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Alright, I'm 18 and will be on a gap year (I.e. A year between

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Alright, I'm 18 and will be on a gap year (I.e. A year between high school and University) between September 2017 and when I start Uni in September 2018.

Now, I have no friends, and don't stand a chance at making any between now and the end of Sixth Form. Anyway, I'm also a virgin, and would like to get laid before uni.

How the hell do I meet single women outside of school? I can't do it in a bar, because I'd be alone. I wouldn't want to risk it with a waitress or shop worker because then I can never go back to the shop or restaurant. In fact, I can't think of anywhere. Most people return to the same establishment (be it a shop, coffee house etc.) regularly, so even if I ask a random person in one of those places, I still couldn't go back in case I meet them again.

So how the fuck do I do it? Go out of town?

Or should I just try and get a year-long job in a place with loads of women and try to get lucky?

If you have no friends or a social life to speak off, then you shouldn't waste your time with this.

Work on simpler social skills befoe trying to get laid. Unless you'd be fine with paying a hooker. You don't need social skills for those.
Firstly, there's no way to make friends either.

Secondly, my social skills aren't exactly bad, I just fucked things up in school pretty badly to a point where I'm not going to be able to make any friends at this point.

Friends and partners are relationships. The only difference is the level of commitment. If you can't make friends to hang out, how do you expect someone to get naked with you?
Get a motherfucking part time job.

You will seriously regret not doing this at this point.

You will meet people, learn skills, build your future resume, and put money in your pockets.

If you waste the money on stupid bullshit, then you will have learned about waste sooner rather than later. If you use the money wisely, then you're already practicing your wisdom ahead of the game.

Hand your parents a cut of what you're earning, but sock away the rest and tell people the money is reserved for training. Once you've saved up enough money, buy something USEFUL that will last a long time. Value is whatever you make of it, and it comes from wherever you're successfully searching.
Eh, I could likely make friends, just not with the people I'm currently around.
How do I find a place with other young people though?

Then you won't be able to get laid with the people around you, either.

Do new stuff and meet new people.
I don't want to get laid with any of them. I am trying to find a way to meet new people, especially girls around my age.

Question becomes, how do I do that?
You're starting fresh. Whatever you did wrong in school has no effect on how people you meet now or in the future see you.

Before fretting about getting laid in your gap year, decide what you are going to do in your gap year.

Work? You'll meet new people of both genders, none of whom know you were the designated loser in school. You might like some of them and some of them might like you. And some might be female-type people.

Study? Same thing. Volunteering? Same thing. Travel? Same thing

Don't look for girls. Don't even look for friends. Look for things to do. The rest will follow.

Wanna meet new people? Do new shit. Go to new places. And most importantly, have fun there.

Don't join a drama class or some shit expecting to walk out with a GF. Just do stuff you like and meet people there. Eventually you'll have friends, and maybe meet a nice girl that's into you.Good luck.
Right, but where is a good place where you don't seem weird on your own, and where it's not weird to strike up a convo?

Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants are a big no, obviously. Cinemas, bowling, arcades, theatres, operas... all look weird on your own. I suppose a theatre gives you some leeway, provided you know your stuff you could potentially strike up a conversation. But it's a huge risk...

It's weird to just talk to someone in a shop. Ditto a gym, coffee shop, street, train etc. A swimming pool is really much the same, right?

I suppose I could get a job, but I don't want to get stuck somewhere with people years older.

Join a class or a club. Do volunteer work. Get a job in a place with young people (like counselor and shit).

If you are 18, do what comes to you. Most 18 year olds will do the same and you'll meet them. Just move off the couch and DO shit.

Do shit where you have to spend time. Don't expect to go to the movies, meet a girl, and ask her out. Get to know people.
It sounds easy to say that, but I seriously don't know what clubs I can do where I'll meet decent people.

I'm thinking of just waiting until Uni and being done with it.

> I'll meet decent people.

Read what I (>>18105556) and another Anon (>>18105550) said above: It's not about the people. It's about having fun. Enjoying yourself. That's the best way to meet people.
>I'm thinking of just waiting until Uni and being done with it.
Nice attitude, anon.
Why isn't it about the people? I suppose I could have some fun doing just about anything. That's not the point.

The point is meeting people that I can fucking do things with. Most people already have friends by adulthood anyway, so you'd have to have a pretty brilliant personality to get anywhere.

Is it worth just giving up until Uni?

Honest answer, please.
Oh come on mate, how am I going to meet anyone who doesn't already have enough friends? Enough blokes they fancy? Enough guys to go to the pub with?

There's no way in and I have to wait until Uni where nobody knows anybody.
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im in the sane position OP. weird part is I didn't intend on doing this gap year. the CUNY website fucked up our digital payment. I was too afraid to talk to the cuny people about the situation so I missed out for fall 2016. now my mom kept dodging the application because she was "busy" with my siblings. now I'm in no college for another FIVE FUCKING MONTHS. yet my Damn girlfriend was able to turn her enrollment for TODAY and she gets to go. I hate life. I'm so jealous of her and I'm afraid guys might talk to her. but honestly i feel lonely in this situation I'm either killing myself or running away this week. Or joining the army. honestly I wanna try those demonic spells at /x/ to see if I can alter the way fate turned out
> I suppose I could have some fun doing just about anything.
>The point is meeting people that I can fucking do things with.

Did you know you can come off as desperate to have friends, too? It's not only girls that are turned off by that.

Do something you like. Do something you enjoy. Have fun. People that see you enjoy yourself and that enjoy the same things will gravitate towards being your friends.

But you have to show them your good side. Your "having fun" side. Else, why would they waste time with you?
I know its scary, but its worth a shot.
bump for you op, a kindred spirit
>How the hell do I meet single women outside of school?

Man do u know social networks?. I met my lovely girlfriend in a facebook group. So fcking easy. There is more pages than 4chan outhere dude lol.

Is more easy to chat with her first and see if u have Similar interests and tastes, and then date her in a some nice park and go to eat some fast foot later >:D
Tinder. Tons of whores on there, a lot of attractive ones at that. It's pretty easy to find them drunk at night time and just go over and fuck. Good luck mate.
Issue is, what if I see someone I knew from school? That's be embarrassing if they find out I've ended up desperate on Tinder, right?
if you're graduating hs you probably wont see many of those people again, and want to fook that bad. Then that shouldn't bother ya imo. Also if they see you on Tinder, wouldn't that make them desperate as well. By your logic at least.
Firstly, are you physically fit? If not, you don't stand a chance, mate. Lose any excess weight you have, and stick in the normal range. Building muscle is also a massive help. If you physically look good enough women will come as a consequence.

Secondly, you should have good social skills. Now, having no friends doesn't necessarily mean you have bad social skills. Same thing happened to me, I developed severe social anxiety and by the time I'd gotten over it my reputation was too tarnished to salvage. However, I still knew how to socialise, I was just too nervous to. If you have no social skills then you absolutely NEED to learn them BEFORE Uni. How you do that is up to you, but again work is a good prospect.

If you want to meet people, men and women alike, you should start working. Preferably somewhere like New Look, or some other such clothes shop, with plenty of girls 17-20 you are likely to find someone. Being a waiter or kitchen staff at a restaurant is fine, too. Plenty of attractive young women.

Then again, provided you shape up enough and can stop caring what people think, you could do great at clubs, even on your own. However, if you feel even a HINT of trepidation, DO NOT go. You need immense confidence and self-awareness to pull it off successfully.

Also, at least try talking to everyone in your Sixth Form. The worst that can happen is they don't particularly like you, and you'll soon know. You can make decent friendships, and maybe more, before school finishes if you start NOW.

Good luck mate, I've been there.
Skip the damn gap year, to me its a waste of a year that you could be going to school, you will only end up even more exhausted of school in the end. Once you go to a college town there are loads of women you can find
Not OP, but I've read that people who didn't do well in high school tend to do better at uni if they take a gap year.
Socially you mean?
>social work is filled with women but they are mostly all insufferable
>retail stores near high schools/colleges
>food stores near high schools/colleges
No, academically. Which is the primary reason you should be going to university
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Thread images: 2

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