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What's happening?

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Okay, so I've had my eye on this girl for about a year now. She's dated one or two guys during that time. That really isn't all that important, though.
She really seems like someone I would like to date. She's super kind, smart, attractive enough for me, everything.
>fastforward to mid-summer
She pretty much texts me every day, telling me about her day and such, we have good conversation. Eventually the conversation came up to her asking me the classic "do you have any crushes?"
Of course I reply with "well, you."
It turns out she's kinda interested in me as well. This also may be a pertinent time to explain that she kind of bisexual, she's been looking to date a girl but she hasn't yet.
So we hit it off from here on out, we text very often; now flirting etc.
>fastforward to August.
I got the guts up to ask her on a 'date'. It was more of just a hangout at the park if you ask me, but hey it's worth asking.
She says "gosh Anon, I know I like you, and you like me. But a relationship just seems like too much for me right now."
Not gonna lie, I was a little hurt, but I wasn't going to get angry or sad or anything. It was a perfectly reasonable thing for her to say.
However she still keeps flirting with me, I figured maybe she just wanted a no strings attached kind of thing. I was still chill with that thought too.
This may also be a good point to state that I'm a fairly attractive, tall guy. I feel pretty confident in my self image and I figure by all means she would date me, especially since she's dated much worse.
Anyway, fast forward closer to now. We've stopped chatting as frequently, I figure it made sense since we were both focusing on the new semester.
I can't help but notice she really seems to like being near me, I also like being near her, all that whatever.

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*pic related, it's her
I figure "maybe once she's figured it all out I'll ask her out again"
Well, now she's got a new boyfriend, not only 2 or 3 weeks after she said she didn't want anything like a relationship. She couldn't have known this guy for more than a week.
I'm not gonna lie, I was definitely hurt this time. I can't help but feel confused.
>Am I inadequate?
>Am I unattractive?
>Is she just content dating a different type of guy?
>Will she apologize?

I have more questions, it's all so weird. I didn't have any expectations but I am still let down. I'm not gonna let it get me down, it would be nice to know how things turned out the way they did, though.

>I haven't spoken to her since.
>is there anything I should say?
God knows what goes in in women's heads. Id be hurt as fuck too. Move on bro. Focus on improving yourself. You'll be a demigod considering you're already good looking. There's another babe you're destined to meet that you'll hit it off with even more than this sloot. See? We've forgot that lying, indecisive person already.
A little backstory. This happened to me. I hit it off with a tall latina QT at my job. She agreed to a movie date. I tried to kiss her after date. She says she has a boyfriend but says we can still go watch movies together. I bail and never look back. Feel bad for a few days since i had been crushing on her for a few months. A year later I meet a strong, green eyed QT with the coolest sense of humor that makes me laugh like no other woman has. She likes me back and becomes my GF.
Yeah. I'll certainly keep trying, man. The issue I have with this girl is I feel she's really in touch with people's feelings, and I'm nearly positive she wouldn't hurt me on purpose. Theres a possibility she's just as confused as I am. I figure I'll just let time run its course and talk to her again eventually.
I'd be hurt too bro. Forget about her and move on senpai
Same thing happened to me not all that long ago.

Took her out once and enjoyed it but she said she can't now, she just needs friends and support.

Then not much later she starts dating another guy. I found out because after an awkward phase ended, she sat next to me and started face timing him, blowing him kisses and shit.

If you absolutely need to, by all means remove yourself from her life. Stop talking to her. Stop being her "friend". You owe her nothing, and you deserve your own peace.
No idea what to do here but I'm gonna offer my condolences cause I know how bad this feels.
Thread posts: 7
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