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>Start working as a high school teacher >Meet girl colleague

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>Start working as a high school teacher
>Meet girl colleague same age of me. I have GF and I find her ugly and sometimes obnoxious (big SJW, gets mad when hearing dissenting opinions, super sensitive about everything) so this isn't about anything romantic between us
>She seems sort of into me, always talking to me even though what I say sometimes trigger her, even the most trivial things (movie tastes, etc)
>One day she wants to have a drink with me after work. Why not since she can also be ok to be around. We have a few drinks, good friend of mine joins us.
>They hit it off pretty well. They start dating after this. After 3 weeks he's already fed up with her dramas and obnoxious personality, dumps her by kinda dumping her. This is during the holidays.
>I come back at work. When she sees me she gives me the cold shoulder. Gives me a book I lended her back immediately even though she didn't read it. I get that the idea that she won't talk much with me anymore.
>I still say hello when I run into her. She answers me but then immediately goes.
>We have an argument about politics during lunch break.
>After this she straight up ignores me. Sometimes just in front of other colleagues, I say hello, no answer + she's leaving.
>I find this kind of rude so I start ignoring her back.
>She starts giving me mad looks now. Two females colleagues I was kinda friend with also give me the cold shoulder now...
>Deletes me from FB also.
Well this escalated quickly. I'm leaving this high school next year and the end of the year is friday. I still have to monitor the students for their big end of the year exam with her. 4 hours in the same room providing furnitures/directives to the students and looking for any cheats. This usually is a team work... and this is a national exam that's very important here in France (the Baccalauréat)

I'm pretty sure she's got her own narration where it's all my fault and I'm a two faced bastard so I don't think this can be fixed by talking... any other way to fix this ?
I meant "dump her by kinda ghosting her" after they had a big fight in front of her shitty nevrotic friends.
Here was the political argument btw :

Her "I'm not voting for either Macron or Le Pen ! One is an ultra liberal banker the other's a fascist"
Me "technically Le Pen isn't fascist at all... I'd say right wing populist, but she just doesn't fit the definition of fascism"
Her "that's semantics who cares !!!"
Me "btw if she's fascists why is it okay for you to abstain ? Shouldn't you vote Macron then ?"
Her BTFO + super mad, take her plate and leave.
She's mad for letting your friend face fuck her thinks you know and hates that the only reason he ghosted her was cause he got mad she wouldn't swallow

Thing is he didn't thell me much except what I already know about her, and warned him about : annoying, secretely fat. Apparently was bad in bed too but my friend didn't say much really...
>high school teachers act like they're high school students
Did they not teach you this in your pedagogy classes?
Most of my colleagues are in their 40-50s. She's 27 just like me. Personally I think I behaved pretty well. I just don't get the hateful payback for something I didn't even do. I've taken up with her shit a lot too, staying silent during most of her drama scenes that came out of nowhere for stupid things. She's even got in a fight with another teacher on a philosophy matter : he's got a doctorate, been teaching at this college + high school for decades, is a Nietzsche specialist, but she was super pissed when he contradicted one one of her analysis... She's crazy.

Stay the fuck away from all of them. Learn your lesson. Get friends outside of work.

I have friends. Honestly I've treated this contracted in a pragmatic way. Just doing my classes/going home for the rest of my work. But I also tried to maintain some decent relations with colleagues since this is a pretty thight private school it kinda matters.
Oh fuck, don't fall for that bullshit. Having drinks with this woman outside of work and hooking her up with your friend will not advance your career in the slightest.

Are you a fucking auxiliar? This goes double for you.
Yeah, and now you're fucking it all up. Eu não acredito isso. Um burro como você pode pegar uma bolsa CAPES para fazer The Dating Game vs. Fifteen IRL crossover, mas eu não pode curar a Zika. Lord, Brazil is a fucked up country.
Thread posts: 12
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