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I'm about to start using Rogaine. Is there a better alternative,

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I'm about to start using Rogaine. Is there a better alternative, and is there anything I should know about it? I already know potential side effects, and that it takes time.
be less vain
eat less
exercise more
I keep track of what I eat and I exercise most days, my family just thins very early and I want to postpone balding until I'm 30ish. I've also been taking colder showers and leaving my hair alone when it's wet. I wouldn't be looking at drugs to fix my problem if I hadn't tried other things first.
I've done my research when it was my turn to start realising that my hair had become thin as hell.

I'm almost 1 1/2 year in finasteride now. It has more severe, sexual, side effects, but they are rare and I have suffered none at all. Some on the itnernet have reported it, so it could possibly occure.

Rogaine creates more hairs, finasteride mostly thickens existing hairs. Using rogaine only, has only temporary effects, because the shedding process is still running. Finasteride blocks the enzyme responsible for shedding.

It started working after 4 months and honestly, my hair improved a lot. My hair is still sparse, but the existing hairs are back to their original thickness and my hair feels much more natural.

Fin is just one pill one or every other day. I'd definitely give that a try over rogaine.

Godspeed anon, I feel very fortunate that it all worked out for me, but I still remember feeling terrible..

I'm him.


If you want to prevent balding I'd definitely advice fin.

I thinned too; I don't have temples. Fin worked perfect for me. Rogaine is better for crown/temples if I remember correctly.

Research also showed that fin worked better for people with a lot of body hair.
Thanks for the advice, I was skeptical about rogaine because of how advertised more. Finasteride seems like it'll work better for how I'm balding.
could I stop using fin after awhile and keep my result? otherwise it's also temporary like Rogaine lol
If you use that definition of temporary, then yes, fin is temporary. It's half-life is about 2 days if I rememver correctly. If you stop using, the enyme will start workign again and the thinning restarts. It should be noted that the current hairs are pretty thick and it will take rather long before they are so thin thay they will shed. I read that your result should stay for a month or 6-8, after which it starts showing up again.

If you don't stop using it, it is not temporary, though it 's only 25 years old so there is no actual good data on that point.
Would you be willing to wait a couple of years to have a potential cure with stem cells, or anything else?

Personally, I wouldn't want to risk the side effects of fin, so I'm waiting in the meantime for other prospects to become available. I'll give you a link to some great resources on the best future options I have seen so far and their current development cycles, I suggest you read up on some of these, as there is some very interesting treatments underway that give me hope for the near future.

Dont waste your time, shave it to 3or 1.5mm and get used to it
>tfw thinning only
>tfw lots of body hair
>tfw about to start on fin
Feels good man
Finasteride works on the systemic level by reducing your DHT (male hormone that causes balding in people who are succeptible). DHT makes the hair follicles shrink and shrink until they don't grow hair, or just grow really thin baby hair. Rogaine (minoxidil) just makes shrunken follicles grow more/longer, but it does nothing to protect the follicles from further damage.

Being on rogaine without fin is like shoveling your sidewalk in a blizzard. You're gonna keep losing the fight.

Stopping either treatment will make your hair loss go back to where it would've been, but it's easier to take a pill every day than it is to squirt some weird shit in your hair 2x daily.

It ain't great, but if you want to keep your hair it's a solid option. Some people are still growing more hair after 10 years on fin. I'm hoping they'll come out with a permanent surgical treatment like cloned hair transplantation in the next few years, but in the meantime I guess I'll just fuck with my hormones for the sake of hair. I just don't wanna be bald in my 20s, man.
Rogaine is a last resort. If you're under 30, chances are you shouldn't try it yet.

It's risky because your hair gets used to the minoxidil and if you stop using rogaine daily, you'll lose the hair. Rogaine also causes lots of shedding and can actually rapidly increase the rate of hair loss.

I reversed my hairloss by taking viciscal twice daily, Solaray hair blend two-six capsules daily, drinking green tee, limited my masturbation to once a week, and I got a biotin shampoo and a conditioner that has argon and coconut oil.

Limit shampooing to once every 2-3 days, condition daily. Pat hair dry with towel then air dry. Never scrub hair with a towel or use a hairdryer.

I also take 10,000 mcg of biotin daily.

It may take a month or so to notice results, but it worked extremely well for me.

Yeah it's called a hair transplant fuck head
Not everyone is a candidate for a hair transplants. Might not be enough donor hair, or the patient might be too young to know what balding pattern they'll end up with. They are also really expensive and take a while to recover from. Much better to stabilize it with drugs (if the patient tolerates them well) and keep/thicken the hair you have, than go straight to expensive invasive surgery that may not work.

Not sure if you're still here, but where has been the best place to buy it?
I've just started applying Minox to my face in order to grow a beard

I have no idea if this will ruin my skin and/or heart for life but I can't take being a babyface anymore. I'm in my 30s now so its never going to fill in naturally. I look like a 14 year old. Minox is the only answer
Thread posts: 16
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