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Has /adv/ actually helped anyone before? What I've seen

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Has /adv/ actually helped anyone before?

What I've seen so far has made me think no one actually gets any satisfying and useful answers, largely because they ask unanswerable questions.
I am willing to believe its mostly people that are on an equally bad situation and like to spew advice they would not follow.

I confirmed this with the local neet group.
I try to give answers based on a situation.

Someone wants their ex back? I won't go and say "JUST MOVE ON BRO" because some people end up back with their exes. Situations are different for everyone
I stopped someone from killing himself because I made them cry himself to sleep before he did and didn't feel like doing it in the morning

Sup friendo, still at it?
Good threads get good answers, typical and petty threads whose OP just needs to do a bit of maturing on their own, such as this one, tend to get skimmed over. This is the only bone /adv/ will throw you in your current state. Shape up.
I work in a trauma ER. I help people everyday.

many ask unanswerable questions or are looking for that magical third option that fixes everything without any effort or sacrifice, and of course that doesn't exist.

but about once a day someone says thank you and says my advice really helped.
The only answer is to smoke goddamn weeeeeeeeddddddddd you fucking dick! Kiss my ass!
Having a place to throw away whatever feelings are bubbling up inside is already a lot of help.

I myself come here a lot and have given advice and complimented by it, but sometimes os not the answer that is sought, but to free yourself from the questions by expressing them.
I used to come here alot when I was a freshman in college and I learned a lot. This in conjunction with quora, reddit,various image dumps and real world experiences. However on 4chan is where I was initially exposed to new ideas and supportive people. Also trolls, this was about 7 years ago.
About 9 years ago, when I was about 20 I was:
Introverted, short, skinny, pale, hunched over, had ratty clothes (and didn't buy new ones because I was scared of talking to staff at clothes shops), I had unkempt hair and got anxious when talking to all girls. I was socially awkward too of course. I went to parties here and there, but really was just a wallflower and half the time I just wanted to go home to play video games.
Then one day I had two revelations. The first was as I was walking home from university. As I passed by a reflective window I saw a reflection of myself. That reflection was of a person carrying all of the traits I mentioned above. I had been fooling myself that I was ok, that I was normal and decent looking and would get a girl etc. I realised in that instant that I was wrong – this reflection in the window was the embodiment of someone who never gets sex, ever. I remember that moment like it was yesterday.
This didn’t really make me happy, in fact it made me really depressed. So when I got home I lurked 4chan as I always did. I found my way onto /adv/ for some reason and ended up in a thread where someone mentioned ‘the game’ as in the book (not the meme from that same period – fuck I feel old). Something clicked in my head then, and I have a feeling it only clicked because I saw myself for the loser I was earlier that day. What it said basically was that there is a way to become better with women (something I was desperate for) – you don’t need to be a natural to pick up chicks, you can learn this shit is what it basically said to me!
And that was the start of my self-improvement. ‘The game’ had very little to do with it in the end, it just happened to be the first book I read on self-improvement. I read quite a few books and slowly started implementing them into my daily life. I had a girlfriend within 6 months.
continuing from above:
I’m now 29 and:
Have had multiple girlfriends (current one going on 4 years).
I look really fucking good without a shirt on.
I can lift a significant amount of weight and am very fit and healthy
Very good posture
Still somewhat pale – but look way healthier face wise
Better haircut and better clothes
Still short lol
Still introverted (but it doesn’t hinder me in the way it used to)
Very successful career wise – and have started my own business
Anyway I can’t attribute this all to /adv/ but it certainly made me realise there are ways to improve yourself and there are heaps of resources out there. Basically it’s like levelling up your character, but you have the cheat codes (well not quite that easy, but easier than figuring it out on your own). There were so many easy attractiveness gains to be made back then. Simply having a haircut probably brought me from a 2 to a 3 (10% attractiveness improvement from a $20 haircut!)
That was far more than I was going to write but If anyone is interested I can give more info or more detailed advice.
Continuing from above since I started rambling about my life story instead of answering your question... yes /adv/ does help, at least it helped me as per the above.
You have to want to be helped to begin with. There's no magic answers to be had. But I've seen a few cases were people have gotten real help.
I had a school problem and a professor gave me a useful answer.
People want a solution that works out painlessly, sadly life generally doesn't have that. And by god, what do you expect from a bunch of strangers on a imageboard?

If you want real help, go to a professional or discuss it with close friends or relatives.
Thread posts: 17
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