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I'm so sad and alone.

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I have no friends, no one to talk to.
People were mean to me at school (although, I don't have nobody in my life, so nobody can be mean to me).
I used to be the victim.

I don't know what to do. I wake up the morning, I feel resentment and lonely, I just eat and sleep.
Try to swallow your resentment and make some friends elsewhere. It's the only way.
wanted to write this answer for you on /b/ but the thread timed out. If by some amazing conicidence it wasn't you posting almost exact same topic with the same picture, ignore this:
if you play the lottery and expect to win, you are 1: clinically verifiable mentally challenged
2: gonna be dissapointed every week for a long time (unless you are that 1 in a million, which we will assume you aren't, for the sake of this argument)

If you play and don't expect to win (which some people do for legitimate reasons i do not care to explain right now) you don't get dissapointed every week, you confirm your prediction you won't win and feel good about yourself for not thinking you will win, and you might win a small pot like 200$ or something and it's gonna make your day.

People can only be mean to you if you show yourself to them.
I know hiding yourself from people isn't great either, but it's better then being depressed how shitty people can be.
And when you recognize the right person, slowly open up. you might end up with an amazing friend. sure worked for me.

I'll post a second response that is more suitable for the specific question you posted here.
>Get a job
>Set life and career goals for yourself
>Make friends and build relationships along the way

What you put into life is what you get out of it. Nothing good is going to come from sitting alone in your room all day.
my second response:
step 1: when you talk to other people, they see a persona that is not exactly you. You need to figure out is your persona good for making the kind of people you like into friends (meaning is the persona presenting who you are good enough, and is the persona socially acceptable and is it a pleasant persona to talk to), and if you don't think it's good enough, you need to change it.
There are general rules to what is socially acceptable, what is socially attractive, and so on. You need to understand that. If you already do, great

step2: You must be visually not puke-inducing and either wearing neutral clothes or clothes specific to what kind of people you like (like punk-based styles or goth or some other shit)

step 3: Be between people. Of all the friends i have, every single one was found either at an education institution, at a workplace, in voice chat in a video game (i DO NOT recommend this and you should avoid this as means of trying to get friends, but it can work to some degree), or were just constantly in my proximity (like a close neighbour on a small town street).

be sure to show enough of yourself so they can see who you are, but don't be assertive about it, nobody wants to listen to a guy just talking about himself. If something in my mind isn't either considerably funny or important to the specific conversation, i generally don't say a fucking thing (exception here when you're waiting for something with someone and you're both bored), and i have got a lot of kind of friends and very few truly great friends, so that does work. If you are not sure you are a master of this, try to find some good self help/development books on socialising skills. I know most of self help books are utter shit written just to make money on people that need help, but i guarantee you there are great ones as well, and they can dramatically change your life.

will finish in another short post, i reached word limit
last part:

I do not know any self help books for socialising sadly, you need to research on your own.

If however you have depression problems, i can definitely recommend one thou.
The book that probably singlehandedly saved my life is "Eckhart tolle: the power of now". I've been told his other book "new world" or something like that is equally good and has more content, but i didn't read it so idk. it's based on Zen way of thinking, not hard to grasp your head around the concepts, but really difficult to implement into yourself because it probably requires drastically changing how you look at who you are as a person. what i got out of it is chances of my depression (which was severe) coming back is basically zero%, and if i focus i can be unphased by basically any non physical stimulans (like someone trying to offend me or depressing situations or anything similar)

Tl;Dr of all i said is greatly summarized by this another anon's post: >>18605557

And yes "go between people" from the first part of this post is retarded, i fast translated it in my head from a phrase in my language.

ignore all the mistakes, i literally have a boner right now, went to check /b/ and /gif/ for an ass thread to fap too and put it on pause to reply to you.
going back to fapping, good luck
Thread posts: 6
Thread images: 1

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