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So, I've been "hanging out" with this girl for

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So, I've been "hanging out" with this girl for a few months, we're not official but we are basicly bf and gf in every way but the label: "haven't had the talk yet"

She is currently on vacation in USA, (we're european) while she was there she applied for a job: "just fun to know if i could get one"
Well, now it seems like she actually might get that job!
What if she decides she wants it?
I'm actually smittin' pretty hard over her and I really don't want to loose her :/

I can't move to America!
>Not for a girl I've been with for only a few months
>My line of work has an international standard but for some reason USA is among the few countries that is not following that standard = I will need to re-educate myself to keep working in my field (I handle schematics and bliueprints and stuff)
>it's far away fin everyone I know
>and last but not least, I don't really want to!

So how do I bring this up to my "gf"?
No, you let her do her things because she is a person too. This is why I don't date girls who are too aloof and has no plans for a future that you could be a part of.

you will grow out of it sooner or later. Just tell her, have the talk and tell her how you feel about this.

It is going to be hard for some time, but it will get better, and you will find someone else.

Also, from what you wrote, it doesn't make sense that someone would just move to another continent, an ocean away from home just for a job, UNLESS it is something that pays extraordinary or has something that sparks a lot of interest to you, in which case, you need to prepare so you don't screw it off. Also, you need insurance, you need to be a citizen of the country and a lot of legal stuff, which you can't get if you are a simple tourist.

Anyway, go with the flow, talk to her about the feels, be happy for her and when the moment comes, make it as unforgettable as you can(in the good way...) Then live your life.
Well she has lived an adventureous life up until this point: living and working all over the world.
>she was done with that now, or so she thought I guess.
The job itself is an ex-employer of her's that has an America branch and her old boss is working there now.
>went by just to say hi, turned bigger.
I can only hope she meant: "It's just fun to know if I could get one"
They wont just give her a job, same way an american can't just work in europe while visiting
She's baiting you
I'm not saying that she'll just get offered and the she stays, I'm saying that they might offer her and she starts all the processes needed to get it done with working-visa, getting a place to stay and whatnot.

She is coming back in 2 weeks, i find it highly unlikely that she'll just stay over there, just saying that there is a chance that she might accept an offer and then move there in a few months.
Unless it's something we really need and is highly qualified, her odds are practically zilch
Move on anyway, fuck her
>Well, now it seems like she actually might get that job!

sounds like bullshit to me

she can't get a job in the US as a EUROPOOR without either an H1B (which unless she's a college grad is unlikely) or a diversity visa (which, if she won, she's not gonna come back buddy)

sure she could have sent out an application but she likely can't actually get employed

i think this is either a shit test, or she wants to get rid of you.
She is qualified, she's a certified translator in 4 languages.
As a "europoor" haha, we live in one of the richest countries in the world though so..

same here faggot. probably a german because you've got no sense of humor.
Eh, bavarians are fun, berliners are garbage though
It's not a standard if the USA doesn't use it. Stupid foreigners
But then again: why do you guys need us to come and do it proper?

Most big machinery you got is european or designed by european engineers because we just do it properly

American V8 car: loud, inneficient and vibrates itself asunder"

German V8 (same engine) : quiet, efficent and reliable.
Well it's official, she was offered her old job back, wich is in Spain: still not good in my opinion.

She said she'd try to milk a position in America out of it or no deal.
I had this "basically a relationship" with one girl for almost a year. Turned out she's into women and our friendship was just that good. Man up and talk with her.
Well after this:>>18518379
We've been in a discussion... she noticed that I was pretty chocked and told me:
"Don't be mad please"

"I'm not mad, I'm just worried that I might loose you"

Now it's been quiet for about 20 minutes though :/
Also, we're having sex and making out and stuff, it's not like we are just friends+ we are as I said bf and gf without the label at this point, or maybe never since there is a risk now that we're "breaking up"
>Eh, bavarians are fun, berliners are garbage though
>Autismo Shitberg Deluxe Pegasus

Name checks out..

Anyways OP:

Basically this. She will not get a job in the US as she has no work visa - and the deadline to apple for one (that would start next year) just ended some weeks ago.

So no worries.

That's not qualified enough for a h1b. More than enough translators in the US.
But Also yes, I have to talk to her..
If we are more serious then "basicly bf and gf" I can't have her spontaniously decide to move all of a sudden.
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