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(1/3) I grew up with 9 brothers and sisters You didn't

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I grew up with 9 brothers and sisters

You didn't get to experience that /adv/

This is to you 2 or 3 child families, but especially to you only child families:

>ywn know what it's like to share a bed with two older brothers, feeling a sense of security at such a young age

>ywn know the excitement of getting a "three story" bunk bed and getting to sleep on the middle bunk

>ywn play a family basketball game where you actually have enough people to make up teams

>ywn know the feeling of always running into someone no matter what room you go into

>ywn know the feeling of excitement and wonder you have about your older siblings

>ywn know how exciting it is for mom to bring home a new brother or sister

>you will never know the feeling of forming alliances with a couple siblings against other siblings during a rough patch and there being one or two who aren't even aware anything is going on

>ywn be able to go from room to room with each room having something exciting going on

>siblings' friends make the house feel bigger and more exciting

>ywn have a large group to comfort you and support you when you failed 3rd grade

>you will never feel the warmth of a big family group hug

>ywn know the peace of mind of always having someone to hang out with even though you have trouble interacting with school kids , cause it's unlikely all of your siblings will be at friends houses all at once

>ywn have such epic hide and seek games

>ywn have such fun rassles

>ywn know how good it feels to have younger siblings who think the world of you and are willing to do anything you tell them

>ywn go on a vacation in two cars and communicate with other siblings through wallow talkies

>ywn occasionally stop to think "I wonder what's going on in the other car"

>ywn have everyone in your neighborhood or school say "I know your brother(s)/sister(s)"


>ywn the feeling of some of your older siblings showing up at your school and everyone thinking you're cool for 5 minutes for having such cool older brothers and sisters.

>ywn pile into a 5 row van mom and dad rented for a vacation

>ywn join in on some harebrained games that your older brothers made up cause they're bored

>ywn never later teach those same hair brained games to your younger brothers and sisters

>ywn be walking in public with entire family feeling invincible

>ywn sit at a dinner table every night(home or public) with many different conversations going on at once

>ywn have memories of whole family splitting up into teams looking for family dog around the neighborhood

>ywn know the joy when one of them finds him

>ywn the feeling when mom spontaneously let's everyone stay home from school and you get to watch tv or play games in your pajamas with your siblings, and one of the older siblings goes to get chocolate donuts and pizzas for everyone

>ywn know the feeling of sleeping on ground by older siblings bed without them knowing cause you had a nightmare

>ywn know the happiness when one night you hear a voice that says 'climb in'

>ywn get cool shirts from older brother

>ywn get to hold cute smaller siblings

>ywn get to dress smaller sibling into the cutest outfits ever

>ywn make stupid home movies with a large cast

>ywn sit up on the roof with family

>you will never be chased up stairs by older brother for hitting him

>ywn have other older brother come out of his room to stop the fight and save you

>ywn know the warm sound of your sisters voice comforting you after your parents grounded you for failing a test that you promised to study for

>ywn never make a giant family-room sized fort

>ywn all gather around a black widow web, each daring each other to to kill it

>ywn know relief when oldest brother comes home from friends, sees us staring at it and kills it like it was nothing


>ywn drop water balloons from the upstairs window on your brother and his friends

>ywn never push up against the door with your younger brothers and sisters trying to keep it shut against your older brother's pushing

>ywn fight over food

>ywn all have a shared secret from mom and dad about what happened when they were out of town and the oldest brother and sister were in charge.
>ywn grow up with a big, loving family
>you didn't get to grow up in a 10 child household
I'm completely fine with that.
2/10 i read it all

You're a faggot.
Thanx op now I want 15 children
And yet, you still ended up here with the rest of us. You sound almost salty that you weren't in a smaller/only child family, and like you posted this thread to compensate. We are all meat, OP. All experiences are subjective. What may have been enjoyable for you would be a nightmare to someone else.
He admits in the story he was a loser growing up. I guess he never overcame that and is nostalgic for a time when at least it didn't matter because he always had someone who was there for him.
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 1

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