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Alright I'm in a pretty disgusting situation. I'm

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Alright I'm in a pretty disgusting situation.

I'm 23 and I have cancer. But this is not my problem. The obvious choice is to try and cut it out, go on a medication and if that doesn't help, start a full blown chemotherapy. This is pretty much where my desperation starts.
My friends, my family, my loved one, so pretty much everyone I know and I care for doesn't seem to care. They all act like as if I have a common cold and need a band-aid or some shit. In other words: they're probably scared and don't know how to react, and I ended up with zero support whatsoever.

This is why I have decided to not fight it. I'll let it consume me and kill me. But this is not my problem either.
My actual problem is that my loved one, even though that she doesn't really care, threatened to not take her antidepressants and will kill herself when I don't do the therapy. Out of pure willpower, this therapy is pretty much impossible, it's the worst pain imaginable, it's he'll on earth, for weeks and months on end. If anyone of you got through this, you will know what I'm talking about.

I don't want her to do this though. I'm pretty much trapped because of that. She said she'll only take them if I go and suffer the ultimate suffering.

Should I fake going there maybe? Or should I just accept this world as it is? Note: I'm not asking for "op you're a faggot for being selfish" comments, but rather for words to tell and convince her to not do it. I care about her more than anything, but she doesn't care about me, not as a partner, or as a friend. I just don't understand these mixed signals.

I fucking hate being blackmailed.

Tldr op is kill due to cancer by his own decision and his loved one will also be kill if op keeps being a sack of shit and not do a chemo, op looks for ways to talk her out of it
Sorry for the phone generated mistakes, it should be readable nonetheless
Shit, OP. Go get treated and find better support systems in your life. I'm sure someone else will have some advice on how to deal with your partner, but I'm telling you that being cancer-free will be worth the hell that the treatment puts you through.

If it's not too private, what kind of cancer is it?
Cut it out and go on full-chemo.

It may be bad, but it's really the only known thing on earth that has a fighting chance against it.
Thyroid cancer. I know I can't do it, I'm a pretty weak person in that regard.
Thanks though
she's an idiot. but you're the bigger idiot.
you didn't get "no suppor". she is trying to support you. she's so desperate that she has had to resort to blackmailing you with suicide.
maybe talk to your family instead of thinking they don't care. maybe you need to do the first step of they are too scared. maybe admit to your mom that you are fucking afriad of the therapy. that might flood the gates

thyroid cancer ?

holy fuck you retard that is about as minimally invasive surgery as exists

they go in with robots using like a 1/4" incision snip snip and your cured

then you take meds the rest of your life

get a fucking clue pal you're either trolling

or you need some serious professional counseling
Start being socially awkward and insecure. Girls don't like such people and she will dump you
Source: I'm a virgin

Seriously though, you said yourself that they're scared and don't know how to react - this doesn't mean that they don't care or worry about you. I know it doesn't change that you can't rely on them for support and it must suck to realise atop of the cancer, but dying a slow painful death instead of perhaps just lucking out with little pain after surgery (you're young, your body has great capacity to fight the cancer) looks like it would suck more.

on the other hand i could be wrong if in your case this cancer was not caught soon enough

good luck op
I'm sure you can do it anon. Maybe not at the moment, but you'll learn to.

Please don't let yourself die because of how other people might think of you.
People come and go, but you'll always be with yourself, so take care.
TL;DR: OP likes attention very very much and is a selfish kid. Using your own death as a way to seek attention? Cringeworthy, man. If I were your girlfriend, I'd be dying because of the cringe, not because I'd care about you.
it's pretty far developed.
here's your (You), coldsteel. now hide this thread, thanks.
Thread posts: 12
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