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Be me >18 >In a group chat with my close friends and

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Be me
>In a group chat with my close friends and one of their little brothers
>I like hanging out with him though
>we all do
>that's why he's in our group chat
>this little brother that is 17 has an attitude
>he has no goddamn respect for anyone else in the friend group in question
>we pick on him sometimes
>were just breaking his balls because he is the youngest
> pull up to the local gym with my friend in the car
>we're about to go workout but stay awhile in the parking lot, talking in our group chat
>he was being annoying so I said-
>shut up poindexter
> he continues to call me an-
>who is all bark and no bite
>I told him I'd drive to his house and fight him as soon as I was done at the gym
> he said-
>I dare you to come to my house tonight
>your all talk
>I am outraged
>how could he be talking to me like this
>2 hours later
> my friend and I drive to this kids house
>walking up to his front door
> boy comes out and instantly tries to smooth things out
>I'm relieved
> I didn't want to hurt him as he is my friend and his parents love me
>I still need to gain something out of this altercation
> we start telling each other why we have a problem
>we come to an agreement that he will kiss my hand and we will leave it at that
>his mom comes out in a bath robe
> asking me what the problem is
> I explain that he challenged me
> In front of many friends
>and that I was a man of my word
>I had to show up
>asked if I've been drinking
> tell her I am very sober
> she is told the predicament
>I won't leave until her son kisses my hand
>It feels very awkward at this point
>I say a firm handshake will do
>just so I don't look like a weirdo in f not of this kids mom
> politely apologize for keeping her so late (10:30)
>and we leave
>now they're mom is pissed at me and I can't go on vacation with them this summer
> ;_;

Am I in the wrong here?
Personally I don't think an obnoxious jackass like that deserves your time. Proving to him that you aren't all talk probably felt good, but do you really care what he thinks? If I were you, I wouldn't.

Now here's the thing - sounds like everything nearly turned out perfectly in the end. I suggest your first takeaway is learning a bit more social awareness - this was a good time for a more broad explanation, like "We had an argument earlier and we're talking it over, we were just finishing." That's generally true, doesn't freak out mom, and preserves the other social connections you have. You had a lot more to loose than the 17 year old jerk, you know?

The second thing I suggest you think about is just how much good there is in proving anything to pathetic and rude people in the first place.
You sound like a bunch of autistic homos, but the kind i would have hung out with. All in all this was nothing more than a dick measuring contest between boys. No one is really in the wrong here. Maybe the 17 year old will slow his roll now.
OP here, I feel you, what really pissed me off is that he called me out like that in a group chat filled with my friends. I wasn't gonna let this little punk try and call my bluff. I do think I should have turned it down a notch when his mom came out. She thinks I'm psycho now, and I don't know if it's because I was about to beat up her youngest son in his own front lawn, or the fact that I wanted him to kiss my hand. I do like his mom and his stepdad so I want to be in good terms with them.
To me, this all points to embarassment and ego. I'm not judging you or thinking less of you in saying that, but it sounds like the idea of this goof insulting you without a response in front of your friends is an embarassing idea to you. Well, I believe a more effective way to deal with him would just be dismissiveness. All other reactions still give him a sliver of satisfaction, don't they? The other ways to react let him know that he got you, on some level.

Also I dunno I'm a non-homosexual fag who always tries to be motivated by love at the end of the day so maybe go tell him that you don't want to argue all the time and would sincerely like to find him less annoying & mutually masturbate ok
Yea, rule #1 of hanging out with guys is don't get butthurt. If some kid said he was gonna kick my ass in the groupchat I would say something dismissive, maybe give him a quick roast about something he has done embarrassing in the past. At your age I would have probably done something similar, but now you know how to handle it better. Seriously, you're overthinking it. Maybe go apologize to his mom, straight up say you went over there because you didn't want to look like a pussy in front of your friends. Convince her you're not actually out for blood and that everything is cool now.
I mean that's just not who I am. I'm kind of the boss in my friend group, whenever someone has problems they come to me about it and I help them get it sorted out. Whenever they find them selves getting threatened or harassed they come to me because they no I'll never back down from a fight, and won't let anyone fuck with them. I'd never just let him question my validity in the things I say disrespectfully and not do anything about it. It would be a very abnormal thing to do in my case.
This is the best advice for maintaining your social life and going on that trip!
Your right, I guess I'll just have to swallow my pride and play dumb on this one. If it's the only way to smooth thing over with the family.
Play dumb?
You're not 18, you're 15. Or something.
Fine then I'll mention it.

Why the hell did you settle on him kissing your hand lol. Are you a medieval Baron? Did ser insult thou?

Then his mum wigged you out so you settled on a handshake. Hope your accompanying band of merry men blared their trumpets as you cantered off on horseback lol
OP obviously changed the ages to avoid b&.
Kids I swear to God...

You're both being dumb, just grow up already.
Also: >>18088691
This, what the fug man? Kiss your hand? Aha...
I came to his house with intent to fight, the entire ordeal started over a lack of respect from this friend. I needed to show my dominance over him, so we settled with a hand kiss, because it's non violent, yet just as demeaning as getting your ass kicked.
Nope, am serious about our ages
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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