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>3am >gotta shit badly >been putting it off for hours

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>gotta shit badly
>been putting it off for hours
>paper thin walls
>neighbour's bedroom is right beside my bathroom
>he gets mad and audibly groans even when I flush in the middle of the day
>can't go without flushing or the sound will go through the wall
>can't leave house to go in case I shit myself on the way
>flushing can be heard all over the house and possibly wakes the other neighbours up as well
What do?
the way i see it, you shit in your toilet or in your pants as you leave
you'll just have to flush
sucks for them, but sometimes you can't think about others
Take a shit ffs it's a natural human fucking function
Man the fuck up and take to the loudest, nastiest shit of your life, then double flush
Who the fuck cares what your neighbors think, everyone poops and its annoying for only like 10 seconds
They don't though. I never hear my neighbours' toilets flush despite them reacting to mine.

Then why are you so worried, my friend? Sounds like you guys live in a shit hole. If they don't want to hear you shit at 3am, they can live somewhere that isn't (literally) shitty.
I'm tired of the being the noisy neighbour. I'm self-conscious.

The expectation seems to be that I do whatever it is that they do (no idea what it is) to make the bare minimum of noise.

They react to me typing, using the bathroom, even doing the dishes in the kitchen which is on the far corner of the house. I only ever hear them moving around and occasionally talking.

Makes me feel like I'm missing some obvious unwritten rule about how to act while living here.

When I first moved in I wasn't aware of how thin the walls were, and I'd lie in bed and occasionally have a wank and one morning the guy next door insulted me through the wall, imitating the sound. It was fucking mortifying.

I usually stay up late on the computer and yesterday when I was in bed at like 4:30am a guy next door kept clicking a mouse, something they never do (I don't think they can even afford computers) everytime he could hear me move around in bed as if to say "this is what it's like for us". You can't even move around in bed without them hearing the sound. But I never hear them anymore, so they must've perfected some method of doing it without making a sound.

Occasionally the landlord will come in to do some renovations to the other flats and it's made obvious then how thin the walls are because suddenly there's a lot of noise next door and even the smaller, everyday sounds are annoyingly loud.

I don't know what to do.
Move, dude, why are you living in a fucking slum?
Nobody is living here because they want to.
I feel you bro, I'm sorry. I have no advice really. There's nothing you can do short of mounting soundproof padding on the walls. It's relatively cheap though. You can get sheets of sound-dampening foam and attach it to all the walls.... might help some.
Thanks, I might look into this. I actually have savings despite living in a shithole (no decent income though) and this might be a constructive thing to spend some of them on.
Take a sit outside then. and say fk it.

something like this might suit you. may be able to get it cheaper somehow, but not sure. would probably take a few hundred bucks to cover all the wall/ceiling space you need... kind of a lot of money, but... might be worth it
Shit in your own damn toilet that you pay for. Fuck that guy, if he has a problem he can tell your landlord. What's he gonna do? Tell you not to shit in your own house?
Don't people make that shit from egg carton
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