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it's not even noon and I've compulsively eaten 2,500

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it's not even noon and I've compulsively eaten 2,500 calories today, and i've consumed 4000-5000 the past few days. I've had binge eating disorder since adolescence. what do

>inb4 stop eating
What are the foods that you eat?

Anything that I can get my hands on. There's multiple convenience stores and fast food places where I live.
I found Nicotine curbs my appetite.
I mean, to put things into perspective... I'm 6'7" and have a very physical job, I usually eat around 3000 a day anyway and I usually don't feel satisfied, but if I have a cig or use a vape pen or patches, gum whatever it drops me down to 1500-2000 a day, and I feel full and satisfied after small meals/snacks.

Now, I'm not suggesting starting smoking anything for obvious reasons, but it works for me and that's my suggestion.
Figure out why you are eating. Are you bored or are you stressed? Redirect your eating habit to something else

Thanks for replying.

The eating has nothing to do with appetite. I'm currently on medication that supresses appetite as a side effect and I still eat. Often, I eat until I'm nauseous and then continue.

buy nothing but asparagus, celery and greenbeans

I was mildly stressed at the start of this little "episode" then for the next few days I just hated myself for binge eating and used food as both self-medication and self-harm.
If you're on medication, I'm guessing you have a doctor? Have you talked to your doctor about this?
Fair enough, well, I'm not exactly an expert on this stuff but at a guess from your post I'd say that sounds like either an "eating disorder" (I think that's the technical term) or you have some form of psychological problem that relates to food somehow.
Eating until you feel physically sick just isn't right at all, I'd do some research on eating disorders and go from there, but it sounds like a trip to AT LEAST a doctor is going to be necessary at some point if you want to overcome this.

The medication is for something else but appetite suppressing is a side effect and I do not feel hunger at all.

I have not formally talked to any medical professional about this, mainly because of shame.
Well did you have that issue before starting that medication? If it started with it, you NEED to talk to your doctor.

Nope, since adolescence before I took any meds at all.
Shame? Look man, doctors have dealt with and seen things many times more shameful than an eating disorder.
I've been in with stress induced hemeroids, both internal and external, and literally having the guy tie tiny little rubber bands round them so they die off. I've also been in the day after overdosing on psilocybin (meaning I was still fucked out of my face) which causes me to fall and smash my head on the bathroom sink.

The doctor will not even bat an eyelid to your problem, it's his job to deal with shit like this, so just fucking go and tell him EVERYTHING.
Well, sorry bro, but we're not pros so we can't really help you there, you will have to go see a doctor if you want to fix this.

Are you living alone or with other people? If alone, you will have to clean your kitchen and throw away all the junk food. I know you can still binge eat, but better do that on fruits and veggies than on cookies and chips.

I would also suggest drinking water, try to drink water when you're bored or want to binge eat. Maybe add some water flavouring, idk how those things taste like.

Try to have a schedule for your meals. It will be a lot of willpower, but learning to eat at set times might help you to not just constantly eat. Maybe make a menu for the week, plan your meals ahead, buy only the ingredients for your menu, maybe put stickers telling you "this isn't the time to eat, back off".

If you are living with other people and they are the one providing the food, you should talk to them about buying less food. Hell if needed they will have to put a lock on the fridge lol.

I would also suggest recording what you're eating. As you eat, write it in a diary/app/w.e. you want, to make you conscious about what you're eating.
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