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Sex Advice General I'm meeting this really submissive girl

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Sex Advice General

I'm meeting this really submissive girl tomorrow that i've fucked multiple times before from tinder.

I'm looking for some tips on what sort of dominant kinky stuff I can do that will surprise her and make it exciting

heres a list of shit i currently do

>hair pulling
>bend her over my knee and spank her ass
>make her suck me off with her hands behind her back
>light choking

What other stuff can i add to this?
ribbons, scratch, pinning, deepthroat, cumplay, denial, dom

nipple clips
cat-o-nine-tails whips
semi-public domination - don't let her wear underwear in public
Make her formally ask for everything you do "Please fuck my mouth" and thank you afterward
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as bindings. in my experience using handcuffs hurt more than helped. ribbons are cheap and easy on the wrist while still getting the kink.

can spend money and get leather bracers and chains if it's something someone wants.

i don't think nip clamps are entry level shit though.
If she's submissive, odds are she'll get off on degradation. Call her a slut and see what happens.

clothesline clamps on nipples and labia
Hot wax play, be careful though to let it drip from a good height, as regular candle-wax gets pretty fucking hot. You can also simply melt it directly with a lighter.
Get her to move around on hands and knees
Get her to call you sir, master or daddy
Make her beg you to do things
Deepthroat her and let it stay in for a choking effect (if you dick is large enough), easiest if she is on her back, head bent backwards out from the edge of sofa or bed, and you insert cock while standing up.

Pee on her to assert dominance
Give her plenty to drink and force her to pee herself for dat humilation
Probably just anything that happens in hentai. Try that weird shit.

> dominant kinky stuff
> surprise her

No. If you do anything which might traumatise her if she's not into it, you check that she ~is~ into it beforehand.

(Unless you have some kind of "yeah just surprise me I'm up for anything" agreement, in which case never mind.)

Also I vaguely remember hearing that there's no safe way to do choking, because you can't fuck up air supply without also fucking up blood supply; would recommend you look into that. You couldn't just order her to hold her breath?

Also also, if you want an idea of what she's into, best way would be to ask what porn she watches/reads.
Get some rope and learn ho to use it my dude

My gf absolutely loves being tied to the bed and it's pretty convenient because I don't have to hold her arms down
can you link a pic of what position you use
I use a few different ones


grab yourself a few pieces of decent rope and try some of these out. Practice a few ties on your roommates or friends it's totally straight bro trust.
And the rope will double as a suicide helper when i kill myself

>forced 4chan joke

haha, yeah!
Bring food to cook, the most elaborate dish you are good at.
Tie her hands behind her back and have her suck you off as you prepare it. spank her if you dick pops out of her mouth

i found some preddy beefy shoelace laying around in my house and it's perfect.

i learned the texas handcuffs and im gonna bring it with me

what are your suggestions for bringing it up without making her feel uncomfortable?
>bring it up
>either she's into it or she's not
>act accordingly

If she's uncomfortable from a simple "would you like it if I tied you up" then she's more vanilla than she wants to pretend.
Tell her you have a treat in store for her.
Then discribe what you will do and what she will do, lay it all out like it's a good thing, if she's into it then it will be.
If she objects then she's not into it plain and simple. Then you can just cook her a meal and fuck like normies, or not IDGAF

shoelaces and other small diameter lashings are a big no no. it can pretty quickly lead to a problem as the thinness of them will cut off blood supply to the hands/limbs.
i'm going to do the one where you go over it multiple times so you distribute pressure
Are there any good books/resources on how to treat a submissive girl or become a dominant sexually? I've always loved the idea of it and girls have often willingly assumed that role around me but I have confidence issues and frankly I just don't know how to act most of the time.
theres no guide
you look at her innocent face and know shes full of shit which enrages you and proceed to punish her as your instincts dictate otherwise it becomes unfun and mechanical
I had my gf fill out my fetish survey. This provided me with insight into what gets her really wet and while we are playing I use her more extreme fetishes to embarrasand humiliate her. Don't forget to talk about safe words. Red stop yellow slow down...have fun
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 2

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