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Why is she using the 'maybe we should breakup' all the time?

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Been together for 2 years.It's almost perfect except:
>in every argue we have she adds the 'maybe we should break up
>if my opinion is different 'maybe we should break up'
>if she askes me something where she knows she's wrong i get the 'maybe we should split'
She will never split from me, I'm sure of it. She's at the point where is more than in love with me; she sees us and wants us toghether, married and one day have a family. I'm basically everything she wants.

What's the reason behind all of this? She won't do it (we both know it), yet she's trying to use this as a weapon every time. Is it because of her ego?self esteem?affraid she will be dumped?
well what do you expect? psychological advice from people on 4chan lol.
ye she is scared and pushes it to emotional levels. talk to her and ask her why she threatens you all the time, tell her how you feel with it. try to let her explain her position. then try to both see that different opinions are _ok_. opinions are not the commitment and love you both put into each other. a relationship means to cope as a team, even different opinions and by those based actions are fine. you might not like a move your SO does, but still the person is who you commit for. try to talk about arguments after things are clear again, in a neutral mode -- obviously tend to yourself being in a wrong position because women lol.
being in a relationship and love doesnt mean you blindly understand each other especially about emotions. it needs explanation and exploration, both of your need to explore your own emotional world to understand each other, so do it together.
thats a really unhealthy relationship behavior that she's doing. It sounds like an abuse tactic or something to get her way/what she wants

you gotta start communicating with her and both be ok with disagreeing, arguin, etc. (not saying you aren't op but it sound like she is at least) The point of a relationship is to be in each others corner and support and try to understand each other, not to force the other one into what you want from them
it is unhealthy. it looks like an abuse aswell. i just wanna help her stop using it and accept different opinions.
One thing is for sure..i can;t say 'Ok, let's breakup, because i don't like that colour now that you've asked me'. It;s plain stupid. and if I play along and split from her it will destroy her to the point she will never be able to have a relation after me
Maybe you should break up
Next time she uses it just break up for a few days and she how she reacts.
That way she will know that if she says it, it really can happen.
i don;t think i can be that imature to break up for a reason like 'i had a diffeent opinion about something common'
top kek, you gona be left when she finally finds a replacement, you know shit about women
She is immature for even suggesting it all the time, give her a taste of her own medicine.
If she ends up leaving you for real than you should not be with someone like that anyway.
If she really likes/loves you than she will come crawling back within a few hours.
Otherwise just fucking talk to her.
Easy, next time you trigger a "Maybe we should break up" response from her, dump her right there and find a girl who doesn't act like a child when she doesn't get her way. Guarantee you she'll double back on herself when you actually try to end it too.
Nigga you're dating an NPC
this lel
Well, when stuck in a rut, might as well do something drastic.

If she says she wants to break up, then break up. On one hand, there's no point being with somebody that doesn't want to be with you. On the other hand, if she does want to be with you, she's going to come to her senses and admit this fairly quick once you start pushing for it.

Worst case scenario, she's going to try and use this as some excuse to go fuck other dudes while you're technically not together, and then try to get back with you for the security. Sounds absurd, but it happens.

So, my advice would just be to show her who wears the pants. You don't need to be her bitch, there's a world full of women out there for you, man.
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