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Anybody here from a Muslim family? I'm in college now but

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Anybody here from a Muslim family?
I'm in college now but I commute, and still live with my parents, I'm in my first year and I haven't been to a party or a bar yet. how do I get away with drinking?
I want to be able to hide it because I'll get my ass whooped if they find out
I'm a guy btw so they're less strict with me but still pretty
>on 4chan
Where the fuck do you think you are? Drop your terroristic religion or GTFO
I did tho
Literally just don't drink.
I wanna enjoy my life
Nigga just grow a pair and drink. Your parents have no power over you. If you're too afraid after drinking stay at one of your friends.

t. another muslim
I'm from a conservative Christian family, so I've been in the same situation. When you're living with your family, it's quite hard, but you can pull it iff with the old 'sleepover' trick. Have or make a friend and organize a 'sleepover' at theirs, and just drink there.

Another thing that has worked for me is road trips. You can go with some friends to a trip to some other town, and get hammered/party in the nights.

In general, i recommend taking steps to create independence for yourself. The key is small steps over a longish period of time. Slowly tell your parents less about what you do/who you hang out with. Slowly start going places (out to the grocery store, etc) without telling them. Slowly start ignoring their control over your life.

What happens is that you build up 'precedence' - that is, creating justification for things that you do now, with the fact that you've done similar things in the past, while slowly building the magnitude of what you can get away with.

I've done this for some years now, with good results.

The best thing you can do of course, is move out. Then you can have almost complete freedom over what you do and where you go. But I understand that may not be possible with finances or family pressure.

Protip: after drinking alcohol, have a lot of water before you go to bed (750ml+), and again when you wake up. And then take some painkillers - your hangover will be a lot easier to deal with/hide. You will be very tired the next day though because alcohol prevents proper sleep.

Best of luck, brother. The hedonistic life is the best life.
That's right smoke weeeeeeddddddd!!!!!
Thanks man this is good advice
But the sleepover bit might be hard to pull off I had the idea to start ignoring calls when I'm out with freinds and just stay out for longer than I'm supposed to. Do u think that's a good way to start?
Your parents are strict because of their religious doctrine. I'm assuming you're still under their paychecks (which is why you said u abandoned islam yet you still have some incentive to follow muslim rules), in which case I would say that if you want to drink / smoke / fuck you need to become completely independent.

Trying to still be financially supported by your parents but trying to live a lifestyle they don't want is the quickest way to a ruined relationship with your parents and for you to be denounced. If you want to be financially supported, you need to follow your parents' rules. You can argue about whether a rule is right or not, but if they say you can't do something: you can't do it. If you become financially independent, then your life is your life and you can drink all day. Just know that you will have to support yourself.

I come from a conservative christian family. I wanted to smoke weed, so I first got myself free from my parents so they didn't know about it.
You pick independence or not drinking. That's it.
Strict parents are all strict to some degree: you just need to find the line between "permitted" and "forbidden". You need to slowly advance yourself in your freedoms one step at a time. For your first step, think of something that they forbid you from doing, but their resolve on it is weak. Something that is technically "forbidden" but to a degree where nothing serious would happen to you if you broke it.

Often times, this is traveling to a destination without prior acknowledgement and returning home in less than an hour. Like >>17973799 said, just going to the grocery store without telling your parents is typically something that they "forbid" you from doing, but that they won't punish you for it if you break that rule. Another item would be going to a friend's house to borrow something without telling your parents, or using a part of the house for a project for a long period of time without telling your parents.

From there, you need to keep doing this until they think that it is ok. It can't be "forbidden" anymore. Once that has happened, you can then repeat the cycle for the next "forbidden" ack. Once you've done this alot, you can keep this process up until you can get some pretty serious freedoms. When they ask you about it, you can refer them to the precedence: that you've done similar things before so your current act should be ok.

> I had the idea to start ignoring calls when I'm out with freinds and just stay out for longer than I'm supposed to. Do u think that's a good way to start?

Yes, definitely, but I'd recommend starting by doing them separately (E.g. at some times, accept calls from them but then come home a little later than usual; another time: ignore calls from them, and then come home at the allowed time).

I would also recommend not answering your phone even in other, innocuous situations (for example, when you're just at home and they're out, and they call you. Or, when they're at home and you're just at uni).
If they ask why you didn't pick up, just say you were going to the toilet / had the phone on silent / whatever is appropriate.
What this will do is create plausible deniability/a smoke-screen for you for times when you want to be able to ignore calls *and* not come home on time.

In general, making it so that you don't answer calls all the time is a good thing, so that you're not at their beck and call 24/7.

One thing to keep in mind with all this is the concept of 'heat'. That is, everyone has a set amount of 'heat' or 'attention' they are able to create, before the controlling party becomes suspicious/gets alarmed. Heat will go away over time. Your parents/family will have a threshold of what you can get away with in a given time, and a rate of heat dissipation. You are the only person who will know what these exactly are, because they are *your* family. Act accordingly.

If you get caught/in trouble, don't panic. take it easy, accept any punishment, and start again - acting in a small way; slowly. Build up that precedence again.
I would recommend starting now. I know people who were in the same situation as this, and never tried to subvert their parents' control. Their parents still treat them like children, despite some of them being in their late 20's. It depends on the parents, but sometimes they never relinquish control.
How should I hide the drinking itself
Can eating something disguise my breath?
I wouldn't be bringing alcohol home since that's dumb but I imagine I won't be completely sober when I come home

>How should I hide the drinking itself

For BYO's, buy alcohol on the way to the party, and either: 1. Finish it there, 2. Leave it, or 3. Stash it at a friend's place.

Your breath will smell of alcohol as you sleep; the room you are in will smell alcohol-y in the morning. Leave a window open if you can; when you wake up, open all the windows and air the room out.

>Can eating something disguise my breath?
Absolutely. When you get up, eat something substantial, like a burger or something. Then brush your teeth. After that, maybe use mints (but i haven't done this - i don't know if it will taste weird after the booze). If you drank a lot, you can sometimes still be drunk when you wake up. It should not be that much though, and should be easy to hide.

>I won't be completely sober when I come home

If you're going to drink, try to not come home the same night. You will not be thinking straight and will likely give yourself away. I don't really have any tips for this, as I never did it - I avoided it at all costs. I simply did not drink if i wasn't able to stay away from home till the next day.

An other tip though: One of the best things you can have is someone in your same religion, or religion+community that's on the same page as you (wants to drink; party etc). I had a guy in my church who was from a respected family, and my parents liked. They thought he was a pious kid. However, he was a crazy party guy. I was able to stay/do stuff with him easily, and we would go on out; travel; get drunk at his flat, etc etc.

I would say though is to be careful of drugs. There can be people in your community doing drugs etc, and it can be easy to slip in along with them. Booze is one thing; drugs are on another level and can fuck you up. I have no experience in hiding drug use from my family as I never did that. I would say if you want to try drugs (ie once or twice), just do it when you're fully moved out.
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