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I've been tired for over a year straight. I spend about

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I've been tired for over a year straight. I spend about 14 hours a day in bed yet only sleep about 9-10 each night since it takes me several hours to drop off and I wake up randomly and lose a few more hours.

I can never nap anymore during the day despite being very tired.

Doctors have been useless. Blood tests report nothing (thyroid, etc). I've supplemented for potential adrenal fatigue for months now to no avail so I'm soon ruling that one out. I've eaten very healthy for years and, for a few weeks now, I've exercised every other day. I went on walks for months and got out in the daylight. I always have my window open for fresh air.

Nothing helps. I've seen zero- ZERO improvement in the last year of relentless efforts to heal. This has taken over my entire life, and, largely, my will to live.

WHAT the FUCK is WRONG with me?

have you tried moving? sometimes what your building is made of can kill you, or even if there's jsut a mold problem it can slow you down. i had mold poisoning. no tests diagnose this.
depression, probably
if it's nothing physical then it might be in your head

it's not common, but symptoms do sometimes show up that way. look up atypical depression
>I spend about 14 hours a day in bed
That's a terrible idea. Make a fix schedule and stick with it. Spend 8 hours in bed, not 14.

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Its a really simple one OP you need to reset your body clock.

>decide when you want to sleep
>NO Coffee, cola, tea at least 5 hours before. I mean none.
>Ensure you have some decent physical activity at least 3 times a week
>have a god look at your bedroom. Keep it tidy, clean
>No screens 45 minutes before sleep
>Read fpr 30 minutes before sleep.
>When you wake up, no screens only reading
>Get up the same time no matter how tired you are.

Good luck OP.
Yes, different rooms make no difference.

Will look it up. I feel depressed when I'm awfully tired but when I get a "good day" if I'm lucky I feel on top of the world.

If I get up after, what that would be, 5 hours sleep, I'd rather blow my brains out than stay awake in that state. I'd be EXTREMELY tired.

I've tried all of this. You really think it would be something so simple after a year of this hell?
I feel your pain OP, but what is with the 14 hours in bed shit? Even I know to keep to a regular schedule and to try and make the bedroom a place for sleep and little else.

I'm not sleeping at the moment. I get around 5 hours a night. It sucks because I literally feel crazy. During the times I don't feel crazy, I don't feel like doing anything and that doesn't exactly help.

It is because my girlfriend is a retard as well. She got a kitten who likes to wake me up at the same time each morning which isn't the end of the world, but on the weekends when I'm trying to sleep in I don't need that at 5:50am. She finds it very easy to go back to sleep, sleep in and generally nap. I have to get up once I wake up. She gets up to piss like 4 times in the night. She also works less than me and gets up later than me so she wants to watch shit on her laptop or read until 1am most nights and gets pissed off when I'm like just fucking get up if you aren't sleeping. I've got to get up by 6am for work.

So most nights I struggle to get 5 hours and I'm not catching up on the weekends. I literally feel crazy and I make dangerous mistakes all the time because I'm just walking dead. I sometimes pass out from tiredness after eating an evening meal, but I only doze for a moment and keep coming back awake again.
You probably have sleep apnea. The reason you can't sleep is because your throat shuts and you start suffocating while you sleep. Get a sleep study done.

It took years for mine to be diagnosed because my doctors thought that only fat people can get apnea.
that's actually pretty consistent with the atyp symptoms
you can have good days, it's not like major depression
Because I'm always tired and always try to get more sleep. I keep a regular schedule, but it always takes me hours to drop off, and I always wake up needing more sleep but unable to get it.

>I feel crazy
Iktf. I have occasional derealisation too and that gets exasperated when I'm extra tired

I'm envious of your situation. Because you have a choice in the matter. You could leave her, get rid of the cat, or something else. I only ever really pass out from exhaustion at night these days, I can't really say I drift off to sleep since it takes me about 3 hours every night.

I appreciate the lengthy reply.
read the article. Your issue might be biological and if that's the case then yeah, staying 8 hours in bed won't help and there's no advice anyone on this board can give you other than "go see another specialist".

But most cases of insomnia are caused by bad habits. And one of these common habits that fuck with your sleep is staying too much in bed. Right now you do feel tired, but your body and subconscious mind has gotten used to it, just how someone who barely eats has adapted to consume less calories. So your brain is not doing anything to regulate your sleep patterns. In many cases people who started a strict schedule for sleep (6 or 8 hours, go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day) have reported an easier time falling asleep and deeper sleep with fewer interruptions. Of course, it's not a guaranteed cure, but it's a practice you should employ. And, again, read the article. It helped me get over insomnia a few years ago, although mine wasn't as bad as yours.
>you can have good days
Only every couple of weeks. If I manage to luck out on a day where I'm barely tired at all due to managing to get extra sleep in, I feel fucking fantastic. So would that not indicate that it's not depression?
actually that sounds more like insomnia
if it was depression, it wouldn't really matter how much sleep you got. you'd still be tired
Sounds reasonable. Thank you
Yet I require about 11-12 hours sleep to feel fully rested. What does this mean?
Some people just sleep more, I'm like that. I usually sleep nine hours when I can. It's not that big of a deal. Sometimes I feel better if I sleep seven and a half and winter can also make you sleep more because of the cold and the long nights
some people are just higher on the scale. my girlfriend needs 9-10 at least or else she's super tired all day

I'd say it's 11-12 because you wake up a lot and disrupt your sleep cycles
So what's the solution? Kill myself?
I know a lot less about insomnia than depression, but I assume there's some solutions because it affects so many people

have you tried melatonin? non addictive sleeping pills? certain kinds of tea? probably, but that's what's helped people I know with similar issues

there's probably specific doctors/therapists that deal with it too

>different rooms make no difference

i said move, not sleep in a different room. im talking long enough for you to filter out mold, im talking moving from one house to another.

mold poisoning doesn't stop just becuase you moved to a different room in a mold infested house
Do sports. If nothing else, start lifting. Walks don't count as an exercise.
I'm serious, helped me a lot after a month or so, so just get that routine going.

Also, check your room temperature, I find it a lot easier to sleep in a bit cooler room, about 19-20C is ideal for me.
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Oh, and invest in a proper pillow, one that supports your neck.

I've got something like pic related.
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Thread images: 3

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