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Need to move some "product" and don't want to

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Need to move some "product" and don't want to be caught. Only have to do it once and I've never done it before.

How to?
As with anything ask yourself if it is worth getting caught. If you have to turn to the internet to ask then maybe you should stay away from that. Illegal shit = dealing with scummy, backstabbing people.
stick it up your ass
Ask Yourself The Following:
1. Are the potential benefits significantly greater than the consequences of failure, which may include imprisonment or even death?

2. How well do I know my cohorts? Can I trust them to not sell me out at a moment's notice?

3. If I'm going to /adv/ for advice on how to do it, do I have any real business in this trade to begin with?

depends on where you're trying to move it. id recommend just throwing it in your trunk and driving there, but since i dont know what it is or how muc hof it you have or where you're taking it how the fuck would i know?
It's just some stuff my mother was taking during her final months. It's been in the house ever since and I don't know what to do with it. I know it's worth a lot to junkies, though.
Depends on how it needs to be transported, what it is, how much and how it is packaged. I'd obviously be more wary of transporting 30 suspicious 5lb shrink wrapped brown bricks vs 5 small tabs of blotter paper. Unless you think others are conspiring against you or the law is in some way already involved just throw it in your car and make a minimal effort to introduce plausible deniability. Like nobody is finding a 50 sheet of blotter paper foil wrapped and slipped into a door panel during a random traffic stop, but if somebody is tipped off or already onto you they'll find it. Also on concealment I've always thought methods where you could deny something are a good idea, like slide those blotters into the dust jacket of a library book and throw it in with some other books. If in some remarkable situation they were even found because somebody was clearly informed as to go looking I'd just try to plead ignorance as to what they are and why they are there.

Like a friend took 30 pills onto a plane by emptying them into a prescription drug bottle. He has no prior convictions, the police aren't interested in him, no criminal elements are likely to inform on him or have anything to do with him so of course he and his bottle of pills just sailed on through like anybody would with a bottle of medication.

Suspicious looking powders and the such in relatively tiny quantities can be concealed or disguised almost anywhere. I suspect the majority of people caught simply had them sticking out of their pocket.
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you're already on 4cha asking for advice on /adv/ the board that got invaded by tumblrinas & moralfaggots so you're at a loss already.

you can find people easy if you consider these things:

your age? high school? college? young adult? older adult? have you researched average price of whatever amount you sell?

don't move in bulk, move little by little, if you're caught having less works in your benefit

do any people you know smoke weed? do you know their dealers? d you know if their dealers deal more than weed? do you know if the dealer's suppliers deal more than weed?

you need connections, you don't seem to have any. your first step is to build connections. you say NOTHING about having "product" to move until you are actually ready to deal and have customers.

do NOT advertise, your big mouth will get you caught far before any "moving" does.

are you brave? hit some suburbs & some high traffic city areas in your spare time, observe the people. who do you see dealing? who do you see buying? people buy in public still, you just have to look for it (rarely though)

couldn't tell you if its still active, but silk road on tor, or any other drug site you can access via tor might work for you if you can work with BTC.

TL;DR: move little by little, build connections, observe people, then make a way to sell, don't open your mouth before hand
>Look into community drug disposal programs.Many communities have programs that allow you to bring in unused medications so that they can be disposed of safely and properly.

>Call a local pharmacy to find out if they can dispose of your medication. In some states, although not all, they have an unused medication disposal program that the pharmacies themselves may use to dispose of outdated medications.

>Consider donating your unused medications to third world countries. There are organizations you can find online. Alternatively, consider contacting your local Emergency Rooms, occasionally they will collect usable supplies and medications for donation out-country.

>Call your local trash service - they might have household waste facilities that will incinerate the medication.

>Contact your local hospital or medical center who will place unused medications into their Bio Hazard containers for incineration. All hospitals have this option so there is never a need to toss or flush unused medication.[3]
Thread posts: 9
Thread images: 2

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