler]
>finding out that this was close before the series really ended
>Fuuuuuuuuuuuu.. !!

Maybe I'll watch it again, just for the sake of knowing the end.
I have a home gym so fuck you
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Op here. Ill try not to be like everyone else here. It is similar to mma, as it has 4 means of fighting. Punching, kicjing,trapping,and grappling. Jkd stems from 3 arts. Boxing fencing and WC. the foot work and posture isnt so great, as it is mostly standinf upright with chin up and dragging your back foot behind. I gues it may be good depending on which dojo you find.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 3

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