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>Be me >Majored in Linguistics >hoped to work for a

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>Be me
>Majored in Linguistics
>hoped to work for a little bit before going to Grad School for Applied Linguistics or Forensic Linguistics
>Worked for 2 and a half years and have some promotions on my resume
>BA in Linguistics is worthless and I've been temping for the past year

Is it wise to just go for broke and go into more debt for grad school? Should I just do something "safe" and major in some shit like HR Management or IT systems or teaching?

Thinking about going abroad for grad school. It would take me 12 months to complete a masters in, say, the UK full time vs the 18 - 24 months in the US. Of course I don't know a lot about the workload of UK Grad students and it'd probably be even harder for me to find income to supplement whatever I'm taking out in loans.

Am I an idiot for even considering these things? Is this just me being nonsensical in my quarterlife crisis?
pls respond
I made a similar mistake

You got three choices
Go to Grad School. It's pretty much the only job you can get that uses your degree
Go back to school in computer science or something. That's pretty similar to linguistics on a basic level
Join the military as an officer. They have direct entry for people with uni degrees

Also, any specialization? Linguistics have always interested me
forensic linguistics
It's an emerging field but it's probably the one most interesting to me

also what do you mean by grad school is the only job I can get for my degree?
I mean, who else is going to pay for having a degree in linguistics specially?
No one else

Forensic linguistics sounds really cool. But I'd warrant you need at least a masters to be employed as one
Your diction is confusing; are you telling me to enroll in a graduate program or that I should look for work in academia?

You do need a Master's Degree, but I'm a little stuck because of things like costs, and because I'd like work experience somewhere at least tangentially related to the field, especially to get letters of recommendation. I need experience for jobs and jobs for experience. How do people get out of this rut?
Sorry, I'm a little drunk and also non-British. So forgive me if I'm not totally clear.

What I mean to say is that if you have an undergrad, you won't find anything in academia, nor anything else that employs your degree specifically
An undergrad in anything is about worth the same.

The only way to specialize is with a masters then a PhD.

You need to ask yourself whether you want to go all the way and to be employed by your education or want a broader experience where you can employed for a wider reason than what you education taught you

Like, do you want to do linguistic shit for a living, or you want to do something else?

Grad school = more linguistics
No grad school = other shit
I don't know if the PhD route is feasible. I can do a year or two in a grad program but I don't think I can do a lot more than that.

I don't know too many people with "broad experience" for whom their education did not supplement their careers. They're usually the outliers. Most of my peers in the STEM group seem to have lucrative and/or fulfilling careers and the others have gone onto graduate schools or promising internships or have moves away, I feel like I'm the biggest fuck up.
Yeah you and me buddy

Liberal art shit is either full blown academia or teaching
No other option

I've joined the military, myself.
They take anyone with an undergrad degree an officer

It turns out that the ability to analyze Chaucer and Milton is not an employable skill in itself.
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