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How to >enjoy life >have a gf/bf >being respected /

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How to
>enjoy life
>have a gf/bf
>being respected / being charismatic
if you are ugly
and why suicide is the only solution
Suicide will not help you achieve any of those things.
If you suicide then all those options will be impossible.

A friend of mine is ugly as sin and fat yet he has a decent looking girl. He met at her at his school's anime club and they hit it off. Asked her out soon after and they been going strong for 2 years.

Life is your perception of reality. If you see yourself as an ugly fuck who no girl would ever associate herself with you then that is your reality. But if you strap yourself up and say "hey I have other good qualities as well that people overlook" no possibilities are opened.
well people tell me that i'm cute even though i'm a man and i see myself as an ugly midget
i don't care how people look at me i only care about how i see myself and i'm really depressed

Cute is good dude and by people I am assuming girls as well?
>Life is your perception of reality.
Things normies says who have no worry in life.

>Suicide will not help you achieve any of those things.
It ends the suffering.

>gee anon, just keep on suffering one day you WILL win the lottery
well i try to avoid any interaction with girls i don't have a sister nor a cousin(girl) so i find it difficult to communicate with them since early age but i hear them speaking behind my back i don't know in a good or bad way

Lad, have a look at yourself here. You've come here asking us how to fix everything; you're severely depressed, want to know how to enjoy life, want a boyfriend or girlfriend, and want to be respected, as well as us reassuring you about looks not being the be all and end all, and further more you dump on us the question of why we're even alive in the first place.

Chill the fuck out. Okay, you are unhappy now. You know what it takes to make you feel better? Smaller, more manageable goals and a fuck load of time. Yeah you don't fucking feel like it and hell yes you're going to squirm and make any excuse possible. My advice is to suck it up and get on with it now, the sooner you start the sooner you begin feeling better.

Now I am being a bit harsh so let's be a bit better- you've identified what you'd like to fix in the long term, you just now need to break it down into small, manageable goals. Saying shit like "How do I enjoy life?" is a bit impossible to answer, break it down more and more. You have to focus on small changes you can make now, as they will lead up to massive changes. Buildings are built by following a plan and laying one brick at a time, languages are learnt day by day through trail and error, trouble is we don't see all the small steps that people take.

FYI in my teenage years I was quite depressed and a really boring person bound for office IT life, despite that I managed to pick myself up and have had a wonderful life despite my depression. A day, fuck, a minute outside of depression is worth it and it's entirely in your hands. You absolutely can do it, just ALLOW yourself that.
well i'm 18 and half i thought once to go to the gym exactly near my home to build some muscle and become thicker (i'm actually skinny) but i was told that lifting stop growing and reduce height (i still have some hope to grow a little bit taller )
and what makes me more depressed is that the girl i like is taller than me and i think she is out of my league
Animals naturally form packs.
Carnivores form social hierarchies within their packs. Those that fail to become alphas harbor the burden of failure until they die. I'm sure the herbivores feel guilt as they sacrifice their comrades to evade their predators and live on. In this world, forming packs yields no benefit for the individual. Thus, I choose the way of the solitary bear, which does not form packs. The bear finds no anxiety in living alone. He is proud. He is a lone wolf. Furthermore, they hibernate in the winter. How wonderful that must be. There is no doubt in my mind.
In my next life, I want to be a bear.
don't worry OP, /soc/ (and tinder) deems me good looking and I don't really know the answer to all those things either.
Youth is a lie. It is evil.
Those who claim to enjoy it are deluding themselves and others. They fit the events and environment around them to the youth mold as self-confirmation. They will fit any commonly held interpretations of life events to this mold in the name of youth. To them, lies, secrets, sins and failures are but seeds of spice in their youth. Supposedly, such failures were an indication of youth, then one who has failed to make friends must also be at the height of his youth. But, they would disagree on this point. Everything must fit into their preconstructed mold.
To conclude: Fools who enjoy this thing called "youth," should go and freaking die.
What? Making mistakes because you're testing the waters isn't the same thing as being socially retarded. Being socially retarded is a serious personal failure.

Don't kill yourselves tho, I grew up ugly and socially retarded but life is decent now. You just have to be a little bit older and find things you're passionate about. There is hope.
Today I was just thinking about how a guy does not need to be good looking in order to have a sexual relationship, and I am saying this from a heterosexual's perspective. I think that beauty or aesthetics is the attribute adopted by the woman.
>I haven't re-read this, it's just my thoughts being typed, and I have more to say.
i know uglier people than me with a better social life and a good GF but why i don't know is it a conspiracy anon
They have better personalities and charm.
What it comes down to is that you are a person worthy of finding love. You may not fully appreciate your own attractive characteristics but beleive me, they are there, just as there are lots of girls out there who you have not met yet, who will want to "get freaky wit chu"
but i want to feel good to appreciate my looking i'm only concerned about myself how i look how i feel i don't care about people there are just a mean for comparison for me i want some one to love me i don't want to love some one
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Hey mate, I know how you feel. I'm pretty fuckin ugly myself. I don't know how old you are (I'm 18) but I dealt with it quite a bit in Middle and High School. Most kids/teens in my area are comparatively good looking, so I particularity stood out, besides being tall (which wasn't a good thing in my situation).

Especially after a nice little rumor of having a micropenis swirled around my small high school I had virtually no chance of getting laid with the already few girls > guys ratio and the fact that they were all chasing the chads in the football team or who drove muscle cars.

I had one option - that was to change my personality. I decided to lift weights to gain confidence (I'm still a slenderman 145 lbs. at 6'3, but I'm considerably stronger now) and learn basic socialization skills. I volunteered at the local retirement home in my spare time, decided to not dress like a tool, and tried to all around be nice to everyone w/o being a weird pushover.

The big turnaround came in my Sophomore year when I brought a crock pot of chicken noodle soup that I fucking made out of a box over to a family's house who all had the flu. Some guys in school started inviting me to parties, girls were actually friendly, and while I didn’t get any dates (by this time most of the girls were dating one of the good-looking guys) my social life greatly improved. I just started attending a community college and I’ve found that being polite but confident and trying to be light-hearted while also not going against my introverted self has actually gotten some of the students to remember my name and say hi when we pass in the hall, which is something that never happened in High School.

Idk, I’m pretty confident and excited. I think that even though I’m fugly, I may actually have a chance when I hit the state university in another two years.
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dont just kill yourself
If pic is related, I honestly don't think you're ugly. I would say you're 'normal'
Being ugly and having an ugly gf has some perks.
>shes more likely to be a virgin, shy, loyal, feminine
>less likely to have superficial stereotypical catty cunt friends who influence her
>is starved of sexual attention so she has sex with you as much as you both want

t. ugly fat guy who had a few ugly gfs and few 6/10s

not ugly, average at worst
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>If pic is related, I honestly don't think you're ugly. I would say you're 'normal'
>not ugly, average at worst
Thanks, fampai. I may look more average in most areas but for some reason most of the boys at my school look similar to this fella. The girls really go for that look, and there's about 40 chicks in a school of 300 kids. It's a sausage fest.
What if you will dye your hair and eyebrows?
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Thread images: 6

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