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>26 >Come to find out 4 year girl friend recently cheated

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>Come to find out 4 year girl friend recently cheated
>Best friend "sees" her perspective (hes friends with her and her new fuck boy)
>Spends all her time now going to go see him after our break up so she seems completely unphased and the last 4 years meant nothing
>We still live together due to our lease which is up in march or so
>Have no one to live with till may
and cant afford to live alone
> Will need to move back in with parents for that time which is a near hour drive for work and no place to put me

I never felt more defeated in my life.

She constantly takes any chance she can get to go see him. I wish she would wait till we moved out but I gotta sit here alone knowing where she is and how she really feels so I am left to deal with the after math of the break up.

Id really rather not move back in with my folks. It would be such a shit drive for work but not only that there isn't really any room for me. While I love them they tend to drive me a little crazy with over coddling. And driving to work will be a fucking shit. Let alone I got no where to put all my things so moving will be a nightmare.

One of my best friends is a fucking idiot since she confided in him and he says he sees why she did what she did and its not really about that she cheated (TLDR she wasnt happy with the relationship then started to hit up another guy). So I havent talked to him since.

I dont know where to even begin with meeting new people and I have had 0 luck with online dating thus far. But my mind keeps convincing me Ill never be attractive enough or that I am too fucking weird to fucking be with.
I feel like I wanna just give up. I am starting to just not care about anything anymore. I never wanted to die until now.

So I reach out here for some sense or encouragement or reality or whatever. I cant get out of my head and cant enjoy the things I like anymore as I mostly just sit around doing nothing now. Is this situation as awful as I make it?
Hey man don't let this bring you down. It's rough being placed in this situation but I've got a good friend who was in your situation. He had this relationship with a girl for a good 3 years and they even got their own apartment. But as time progressed she started being very hostile and even got violent with him. They broke up a year ago while they had a lease signed together and she just went up and left. My friend had a difficult time and he struggled but is doing great now. He's got a co worker helping him out with the apartment costs. As for his ex she left and lives near while still being violent and hateful. He got through his situation and was able to keep his place. Hey man you gotta love yourself and always strive for improvement. Your not perfect but remember that you have a lot to give. Don't give up and keep fighting . You'll get through this. If your ex wants to throw away what she had then make her regret it. Go to the gym to improve yourself. Get out there and start trying some new things man. Know that you are the person who determines your own worth. You are in control of your future. Stay strong man I know you can get through this
You could always, remove, the problem. Any deep rivers or large forests near you?
Maybe work on the relationship. Do you know what exactly she wasn't happy with? Havenyou tried tying her up and fucking her until she cums so many times that she passes out?

Jesus christ. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Definitely if he can do that then this should be easy...


Oh trust me I thought about that. Mostly kicking the shit out of that other guy. Hes in town now actually. I do have like 5 people who would love to kick his ass but it would make shit worse.


She said she was distant and alone from me. And that she had no independence and that I "objectified her". Which I think he put a lot of those ideas in her head. Never did I tell her she cant do something but I just simply told her that some things made me unconformable

For example her smoking pot. I used to but just being around it brings back my thoughts of panic attacks and anxiety and I just said Id prefer it not be around me.

Or that I worry about her doing acid since its the last thing someone like her whos super depressed all the time needs.

She was in fact the one who was controlling. Used her depression to make me do what she wanted. Even simple tasks like getting her water when shes perfectly able or one time I had to lie about seeing a movie with my best friend who is a dude (same dude I mentioned) without making her upset.

And if I did then Id be send on a massive guilt trip about how that depresses her. So often Id just do it so she dosnt become sad. But it when it came to me telling her about something I had an issue with it was a huge fucking deal and she fought me over it.

Thats prolly why she thinks that.

I should also add shes made it very clear shes done as have I. Because if we were to get back together I made it clear she cant talk to him anymore because what happened.

Especially since I got caught flirting with a girl one time then dropped it immediately. It wasnt even a mutual feeling but she couldnt do that and prolly because she was so done with the relationship as she felt that way for months according to her.
>Because if we were to get back together

Yea it's going to sound like a meme but you need to get your manhood back. If by luck she isn't on the lease you should kick her ass out immediately and cut contact.

Good luck man but it's not worth it to get back together.
Hate rape her. That's what I did to my ex gf, and thanks to my charisma the police didn't believe her.
Welcome to the wonderful world of women.
Women are always looking to trade out, and usally have several guys ready. They don't give a fuck about you, get used to it.
This is why it's so risky to live with a girl, she'll drop you the second she's board or the second she finds something better. Accept this, don't fight me on this.
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