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Dear /adv/, how do I use my height advantage in a fight? Also,

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Dear /adv/, how do I use my height advantage in a fight?
Also, what's the best way to use knuckle dusters?
I've got a fight coming up, obviously.
My advice is to move out of the lower class.
Not really a lower class issue in my country, just the way things must go, I'm not even black for that matter
Fighting is for losers
If you were smart and not lower class you would beat him politically, not physically.

I know it's a meme, but read The Prince.
>Also, what's the best way to use knuckle dusters?
look, if you're going to be fighting someone with a pair of brass knuckles on your fists then all you need is one really clean hit to land and the fight will be over. considering the fact that you're tall it shouldn't be too hard because your wingspan is probably a lot longer than the other guy so you can stay out of his range.

really though, you might want to reconsider using the knuckles. it isn't even a fight when you bring a lethal weapon. i also recommend avoiding the situation entirely. evaluate your reason for fighting a few times. usually it isn't worth it.
But to be honest, if you really want to win then jump the fucker when he's alone and beat him with a bar or bat. Break some limbs. Wear a mask and tell him it's going to happen again.
Getting your ass beaten is worse, that's why I have to fight, not like I fight all the time, in my country that's just the way it is, if your words are unheard you have to go and boot their ass to the moon
Just jump him in the night with a bunch of friends.
Thanks for the advice, let me tell you why I'm going to have to fight, at first I am supposed to go talk with him (long story) and I am 99% sure that he will act aggressive, and here where I live, if someone talks to you in a bad way and you don't do anything your social status goes way down, very few people will want to have any kind of interaction with you if they find out that something like this happened, so, basically, it's him or me.
It is of essence that he knows that it's me who fucks him up, that's why I dont just jump him and kick his ass.

The thing is supposed to go like this, I will go with a couple of my friends to have a talk, one of us will get aggressive and that's where the knuckles come in
That's fucking retarded man. You're poor trash.

It doesn't matter if he knows. You can tell him when his limns are already broken.

You're already a pussy faggot for beinging brass knuckles, may as well be a smart pussy faggot and jump him.
Jumping someone is frowned upon, I'm not going to jump him, he is gonna have to call me a time when we should meet, the first two times I am going to tell him I'm busy, the third time I'll just go with a couple of friend and beat his fucking ass, it's gonna go down exactly the way you imagine jumping someone only difference is that he will know who is tearing him a new asshole.
Fucking lmao

Do you live in the 1600s?
how good are you at dodging?
"beat him with a bat"

"also you're trash"

>spoilers: you're both retards

> Don't let him get within his arms reach of you.
> Use your longer arms to your advantage
> Strike first, fast and overwhelm him with repeated blows if you connect
> Advance forward but not so close you are in his reach
> If he falls then throw your weight on top of him and use your fists against his head
> Don't stomp, he might trip or grapple you
> Don't go for body shots, this isnt boxing
> If you are unlucky and get in a grapple then learn pressure points
> If he pulls a knife then try to run, if you can't run because you are grappled then secure and control his hands, if you cannot control his hands then run your thumb into his eye until he lets go then run.
> I've got a fight coming up, obviously.
If you're so much an idiot that you can't solve your problems with words, go to a gym, put some gloves on, and work it out in the ring.

Weapons get you dead. You use knuckle dusters, he pulls a knife, somebody else pulls a gun. Fuck that.
This is the kind of advice I'm looking for, everyone
I'm just saying, if I were involved in anything physical I am absolutely going to take the safe route. Honor is for dead morons. History will tell you that. At the end of the day if the fucker is beaten or dead he and others will fear you, especially if they don't know when it's coming.

Or he could befriend this person and then beat him in front of others at a social gathering when he least expects it and then say why he's doing it to those people while the guy in on his knees or the ground.
You both are right and I will try to keep it verbal but if there is a need to be physical I want to be well prepared


It is a really good idea to learn self defense and how to fight. Everybody should learn it, but it should ALWAYS be a last resort. Street fights are NOT glamourous, clean, nor honorable.

Most altercations are posturing and intimidation. They are all pyschological. You have to make the other guy think you are crazy or that you will fucking hurt him and sleep like a baby that night. If you can get somebodies fear to overcome their anger then you won and never had to throw a single punch.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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