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>on subway with bf >he opens the photo reel on his phone

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>on subway with bf
>he opens the photo reel on his phone in front of me
>notice a picture of a girl lying in bed
>ask him who it is
>he immediately goes silent and refuses to answer
>press him
>he admits that it's his ex and they talked last night, then says she sent him that picture of her in the morning
>he refuses to go into detail for the rest of the train ride
>ask him again when we get to a coffee shop
>"She added me on facebook the night before, and I texted her this morning. I was pissed because up until that point, she just ignored me whenever I tried to be friends with her"
>tell him because I found out about all of this from seeing a pic of her in bed on his phone by accident, I feel uncomfortable and would like to see the conversation
>he refuses and gets angry at me, saying he doesn't want a girlfriend that can't "just trust him"
>before that, he made plans to meet with her five months ago, but they had an argument and went no contact. when I asked to see the messages, he deleted everything
We're on the verge of breaking up over this. He's been pissed off in the past about me interacting with any of my exes (all platonic), he didn't tell me they were even communicating, and he disagrees that it's suspicious that she apparently just randomly sent him a selfie. Am I in the wrong here?
Nah sounds like he cheating or shopping around at least, fuck that nigga.
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Jeez I'm sorry. Looks like He's cheating.
>>Am I in the wrong?

Put simply, yes.

People text their ex. They are literally boyfriend and girlfriend. Don't forget that. If you do break up with him, do you seriously think you'll never text him again? Ofcouse not. You'll text him. Now stop being dramatic.

Person 1: "Why did you guys break up?"

OP: "He texts his former girlfriend"

Person 1: "..."

/adv/ice: Let him. If he really likes his ex more than you, it will be him breaking up with you. Not you breaking up with him. Best thing you can do now it win him over. Be better than her. The fact you arnt discussing marriage says a lot about your relationship. Marry him. He'll stop.

Also, he got that brutal honesty, I would have just told you "It's some random pic off Google"

That's A+ quality bf right there

Well, it's a double fuckin' standard if he got mad about you interacting with exes when he expects to be able to, so yeah, I'd strongly consider breaking up...


Bitches gon' be crazy and send shit like that to guys sometimes. I mean, it's not good that he saved the pic... This seems worth a pretty significant discussion or a breakup overall.

I wouldn't be mad at my girlfriend if some dude sent her an unsolicited dick pic in the middle of a conversation, but if she'd saved it to her phone? Might be a different story.
>Marry him. He'll stop.
Not sure if this is bait.
Caught him shopping around, good on you.
Wasn't the first, won't be the last. You deserve someone who won't sneak around behind your back. There's no way I could be comfortable in a relationship after that.

>the fact that you aren't discussing marriage says a lot about your relationship

W-what? This is the worst logic jump I've seen on /adv/ in a long time. Do you discuss marriage on the first date or something?
I'm married to two lesbians who I met mere months before getting married to them.

Im one fast past motherfucker. If I love someone, and they love me back, I don't need no dam 3 dates, it's already been establish well before the first one that you love each other. If you didn't, you wouldn't even consider a date.

Put simply, I propose the day they love me. Most people waits years later. WTF? Am I the only human who thinks this?

>Married to two lesbians

Mmkay. Assuming bait.

But, uh, no, most normal people don't "fall in love" before their first date. In fact, most people don't even really know the other person before the first date, thus the point of dating. You have a general interest in someone and see if you're romantically compatible.

Love fades, love has different forms, love is sometimes said mistakenly. Anyways.
>Shitposting on /adv/
For what purpose?
Not gonna even pick a person to reply too

No I'm not baiting/shitposting and no I'm not lying. Not everyone sees love the same as you.
if he had nothing to hide he would have shown you the texts, either he was talking shit about you or he was talking dirty with her.
He's cheating. Break up, and next time don't let the nice guys finish last.
Oof, nice bait. Almost seemed believable for a sec.
>Not everyone sees love the same as you.
Good job on finding that out.
Have a bunch of naked pics of yourself on your phone and let him see them . Then he will wonder what your doing lol
Thread posts: 16
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