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Hello /adv, long time. Femanon here. I have a big problem with

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Hello /adv, long time.

Femanon here. I have a big problem with my bf. I really love him, but getting straight to the point, he just cant last with me. Our sex is literally around 10 moves and he cums almost immediately.

Safe to say I am very unhappy with my sexual life. He always cums quick and then stupidly asks if I enjoyed it.

We have been together for a year and a half now, and I am quite upset to be disappointing him in telling him that I didnt as I dont want it to affect him in a self conscious way.

We are both 21. I am his first. Foreplay on me is nonexistent. Oral on me is nonexistent.

Yesterday it got to a point where he literally entered and came, and that was supposed to be an experiment where I decided not to blow him to see if he can last.

I have talked to him a lot about it, but it just seems to go nowhere.

I really love him and I dont want to have to end the relationship because the sex is just so bad. What can I do to make him last longer and at the same time not crush his masculinity and pride?
Tell him to stop being a bitch and keep going even after he cums
Just ask him to eat you out before hand and being you to orgasm or make him jerk it 20 minutes Brodie and cum then go at it problem solved , this shit isn't that hard to understand
Well here is where the problem lies:
a) he is disgusted with going down on me so he wont do it
b) we tried it a few times to go again, but the same thing just happens
c) he gets "sore and bruised" very easily and just refuses sex after lets say third attempt and we have to wait a few days for him to be able to go again.

Its not like we havent tried the conventional methods. Problem is they wont work.
Fingering , dildos , penis extenders ,
Tell him he needs to quit being a selfish dick and that you need pleasure to ,
Foreplay. Loads and loads of foreplay. If he gives you an orgasm or two by hand or mouth before he even thinks about climbing aboard, two things will result. First, you won't be cheated, and second the lack of pressure may enable him to last longer
Sadly OP you describe the performance of most men so even if you dump this guy it will be hard to find better. Most women just live with it instead of bouncing from man to man to man only to be disappointed again and again and again.
Stop fucking projecting Anon, speak for yourself.
I last about fifteen-twenty normally.

OP, if talking to him continues to fail I'd like you to explain that you got so desperate that you made a post on 4Chan because you love him lots but don't want to break up with him over sex.

Furthermore if that doesn't motivate him, then be more assertive, just tell him straight up that he needs to stop being selfish and that your pleasure is just as important as his, then explain avenues on how he could satisfy you more, ex: toys, foreplay, ect.
Hope this helps.
And this is the saddest thing i have read today. With such attitude you will never enjoy sex.

Did you know you can assert your dominance even as a girl and force your boy to satisfy you? Magic wand?

Also via death grip and frequent masturbation you can train his dick to the point your vagina will feel as meh and he will be able to go for an hour and not cum?
I speak from experience and willing to tell OP what she can expect. I realize men don't want to see this but for women, we know, we just have to live with it. OP can talk all she wants, she can love and reason and encourage and wait and hope but it won't change a thing. A woman shouldn't have to teach a man how to use his own penis on a woman.
>woman shouldn't have to teach a man how to use his own penis on a woman
Ok, you triggered me. Because this is what i have made my gf to do.

Also what is your stance on boy teaching girl on how to jerk and suck his dick? That shit is allowed, or is it also forbidden by your bible?

Hey OP, as feelings are a very important part of the relationship I get you love your boyfriend as you said you are his first and you're both very young and obviously he's inexperienced and unwilling to learn and do things to PLEASE you and he cums a second in and refuses to acknowledge it and you've been together for a year and a half.. I mean you got your answer right there.. After a year and a half shouldn't you be able to talk to him openly about this? Because there's nothing else for you to do or to make HIM last longer, that's not on you and you're putting it on yourself.
>someone should be a master at something without any hint of how to do it despite all the individual differences in what people like in sex
You see, you immediately assume I've never enjoyed sex, I have, but it wasn't by coaching a guy what to do and going through months of frustration along with pouts and anger from an ego wounded guy. OP has a few choices. She learn to live with being sexually unfulfilled as most women do, keep looking and going from man to man to man with no guarantee because most men don't care because sex to them is ejaculation.

I have been very fortunate to come across several MEN that knew what to do and it was eye opening to say the least. It was like I was hook on a drug and have no patience for pretenders or becoming a teacher.
Hahaha he sounds like a total pussy what the fuck
>i have made my gf to do
So let me get this straight. You made your gf tell you how to please her? It would have been easier on her to fake an orgasm than go through months of coercion.
Very few are masters out of the box but very few men, even with tutelage progress past thrust and ejaculate. In OP's situation this guy is not worth any more effort.
Well, there are minimally three types of dudes
>good at sex
>bad at sex but willing to learn, experiment and improve
>bad at sex and unable to accept critique

And i believe the 2nd option is still salvageable. I am not saying OP doesnt have the 3rd type, but you dont know until you try.
>most men don't care because sex to them is ejaculation
Why dont you make them? Manipulation was always girls most deadly weapon. It shouldnt be hard for woman like YOU to make them.

The first two sessions were extremly bad, but then i asked her few things, tell her to show me how she masturbates and after that it was better and bigger fun each session. You act like it would take months of tutoring. But maybe i am exception to the rule.

>i like my ladies to struggle, wiggle, make funny faces and beg for more
men arent all pornstars you know, we cabt fuck for 3 hours with our 12 inch dicks and cum on demand. just mastuebate a bit beforehand

Well that sucks. You sound like a rare person and your guy sounds like he needs a slap to wake up.
Tell him that sex is a skill. Skills are supposed to start bad and get better. And to get better at a skill you need to practice AND learn more things about it.
Also show him "T-Time Sex Ed 2: Pussy Licking Tips" in this page


to get across that doing it will benefit him, and


for tips and humour. Generally speaking humour is the best way to discuss subjects and get a point across provided the other person doesn't feel like he is being ridiculed.

>he is disgusted with going down on me so he wont do it

Guys have no instictive knowledge of what's between a girl's legs. The first time we see a vagina, our brains literally go wtf. Exposure through porn has made this milder, but there's still some weirdness when we get to interact with a vagina for the first time. Perhaps your bf is still uncomfortable and it'll go away if he gets more exposed to it.
I suggest you keep bugging him to go down on you. If he keeps refusing then establish blowjobs as a reward for going down on you. "Do to me and I'll do to you" kind of deal.
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