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How do I know it's time to euthanize my cat? She's

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How do I know it's time to euthanize my cat?
She's an old stray i picked up in june or july.
Shes got tumors under her arm
some neurologic damage to her spine (if you scratched her butt she would fall over)
She has some kidney issues too
Shes been doing weird things all day though
All day she has been 'headpressing' into this one corner, shes been pacing around the room, she fell down the stairs today too, but slow enough a cat could catch themself, but she didnt. Shes also been tripping over everything.
She keeps trying to lay down but it looks painful, shes gets about halfway then stops and sits up.

So im thinking its time to put her down..
but i hate admitting it
i feel like im stepping out of line by deciding the life of another being
What if im wrong?
Please help make the right decision
Pic is her
Best to take them to the vet and see what the vet says about euthenasia under these conditions.
I called a vet and explained what was wrong
I think she said something about telling the veterinarian the next morning (they all left)
But I asked how much it would cost to make sure i had the money and we ended the conversation on that.
The only thing she's not doing is defecating all over herself
It seems like shes finally falling asleep now
Should i even bother euthanizing her?
Should i let her die of natural causes?
I think that's a decision that's up to you op. I worked at an animal clinic and euthanasia is always hard even though it's an everyday thing. It's a tough decision to make but if the cat is really old with all of these issues it might pass away soon.
Im going to school to be a vet tech
We discussed euthanasia in class
Ive learned what to expect
Ive learned when its generally time
but ive never experienced euthanasia
I dont like being the one to make the decision
I thought about asking some friends, but they wouldnt support her being put down.
If she was your cat..would you?
If she doesnt get better by sun im probably going to make an appointment for monday.
But im not sure if im over reacting to an old cat or not. Ive never had to take care of an old cat with all of these problems
>tfw i also put a ribbon on my kitty
anon this hits me hard, i had to contemplate similar things before. take your cat to the vet, get an official verdict on what's going on. I would never put my cat to sleep unless she was in some excruciating amount of pain with no possible relief.
I want to
But im really tight on money
i can just barely afford the euthanasia. Idk if i could afford a euthanasia and a consultation
ive thought about going to an emergency practice near me that will do euthanasia for free
I think so long as she doesnt get progressively worse ill have the vet check her
I just dont want to be ridiculed by my friends for 'killing' her when i only had the best intentions for her
OP as someone who has had many pets, you just have to accept that most other animals will not outlive you, and its your responsibility as the elder, provider, and guardian to do, just that. give your cat the care and respect she deserves and put her down if she starts living in distress or pain.
this decision is between you, your cat, and your vet only, its no one else's business.
Thank you
Its the first time ive had to make such a decision
She still has her appetite it looks like
Ive been thinking about this since the day i brought her in.
I just wished she could've lived a better life
Depends if she's in pain or not and by the sounds of it, she sounds like she is and is very uncomfortable.

My decision on euthanizing my pets comes down to whether or not they are in pain/suffering of some sort. To prolong it is inhumane. By keeping her alive(if she really is suffering), you're the bad guy. You're willingly subjecting her to continue to endure her loss quality of life despite the pain. Wanting a pet to die on it's own when it's obvious they are having/going to have a difficult, painful time is cruel. I had to beg my parents to put down our 14 year old dog when I was younger because they wanted 'life to take it's course' on a dog that had almost zero use of her back legs due to hip problems, cancer, tumors, almost blind, going deaf and seizures. Multiple times a day I would struggle to carry this 60lbs dog around because it was too painful for her to walk on her own, even to go out and use the bathroom by herself. Despite her problems, she was still happy as fuck, wagging her tail, excited for everything but she just couldn't do so much as reach her ball if it rolled too far.

It's not wrong to question it or feel skeptical about whether you should or not, nor is it bad to seek opinions of other people about it. It is a hard decision. By all means I do believe you should have the vet check her out first and get the vet's opinion but it already sounds like your cat is very uncomfortable and you should not let your emotions get in the way of the right, humane and responsible thing to do if it comes down to it.
you never know though, it might just be a painful infection or something else that's curable with a round of meds or something, and she might live another couple years comfortably. you would have to find out from a vet.

then if they say she's not curable, you can still take her to the emergency place right?
btw yes I am aware that this is probably not the case and it's likely the cat is not going to get better regardless, but you can't be sure til you get her checked out.
if she seems to be in pain you should if not, why would you.

head pressing is nerve damage and is a very obvious sign for a certain disease or condition
Head pressing into walls(She's old and you said she just started doing this today?) is sign of a neurological condition and animals that get this usually pass quickly within a day to a week. Rip op's kitty. Sorry for your loss.
Thread posts: 15
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