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Hey guys, I have a dog who recently got infected by fleas. I've

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Hey guys, I have a dog who recently got infected by fleas. I've never had this problem before so I'm not really sure what flea treatment to get. After some research I saw that frontline plus would be a good option but for the sake of saving money I decided to see if there's any good cheaper alternatives.

What are some good cheaper flea treatments? Are products like pet armor plus or Adams flea protection that home depot has good alternatives to frontline plus or am I better of getting frontline plus? My dogs don't have a severe flea infestation. Has anybody here had any experience with products like Pet Armor or Adams? Where they good or bad?

What do you normally use for your dog?
I lather my dog in olive oil, let it sit for about six or seven minutes, and then rinse
i get two months worth of drops from the vet to insure i cover the whole life cycle

usually only happens once every 3 or 4 years
I use the Adams shampoo but I haven't heard anything positive or negative about their drops. I get the advantage II drops for my dog even though they are expensive because the fleas in my area are resistant to some other drops
Does it just kill the fleas when you wash the dog or does it also have a lasting effect?
Use frontline.

do not ever use products with pyrethrins/pyrethroids/anything that begins with pyr!!!!!!!!! unless you want this to happen to your dogger


my dog had this happen NEVER again after stopping all pyr* products except heartguard which is a tiny tiny dose.
note that the products to avoid include advantage/advantix
not that anon, but washing your dog will only kill some fleas, not all of them.

I got rid of fleas without flea treatment because I didn't want to risk any side effects since my dog was just a little puppy at the time, here's how:

don't fill up the bathtub, there's no point as fleas can't drown until they've been submerged for 48+ hours. wet your dog down in the tub and put a ring of dawn dish soap around his neck and lather it up (prevents fleas from hiding on his head/neck). lather up the whole dog with a thick layer of dawn dish soap and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. this will suffocate a good majority of them. make sure you pay special attention to his armpits/leg-pits, genitals, behind his ears, and under his tail.

put a drop of dawn dish soap in a deep bowl of water and swirl it around. this keeps fleas from being able to float and survive. comb your dog with a fine flea comb and drop the fleas you catch into the bowl. let them sit 48 hours--if you dump them in the drain, they can survive and come out of your drain and start all over again.

>optional after-care
rub your dog all over with a few drops of cedar oil mixed in with a big ol' glug of olive oil. don't do this if you have cats.

>home care
this is the most important part. VACUUM EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY. empty out the vacuum after every session because the fleas will survive inside of the vacuum, come out, and repopulate. vacuuming will be your biggest weapon. even though your dog might not go under the couch or behind it, or rub up on curtains, ALWAYS make sure to get dark, quiet places, as this is where fleas that hatch in the carpet or who fall of your dog will retreat to grow. vacuum wood floors and tile as well.

mop your hard floors every other day. for maximum effectiveness put a few drops of cedar oil in your mopping solution. the scent of cedar repels fleas. again, don't do this if you have cats--it's toxic to them.

you can brush powdered borax into your carpets, let it sit a day, and then vacuum it up, but I can't attest that this is more effective than just plain multiple sessions of vacuuming. supposedly the borax penetrates flea exoskeletons and dries them up. you'll have to confine your dog to different rooms and borax the carpets one room at a time to keep him from licking it off his paws.

wash bedding, blankets, throw pillows, and anything that will fit in the washer in HOT water and dry it on the hottest setting you think they can handle. it's important to do this regularly. do the dog's bedding at least every other day, if not every day. don't let him on your bed. wash your clothes in hot water. wash yourself in hot water and make sure you check out your armpits/genitals/any hot, damp places on your body thoroughly.

at night, put a night light near where your dog sleeps and put a dish of water and dawn dish soap underneath the night light. if the infestation is bad enough, it will draw fleas from out of their hiding places in the home towards it, they'll hop into the dish and drown. again, don't throw out the liquid for at least 48 hours. they will reanimate and start fucking with you again.

it will take at least two weeks, but it'll be done.
forgot to mention at the end:

any flea treatment will take two weeks. very few medicines will take care of all the life cycles of the flea and at any given point there are at -least- two life cycles of flea going on in your home and likely more.

but this one is practically free as long as you have common household items--a little more if you choose to buy cedar oil or borax your carpets (you'll likely want a new vacuum after that). by and large it's going to be cheaper, and just as effective, than any flea medicine that actually works, though.
Thanks for the advice I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes.

Also, when I checked my dog (who is white so easy to spot) I only saw 2 fleas on him. The flea problem began a week ago btw.

Is it possible that I may not have a serious infestation or should I not trust what I can see? I have 2 dogs and one is black. While it's easy to see things on the white one the black one is what worries me but since they mainly sleep in my room I don't think the flea problem could've spread badly in other areas. When I noticed they got fleas I thought it'd be better to let them stay in the room out of fear that it might spread across the house. It makes it easier in that I know what needs to be thoroughly cleaned.
Wait, I'm kinda confused. From my understanding advantage/advantix are supposed to be good, right?
It's probably not a serious infestation but it can become one quickly.

Always look in the little crooks behind their ears--that's where you'll find the most evidence. If there are little black specks--not actual fleas, just little black specks--that's 'flea dirt' and it means they've been living there and shitting there.

bathe your other dog the same way I mentioned, too. fleas will happily switch between dogs as long as they're warm and alive. I also forgot to mention: bathe them every other day if it's feasible. just do it as much as possible. it will dry out their coats and skin a little but if you have the cedar and olive oil I talked about, you can rub them down with it and it'll counteract some of the dryness.

>since they mainly sleep in my room I don't think the flea problem could've spread badly in other areas

don't let this lull you into a false sense of security. fleas will hatch and then quickly migrate underneath your bed, the couch--anywhere dark and dry and warm--to grow into adults. it's nearly impossible to have fleas in JUST one room.

if you can also keep your home below 68 degrees F and keep the air very dry with a dehumidifier, and it'll delay their hatching if not keep them from doing so completely, giving you more time to completely vacuum the house over the course of those two weeks before they start the life cycle all over again. you'll have to be wary of when you turn on the heat again and anything you missed coming back for a brief stint.
Thanks I plan on getting everything washed just in case but I plan on spending more time with the stuff on my room. I just hope I get it right the first time
I want to ask,i always get bitten by my cat fleas and i damn itchy.
They might be a bit expensive, but get the antiflea pills. They're worth it.
Where's the question?
My two cats and two dogs got fleas. I bought lufenuron+nitenpyram from littlecitydogs to eradicate them. Lufenuron stops them from reproducing for about 30 days and nitenpyram kills on bite for ~48 hours. Or at least that's what they claim.

Then of course bombing the house like once a week for a month. Vacuuming and brushing every day. A friend of mine did the same treatment for his dog and it worked. Cheapest way to kill them off.

I tried just a bit of flea shampoo and my dog's coat started falling out lol. Never again. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is worthless in South Florida and disgusting. Make sure it's food-grade; anything else will kill you. Frontline/fipronil no longer works and it's disgusting. I gave up on topicals.

Ultimately, I ended up buying Bravecto because dog ticks are fucking IMPOSSIBLE. NexGuard is also good.
>I tried just a bit of flea shampoo and my dog's coat started falling out lol.
I've had more luck with dawn dish soap then I've had with dog shampoo. Last time I used dog shampoo my dogs skin turned yellowish and she would constantly scratch herself. Luckily it wasn't permanent but after that experience i'd rather not touch dog shampoo.
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