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Landlord doesn't allow pets

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Live in NYC. My lease originally had a No Pet's clause in it, but I'm not on lease anymore. Asked my landlord if he was okay with me getting a Chinchilla and he said that the building is under some no pet regulation with the city or something so he can't allow it.

I do have major depressive and anxiety disorders with possible borderline. From what I see, apparently I have the option of asking a psychiatrist to make me out an emotional support animal note to bypass the No Pets regulation.

Do any anons have experience with this sort of thing? I'm already getting anxiety over it all because I've been saving up for 2 years to get a pet, and I was so excited that the time is coming soon now that I have some extra cash from my tax refund. Now my hopes are shattered.
Does that nigga check your apartment everyday? No? Fuck him and get a pet. I've had a cat and fish for years and the only time the landlord came I had someone hold my cat.
I wouldn't get a chinchilla if had depression.
Try 2 rats.

Are you already seeing a psychiatrist or were you planning to see one especially?
getting a pet because of depression can backfire and make the animal a burden for you
No, but he lives above me. It's a private house and I rent one of the floors. Even if he rarely ever ever comes into my house, he'd probably hear it at some point jumping around.
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I have a girlfriend to help take care of it, my mother's dog helped me cope a lot with my anxiety and depression back when I lived with her and I was the one primarily taking care of it because I was NEET, and I really really really love animals a lot to the point where I could have afforded this LONG ago but wanted a VERY LARGE safety budget to work with in case of emergencies.

I don't even spend money on myself, I'd probably spoil it silly with an expensive cage, lots of toys, and tons of socialization considering I have no friends.

I think pet ownership would be the least of my worries, to be honest. The only thing I'm worried about is getting panic or anxiety attacks in regards to Chinchilla overheating in Summer, but I already plan on getting a thermometer with an alarm and my girlfriend is always at home when I'm not,
>I wouldn't get a chinchilla if had depression.
>Are you already seeing a psychiatrist or were you planning to see one especially?

Already seeing one.
Get a rattlesnake and invite your landlord over for dinner.
I know it's always rough, but is there any way for you to move? It is hard to give it up if you do have the perfect setup.

I haven't filled it out myself but it's something that I've been considering doing since my cat is keeps me holding on while I work. He mellows me out tons and I get stressed without him around.

I'd like to know more about how this stuff works but the stuff online seems so mixed.
i'm from brooklyn, and lived there most of my life, but i haven't in a few years so check updated versions of this... from what i remember if you live in a no pets apartment and you get a pet, if the landlord doesn't notice after a certain amount of months then you can legally have it there...

something like a chinchilla isn't gonna be noticeable most likely (unless something happens to break in your apartment or some shit), so the chances of it ever getting discovered before those months are over is pretty fucking slim, but yeah... i've known people who have kept cats that way and shit... so it's definitely possible... "no pet" tends to mean "don't get caught"

but if you do get caught in the first couple months you do have to get rid of the animal...

you could go the esa route though yeah, and then your landlord would have to make accomodations, but it's a lot easier to wait 'til he forgets and just sneak it in...

i've never heard of a building being "no pets" due to city regulations (i've known people who own/rent apartments and it's always been based on their own choices), but you might wanna call 311 and ask or just use google to get a better idea of how it works...

i've had like ferrets and shit when they were just illegal in nyc completely, so i mean... it's not like it's impossible to get by shit if you really want... just pick an animal that's gonna be quiet that you don't need to bring out (though i do know someone who got away with a fucking beagle and walking it every day)

sounds like he lied to you about the city codes... i figured, but knowing it's a private house makes me positive... it's him not the city, he probably just said that to scare you out of it... you fucked up though asking, and no he probably won't hear it and if you're worried get white noise machines and do shit like turn the tv on and whatnot... at this point let a few months go by before you do anything, and the esa thing is likely to turn into some shit... how many other apartments are there? 3 and under in a private residence has different rules than larger buildings... the landlord has more rights, you have less... but like i said find out the exact laws and take it from there, he clearly just doesn't want pets there and probably thought using "the city" when he spoke about the no pet rule would scare you into listening... but you put yourself on his radar so wait that out first and see if he checks your apartment over the next few months...
my strata says only one pet and I got two cats because fuck them they arent checking apartments and who the fuck stares at the building outside. They arent going to know
get pet rat. Then tell him that the rat you found in the house. Tell him you either keep the rat or report on some review site that the apartment complex has rats.
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