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What's your showering routine? Soap, or just water? Any

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What's your showering routine?

Soap, or just water?

Any lotions or moisturizer?

Reveal your secrets.
shampoo and hair mask
face wash
shower foam with exfoliating gloves
intimate wash

after shower:
moisturizing haircare, root lifting spray, hair oil for the ends
toner, exfoliator, serum, moisturizer for face
bodylotion, deo, perfume
foot- and handcream
intimate moisturizer
shower gel on face
shower gel on body
get out of the shower
clean glasses
Stay under shower until I feel comfy
Shower Gel on body
Enjoy the last moments of hot water
Body wash on scrubber
Scrub down from arms to chest to back to legs
Shampoo head
Use facial wash
Contemplate life under dope-ass hot water
Dry off
The morning routine of Patrick Bateman and the average female are indistinguishable it seems.
I'm surprised how few of you use conditioner
Take clothes off
Turn shower on hot but not too hot
Wet hair until it's not so matted down from sleeping
Wash out
Wet and lather up shower brush thing with bar soap
Wash body
Dry up
Pick afro for 20 minutes while contemplating shaving it all off and/or killing myself, why do I even have all this hair
>get in the shower
>Turn on the hot water first, then cold to even it out once it warms
>Enjoy the feel of steam water running down my scalp with open mouth like a dog
>Shampoo every 3 days, conditioner every other
>Release the kraken
>Clear hair from drain, turn off water. Exit shower

Who the fuck uses soap anymore? Body wash, maybe if I'm going to be around females.
Well, it seems you and I share the same routine.
sauce on op?
if youre spraying your face with steam water thats probably blood running down your face
>wake up
>fap in bed with phone porn
>browse facebook for another half hour
>get up, go to bathroom, turn on shower
>leave, go to living room, turn on sportscenter
>go to shower
>head and shoulders green apple for hair and beard
>some generic blue manly body wash bulk bottle for the body and nutz
>let gravity take care of my legs and feet
>rinse it all off
>towel dry
>get dressed
>depending on how I'm doing on time
a. cook breakfast, smoke a blunt, watch sportscenter and brush my teeth before I leave
b. cook breakfast, watch sportscenter and brush my teeth before I leave
c. smoke blunt, watching sportscenter, brush my teeth before I leave and pick up mcdonalds
c. watch sportscenter, brush my teeth before I leave, and pick up mcdonalds
d. brush my teeth and leave
I might splash my face with water before I leave and after I brushed my teeth.
Outside the shower:

1. Remove make up
2. get two new razors, one for pits and legs, other for bikini area
3. Tie up hair

In shower:

1. Wash face with Skin Food facial cleanser
2. Grab dove soap, lather it super sudsy on legs, and shave them
3. More dove soap, lather entire body and leave it on for a minute or so, then shave my armpits, and rinse
4. Soap bikini area, shave, rinse
5. Grab my African Black soap bar, and lather entire body, rinse
6. Untie my hair, wet it
7. Use my Renpure shampoo and conditioner
8. Get out of shower


1. Pat myself dry, but leave a little moisture still on
2. Tie up hair in towel
3. Lotion my entire body, rub it in and wait until the lotion absorbs
4. Skin Food face mask
5. Skin Food toner
6. Facial essence
7. Facial moisturizer
8. Release hair, brush out tangles, put in volumizing gel, then heat protector
9. Flip hair upside down and blow dry roots
10. Attach hair diffuser to blow dryer, blowdry hair
11. Tame the wavy curks and hair spray.
Enjoy the hot water for way too long whilst thinking about life
Realise it's been 20 minutes
Small amount of shampoo (I have long hair and too much gets rid of all my sebum)
Leave conditioner in for a few minutes
Use some sort of bodywash/shower gel for my body
Wash it all off
Sometimes chuck in a facial wash
Bar soap
Everyday I do this, sometimes I use conditioner every other day
>turn on shower, hit but not scalding
>get in, apply summers eve to lady bits
>shampoo hair
>rinse lady bits and apply SE once more
>lather body with body soap
>rinse hair and body as well as lady bits
>wash face with bioré charcoal face soap bar
>final rinse
>get out
>apply deodorant
>apply garnier leave in conditioner
>body spray if I'm going out or gonna be around bf.
I usually shower everyday but if I'm feeling extra depressed I might skip a day or two, or if anything I'll just wash my ass cause that's kinda gross.
I will never be able to understand why people separates razors from groind/balls/whatever and rest of the body. More if you're showering. Why is that?
Yeah I've never heard of that.
>turn shower on
>rinse head/body
>turn shower off
>lather body with soap bar
>turn shower on
>rinse off
>turn shower off
>shave at sink

buzz cut life
who the fuck turns the shower off between soaping?
>2. get two new razors, one for pits and legs, other for bikini area
Because one of these areas is next to your asshole.
And you're not clean enough that you will have to seperate it from your ARMPITS razor? I can understand a little if you shave your face but idk man, is my body. All of it.
I do it for a closer shave.

My pubic hair is thicker than my leg and armpit hair.

I get a closer shave on my bikini area and my legs when using a brand new razor on each of those parts.
it's a combination of these, the minimum being shower gel + face wash

shower gel
body scrub
face wash
chemical peel

i try to wash my hair as little as possible. also only silicone-free hair products make it to the routine.

I love skin food
I shower everyday after waking up (except for some sundays where I not meeting anyone else). I dont understand people that are showering before they go to sleep. That would stimulate me and prevent sleepiness. Also I already might smell bad after hours of sleep.

I generally only use shower gel for

>hair of head
>crotch (asshole, balls,dick and everything in the vicinity

for basic hygiene because I have very dry skin. I also use a shower gel that is pH neutral to skin.
Turn on water to just almost piping hot
Blast music before stepping in shower
If it's a good mood day: sing at the top of my lungs; if it's a low mood day: cry while trying not to succumb to the loud thought-voices telling me to drown myself in the tub
Lather shampoo into hair after wetting it
Wash face
Scrub body
Rinse off hair and body sumiltaneously
Turn water to scalding hot and close eyes, trying to mentally prepare for the day
Towel off, get dressed, and face the world.
>showering before sleeping = prevent sleepiness & smell bad after sleeping
I would say it's the opposite for me. A nice hot shower before going to bed makes me tired, and I have personally never woken up and felt like I smelt bad the next morning
Shampoo hair first & rinse
Condition hair
Wash body with shower gel and sometimes shave while letting the condition sit in my hair
Rinse hair and body
>Get water just right
>put conditioner in hair
>wash body, rinse
>wash face, rinse hair and face
>stand in the water for a bit
>Turn off water and dry off
>lotion face and body while damp skin
>Put on clothes

Is it bad to let conditioner sit in your hair?
>Is it bad to let conditioner sit in your hair?
Really the only rule of conditioner is to try keeping it off your scalp.
Never put it on your scalp. This will make the top of your hair look greasy and unwashed.

However, if I leave conditioner in my hair for too long, it makes my hair really hard to work with. I usually keep mine in under a minute.

This does depend on your hair type though. You could try leaving it in for a couple of minutes just to see what happens.

Literally this

In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches (I can do a thousand now). After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol (because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older). Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

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>tfw spent the past 15 years with my back to the shower head because it feels like a massage by a million tiny sprites
>tfw I have a bald spot on my head from all the years of water beating down on it
>tfw it's in the most noticeable spot possible
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Well, at least it is a reasonable thing.
It's a navy shower to use less water, in and out in a few minutes
I usually use water on the colder side too so I'm not as tempted to stay in.
The bathroom is a boring place to spend time.
I only use soap every other day, just a rinse in the in-between days unless I get actually dirty or grimy because water will wash away most sweat. This also preserves natural oils on your body and hair.
remove clothing whilst on my computer chair.
take spit and lube cock.
jerk to hentai tentacle shit.
bust on my face (great moisturizer, exfoliator).
shit in a bowl (that had once contained doritos cool ranch flavor).
get backside of spoon and use to smear scat over body (including on asshole and gooch).
wipe off with chipotle restaurant napkins.
p.s. get rope for later.
RIP Abraham
>wake up and browse porn but never get off.
>take a cold shower with exfoliating drug store shit.
>use generic soap.
>shampoo and conditioner from Walmart.
>rinse and get out, shave at sink and brush teeth.
Fuck shaving anything else I'm not getting action.
>blowdry hair even though they said not too.
>lotion all the things.
>put pajamas back on.
>coffee and skip breakfast because I don't want to be fat.
>cry as no clothes fit right still so I put pajamas back on and call it a day and go back to sleep depressed, instead of getting a job.
I wish I was back at your lifestyle, but alas...
>wake up and browse porn for a quickie, because I'll never get time back
>Take warm shower with loofah
>Use brand-name gel soap
>just shampoo
>rinse and get out, shave when beard's bad or use face wash.
I also never get any.
>Wrap my towel like a muslim over my head
>can't lotion because not a girl, and it wastes time
>drink a Sobe because fuck coffee for taking time, and Starbucks is a meme that won't keep me awake
>Cry as I have to work 10 gruelingly long, loud, mind-numbingly painful hours a day
>Get nude the minute I come home because fuck that day in particular
>realize in the end, I get paid
>take sleeping pill
>wait for the next 2 hours to be forgotten
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Thread images: 3

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