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I'm a girl and I really want to have lesbian sex. I have

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I'm a girl and I really want to have lesbian sex. I have a boyfriend and I've talked to him about this with him. He says its fine, he doesn't need to watch/participate. I mean obviously he'd like to but he says he is okay with me doing my own thing once.

So how the heck do I go about this? I feel like finding someone out in public wont really work, so obviously finding someone online is my option. I just don't know what to put, or what app/site to use. I feel like if I put "looking for only casual hookups" its going to scare people away. I should probably freaking know how girls work considering I am one but I'm pretty clueless on what the best way is to go about this.
bump because I'm in the same position and curious as well.
I don't really think your boyfriends are fine with it
Enjoy burning in hell, lesbian piece of shit.

if you dont invite your bf for a threesome you are a terrible person. just use tinder
i have no problem with lesbians but my girl said that to me then id be outta there quick so fast.
I have fantasies of doing this but then I think of all the havoc it could cause and it scares me.

My boyfriend says he would be fine with it, but I don't think I would be fine with it on the long term.. Maybe I'd feel guilty. What if I end up liking that more than I like my boyfriend? What if the girl gets stalkerish? What if I tel her about the situation that I have a boyfriend and wants to do a threesome? What if I get dragged into having a threesome and my bf and her have a ton of chemistry and I end up being cucked? What if after all this we try to get over it and bf secretly texts her?

I mean, there are just so many ways this can go wrong. I cherish bf more than my fantasy of having sex with a woman.
My bf and I are in the same place. He's my first bf ever, and I'm bi and would like to have lesbian sex at least once. I offered him a threesome, but he wasn't all that interested but said I could try it once if I wanted.

So does anyone have actual advice on finding lesbian hookups?
I had three threesomes with my gf and other girls we met

Like you all said, finding a lesbian/bi girl is not easy, mostly because their preference isn't stamped on their forehead. Guess that's a drama gays of both genders live but we never realize

Anyway, we settled for tinder. It is the easiest options sincek you can simply set both your and interest gender to female and have a menu of people to pick from and try to match. Being honest might take longer to find someone but is very cool when it happens, since you don't have to worry about putting up a lie.

You can always try "gay" bars, but since women don't have the slightest training in approaching, you'll mostly just make yourself available and hope for the best

We have tried swing clubs but it defiinitly is not for most people. We couldn't relax to talk to anybody. Maybe to promiscuous to people just leaving the "vanilla" sex life. It can be sexy and a fun place to go but purelly for entertainment purposes

Tl;dr: tinder. Be honest. Be cool. It will happen eventually

If anyone have questions I can share some more tips
Straight male anon, but my best friend is a gay girl and I've been with her through her dating phase, and I've even hooked up with gay girls, so I kiiiiind of know something about this topic I guess? My gf's also mentioned something similar about it being a slight lingering curiosity of hers (Her first relationship was actually with another girl, but they never did anything) for whatever that's worth.

From what i've seen... you're kind of fucked (figuratively).

Heterosexual male
Heterosexual female
Homosexual male
Homosexual female

Out of those 4, the BY FAR hardest group to be in for finding other people has to be homosexual female.

Not only is the population small, the people who belong to that category have nowhere to really meet outside of certain events. At least with gay guys, there are usually gar bars and clubs around... where as at most, gay girls will MAAAAYBE get a single night a gay bar, usually during a weekday.

Your best bet is probably STILL to go try to meet someone in real life though (park yourself at a gay bar, gay girls do come in on occasion--I know I've definitely spent many an hour parked in our local one with my friend, and I've definitely seen her walk home with other girls from it). The nice thing about the gay culture (for both men and women) is that it's usually a lot more relaxed, straightforward, and less... awkward and roundabout when it comes to things like hooking up.

You can try for something online, but that's pretty hit or miss and is largely reliant on who's actually around you. Things my friend has used, OKCupid, Tinder, and HER.

First being first though, make your boyfriend is TRULY ok with this... Because as open minded and as non-jealous a person as I am... if my GF were to actually do this... If it was something she truly, definitely wanted, I've personally SAID i think i'd be ok... but i'm not 100% certain how i'd handle it afterwards, and some things just CAN NOT be undone

Good luck.
Thread posts: 10
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