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I've fallen into the bait and I need help

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There is a girl on my uni that has been my crush since highschool, I mean, like since 3 years ago.
We never talk, it's just the normal hello and bye everyday, and I've never been interested on getting to know her because, even though she is cute as fuck, the last 3 years she has been fucking stupid too.
Every single year that I've been with her on school, I had a reason to not try to know her, every year, she gets very attached to one person, last year there was this literal faggot who she was attached to, and this year there is a crossbreed between a nigger and an asian who she is attached to (They are just friends, at least that's what everyone thinks).

But 3 days ago something happened, she asked to sit with me and we ended up cuddling on a corner of the classroom for 3 hours, we didn't kiss, but only because we had the company of 28 other people, and it didn't feel adequate.
Anyway, the thing is that on those 3 hours we didn't talk about our lives, we just talked about silly things and we just enjoyed our company. And I think I fell in love, the thing that made me fall in love with her was not the fact that we were cuddling, it was more the things that she made me feel during the moment, having a female that is half the size of you (I'm 6'5 and she rounds the 5'3) so close of you, while she gives all the confidence of the world to you, she laughs at everything that you say and blushes with that pretty face of hers, is just amazing.
I got to tell her that we could meet tomorrow, because we weren't going to have school, she told me that she could but I ended up going to play soccer with my friends because after that she didn't told me anything about meeting up.

>cuddling in a corner of the classroom
what the fuck, is this what passes for an education now?
The day after I went to play soccer with my friends we didn't talk, exept the last 10 minutes of the class, when we were going to leave the classroom. I didn't initiate the conversation, she was playing a game on her phone while I was talking with my friends, and she started to playfully try to annoy me, she started pulling from the laces of my jacket and then she tried to steal like 3 dollars from my pockets, because of that I grabbed her by the hand and we ended up exiting leaving the school like that, grabbing hands. However, her mom comes to pick her up so she stopped grabbing my hand and she gave me the money.

I was tidying up my room, sorry for taking so long

She is the best student in class, so nobody told her anything, and the professors are used to me doing absolutely nothing from time to time, so it was not a problem
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Today I dreamed about her again, and I started to think about some things. For example, if we ended up being a couple and we break up before finishing the uni, it will be really awkward, and since she is so attached to the niggasian there is a chance that I'd get jealous if she spends more time with him than me, or the other way around. I'm fully concious that there are other people that are in love with her in the classroom, probably including the niggerasian, but most of them are beta orbiters so them will not be a problem, at least not for our relationship, but I don't want to be hated by most of my mates because I took her out of their hands.

So I went to school at 7:30 a.m. She tried to start a convo with me like 3 times, but I was in a really bad mood because of all of the thinking that was going up on my head, so she stopped paying attention to me for a while, plus lately I've been listening to Glass Animals, and their songs makes me think about my life, and eventually, my bad mood shifted to sadness.

When the class finished, around 12 a.m. I went to my house and I took a bath, because I thought that maybe that would help me to shift my mood back to normal, but it didn't, I went to school again at 3:20 p.m., this girl asked to sit with me because she seems to care about me and she knew that I was a little down. So we sitted together, but I didn't pay much attention either to her or the class itself, but she offered her shoulders for me to put my head on. The professor started teasing the two of us aparently, I was not aware of this because I was listening to music, but because of that she started to do the work that she was supposed to be doing.

She asked me what was happening that made me feel so sad, the first two times I said nothing, but in the last time I told her that if she wanted to know, we could meet up after school, however, she said that she would not be able to because her mom picked her up, it was understandable.

So I made no problem about it, however, she told me that if I wanted to, I could talk to her on whatsapp anytime, I honestly didn't want to because I'm not the type of person that likes to chat online that much.

So I didn't talk to her, that night my friends invited me to a party, but because I was in such bad mood, I didn't go, however, it seems that she could not resist and eventually, she messaged me on whatsapp anyway, but I didn't answer until 3 hours later. The conversation was not very long, I told her that I didn't want to tell her about that on the phone, and she said that since she was going to travel with her family on the weekend, I could tell her on the hangout that a classmate of ours is going to hold up next monday, aparently he invited everyone in the class, but I was not listening to him while he made the announcement that day because I was listening to music. She told me that he said that everyone that wanted to stay overnight could, and aparently she was going to, so I accepted the invitation.

Some insight that could make you guys give me better advice:

She is the indoors type of girl, she is quite shy, she doesn't go to parties and she likes to read and study on her free time, she studies japanese, her dad left her when she was a little girl and she is an only child. Aparently she has had a boyfriend when she was around 15, but they lasted only for 2 weeks. I consider her one of the best students of the uni, she does everything in time, and she gets top marks everytime, and almost all the professors like her.

I'm an only child too, but I'm extroverted and used to go to parties from time to time, I'm really social and I have a lot of "friends". I'm not the best student in the world but I pass almost all the tests and practical tasks, with marks being 80% 7 and the other 20% ranging from 8 to 10 (where I live you need 7 to pass, 10 being the best mark and 1 being the minium), however, I do not study and the professors don't like me that much.
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The question is, what the fuck should I do? Do you guys think that having a relationship with her is a good idea? I like her a lot, but I don't want to fuck up my social life neither the impression that the people have about me.

I know that she could make me better, lately she influenced me to be a better student, thing that I'm working on right now, I'm starting to study and doing all the homework by myself instead of asking for it to my classmates. And I'm dying to just have her in my arms again and just feel her, she makes all my concerns go away... And I really need that, my life has been going downstairs for quite some time now.

Please, if you read all of this, at least try to bump the thread, I really need advice
self bump, I'm still lurking
Relationships are an experience I wouldn't miss out on, most people regret the things they didn't do.
The first and most important thing is that you're infatuated. The hormones you initially get when hanging around someone you like are a godly high, but they completely fuck with your perceptions. And they wear off. Hard.

It sounds like you've got some insecurities that are making you question whether or not you should even get into a relationship. You're afraid of what everyone will think and how everyone will treat you. Those fears will only get worse unless you're open about them with her. If you can let her know what you're feeling, you'll be much better off. Shutting up like a clam about shit like that will just alienate her and make you seem like an asshole. Know that any issues either of you have are going along for the ride, and sweeping them under the carpet will just make them worse for both of you.

You're failing at what relationships are fundamentally about. C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Go do that.
I don't even know what makes her different, the day that I went to play soccer wirh my friends I ended up cuddling with another girl but it just wasn't the same, I didn't enjoy it and I eventually got out and went to talk with the boys.

Fuck, man, I'm not really insecure with most people, but I guess you are right, I'm being insecure about her, I think that what is making me sad is that I can't control the situation and I don't know what the outcome will be. I think that I'm scared
Thanks you for giving me advice.

You are right too.
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