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Alright guys. I need some relationship advice. Posted this on

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Alright guys. I need some relationship advice. Posted this on /b/ but I thought this place might be a bit more fitting.

>be with girl for almost 5 years, plan to marry her someday etc...love of my life
>she was always a little bit childish, impulsive and also a little bit dumb. But somehow I always loved certain aspects of that
>about 7 months ago shit starts to get a little boring. Don't go out that much, sex life dies down
>I'm having a shitty time in general so I act a bit uncaring and bad around her
>she doesn't try to help me, instead retaliates by making small to mid-sized mistakes herself
>she starts acting cold and distant, even starts flirting around, messaging other dudes, going out with her bitchy friends
>have a huge fight, crazy shit from us both ensued
>calm down, forgive each other and get back together
>let's me check her phone from time to time to rebuild my trust for her and I try to be nice and forgiving, buy her some nice shit for christmas etc...
>suddenly she tells me she has lost all feelings for me and starts acting bitchy, breaks up and blocks me on everything except whatsapp (probably forgot)
>ask her through whatsapp calmly what the fuck is wrong with her and to talk to me
>says she just needs space to think and doesn't want to see me now
>call her a week later, she's even more bitchy, went full retard, argue a little
>blocks me on everything, proceeds to tell friends and her family, which I'm close to and love, that it's over forever

What do? She's acting like a total bitch..like a fucking stranger and doesn't even want to talk.
I know it would be wise to just walk away but I can't...i still love her and except for the last period it was absolutely perfect.
I'm pretty sure she didn't fuck other guys. I picked her up from work every day and spent most of the days with her. She's become an attention whore lately and loves it when she gets some... or really any kind of attention in fact, but I'm sure she isn't a real whore.
What do?
Move on bro, she's toxic, and you're not so great yourself if you keep playing that "I just want to talk" shit. She has made it clear that she doesn't want to communicate with you. That doesn't make her a bitch. What makes her a bitch may be the reasons behind why she doesn't want to talk, but this sounds like a done fucking deal. You move on now, find someone else and if she ever does try to contact you again, make sure you don't respond back. It's not petty, it's healthy.
Chiming in to agree with this guy here. Too little information to tell if she's really a bitch or not, but there's more than enough to say that it's time to let go.
Didn't even botter reading past "flirting"

She's moving on and so should you
I'm trying.
I was always the chill guy. Smoked weed, didn't really do sports, had ambitions but lacked ambition in other places...
Now I'm already trying to improve myself. Picked up some weights, try to get a good job etc...
Unfortunately, because of the break up, I kind of developed a xanax and cocaine addiction. I never did hard drugs before but damn...they really help to take away the pain. Cocaine is fun as fuck.
But it doesn't matter what i do, every fucking morning and night I think of ways to make it right and get back with her. It's just a fucking shame to throw away what we had.
I don't really want to move on.
Bumping a little.
I know I should move on but I don't really want to. I'm just looking for a litte hole i can get through, the last straw, so to say.
What should I do to respark her feelings for me at least a little? Reach out to mutual friends and tell them I want to talk to her? I'm afraid that would backfire and she'd be even more cold and bitchy when she realizes I still want her back.
Should I wait for her to unblock me/contact me? It ended really abruptly so maybe she'll feel the need to talk and explain at some point. But I fear that this point might not happen and she just convinces herself to forget me so she doesn't feel pain.
OK, you seem unable to understand. You have to let go. Hit the gym and try doing cardio every day. Do not contact her anymore. It's going to be difficult but it's the only way.
it's over. The harder you try to talk to her the colder she will act towards you. She won't be as hung up on you as you are on her. She is a woman, they never do.
I realize that it's the best for me to just forget her and find my own way.
But after almost 5 years, I just can't believe that there are absolutely no feelings left on her side. This isn't even possible, is it?
I just can't go on if I haven't tried every fucking thing to make it work. I can't leave it like that. That's the problem.
>I haven't tried every fucking thing to make it work

At this point it doesn't matter what the fuck you do. She's not interested anymore, as simple as that. The more you try, the worse it will get, because you'll just seem desperate and unable to move on. Just cut contact with her and give yourself time to recover and heal.

walk away man and never look back. You are valuable person and dont be attached to someone that doesnt recognize that.

This being said. No contact works and if it doesnt in this particular situation who gives a shit.

Give her time to realize what has she done then make her work to get you back.

Dont be a beta and dont try to fix things you didnt broke

relationships are meant to be enjoyed. you guys arent enjoying the relationship anymore. probably time to move on.
Thank you. Kind words.
I never was a very social guy but always had high self esteem...but that shit just destroyed me...i even picked up a bit of a xanax and coke habit
That might be right but I just can't believe that after almost 5 years and over 4 years of absolute perfection, there's nothing left. I'm just trying to tell her that we never were this uncaring, boring and cold. It's just a rough patch in a long road. And I somehow want her attraction back. Work for it.
>rough patch in a long road
>7 months ago shit starts to get boring

Let it go and move on. It sucks, it doesn't make sense but it is what it is. Even if you were to get back together again, you'd become afraid that the same thing could happen again. And honestly, if it has happened already then chances are it'll occur again. Don't waste your time anon.

And chin up, you'll look back and be glad you moved on.
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