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>deadline in 30 hours >haven't started >can't

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>deadline in 30 hours
>haven't started
>can't hunker down and write

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sleep anon, dream about ur successes in life <3
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COFFEE AND CIGARETTES MASTURBATE IF YOU NEED! i just finished my first semester of uni with 99% of assignments done last minute and I got mostly distinction (the second highest possible grading of my area I dont know if its different around the world) Good luck anon!
also what is the assignment on?
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hahaha no seriously, take a power nap 1-2 hours, go to sleep thinkin bout what u want, have some crazy dream about flying $̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶$̶, then be motivated for that shit.

>30 hours is considerably timely for some fag on /adv/

Also what are you papering about??
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I am to imagine that I am the primary care physician of a muslim woman who wears a headscarf, I am to offer a pre-operative consultation which would of course involve removal of said garment.

I am to describe how to offer health care and how professional communication is conducted in that specific instance and in a larger multicultural context.

Me being an idiot, I of course spent my semester prioritizing the medical literature and not the sociological literature. Guess that's what I get for falling for the medicine meme and being yuropoor.
>have some dream
>he can dream willingly
I miss dreams. If people told me mental illness made you not dream I would've sought help long ago.
caffeine, nicotine, other drugs if you have them.
>Can we take this thing off?
>But youll die
Bam done youre welcome
If only.

I hate this autistic legal and sociology shit, I just want to objectify everyone and be done with it.
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HEY man, I learned a lot about 'mental illness' last semester. Based on my pysch professor's material, I am border-line schizo-depression-"anal". or some bs. But we're all just human. I believe that if you have confidence you'll have a dream, then you WILL have a dream. Its risky, you don't know what crazy world your subconsscious will be entering.

Simply this. If you're gonna be a doctor, then pretend you're already a doctor. Be the part. Who cares kick the bitch out if she truly believes that fabric=her body. Just make sure you don't get her caught slammed in the door ;) haha
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The point is that I am supposed to demonstrate familiarity with and an understanding of both the legal framework I as a healthcare professional am subject to and the models for communication and provision of care that is a part of my coursework.

I sometimes wonder if I am in the wrong profession as I really don't give much of a shit about people or providing a service, and am really only interested in the functions of the body.
dude its not even hard just be considerate. Ask your patient questions about how to deal with an obviously touchy subject. So help me I'll write a policy up just to prove to you how stupid you are. JUST SPLIT 'Be nice' INTO 5000 words. BLABLABLABLABLA talk shit!
Mortician then.

(past) functions of the body.
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Hmmm I'm really not too sure. I guess just start reviewing those models my dude. As for the legal aspects, it must be pretty obvious, insurance compatibility, you're literally taking life into your own hands, etc., also I hear that the medical field has very strict processes when it comes to documentation and dates... try not to forge something out of carelessness... a buddy of mine's dad was tracked by the fbi and got 15 years for malpractice, along the lines of what i said above.

man, if i only had that motivation for my own studies... haha but yeah, >>18439662 is right, try to be courteous to the patient, you know you represent the face of the medical institution so you're representing how people perceive your hospital.
Figure out roughly how many paragraphs would cover the amount of words you need. Then, write a list of paragraph topics (some can be more than one paragraph, but just get the general organization down to begin with). Then just start filling information in.
Thankfully it is a case study and not a real patient care. A big problem is all these autistic patient rights laws and laws of conduct for medical personnel.

I'm supposed to walk through the medical aspects too, but luckily that will be simple as it is routine tympanoplasty.
Yes, either that or hematopathology.
The problem is I need to learn all this dumb sociological theory crap to tie it all together.
Dude nice Golf/GTI, not really my kind of wheels tho
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Thanks, but not mine lol. I do drive a VW tho, it's a MKV Jetta, pretty much the same except trunk instead of hatch and mines just stock mags and suspension :3
so read the texts you were no doubt given and learn that shit to the basic level, get your basic pass and become a mad scientist or something. What job do you want out of this degree?
>first semester of uni
Wew, sounds like you'll be snorting coke when you get your first full-time job
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Thread images: 9

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