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>21 years old >done fuck all with my life >all my peers

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>21 years old
>done fuck all with my life
>all my peers are light years ahead of me socially, monetarily and in general life experience
>feel like I'm wasted my best years and I'm never going to amount to anything

Basically I'm a total loser and all my self-esteem has been flung out the window upon my realisation of this. I've tried to make significant changes to my life in the past, but they never stick for more than a few days. I always tell myself "Yeah tomorrow I'm going to change my life and start doing the things I need/want to do" but I never fucking do it. I think I'm honestly fucked, yet I'm so damn unhappy with myself that suicide seems like the logical conclusion to my life, maybe in a year or ten or 20, but somewhere down the track inevitably. Is there any hope for me /adv/? Is there any way I can crawl out of this hole?
Oh god dude, you're fucking 21. You're barely old enough to drink. Psychologists say that people don't really develop control of their impulses until 25.
Dude, I didn't know what the fuck I wanted to do with my life until I was 25. Then it took me another couple years to get started. I don't even have a job that requires a college degree, but I make 60k a year now and I like my job. Could I have done better? Sure, maybe, but I didn't so who cares. I'm doing fine, I'll probably have a kid soon. Or not, who cares, there's 7 billion people on Earth, do whatever you want.
Small steps OP, small steps.

What you need to do is create a list of small things. Tidy my room. Call my mom. Clean the shower.

You need a list of longer term goals. Travel to another city. Leanr to speak french.

And a list of impossible goals. Marry Victoria Secret.

Once you haveyour list of goals, google SMART goal setting read everything you can on this and weigh your lists against that framework.

Then you need to make a start on the small things. One you have done them , cross out your list. Show yourself you can do it.And..you have,
not OP but this was great advice, thank you.
21, you've still got a shitton of years left. When you're 25, then you should be scared. Hell I'm 30 now, and barely got my shit together.
Yeah thanks, I'm 21 now. F city in school. Graduated almost a year late. Currently trying to start a company that deals with self awareness since college i think is logical only for people that want to score a job or build discipline. Reading this was awesome for me. OP try YouTube and look up Gary Vaynerchuck. He's the king of getting your shit together. Watch as much of him as you can as often as you can and I promise you will see a change in your life
I promise no one is "light years" ahead of you in any way at that age, unless they're child prodigies or they've gone straight into boring ass adult mode. Are you in school?

Honestly unless you're a felon addicted to hard drugs, no one who is 21 is that far ahead in any aspect of life. I get what you mean about wanting to change you life and it not sticking, and yeah work on that, but you're young as fuck.
Somewhat agree with the Gary Vaynerchuk thing, but I don't think you should watch that much OP. Even he has said that he doesn't want people watching all of his shit, but rather watch a little, get the message, and start doing something.

Don't spend so much time getting motivated that you no longer have time to do the thing you're getting motivated for.
Try drugs
The one thing you have more of than anything else at this point in your life is Time. Who says you have to have it all worked out at 21? Let's say that, like a previous Anon, you don't get started until 25. Will you be 4 years behind for the rest of your life? No - you'll probably "catch up" within a couple of years.

The trick is to not give up. As another previous Anon said, start with small goals, for three reasons.

1. You'll be Doing Something, and activity increases your energy.
2. You'll improve your self-esteem and make yourself more able to take on bigger goals.
3. And incidentally, you'll improve the quality of your life (clean room, etc) in ways that will fight your depression.
>No degree or certification
>not really sociable
Jesus some people are suicidal and this is what you complain about?
start attending college or trade school ASAP or the military as Trump will increase defense spending the govt will hire more
>they've gone straight into boring ass adult mode
i did this
nothing wrong with it
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 2

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